So, it feels like we’ve been totally out of the Kpop loop, even though we’ve been off the internet for only a month or so. We looked at our KpopCharts and realized, holy shaboly, there’s a lot of stuff that came out. Seriously. Does Kpop ever take a break? It’s an endless stream of videos and debuts and comebacks and scandals and teasers and concepts and whatnot.

We decided to have a look at what came out recently and to talk about the videos that interested us. Here’s our list of Kpop videos thus far for 2014:

TVXQ “Something”


Well well well! Look at this! TVXQ in a somewhat regular human role! They’re usually superhuman angel mutant deities that teleport and explode as they condescend to us humans as the deities they are. Any fans of Marvel comics? I imagine TVXQ being like Namor and constantly judging people and shouting “IMPERIUS REX!” Orrr…if you don’t get that reference that’s fine. Not like it wasn’t super nerdy for a second *fixes glasses and pulls out retainer*

In this video, there’s a bit of that superhuman element still, with the magic aspect of it all, but for the most part TVXQ seem like, for once, dudes. Though they’re really classy and have hoards of women around them. They’re still somewhat relatable in this video. Great! Because we were getting a bit bored of the superhuman element.

And it was all jazzy and funky and fun for a song. Really quite enjoyable! It’s not as good as Keep Your Head Down, IMO, but we liked it more than Catch Me and Humanoids, that’s for sure. Soo Zee’s not too fond of it, though, so don’t sing it around her :D

Rain “30Sexy”


Best song on the list. Hands down. If you have a hand up to object, put your hand down. PUT YOR HAND DOWNNNN BYUP BYUP BYUUUP BYUP BYUP BYUPBYUP. This song is great and I will not stand any objections. IMPERIOUS REX!!!

This is the kind of Kpop we missed. Sure, the beat is a bit repetitive, and the falsetto and monochrome seem a bit too heavily inspired by Justin Timberlake, as does every mature male concept for a kpop video lately, but it’s still so fun. SO FUN! We’ve been singing it non stop. We don’t even know the hand waving dance, but we know what it kinda looks like, and it’s a great fit for the video and the song and everything. Snap. We totally missed Rain being around, and this is so tremendously kickass, and we hope that he keeps on making music like this, though he’ll probably go back to doing Hollywood movies. Let’s enjoy Rain the singer while we can, before Rain the actor comes back (side note: Ninja Assassin was laugh out loud bad). This is where my HRRRRRT IS SUPPRRRSD TRRR BEEEE. Whoa that movie was not good.

Bilasa “Lonely”


So, our commentary on this video is gonna peeve off people for a few reasons for sure. #1, we found this song and video boring. It’s not our style. Not that it’s bad, but it’s not for us. We like Bilasa when they’re batshit crazy. This is meh. Where’s all the color? I know that Kpop is oftentimes music for eyes rather than just music for ears, and though we’re not impressed by pretty boys and girls and try to be more focused on the music itself, we’ve grown to like the colorful vibe of Bilasa’s videos. This really lost out on, to us, what was their most charming aspect.

And #2 the whole scandal and accusations of falsified album sales, though we have no proof on the matter, we can say that it’s mighty suspicious for us that B1A4 sold so many albums in one week. B1A4 fans might say “Oh no my babies are srsly that popular,” and we know someone who personally bought 20 Bilasa albums herself, but we’re still not convinced that Bilasa are on that big of a level that they can sell more albums than GD and SNSD. Sorry. Not buying it, figuratively and literally.

Royal Pirates “Drawing the Line”


We like Royal Pirates. We liked them before they became popular, before they were in Korea. WE’RE SO HIPSTERISH YO! And James is a nice guy and we speak with him from time to time. So we’d like to promote this song and video, because we like the band and we like the people and we like the video. And it seems like a lot of people are digging Royal Pirates here on the KpopCharts as well. I remember them getting pretty high up there, and I constantly see a stream of Tweets voting for them. We’re also in talks to do something with Royal Pirates as well. If our schedules line up, then hopefully you’ll see that video soon. Woot!

Gary ft LeeSSang “Shower Later


We laughed so profusely at this video. Are people supposed to laugh at this video? Or are they just supposed to drool? I don’t know. It’s so bad that it’s good. It’s like, Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever bad. Has anyone ever seen that video? It’s with Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas, and it’s so exceptionally cheesy and ridiculous and illogical that you can’t help but laugh. It’s like a high school video project kind of bad, but with a much higher budget. Oh man. Side note: we always pronounce his name as Antonio Bander-ass. Don’t judge me!

Gary’s video isn’t on the same level of illogical ridiculousness, but it’s so over the top that you can’t help but laugh. It’s not witty funny, not awkward funny. It just smacks of “yo take dis money and buy as many haf-nekkid hunnies as you can” kinda thing. Watch it yourself and tell me if you’re more amused by the audacity of it or offended by it.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s Music Monday. I now feel like we are somewhat caught up? Maybe? It’s impossible to be up to date with Kpop. Too much comes out, man. Too much. Anyhow, subscribe for more videos just in case you haven’t yet. We’re getting somewhat close to 500,000 subscribers! Woot woot!

  1. The 1st thing that came into my mind when the girl floated up in B1A4’s video is “She’s wearing a skirt…..” then before i could continue that thought, the guy leans over to grab her and ends up beneath her and i go “You better didn’t look up…”
    Sorry. That was random. But i sure hope she wore shorts in there. LOL

  2. Gary’s video reminds me of a Korean version of Gunther. lol


  3. What really surprised me is how western the girls in “Shower Later” look. Struck me as odd coming from a Korean band.

  4. If you didn’t like B1A4’s Lonely, why did you add it to this list? i thought you were going to talk about the new songs that interested you

    • Just because a song is interesting to talk about doesn’t mean you have to like it. That said, we all know ballads are not their style but I do know they have a soft spot for B1A4. They probably also wanted to mention the popularity spike as well.


  5. So…no going to mention LA Song…?

  6. i like that one of my favorite fashion youtubers, jenn im, actually worked with james from royal pirates when they were younger (it was on her instagram awhile ago when she went back to visit korea haha)

  7. Nooo… there’s no playlist modeee!!

  8. I’m glad you guys are back ! I didn’t have my daily dose of english oral comprehension, and I think I lost a bit x)

  9. “Something” is awesome, love it, love the ropes, everything you said.
    “30sexy” I don’t like it as much as you do, but damn that’s sexy. I would listen to it more like a background song at a party rather than on my iPod walking around the city. I loved the changing neon floor and the backup dancers, and the lyrics! Overall quite creative and clever. But lol, Ninja Assassin. I watched it on the plane. I love it though, but in a “it’s so bad it’s good” kind of way.
    “Lonely” I like this song. Not much to say about it, I just like it. It’s a bit generic, and the video is meh, but my ears are pleased.
    “Drawing the line” DIS MA JAAAM! I love this riff, it’s awesome, and although the chorus is really plain, the progression is perfect so it works. I love those funky guitar sounds, the bass player is cute as hell, and the video is hilarious (bitch slap!). Thank you for introducing this to us!!
    “Shower Later” This video makes me really uncomfortable…

  10. Am
    I the only one who believes that the EYK posts have become a bit lame lately? I
    don’t wanna be too critique, but I feel I have to say this. I like these 2
    guys, but I’m kinda disappointed in them lately. They started strong. They made
    very funny videos and it was obvious that they were working hard. I guess that’s
    why they became known, no? But now, since they became some sort of celebrities,
    they’re kinda enjoying more their celebrity status and working less for their
    posts (video ones). They believe that if they come and ‘fart’ in front of the camera everybody
    will burst into laughing (sorry for this ugly expression, not my style, don’t wanna be a jerk). At
    least that’s how I see it. I know they have a lot of fans and I always have the
    option to stop following them, but I miss the old them…S&M I hope you start working your ass off! They say it’s easy to reach the top, but
    very difficult to maintain the top position.

  11. Have you seen “Lonely” performed live? I really love the dance for this, but it’s not really featured in the music video. The dance is simple, but has little intricacies that I find interesting.

  12. This is so funny!!!!! Oh, and the other stuff the commenters are talking about. :/

  13. I love you Ouran-cup KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE <3 Really manly Simon! :D

  14. what fanfiction are we talking about here? *^*/

  15. Honourable “metions” SP? English teachers *tisk tisk* hahaha glad you’re finally back.

  16. This is probably how Shower Later was made:

    Management: Gary, unfortunately we don’t have much money to make an elaborate video or teach anyone how to dance. All we have are random props from leftover dramas, a fake car, and some money to hire extras.
    Gary: F*ck elaborate mvs and dancing. Let’s just hire random women with the money to look overly sexy.

  17. Totally agree on Bilasa, as painful as it is for me to admit it bc I adore them so much. This was probably their least interesting song so far, like Simon said, their previous song What’s Happening was almost genius in kpop terms, Jinyoung did a fantastic job with it. Their best element is the funky, colorful, jumping around the stage feel. I get that he was going for a sadder song to balance it out like he did with Tried to Walk, but Lonely is honestly a huge step back from TTW. It’s just so much more generic and not enough B1A4 at all, except for Baro’s main rap part.
    And I can’t even with the scandal. I hate that it happened to them bc they’re such an innocent, awkward, kind group. WM really fucked up. They just had to fuck up and create the whole mess when the boys were on a rise anyways and probably would have done relatively well without the fuck up. And of course create media attention with a song that is pretty sub-par for B1A4. UGHHHHH SO ANGRY

    /calms down by rewatching Simon sexying it up on the table and cracking up bc of Martina’s expression x]

  18. I feel really bad for Simon and Martina. There is A LOT of complaining about how they failed to review MV’s like Fxxk You and You Don’t Love Me. But those MV’s were only just released last week. This video was pre-recorded (possibly even before those were released) AND they did this KMM as a way to catch up on the top MV’s that were on the list during the time they were gone. Usually when they are gone people get upset that they miss MV’s and don’t review them. And here they are, trying to do just that and people are complaining. :'(

  19. ” We’re also in talks to do something with Royal Pirates as well. If our schedules line up, then hopefully you’ll see that video soon. Woot!”
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


  20. The hand tattoo in TVXQ’s video! I noticed that the first time and had to pull the video back to pause at that part. I died laughing, it was so ridiculous looking. Glad you guys caught onto that too. The only other thing that really bugged me about their video were the two female dancers. They felt so out of place in comparison to everything else in the video. Every one felt all….I don’t know what era it was, but old timey, the 40s maybe? Haha, I’m not sure, but they all felt like they were from the same time period except for the two female dancers.

    Love, love, love 30Sexy. I, admittedly, have only ever heard one song (Hip Song lol) by Rain before this one. I really never cared enough to look into him or anything. But this song and this video, oh my gosh, I love it. Everything about it was so cool. I love the dance and love the whole 30/dirty word play. The one thing I don’t understand, what’s with that clip with him next to the giant shoe? I didn’t imagine that part, did I?

    I like B1A4’s song. It’s pretty. The video, eh, not really a big fan of it. Probably doesn’t help that the episode of How I Met Your Mother tonight depicted Robin as being like a balloon that Ted let slip out of his grasp, because he’s letting her go so she can marry Barney and all that good stuff.

    This is my first time listening to Royal Pirates as well. Loved the song, loved the video, and I really love their sound. Their music style seemed familiar to me and I can see the Maroon 5 comparison. Maybe that’s who I was thinking of? I’m not sure, I just know that the sound is familiar and I really like it.

    Gary’s video. Lmao, I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously funny that was. I couldn’t watch that with a straight face to save my life.

  21. Aaaaw!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you guise!!!!!!!!!! Um, ahem…Royal Pirate’s James is rather a handsome fellow. (And I also like their music and have for a while)

  22. Oh gosh, Martina’s “Simon” impression, gold! ><

  23. My boyfriend pointed out to me that Gary’s ‘Shower After’ is a complete rip off of Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ video. Leave it to a guy to know this information T_T Here’s the comparative video for you all to see. ENJOY HA

    And if someone else has noticed this or said something, sorry! (^3^)


  24. Who ever directed Gary’s MV totally ripped off Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ MV… only their tools are actually plugged in in that video hahahhaha!!


    • I’m also wondering… if Korean people/ppl who live in Korea have the mentality that all American/ English girls look like that or are like that. I mean, those girls could be from Russia or Germany too… right? South Africa? idk.

  25. Simon & Martina aren’t going to get it perfect every time, but the only wrong thing i saw with this is the B1A4 part. That could have been left out, NOT because it was all dudes but because the video was boring. But 3/4 ain’t bad! I laughed a lot and i didn’t even see the ‘Shower Later’ one, which i really like the song LOL (Yes, the song!!). I’m happy with what they put out this week for KMM. Especially since they’ve been gone for so long and are trying to make up for their vacation time WHICH THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO DO AT ALL!!!!!! So I’m happy with this video and I think we sometimes take them for granted. So I wanna say good job EYK Crew I really really really loved this KMM.

    And I’m sOoOoOoOo happy you guys are back! :3

  26. What do koreans in general think about homeschoolers?

  27. WHAAA~ I ABSOLUTELY ADOOORED BILASA’S “LONELY”!! XDD Yes, it is different from their normal craziness and all, but this was a good different! The song was so catchy and amazing!! < I'm not sure if you guys had already made that part of the video before they announced it, but just saying (no offense, of couse XD), they're clean~ CC:

  28. Not to be that person, but wasn’t Nu’est’s curse supposed to be broken and they get the first KMM cause they won the EYKA Best Potential KMM?

    As far as you list goes, I loved TVXQ’s Something, Hated Rain’s 30Sexy, Haven’t listened to B1A4’s Lonely, Loved Royal Pirates’ Draw the Line, and LOL and rolled my eyes at Gary’s Shower. I honestly haven’t really kept up with what was being released this month.

  29. Royal Pirates are on this week’s After School Club on Arirang TV Wednesday at 5pmSeoul/0800GMT/3amEST/MidnightPST.

    24/7 live network feed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xftu2J77AVw

    Dedicated live show feed (active only during the show): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLLntg5H1yg

  30. I’m so glad you guys are back! Great video. Gary’s video was hilarious! I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the snake tattoo! LOL! Happy to watch more EYK stuff!

  31. im loving the sailormoon mug!!!! >_<

  32. THANK YOU for pointing out Rain’s brilliant mashup of 30/Dirty because it’s the slickest use of Engrish I have ever heard and it’s so dang clever I grin every time I hear it. You sneaky, cheeky boy, Rain. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!

  33. Who needs fanfiction when Simon can just dance on tables??

  34. Ok, hands down, Royal Pirates’ song is really good. Not the conventional formulaic kpop song that I’ve heard before. Exactly the breath of fresh air that this genre needs.

    *maybe a bit exaggerated but for me that’s my opinion

    • The beauty of them not being kpop (not exactly anyways) is that they stick with the same genre and I enjoy this and many other of their songs. Therefore, I can also look forward to their next album, knowing that it won’t be a radical paradigm shift.

  35. I would like to point out that Rain did an excellent job in the movie I’m a Cyborg, But that’s Okay. So don’t blame him entirely, okay? ;)

  36. I loved how Royal Pirates had a cameo by Brad from Busker Busker. Is that a Seonbae/Hubae thing or are they just good friends? Anybody?

  37. So, as you are doing all these compilation videos for KMM, are the Kpop Charts Updates completely canceled? I felt tat those were a good chance for you to talk about MVs that weren’t that high on the charts, and give them a chance.

  38. =( awwww, no blooperz? o(>~<)o I really enjoyed this week music monday actually.

  39. So glad you’re back with guys!! Missed your videos! I’m a teensy bit disappointed that you guys didn’t mention Two Song Place’s Age Height mv!! It’s basically lots of parodies of popular mvs of 2013 in one video…..it’s pretty hilarious!

  40. I think this may be my favorite KMM. I was lol’ing. Made my lonely, freezing cold work day better. Thanks, guys! ^.^

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