Hi everyone!

Now, as some of you may know if you Like us on Facebook, we’re changing up the K Crunch. We started the K Crunch because we wanted to talk about different things that we don’t get the chance to mention during our Music Mondays, so we started it off as a monthly recap. Unfortunately, though, different things get in the way, like Vacations to Canada and Year End How to Dance Kpop Videos.

Also, once a month isn’t enough to talk about all that comes out. Many videos come out every week, and some, like Teen Top’s “Crazy”, are really popular, but don’t make it through for a Music Monday. That sucks!

So, here’s the deal: we’re taking our K Crunch, and making it into three weekly segments. Saturdays we’ll talk about what’s new on the KpopCharts and give you a chance to vote for them. Sundays we’ll talk about Korean indie music which we almost NEVER have a chance to talk about, but want to talk about, because there’s a lot of awesome Korean Indie music out there. And lastly, on Monday, before Kpop Music Monday, we’ll talk about a random hodgepodge of songs. Some old, some new, some whatever!

Also, we’ll be making these videos into playlists. So we’ll talk about the video and introduce it, then it’ll run, and then our next speaking part will automatically run, so on and so forth. Think of it as us being VJs, kinda. Yes, we wanted to be VJs growing up. Don’t make fun of us! So sit back if you’ve got half an hour to spare, and watch some Korean Music videos and us blathering about them :D

Lastly, yes, some of you might be wondering why we’re not talking about K Dramas anymore. The answer’s simple: we don’t have time to watch them. Ha! We’re so busy doing other things and starting other projects that we don’t really watch many Kdramas anymore. And by we I mean Martina. I never watched them to begin with. GROSS! Martina will sneak in an episode or two of something, but not enough to be able to talk about the show to any great depth.

Let us know what you think!

  1. Well, it’s kind of late to say this, but when Martina said Miryo’s Dirty wasn’t something you’d want to watch with a younger sibling, my sister was standing right behind me…

  2. MTV started showing music again! 

  3. I don’t watch TV haha…xD i can spend hours watching your videos..!  New fan here :)

  4. Wow, so many videos. So let me see if I got this understood.
    Mondays is “K-Crunch cocktail” and “K-pop Mondays”, Wednesdays is “W.A.N.K.”, Saturdays is “K-Crunch Update” and Sundays is “K-Crunch Indie”. And once every two weeks is “TL;DR” video.
    Is all of this right?

  5. I seriously think one of the EXO boys sounds exactly like Yunho. I keep checking the video to make sure…

  6. SO… FT Island – Severly TOTALLY reminds me of JYJ – In Heaven.

  7. I get you Simon, I’ve been the same with what is love, minus spudgy.

  8. woow i never heard korean idols singing so beautiful like EXO.. the video though is kinda boring.. except the short dancing part.. ^^ and i totally loved your music monday vid. simon & martina (& spugdy) U ROCK !!!! :D

  9. I totally going to vote for EXO just because of the fart joke. I love fart jokes.

  10. I saw Miryo’s DIRTY MV on Saturday and laughed when she flipped the camera off!

  11. love Love LOVE what you are planning on doing with K-Crunch!  You guys are awesome!  Keep up the awesome work!  Fighting!

  12. excuse me.. can i suggest a Big Bang tribute special edition 30 minute spazz session double feature video for when they come back! i think it would be a great idea.. just saying

  13. Ok. Hold up now. if you havent seen Lady Gaga’s latest music video for her song Marry the Night. Her intro is really similar minus all the talking. The two videos are VERY DIFFERENT of course but it was just the first thing I saw so I was kind of like woah Deja vu.

    •  I’m wondering if Miryo is like parodying American pop stars cause yeah the Marry the Night similarity and also some people have been talking about how she kinda sounds like Nicki Minaj when she’s rapping in that song.

  14. You guys are amazing! Other videos finally have a chance! Btw, I hope you do a quick review on Clover’s La Vida Loca :D

  15. Yes! SO excited for the Korean indie music segments. I’ll admit that I was ignorant about it (because I was SO obsessed with K-pop), but I’ve discovered some of my favorite Korean music  through listening in to the indie scene. So excited for you to talk about groups like 10cm and The KOXX. (A couple of my faves that I first listened to)  It’ll also be awesome to get some extra exposure to indie bands. (Since K-pop is hard enough to keep up with as it is) Anyways, on to watching the new vid! SOOOOO excited!!!1

    it would b nice .3. if u could update us on k-pop news and gossip ( like allkpop.com does only in video form )

  17. honki ish an actor XD!
    he debuted 1st as a acter

  18. Maxwell!  That’s who that EXO song reminds me of!  God, it’s been driving me crazy.  It reminds me of “Fortunate” by Maxwell.  

  19. Thank godd finally some indie korean music! lol

  20. Amazing ! im looking Forward to your videos! also… martina would you please post a video of how u did ur curly hair with cloth straps? please… aaa i asked for miryo’s mv THANK YOU! 

  21. Finally some Indie/Alternative Korean Music!

    I’m so thankful!

  22. Exo!!!!!!! i want EXO! Loved it! It reminds me a lot of TVXQs Before you go, the song is nice and slow…:D

  23. Aw no more drama reviews! >< Still I have a recommendation for Martina: Shut up Flower Boy Band! There's only two episodes so far but… I'm soo hooked, there is one character who is (my opinion) out of the ordinary. The feel of the drama is overall different, at least the beginning, we'll see how it goes later. TvN has done one of my favorite dramas, I need romance, which I think is different from the other romcom you see all the time. Also it made me cry in the first episodes which is unsual for me, I don't even cry when I watch Titanic which is supposed to be a real teary thing^^

  24. I am SO SO glad you guys did this! thank you so much!
    I really wanted you guys to do more K-crunch.. but I thought you work hard enough already so I didn’t dare ask haha xD

    also.. can you also make a section in K-crunch for dramas? you don’t have to watch it all and review but maybe just tell us about them? I’m sure we’re missing out on some awesome dramas that we’ve never heard of!

  25. So…does the poll in facebook counts at all? :O

  26. i like the old one better… cuz martina talked abt the kdramas to.

  27. so I was really hopping you guys could do Crispy Crunch Thumbs Up the uncut version just because I feel that EVERYONE would enjoy it. But …yea. Its on the K-pop charts but I put it there like centuries ago and it has never gotten too far *sniff*

  28. does anyone else feel like the nurse in Dirty looks slightly like Park Bom? I think its the cheeks…

  29. Please review G.N.O. by Wonder Girls

  30. REALLY REALLY REALLY liking this session and learning about different Korean generes!!!!  And Miryo’s Dirty, super … :/

  31. are you guys very popular in korea or are you popular in the town or are you just plain popular?
    at school?
    do your students know that you hav a website and how many
    half of class, whole school, or dont care

  32. awesome! you guys have to be two of the hardest working vloggers out there. seriously, in the year i’ve been following you guys, your awesomeness has increased RAPIDLY. great job! 

  33. YE. but i want mustache man back :c

  34. this new format is awesome! :D usually when i voted for musicmondays, i would just vote for the bands i liked, because i never really knew which music videos were coming out or which ones were worth watching, so thanks! even though this kind of influences which song you guys review, i don’t mind. ^^

  35. Dirty’s beginning scene is very Lady Gaga Marry the Night-esque.

  36. Wow you guys are working so hard & coming up with creative videos…THNAK YOU for your hard work! <3 Please take care of yourselves

  37. I like this a lot. This is great! :D

    I hope it doesn’t become to busy for you guys though, sounds like a lot of scripting to do. >.<

  38. Can’t wait for the indie segment!
    Love the new videos xD

  39. I think this idea is completely brilliant, and I’m super excited about the indie music too. P.S. My one year old nephew is an eatyourkimchi fan. He always crawls into my lap and watches the computer when I turn on one of your vids <3

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