Hi everyone!

Now, as some of you may know if you Like us on Facebook, we’re changing up the K Crunch. We started the K Crunch because we wanted to talk about different things that we don’t get the chance to mention during our Music Mondays, so we started it off as a monthly recap. Unfortunately, though, different things get in the way, like Vacations to Canada and Year End How to Dance Kpop Videos.

Also, once a month isn’t enough to talk about all that comes out. Many videos come out every week, and some, like Teen Top’s “Crazy”, are really popular, but don’t make it through for a Music Monday. That sucks!

So, here’s the deal: we’re taking our K Crunch, and making it into three weekly segments. Saturdays we’ll talk about what’s new on the KpopCharts and give you a chance to vote for them. Sundays we’ll talk about Korean indie music which we almost NEVER have a chance to talk about, but want to talk about, because there’s a lot of awesome Korean Indie music out there. And lastly, on Monday, before Kpop Music Monday, we’ll talk about a random hodgepodge of songs. Some old, some new, some whatever!

Also, we’ll be making these videos into playlists. So we’ll talk about the video and introduce it, then it’ll run, and then our next speaking part will automatically run, so on and so forth. Think of it as us being VJs, kinda. Yes, we wanted to be VJs growing up. Don’t make fun of us! So sit back if you’ve got half an hour to spare, and watch some Korean Music videos and us blathering about them :D

Lastly, yes, some of you might be wondering why we’re not talking about K Dramas anymore. The answer’s simple: we don’t have time to watch them. Ha! We’re so busy doing other things and starting other projects that we don’t really watch many Kdramas anymore. And by we I mean Martina. I never watched them to begin with. GROSS! Martina will sneak in an episode or two of something, but not enough to be able to talk about the show to any great depth.

Let us know what you think!

  1. Yes! SO excited for the Korean indie music segments. I’ll admit that I was ignorant about it (because I was SO obsessed with K-pop), but I’ve discovered some of my favorite Korean music  through listening in to the indie scene. So excited for you to talk about groups like 10cm and The KOXX. (A couple of my faves that I first listened to)  It’ll also be awesome to get some extra exposure to indie bands. (Since K-pop is hard enough to keep up with as it is) Anyways, on to watching the new vid! SOOOOO excited!!!1

  2. Maxwell!  That’s who that EXO song reminds me of!  God, it’s been driving me crazy.  It reminds me of “Fortunate” by Maxwell.  

  3. this new format is awesome! :D usually when i voted for musicmondays, i would just vote for the bands i liked, because i never really knew which music videos were coming out or which ones were worth watching, so thanks! even though this kind of influences which song you guys review, i don’t mind. ^^

  4. Is Simon’s love of EXO possibly related to Simon’s love of Tevin Campbell?  Hmmm..discuss amongst yourselves.

  5. Kyaaa… I really like EXO-K too (and most ballads tend to bore me)… when are they finally debuting though o.O

  6. Does this mean you’re not going to review K-dramas anymore??!! If so, don’t! There are sooo many good K-dramas that came in (dream high 2 *cough cough*). The only reason why I watched flower boy ramyun shop was because of you guise. 
    Btw: I love the new K-Crunch! U guise are the best!

  7. LOVE IT. I really wish people would talk more about the Korean Indie scene. They’re really good~!

  8. You are so awesome! Thanks for doing this! 

  9. First, Is that your wedding picture in the background??!! How cute!!

    Second, I agree with everyone ↕↕↕↕ You guys are amazing for making so many videos in so little time.

  10. you guys are so creative and awesome :) loving the new k-crunch, keep it up ;)

  11. I totally cried while watching the FT Island video.  So sad!  Gotta love Lee Hong Ki!

  12. I don’t get how you guys make the time to do the videos every day.. when editing takes looooooooong~

  13. I’m so glad you guys like EXO’s song!! I”VE BEEN PLAYING IT ON REPEAT JUST LIKE SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I like to think that Teen Top is the reason for this change

  15. This segment is so awesome AMAZING! I love listening to you guys talk and introduce MVs, since it is sometimes hard to find good quality ones~

  16. I can’t wait…more Simon & Martina is always a plus in my world!!

  17. Ah! This is genius!  Dearest Simon and Martina, I love you.  So much.  This is the best idea you’ve had TO DATE and I’m really excited to see what indie bands you guys talk about and I love the playlist format.  YES!

  18. Yeah !!!! More more more…. k-crunch x 3 +++ ….. why oh why or more when will we see you on North American TV with your own Kpop show… mtv, vhi, musicplushe and the likes… their lost…. gifting the internet gods a fuzzy fluffy plushy bunnywabbit softytoy ;-)))

  19. That’s amazing i love you guys and i hope for you the best HOWEVER i didn’t like her song sorry guys i love her rap in the last song for BEG but i didn’t like this one

  20. @ Simon and Martina : Could you  please take the music videos not from the original youtube account, because for example u can’t watch them in Germany :( And It sucks , that the playlist stops . please could u do this ?

  21. This was cool. I so wait for the indie music segment because I’m clueless about K-indie. I am a bit sad that you won’t be talking about K-dramas anymore because some really good ones are airing right now, and a bunch of music dramas. But I understand that you simply won’t have time for it.  

  22. I was thinking why Dirty sounds so familiar then I realized it sounds a lot like Kim Dong Wan’s Three Musketeers, a collab he did with MC Mong and Ho In Chang.

    No, only me? Okay.

  23. I found the video amusing.  Sure, it’s not a great video, but I overlooked that for the sake of the song.  But I do see where you’re coming from :D

  24. Man. Eventually there needs to be enough donation/bank
    from the Youtube partner-side so you two can pay someone to edit your videos.
    Or a really enthusiastic intern. Excited for the new segments, but just thinking about how many more hours you two have added into your editing time. Lordy.
    Anyways, still excited for how ya’ll are spoiling us with these new
    segments! Are you going to do them in your apartment still? Or try a different
    location for the weekend ones?

  25. I always wanted to tweet to you guys “Do another k-pop music monday during the week and talk about videos YOU want to talk about” but I was always scared it would sound rude or  u already have too much work with MM! I’m soo happy ur doing this now!!! ^__^ <3 Fighting!~

  26. New segment is awesome, great job)
    It’s a little bit sad that you forgot to mention Se7en’s new vid but I understand that it’s hard to mention everyone.
    Can’t wait for other two parts of K Crunch)

  27. oh my gosh I love you guys <3
    keep doing awesome job
    about Honki, he's got better complexion than this girl, also manicur. hmmmm
    I will vote for block b cuz I really want to see you reviewing this MV :D

  28. This is AWESOME! Great job guys Love this! But… I have one complaint… wanted Brian’s song to be included too:(

  29. Finally somebody agrees with me about EXO. I feel like Simon’s approval makes it official: EXO was fantastic.

  30. wow.. this new format makes me think that you guys deserve a show on network tv..

  31. Awesome idea :) I love how this new K Crunch works :)

  32. YAY!!! i’m so glad you guys will choose what you want to review!! and i just wanna say MTV is seriously boring nowadays!! the only times i watch it is when the award shows come on!

    anyway OOOOHHH MMMMYYY GGGOOOSSSH!!!!!! I LOVE EXO’S WHAT IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *high five* Simon!! i would LOVE to see you review that for kpop music mondays!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    i’m also excited for the Indie segment!!

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