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What is a Katsusando?

November 5, 2017


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Hello everyone! This is the most sunshine we’ve seen in months. We’re using every excuse we can to shoot something outside. Even the other videos we had planned on shooting we postpone and give way to any video we can shoot in this glorious weather. It’s so lovely here now! AH! I remember our first summer here Dan warned us how terrible the summers would be, but our first one wasn’t that bad. This one, though, was just so freaking hot, and then that gave way to it being so freaking dark and rainy. But the temperature has cooled down and the skies have cleared and goddammit we’re gonna be outside as much as we can and eat all the katsusando we can find!

Except for next week’s video which is something we shot in a restaurant. But that one’s gonna be sooooo Yummy just you wait. And hell yea I capitalized Yummy. It’s so yummy it gets the big Y. I’m glad I didn’t capitalize delicious instead and wrote that same sentence…

Anyhow, Katsu-sando. I have to thank our friend Blumio for really getting me into these. We were coming home after a night of drinking and we went to the 24 hour grocery store to pick up some food, and he went straight for the Katsusando. Nothing else. He knew what he wanted. And when I asked him about it, he said it’s the best drunk food. I took a bite and agreed, and then considered running back to the store to pick up my own. I didn’t. I’m older and wiser now, though, and now I know: Katsusando is the way to go. Side note: Blumio is fluent in Japanese, and I asked him if Katsusando is a sandwich for katsu, what is Omotesando a sandwich for? He had no answer. Checkmate, language!

Back to this glorious sandwich. Actually I can’t focus on it right now because of the circus act happening behind us. That was special, wasn’t it? I can’t provide any more info on it. All I know is when we were setting up for our video, so was the performer setting up for his act. And after a while some people starting forming a crowd around him. At first it just seemed weird, but then his crowd management skills really kicked in, and he played with them, interacted, cracked some jokes, and it was a lot more interesting by the end than it was at the beginning. It was just so lovely and so wholesome. We were all smiling by the time we left.

Ok now back to the sandwich! Actually, I think we said all we could say about it in the video. Give it a shot when you’re here in Japan. Don’t just get the egg salad sandwiches, which – don’t get me wrong – they’re delicious, but the katsusando is pretty amazing as well.

And if you’d like some more weirdness, we have it in the bloopers below!



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Food Adventure


What is a Katsusando?


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  1. Come try a coronation chicken sandwich in England. Its like a chicken salad sandwich but they add curry powder so it has some zing.

    6 months ago
  2. Yay for more videos in the park!
    The most typical sandwich in France would be baguette, butter and ham (just don’t buy them at convenience stores, they’re not good). Otherwise, we have many types of sandwich with baguettes, soft rectangular bread, usually filled with salad+something else. We also have warm sandwiches, like paninis (filled with cheese + meat or veggies) or American sandwiches aka baguette with burger steaks, salad, tomatoes, fries (and which I suspect has nothing to do with America). Sandwitch is a super common lunch when you are working or studying and don’t have too much time to eat.
    Also am I the only one to think about Yuri on Ice when I hear Katsudon? (no spoilers please, I’m only a few episodes in :)

    7 months ago
  3. I once saw a video about Japan saying it’s possible to buy there only outer pieces of cake (you know, the ones that touch the pan while baking) pack together. And they are cheap because they are considered worst than others. One of my dreams is to come to Japan and buy this, couse I love that parts of cake and any I love crust. Anyway… That’s a lovely blouse Martina.

    7 months ago