Wow. We feel so awkward for not having put up a KpopCharts Update, a K Crunch Indie Playlist, or a Music Monday. We had good reason to, of course, since we were in Mexico recently, and now we’re getting ready for KCON…by resting! Martina has pink eye, and I lost my voice in Mexico. Gotta try to get back to full health before this weekend’s event! In the interim, here’s a video we made a while ago but didn’t publish! It’s so old that it’s from our old apartment in Bucheon. Wow!

So, you remember how we did our Spudgy Cam video? People have asked us to do something similar for Dr. Meemersworth. We can’t really do it the same way, though, because he’s too small, and the camera will be too big on him. Also: good luck strapping anything on a cat, let alone a kitten. They don’t put up with that crap!

The best we could do is dangle the camera in front of him on a string and show you how he chases it. GOD! This cat will attack/follow anything that moves. Even when we’re unraveling the cables for our lights, the end of the cables being fat, round, and hard, he’ll still attack it, even though it’ll swing back and boop him in the nose. Well, this camera was moving around, dangling on the end of a string, so he decided to go after it. OH DR. MEEMERSWORTH! I’m sure there was a scientific reason for your…silliness :D

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