Wow. We feel so awkward for not having put up a KpopCharts Update, a K Crunch Indie Playlist, or a Music Monday. We had good reason to, of course, since we were in Mexico recently, and now we’re getting ready for KCON…by resting! Martina has pink eye, and I lost my voice in Mexico. Gotta try to get back to full health before this weekend’s event! In the interim, here’s a video we made a while ago but didn’t publish! It’s so old that it’s from our old apartment in Bucheon. Wow!

So, you remember how we did our Spudgy Cam video? People have asked us to do something similar for Dr. Meemersworth. We can’t really do it the same way, though, because he’s too small, and the camera will be too big on him. Also: good luck strapping anything on a cat, let alone a kitten. They don’t put up with that crap!

The best we could do is dangle the camera in front of him on a string and show you how he chases it. GOD! This cat will attack/follow anything that moves. Even when we’re unraveling the cables for our lights, the end of the cables being fat, round, and hard, he’ll still attack it, even though it’ll swing back and boop him in the nose. Well, this camera was moving around, dangling on the end of a string, so he decided to go after it. OH DR. MEEMERSWORTH! I’m sure there was a scientific reason for your…silliness :D

  1. He’s so big now! Poor Spudgy, lol.

  2. Angelique Nonofyourbusiness


  3. Dr Meemers was so cute that shivers ran through my body…

  4. Can you PLEASE! get a BlogTV account and interact with your fans!

  5. wow this is really cute! wish my cat did this but no, he is a lazy fatso !!! haha he only likes to eat and sleep, and sometimes plays but he is usually just LAZY!!!!

  6. Cute~!!! *3*

  7. gah! that was so stinkin’ cute! XD

  8. Can you PLEASE! get a BlogTV account and interect with your fans!

  9. Whenever I see Dr. Meemersworth, I always think he has eyeliner on because of the markings around his eyes. XD He’s so adorable. :3

  10. PunkyPrincess92

    wwaaahhhh so so so so so so so CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. spudgy/meemersworth = new OTP.

  12. Haha was reading this and saw Meemers being referred to as a male, paused for a split second and then remembered XD

  13. I thought meemers was a girl ???

  14. I literally watched this before class and had everyone staring over my shoulder like, “wat?”. I had a goofy attitude for the rest of the class. Japanese I btw ;P

  15. Meemers eats camera! NOMS!

    Oh wow, you guise. Please rest! You’re having so much fun it’s hurting you. XD
    Have a great time at K-CON! We love and miss you! (Although in my head right now, I’m thinking – Simon and Martina are in my country. The other side of the country, but whoa. State-wise. LOSING PANTS.)

    Btw, that EYK Style you guise did in Mexico… The X Factor, anyone? XD

  16. Meem’s all “PLAY WITH MEEEEE” while Spudgy’s… ^.__.^

    Hope you two get better soon! It’s awful being sick while on vacation ;A;

  17. Haha, it makes so much sense to me that Meemersworth is a boy. I’ve had all girl cats until recently when I found a family of strays living in our garden and after months of gaining their trust I managed to get them inside, and now our home is their home. The mother, just like my other female cats, is super chill and likes to play every now and then, but her three kitty sons run around CONSTANTLY. They attack anything that moves and just will not sit still. :P Also, I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but enjoy them while they’re still small cause they grow fast, especially the boys. A few months ago my kitties found jumping over my leg a huge task and now I can barely pick them up with two hands. :D

  18. unicornsgalaxy


    I have an idea (that you may have already thought of)…don’t really have a place to put it so figured I would hijack this thread.

    You should make your own ring tones. Like one can be “Answer your phone in rippito flippito sippi slow motion” (or however it goes…I’m tired and can’t remember). Another could be something like “A dothraki man warrior is calling” and of course the intoxication rub my bananas song.

    Just a though!

  19. I hate cats, but I really want to steal Dr. Meemersworth away from you guys. haha

    P.S this music sounds like a japanese video game got a hold of the lion king soundtrack XD

  20. do that with my cat and she’ll stare at you like you have two heads.

  21. I still think of Meemersworth as a she D:

  22. I am not a cat person but Dr. Meemersworth is quite adorable. My favorite part is when he attacks Spudgy in the beginning and Spudgy is totally whatever about it.

  23. 0:04
    Meems is like ‘Hyung hyung let’s play!!” :”)) and then he’s like
    “I’m too beautiful for the camera! Take it away this instant! > . . < Meems is so close!! (#+_+) *dies of cuteness overload*

    Gosh I didn't even notice it was your old apartment… Meems stole all the spotlight X'DDD

    Thank you for the upload guise! :) It made my day! :D

  24. at the end it says
    kitten nibbles ears – So delicious
    Martina’s braids – Tutorial those cds

  25. at the end it says
    kitten nibbles ear – So delicious

  26. at the end it says
    kitten nibbles ear Martina’s Braids

  27. nom nom nom he is sooooo cute right down to his spots.

  28. Get lots of rest guys and I hope you feel better!

  29. OMG!! Like the CUTEST thing EVER!!!

  30. Come back foul beast! Unhand my dad’s face!

    And also, the background music always makes me want to mentally sing the Super Mario theme, then realise that it’s not xDDD

  32. I can’t get used to read “he” when refering to Meemers :/
    But still, that cat is so cute!! All the cuteness coming from him would be enough to cover a thousand pancakes!! And when he attacks the Spudgy, haha, I died.

  33. ahhhh so cute I’m gonna die!

  34. Meemers, you’re such an uber-cutie! <3

  35. …so you confirmed that Dr. Meemersworth isn’t female with the vet?

  36. I trained my cat to wear a harness so I could take him out on a leash. But he’s a bengal and those cats are more dog like. Still, by putting a harness on Memmers for a little bit everyday will help him get used to the idea of something being on him. Being that he’s a kitten, it’ll be all the more easy compared to waiting till he’s full grown.

  37. Maybe when Meemers is bigger you’ll be able to persuade him into wearing a kitty cam. These people seemed to have luck with it! — http://www.kittycams.uga.edu/index.html

  38. ….Are those Simon’s legs? is he in his underwear?? xD sorry guys, couldn’t help it

  39. Go, Meemers, go!

  40. Watch out for pink eye!!! haha

  41. I have a question. Since this post was made back in the old apartment, did you have to change all the ‘shes’ and ‘hers’ to ‘hes’ and ‘hims’? xD

  42. Oh Dr. Meersworth, every time you do something absolutely adorable(everything) your warm the cockles of my heart~

  43. My favorite is right at the beginning when Dr. Meemersworth is hiding under the bed and when Spudgy turns the corner, Dr. Meemersworth attacks his tail

  44. Who else replayed the front part just to see where Dr Meemersworth jumped out from? :DD

  45. so cute!! fdigjr when he came up close to the camera and licked it, i died

  46. Spudgy’s such a chill dog! He’s like “I know you’re coming… I know you’re coming… *Meemer’s attacks tail* Okay I’m off” So impressed by Spudgy! Keke but Meemers is a little too hyper, totally opposite of cool Spudgy!
    Simon oppa and Martina unnie, get well soon! This Sat is KCON and my birthday, you better be all well and healthy! ^^

  47. Ehh? What thiss? No comments? Ok, I shall be the first one to comment than! :D

  48. I can’t seem to adjust to calling meemers a he /A BUT SAH CUTE <3

  49. Watching Meemers brings me joy and happiness :D. ERMERDERD KITTEH!

  50. K-pop + Cat + Dog = WIN

    The secret behind the success of EYK

  51. so cute! i want a kitty too :O

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