So, it feels like we’ve been totally out of the Kpop loop, even though we’ve been off the internet for only a month or so. We looked at our KpopCharts and realized, holy shaboly, there’s a lot of stuff that came out. Seriously. Does Kpop ever take a break? It’s an endless stream of videos and debuts and comebacks and scandals and teasers and concepts and whatnot.

We decided to have a look at what came out recently and to talk about the videos that interested us. Here’s our list of Kpop videos thus far for 2014:

TVXQ “Something”


Well well well! Look at this! TVXQ in a somewhat regular human role! They’re usually superhuman angel mutant deities that teleport and explode as they condescend to us humans as the deities they are. Any fans of Marvel comics? I imagine TVXQ being like Namor and constantly judging people and shouting “IMPERIUS REX!” Orrr…if you don’t get that reference that’s fine. Not like it wasn’t super nerdy for a second *fixes glasses and pulls out retainer*

In this video, there’s a bit of that superhuman element still, with the magic aspect of it all, but for the most part TVXQ seem like, for once, dudes. Though they’re really classy and have hoards of women around them. They’re still somewhat relatable in this video. Great! Because we were getting a bit bored of the superhuman element.

And it was all jazzy and funky and fun for a song. Really quite enjoyable! It’s not as good as Keep Your Head Down, IMO, but we liked it more than Catch Me and Humanoids, that’s for sure. Soo Zee’s not too fond of it, though, so don’t sing it around her :D

Rain “30Sexy”


Best song on the list. Hands down. If you have a hand up to object, put your hand down. PUT YOR HAND DOWNNNN BYUP BYUP BYUUUP BYUP BYUP BYUPBYUP. This song is great and I will not stand any objections. IMPERIOUS REX!!!

This is the kind of Kpop we missed. Sure, the beat is a bit repetitive, and the falsetto and monochrome seem a bit too heavily inspired by Justin Timberlake, as does every mature male concept for a kpop video lately, but it’s still so fun. SO FUN! We’ve been singing it non stop. We don’t even know the hand waving dance, but we know what it kinda looks like, and it’s a great fit for the video and the song and everything. Snap. We totally missed Rain being around, and this is so tremendously kickass, and we hope that he keeps on making music like this, though he’ll probably go back to doing Hollywood movies. Let’s enjoy Rain the singer while we can, before Rain the actor comes back (side note: Ninja Assassin was laugh out loud bad). This is where my HRRRRRT IS SUPPRRRSD TRRR BEEEE. Whoa that movie was not good.

Bilasa “Lonely”


So, our commentary on this video is gonna peeve off people for a few reasons for sure. #1, we found this song and video boring. It’s not our style. Not that it’s bad, but it’s not for us. We like Bilasa when they’re batshit crazy. This is meh. Where’s all the color? I know that Kpop is oftentimes music for eyes rather than just music for ears, and though we’re not impressed by pretty boys and girls and try to be more focused on the music itself, we’ve grown to like the colorful vibe of Bilasa’s videos. This really lost out on, to us, what was their most charming aspect.

And #2 the whole scandal and accusations of falsified album sales, though we have no proof on the matter, we can say that it’s mighty suspicious for us that B1A4 sold so many albums in one week. B1A4 fans might say “Oh no my babies are srsly that popular,” and we know someone who personally bought 20 Bilasa albums herself, but we’re still not convinced that Bilasa are on that big of a level that they can sell more albums than GD and SNSD. Sorry. Not buying it, figuratively and literally.

Royal Pirates “Drawing the Line”


We like Royal Pirates. We liked them before they became popular, before they were in Korea. WE’RE SO HIPSTERISH YO! And James is a nice guy and we speak with him from time to time. So we’d like to promote this song and video, because we like the band and we like the people and we like the video. And it seems like a lot of people are digging Royal Pirates here on the KpopCharts as well. I remember them getting pretty high up there, and I constantly see a stream of Tweets voting for them. We’re also in talks to do something with Royal Pirates as well. If our schedules line up, then hopefully you’ll see that video soon. Woot!

Gary ft LeeSSang “Shower Later


We laughed so profusely at this video. Are people supposed to laugh at this video? Or are they just supposed to drool? I don’t know. It’s so bad that it’s good. It’s like, Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever bad. Has anyone ever seen that video? It’s with Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas, and it’s so exceptionally cheesy and ridiculous and illogical that you can’t help but laugh. It’s like a high school video project kind of bad, but with a much higher budget. Oh man. Side note: we always pronounce his name as Antonio Bander-ass. Don’t judge me!

Gary’s video isn’t on the same level of illogical ridiculousness, but it’s so over the top that you can’t help but laugh. It’s not witty funny, not awkward funny. It just smacks of “yo take dis money and buy as many haf-nekkid hunnies as you can” kinda thing. Watch it yourself and tell me if you’re more amused by the audacity of it or offended by it.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s Music Monday. I now feel like we are somewhat caught up? Maybe? It’s impossible to be up to date with Kpop. Too much comes out, man. Too much. Anyhow, subscribe for more videos just in case you haven’t yet. We’re getting somewhat close to 500,000 subscribers! Woot woot!

  1. The 1st thing that came into my mind when the girl floated up in B1A4′s video is “She’s wearing a skirt…..” then before i could continue that thought, the guy leans over to grab her and ends up beneath her and i go “You better didn’t look up…”
    Sorry. That was random. But i sure hope she wore shorts in there. LOL

  2. Gary’s video reminds me of a Korean version of Gunther. lol


  3. Carolynn

    What really surprised me is how western the girls in “Shower Later” look. Struck me as odd coming from a Korean band.

  4. If you didn’t like B1A4′s Lonely, why did you add it to this list? i thought you were going to talk about the new songs that interested you

    • Just because a song is interesting to talk about doesn’t mean you have to like it. That said, we all know ballads are not their style but I do know they have a soft spot for B1A4. They probably also wanted to mention the popularity spike as well.


  5. So…no going to mention LA Song…?

  6. i like that one of my favorite fashion youtubers, jenn im, actually worked with james from royal pirates when they were younger (it was on her instagram awhile ago when she went back to visit korea haha)

  7. Nooo… there’s no playlist modeee!!

  8. Jung Rian

    I’m glad you guys are back ! I didn’t have my daily dose of english oral comprehension, and I think I lost a bit x)

  9. “Something” is awesome, love it, love the ropes, everything you said.
    “30sexy” I don’t like it as much as you do, but damn that’s sexy. I would listen to it more like a background song at a party rather than on my iPod walking around the city. I loved the changing neon floor and the backup dancers, and the lyrics! Overall quite creative and clever. But lol, Ninja Assassin. I watched it on the plane. I love it though, but in a “it’s so bad it’s good” kind of way.
    “Lonely” I like this song. Not much to say about it, I just like it. It’s a bit generic, and the video is meh, but my ears are pleased.
    “Drawing the line” DIS MA JAAAM! I love this riff, it’s awesome, and although the chorus is really plain, the progression is perfect so it works. I love those funky guitar sounds, the bass player is cute as hell, and the video is hilarious (bitch slap!). Thank you for introducing this to us!!
    “Shower Later” This video makes me really uncomfortable…

  10. Am
    I the only one who believes that the EYK posts have become a bit lame lately? I
    don’t wanna be too critique, but I feel I have to say this. I like these 2
    guys, but I’m kinda disappointed in them lately. They started strong. They made
    very funny videos and it was obvious that they were working hard. I guess that’s
    why they became known, no? But now, since they became some sort of celebrities,
    they’re kinda enjoying more their celebrity status and working less for their
    posts (video ones). They believe that if they come and ‘fart’ in front of the camera everybody
    will burst into laughing (sorry for this ugly expression, not my style, don’t wanna be a jerk). At
    least that’s how I see it. I know they have a lot of fans and I always have the
    option to stop following them, but I miss the old them…S&M I hope you start working your ass off! They say it’s easy to reach the top, but
    very difficult to maintain the top position.

  11. Have you seen “Lonely” performed live? I really love the dance for this, but it’s not really featured in the music video. The dance is simple, but has little intricacies that I find interesting.

  12. This is so funny!!!!! Oh, and the other stuff the commenters are talking about. :/

  13. I love you Ouran-cup KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE <3 Really manly Simon! :D

  14. what fanfiction are we talking about here? *^*/

  15. Honourable “metions” SP? English teachers *tisk tisk* hahaha glad you’re finally back.

  16. lady_kire

    This is probably how Shower Later was made:

    Management: Gary, unfortunately we don’t have much money to make an elaborate video or teach anyone how to dance. All we have are random props from leftover dramas, a fake car, and some money to hire extras.
    Gary: F*ck elaborate mvs and dancing. Let’s just hire random women with the money to look overly sexy.

  17. Totally agree on Bilasa, as painful as it is for me to admit it bc I adore them so much. This was probably their least interesting song so far, like Simon said, their previous song What’s Happening was almost genius in kpop terms, Jinyoung did a fantastic job with it. Their best element is the funky, colorful, jumping around the stage feel. I get that he was going for a sadder song to balance it out like he did with Tried to Walk, but Lonely is honestly a huge step back from TTW. It’s just so much more generic and not enough B1A4 at all, except for Baro’s main rap part.
    And I can’t even with the scandal. I hate that it happened to them bc they’re such an innocent, awkward, kind group. WM really fucked up. They just had to fuck up and create the whole mess when the boys were on a rise anyways and probably would have done relatively well without the fuck up. And of course create media attention with a song that is pretty sub-par for B1A4. UGHHHHH SO ANGRY

    /calms down by rewatching Simon sexying it up on the table and cracking up bc of Martina’s expression x]

  18. CeceAvila

    I feel really bad for Simon and Martina. There is A LOT of complaining about how they failed to review MV’s like Fxxk You and You Don’t Love Me. But those MV’s were only just released last week. This video was pre-recorded (possibly even before those were released) AND they did this KMM as a way to catch up on the top MV’s that were on the list during the time they were gone. Usually when they are gone people get upset that they miss MV’s and don’t review them. And here they are, trying to do just that and people are complaining. :’(

  19. ” We’re also in talks to do something with Royal Pirates as well. If our schedules line up, then hopefully you’ll see that video soon. Woot!”
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


  20. The hand tattoo in TVXQ’s video! I noticed that the first time and had to pull the video back to pause at that part. I died laughing, it was so ridiculous looking. Glad you guys caught onto that too. The only other thing that really bugged me about their video were the two female dancers. They felt so out of place in comparison to everything else in the video. Every one felt all….I don’t know what era it was, but old timey, the 40s maybe? Haha, I’m not sure, but they all felt like they were from the same time period except for the two female dancers.

    Love, love, love 30Sexy. I, admittedly, have only ever heard one song (Hip Song lol) by Rain before this one. I really never cared enough to look into him or anything. But this song and this video, oh my gosh, I love it. Everything about it was so cool. I love the dance and love the whole 30/dirty word play. The one thing I don’t understand, what’s with that clip with him next to the giant shoe? I didn’t imagine that part, did I?

    I like B1A4′s song. It’s pretty. The video, eh, not really a big fan of it. Probably doesn’t help that the episode of How I Met Your Mother tonight depicted Robin as being like a balloon that Ted let slip out of his grasp, because he’s letting her go so she can marry Barney and all that good stuff.

    This is my first time listening to Royal Pirates as well. Loved the song, loved the video, and I really love their sound. Their music style seemed familiar to me and I can see the Maroon 5 comparison. Maybe that’s who I was thinking of? I’m not sure, I just know that the sound is familiar and I really like it.

    Gary’s video. Lmao, I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously funny that was. I couldn’t watch that with a straight face to save my life.

  21. Aaaaw!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you guise!!!!!!!!!! Um, ahem…Royal Pirate’s James is rather a handsome fellow. (And I also like their music and have for a while)

  22. Oh gosh, Martina’s “Simon” impression, gold! ><

  23. Hannah Niebaum

    My boyfriend pointed out to me that Gary’s ‘Shower After’ is a complete rip off of Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ video. Leave it to a guy to know this information T_T Here’s the comparative video for you all to see. ENJOY HA

    And if someone else has noticed this or said something, sorry! (^3^)


  24. Who ever directed Gary’s MV totally ripped off Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ MV… only their tools are actually plugged in in that video hahahhaha!!


    • I’m also wondering… if Korean people/ppl who live in Korea have the mentality that all American/ English girls look like that or are like that. I mean, those girls could be from Russia or Germany too… right? South Africa? idk.

  25. YukiRed

    Simon & Martina aren’t going to get it perfect every time, but the only wrong thing i saw with this is the B1A4 part. That could have been left out, NOT because it was all dudes but because the video was boring. But 3/4 ain’t bad! I laughed a lot and i didn’t even see the ‘Shower Later’ one, which i really like the song LOL (Yes, the song!!). I’m happy with what they put out this week for KMM. Especially since they’ve been gone for so long and are trying to make up for their vacation time WHICH THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO DO AT ALL!!!!!! So I’m happy with this video and I think we sometimes take them for granted. So I wanna say good job EYK Crew I really really really loved this KMM.

    And I’m sOoOoOoOo happy you guys are back! :3

  26. What do koreans in general think about homeschoolers?

  27. WHAAA~ I ABSOLUTELY ADOOORED BILASA’S “LONELY”!! XDD Yes, it is different from their normal craziness and all, but this was a good different! The song was so catchy and amazing!! < I'm not sure if you guys had already made that part of the video before they announced it, but just saying (no offense, of couse XD), they're clean~ CC:

  28. unicornsgalaxy

    Not to be that person, but wasn’t Nu’est’s curse supposed to be broken and they get the first KMM cause they won the EYKA Best Potential KMM?

    As far as you list goes, I loved TVXQ’s Something, Hated Rain’s 30Sexy, Haven’t listened to B1A4′s Lonely, Loved Royal Pirates’ Draw the Line, and LOL and rolled my eyes at Gary’s Shower. I honestly haven’t really kept up with what was being released this month.

    • Yeah, I agree, I thought Nu’est was supposed to get the first KMM of the year. Well, maybe this one doesn’t really count…

    • CeceAvila

      I don’t think they get the FIRST KMM, they just get the guarantee of a revisit. But this is more of a way for them to play catch up.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but I think that was the previous year. I can’t find anywhere this time where they said it would be the first one of the year, like they did for the 2012. However I did still assume that it would have been for this first KMM of the year. Hopefully they will upload it next week since they will be in Japan and it work as the perfect filler.
      whoa my second sentence is horribly written but I think it makes sense lol

    • didnt they just get a tumblr post?

  29. Royal Pirates are on this week’s After School Club on Arirang TV Wednesday at 5pmSeoul/0800GMT/3amEST/MidnightPST.

    24/7 live network feed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xftu2J77AVw

    Dedicated live show feed (active only during the show): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLLntg5H1yg

  30. I’m so glad you guys are back! Great video. Gary’s video was hilarious! I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the snake tattoo! LOL! Happy to watch more EYK stuff!

  31. im loving the sailormoon mug!!!! >_<

  32. THANK YOU for pointing out Rain’s brilliant mashup of 30/Dirty because it’s the slickest use of Engrish I have ever heard and it’s so dang clever I grin every time I hear it. You sneaky, cheeky boy, Rain. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!

  33. Hannah

    Who needs fanfiction when Simon can just dance on tables??

  34. Ok, hands down, Royal Pirates’ song is really good. Not the conventional formulaic kpop song that I’ve heard before. Exactly the breath of fresh air that this genre needs.

    *maybe a bit exaggerated but for me that’s my opinion

    • Cyber_3

      The beauty of them not being kpop (not exactly anyways) is that they stick with the same genre and I enjoy this and many other of their songs. Therefore, I can also look forward to their next album, knowing that it won’t be a radical paradigm shift.

  35. Sarah

    I would like to point out that Rain did an excellent job in the movie I’m a Cyborg, But that’s Okay. So don’t blame him entirely, okay? ;)

  36. I loved how Royal Pirates had a cameo by Brad from Busker Busker. Is that a Seonbae/Hubae thing or are they just good friends? Anybody?

  37. Wishy

    So, as you are doing all these compilation videos for KMM, are the Kpop Charts Updates completely canceled? I felt tat those were a good chance for you to talk about MVs that weren’t that high on the charts, and give them a chance.

  38. =( awwww, no blooperz? o(>~<)o I really enjoyed this week music monday actually.

  39. So glad you’re back with guys!! Missed your videos! I’m a teensy bit disappointed that you guys didn’t mention Two Song Place’s Age Height mv!! It’s basically lots of parodies of popular mvs of 2013 in one video…..it’s pretty hilarious!

  40. I think this may be my favorite KMM. I was lol’ing. Made my lonely, freezing cold work day better. Thanks, guys! ^.^

  41. Cosmic Cat

    Waaaaa! It’s so good to see a new video again! It feels like it’s been forever! I really have missed your quirkiness *does happy dance* :D
    Anyway da moosik. I am totally loving Bilasa’s song atm. I think it fits the season so well. They’re a band that have snuck up on me. I wasn’t really into their music when they first came out but these last two releases have been awesome. That’s the only thing I didn’t agree with you upon. TVXQ! song I think is perfect for their 10 yr anniversary. I love the swing type music with a pop twist. Rain’s song and dance is awesome, makes me feel like I’m sexy at 30 even though I’m not 30 yet. I liked the Royal Pirates’ song and the video was fun too. But the best video has to go to Gary xD oooo that mv is soooo nasty :’)

  42. Though I am also suspicious about the sale of B1A4, but I do know that the group got a major boost (like a HUGE boost) in popularity because Bora acted in the drama “Reply 1994″. Even older people were buying the albums. However surpassing Big Bang and SNSD…

    • Wishy

      …Bora? >.> …Ah, Baro.

    • Yeah, and there were like 6 different versions of the album… and it came with a 200 page photobook… and they were the MVPs of the end-of-year award shows… seems legit to me. Though I don’t think anything else on the album is as good as “Lonely”.

      Dal*Shabet! That song’s been growing on me like crazy. Like the others ones on ur list as well.

    • *baro not bora haha and sandeul being on im2 also boosted their popularity :D

  43. Are you guys doing this for the Indie on Sunday too? Just wonderin

  44. Okay, I understand that you guys talk about what most of us nasties want you to review. Yet, I feel as if . . . UGH I don’t know how to say this. You reviewed five kpop groups/singers all of which are boys. First, I guess a lot girls are the nasties, which is understandable (I mean I’m a girl too. . .). I just would of loved you to review at least one girl group/singer. Second, There are so many options that you guys could of chose from, the door was wide open. But you closed the door. Third, You do not have to 100% of the time review what was the highest high on your eyk kpop chart. I would of loved to hear you guys talk about specifically Ailee (she is awesome) and she was once in your top ten with her new song, “Singing Got Better.” Heck, Ailee had a great comeback she was even against TVSQ on Musicbank for the number one position of the week. That was a couple of weeks ago though. Speaking of Ailee, when her scandal broke out last November I thought he guys would talk about it, but you did not. You did talk about other scandals in the past. Moving on, you guys are still awesome.

    • Jack Stachowicz

      Totally agree. January saw some awesome comebacks of some girl groups – all with a measure of controversy due to the choreography. Girls Day “Something”, Dal Shabet’s “B.B.B.”, AOA’s “Miniskirt” or Rainbow Blaxx “Cha Cha” all were great songs and video’s and all had to change their dances for Korean TV.

      Also – how, how, how could Ga In’s “FxxK U” not get a mention? First it’s a cool song, a really disturbing MV, but not the least is Ga In drops the F-bomb 16 times during the course of the song.

      I have to admit – I was a bit disappointed that this turned into another boy band/boy idol segment. Hopefully, with 2014 you guys can perhaps reserve 1 KMM a month for a girl group/girl idol. Because not for nothing – you guys only did 6 KMM’s in 2013 featuring girl groups/girl idols.

    • They did talk about Aliee’s scandal (it could have been during a livechat, but i clearly remember then talking about it. I also remember them saying that they want to focus on the music/vid for the artists. Not the tons of scandals that come with it.

    • i think they talked about the mvs that were #1 in the two weeks they were absent like lonely, something and the suju one plus the ones that they liked like rain and royal pirates and dalshabet and in simons case shower later. Ga In and spica have a chance to win this week and besides those two there isnt rly much happening in girl groups mvs imo. like puer kim and two song place are much more interesting.

  45. Gary´s video didn´t made me laugh but I did found it a little ridiculous, and when they started to play with the tools I started singing “Push me, and then just touch me, till I cant get my satisfaction”. The girls were pretty cute though. And my favorite was Royal Pirates.

  46. Gary’s vid reminded me of this (oooold one XD) lol :


  47. Woah, it feels like forever since I’ve last commented on your video… Hi!
    I usually agree with most of your picks for this kind of combined reviews but not this time.
    Rain: oh how excited I was about his comeback! But these falsettos parts are a no-no for me. The beat is pretty catchy and I like the hand dance but not the chorus. No.
    TVXQ: I usually like such big band inspired songs but Something didn’t do it for me. It’s okay but it just doesn’t have that “something” I guess hur hur. Interesting choreography though. But still I like Humanoids more. HUUUU-MUUUUH-NOISE!
    B1A4: my favorite song of the month! I thought it was quite meh at first but it’s quickly grown on me. The video though is pretty boring, except for the floating parts and the 2nd version (released yesterday) is beyond boring.
    Ok, that’s it for disagreeing!
    Gary: you know what really cracked me up? Those parts where there are bikini pieces/underwear/whatever flying around Gary. Maybe it wasn’t really their intention but it looks like a parody of all those (mostly SM) videos with random CGI crap floating around idols.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      For TVXQ’s Something, it’s finally occurred to me that I really like the main chorus. The energy, the lyrics, trumpets and all that jazz of the main chorus go together splendidly. It’s the rest of the song that, in my opinion, just falls flat until it builds back up to the main chorus.

      o_O? B1A4 released a second, even more boring video for Lonely?

  48. thisisjustforfunval

    *Raises hand*
    Yup, sorry can’t agree on the love of Dirty 30Sexy. Overall it’s a good song but my god, the main “Party-ya-yi-ya” part of the song makes my ears bleed and makes it impossible for me to listen to the song. I liked it until that part and then had to save my ears and turn it off. I’ve tried many times since then and still cannot stand it.

    The BILASA! thing, yeah, I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole. I will say I do really like Lonely, but then again I do also love mellower songs and ballads, so it fits into my overall general taste in music.

    Love the jazz feel of “Something” not sure how I feel about the song over all, but do love that big band sound.

    Royal Pirates haven’t really heard it and need to give it another try (it’s been a strange month for me where I’m just not feeling music or something. I blame lots of bad songs for me not being able to sort out the good ones.)

    Gary, HA, I haven’t seen the MV and I have a feeling it’s not really appropriate to view while at work.

    Final, thought, question. Nu’est? Or is that still not happening till 2098, so you can have gran-daddy Len, I mean Ren come on with ya’ll? :-P

  49. LongClawTiger

    Thank you so much for doing this recap segment! I have also been out of the kpop loop for about a month and was dreading how much I would have to catch up on. You guys made me so happy when I saw this!
    Also, I like the hats on the wall behind you! Even if it is a not so subtle merchandising thingy, it still adds a nice splash of color to the set. :)

  50. I missed you guys! The two of you are seriously hilarious, I haven’t had a good laugh in a while thx :)

  51. Oh Martina, you saw The Voice UK? song performed by Anna McLuckie – Get Lucky ♥. that girls is so talented and she made masterpiece from that song. I cant wait to see her next performance. btw. good idea with Get Loki :D

  52. Actually you are right. Big Baby Baby has this 80′s feeling to it because it sampled from past songs.
    * Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMFqkcPYcg
    * Salt-n-pepa – Push It http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCadcBR95oU

  53. Diana Cristina Munteanu

    the gary video reminds me of benasy brothers – satisfaction, only there the hardware actually worked :P
    my guess is they were trying to recreate that video

  54. Didn’t like tvxq s something. .. not my style.

  55. Sooo the Gary video reminds me of Benny Benassi – Satisfaction lmao.. great techno song

  56. I’m in love with the lyrics for Gary’s video. The video itself not so much.

  57. Hey, Martina! What kind of fanfiction where you reding? I have read couple of pieces about U Kiss and they were hilarious. Mayby you can suggest me something good. (I am a nasty from Latvia, so english is not my first language. Pardon my mistakes, if I made any.)

  58. I might get beat repeatedly with sticks, but I honestly did not like and could not stand Rain’s voice in 30sexy. It gave me a headache. it made me sad because I really enjoied the beat of the song and i Loved watching his move.

  59. Gary’s song is okay. . . but the video. . .It was ridiculus ! I watched it once, then watched a couple of times Zotto Mola to forget what I just saw with Shower Later.

  60. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    But… but… NU’EST … :’( *sighs and gets ready to wait another week*

  61. OMG you guys….AHAHA! My bf’s reaction to Gary’s mv was THE SAME. Men… Also, I thought I was the only one who noticed “T.H.[I.]N.G.”. Whee! I’m not being picky!

  62. We’ve hardly seen any new Kpop as well because the past 2 months have been hectic with all the moving back and forth and then finally the big move to Korea.

    All I’m thinking watching Gary’s video is Occupational Health and Safety!!! Put some hard hats and safety googles and safety vests on girls! Geez!

  63. Just a concern that I may be over thinking, but my girlfriend and I have noticed this uncomfortable disparity between boy and girl groups/soloists in general, and now it seems (explanation point on seems!) to be creeping into EYK music reviews. Now, we understand that what gets reviewed isn’t necessarily up to S&M (eyyyyyyy), but us nasties. It just feels as though this was an opportunity that was missed to talk about some really meaningful stuffs (GaIn’s Fxxk You) and straight up feel goods (Spica’s You Don’t Love Me), and Ailee bby (I LOVE YOOUUU!!! *cough*).

    This disparity was painfully present in even the EYK Awards, when the only category won by a girl group was…the girl group category. Now, this is all just the opinion of two chicks who like chicks, so take it as you will. It’s really subjective, and dependent upon each individual, but perhaps there is a deep-rooted issue at hand that people aren’t comfortable enough to discuss.

    I feel as though there’s more I’d like to say, but there’s only so much one can do on a Monday morning. Aaaaand I’d rather not get my butt kicked. We love you, EYK Crew. We appreciate the awesomesaucity of the thangs that you do. Keep it up, but don’t exhaust yourselves too much!

    • Speaking as a fellow chick who likes chicks (Thanks for that expression, I’ll have to find an excuse to use it now!), I agree that female artists in K-pop really deserve more attention. This is true across the K-pop fandom, not just in EYK. I understand that Simon and Martina have to prioritize talking about what’s popular in order to keep people watching their videos, and that boy groups tend to bring the girls out (See what I did there?) and that their fandom is mostly straight girls, but… I honestly don’t know what the solution is. Hopefully Ga In’s “Fxxk U” will get reviewed; that should cover my hot-women-in-KMM quota until one of the really popular girl groups has a comeback.

    • Cyber_3

      What “deep-rooted issue” are you talking about? And I am not being sarcastic or indignant, just honestly asking. You’re too ambigous, I need you to spell it out for me.

      I’m not a chick-who-likes-chicks but I certainly don’t favour the boy bands just because there are hot boys either. I’m happily married and not interested in the young boys. I do, in fact, like quite a few of the female groups’ music. Their music, and only occasionally, their videos too. I guess that I find that there is hella more gratuitous perv-endearment in the girl group videos, which makes them hard to watch. It’s not just that it’s sexy, or even too sexy, it’s just down-and-dirty-direct-to-fap material which is a turnoff for me. When it becomes that the music is simply a vehicle for perv-pandering……sigh. It’s too degrading to the kpop artists to watch, especially since I find it hard to believe that they would even have the opportunity to experience sex in real life in their current situation.

      • Well said! You nailed it with the perv-pandering– it seems like 99% of Girl Groups are Aegyo-meets-Porn.

        Not only is the singing cutesy and shrill, it doesn’t match with super sexy choreography, and it’s really disturbing and jarring to me. I wish there were more Gains being mature and complex, and fewer Girl’s Generation types.

        • Not necessarily just Ga In’s type either though – I just think the concepts that they come up with for girl groups need to be just as diversified as those of the boy groups. Like Spica’s ‘You Don’t Love Me’ or IU’s ‘Red Shoes’ or Crayon Pop! Also, I thoroughly enjoy female vocals in general – not just in Kpop – usually because they are easier to sing along to. So I find myself only really listening to the songs by girl groups/solo artists that really focus on their vocals. So even though I may not always like 9muses’ concepts and videos I usually like their music. Hopefully we get some more female artists and girl groups that are willing to break the mould!

      • To be blunt, I was referring to internalized sexism. I am going to completely avoid stating it as though it were fact (thus my use of “perhaps” in my OP), because it likely isn’t. Or at least I hope that it isn’t (I have faith in you guise!). I’d much rather be ambiguous than disregard the possible reactions (and feelings) of those who may have read my post, not knowing who they are. But there it is.

        As for the overly gratuitious fanservice and tastelessness of a considerably good chunk of female groups’ music(videos), I can agree with you in that they are just as difficult to watch as say… Blurred Lines or even Gary’s Shower Later. It’s humiliating to watch not only as a woman, but as a person who believes that living creatures shouldn’t be objectified. I wouldn’t go so far as to blame the women in these groups themselves for the concepts that they’re told to do, of course! I’m just afraid that it’s so common that people have long become desensitized to it, and are quick to place blame on those that don’t deserve it. I have a lot of feels about this…

        However, let’s talk about Ga In’s Fxxk You for just a moment. Her character in the music video was obviously in an abusive relationship, and that’s what the song is about. Nothing sexy about it. Just doing a brief skim through the video’s comment section (I really shouldn’t ever do that, but I did because I don’t know) makes me gag at how many pass it off as “just another sexy concept oh pls”. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at how easily something so obvious can fly over so many heads! Spica’s You Don’t Love Me is, in my opinion, poking fun at the recent surplus of sexy concepts, and is unafraid to do so. The video is relatable, human, and fun with incredible vocals — the very opposite of what people dislike the most when it comes to female groups.

        Disclaimer: It has been brought to my attention that Simon&Martina recorded the KMM before the release of these songs, and it was timed to be uploaded today. I didn’t mean to come off as nitpicky or anything of the sort, so s’all gurd in the hurd. AND SORRY FOR THE ESSAY, EH!!! D:

        • Cyber_3

          I think that you are projecting the “internalized sexism”, whether you are referring to S&M or the Nasties here in general. I also wouldn’t point the finger at the Nasties in general as the voting bloc. There is definitely a small subset that control the charts, for what purpose, I have no idea.

          I’ve given up commenting on the gratuitous porn shots/poses in specific m/v threads just because it is women posters who deny that this is even happenning, and they get disproportionately mean about it too.

        • Nawesomesauce

          I don’t recall having tried to project internalized sexism onto S&M or the Nasties here, specifically. “It’s really subjective, and dependent upon each individual…,” is what I said.

          I mentioned internalized sexism as a very real possibility, because even I have caught myself thinking certain things in the past about women in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, women don’t support each other as much as they should in this sometimes-regressive patriarchal society, and instead do the very opposite.

        • Cyber_3

          Well, your original post was suggested that the “unnamed thing” was “creeping into the EYK reviews” so either that was implying S&M or the voting Nasties. Sorry, that is how I interpreted it anyways, I think you can see where I got the impression if you re-read it.

          I’m not sure that “internalized sexism” is a real thing. Are you writing a paper on it? Is it about people who are subconciously sexist but don’t realize it? Or who know they are sexist but hide it? Is it about the music industry trying to make us do sexist things unawares?

          When it comes to kpop, I feel sorry for the artists that are objectified (both male and female) and who either are letting it happen to themselves, or feel they have no choice but to allow it. I don’t know any of their individual situations though, so I can’t/won’t judge. I certainly don’t think of the artists as “sluts” or “whores” (male or female) but more like dolls that are made to be aegyo or sexy at someone else’s whim. There are some kpop artists that have some or more control of their images but these are so few that it’s hard to pick them out. It’s hard for me to feel any affiliation with a kpop group or artist anyways as they change music and video styles like they change clothes. I just listen to what I like musically and don’t get too hung up on the details. Certainly when it comes to $$ though, I only support artists that I consistently like, and these are all pretty much independent anyways.

          Cyber_3 – so, um…yeah, treating boys and girls equally…….makes me not sexist I think….internalized or otherwise…..

      • saeri

        I think the ‘deep rooted issue’ is generally just internalized misogyny. It’s more than EYK subscribers and fans being mostly straight and relatively young women and are thus more likely to be attracted to boy groups. Actually, it’s a lot more, like straight up oversexualization of female idols by the industry (being sexy and confident on your own terms is a yay, being told that you should be that way to make money is not a yay), double standards related to gender, and a whole lot of little insidious things that you never really pay attention to because we’ve pretty much been socialized from the beginning to see it as normal.

        • Cyber_3

          I don’t know………..maybe a lot the hard core voters are straight and relatively young women (because they have more time on their hands) but (and it IS hard to tell sometimes on the ‘net) that is not the impression that I get from the comment boards. It’s more like 50% in the comments.

          If you’re saying that the kpop industry has “internalized misogyny”, I think that you are mistaken. The kpop industry is very OVERTLY, OBVIOUSLY, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY mysogynistic. But so, to a certain degree is Korean society still. Don’t try to downplay it. It’s easy to ignore when you don’t live in Korea but when it’s right there in your face affecting something that you love (like music), then you have to discuss it and deal with it. Maybe it will be good for Korea, who wants to play on a world stage, to realize they have to reform somewhat to get there, and thereby, perhaps things will improve in “regular society” in Korea as well. Even the tiny steps taken already have made a difference and I applaud those female kpop/Korean music industry types that are bravely forging new ground and I certainly support them.

          You’ll have to forgive the younger females here who are just in it to enjoy the music and don’t see the bigger picture. Educating them would be great, go ahead, elucidate on the industry’s issues. But taking pot-shots in the comments and running away (again and again – not you in particular) just ruins it for us who are here to discuss the EYK video and the songs in general.

        • saeri

          Uh…internalized misogyny means misogyny among other women, not the “subtle” misogyny that I think was also being discussed. You can’t exactly deny that internalized misogyny doesn’t exist: of the people who use “slut” as a derogatory designation and who shame “sexy” women or women who like sex, many of them are women–that’s the biggest and most obvious example I can think of. Other examples are the prevalence of “I’m not like other girls/other girls are stupid” tropes used in a lot of media and fiction, most troubling is in YA fiction, even those that are written by women for young girls; other girls calling girls who don’t shave “gross”, etc, etc.

          So when Nawsomesauce (granted I didn’t read the whole conversation, just skimmed it) said internalized misogyny, they didn’t mean that people were being sexist but don’t realize it–they meant specifically, basically girls who are participating in patriarchy.

          TL;DR…you seemed to have misunderstood the meaning of internalized misogyny, which yes, is probably something women do without realizing, but it specifically refers to the women who project back, or internalize the misogyny they see around them and have been taught it since the very beginning.

          Anyway, yes I do agree that I’m happy many girl groups are starting to try and break down that system that’s been working against them, and I can only hope they continue to do so and that change will follow. But I’m not sure at all what you mean by “taking pot shots then running away” because it seems like there was a back-and-forth discussion going on. If you were talking about me (because I didn’t hang around for a discussion until I saw a notification), I wouldn’t call it a shot at someone if I was trying to elaborate…..?

        • Cyber_3

          I’m not going to get into the rest of it since you obviously skimmed my comments instead of reading them as well but I think it’s a moot discussion. I will apologize though if you thought I was taking “a shot” at you, which I thought I tried to clarify that I wasn’t. When I see “these types of conversations” (i.e. about an obscure term that is somewhat derogary with the guise of “for science” on it) and the poster has only ever posted in this thread, I get suspicious that this person has either been previously banned under another name or are these “drop in” types that just want to stir the pot with the least hint of what they feel is “impropriety” in the comments or video and then leave. There really are people that trollololo like this and that is what this sub-thread was beginning to feel like to me and I am not fond of them. I try not to feed the trolls inadvertently but I sometimes fail since I’ve become accustomed to a somewhat troll-free environment here at EYK.

        • Hey there guys,

          Actually this discussion did not seem to be trying to be trolling or taking potshots but it seemed like all parties were trying to bringing up topics dealing with the issues of misogyny ( internalized and overt) that exist within the Kpop fandom and Korean society.

          However it just seemed like you were having two different discussions because perhaps you did not understand the point the other was making.

          These types of conversations are interesting and I wouldn’t want to discourage them. But we always have to be careful not to take things personally or feel as if we are being attacked ( especially in situations with topics that are triggering and may have we may have personal issues dealing with.

          That said, I have had many conversations over the years ( especially post EYKA) about the fact that female groups are underrepresented on EYK. I did note during this video that a girl group was mentioned in the honourable mentions. And that the females that most people wanted them to talk about are still on the charts and have a chance of being reviewed, and thus would not have been mentioned here. * am hoping Ga In and Spica get a shot*.

          I find that voting wise, boys tend to have more vocal and loyal fans. For instance look at Sistar. Did you know that even though they are digital and physical monsters when they have comebacks, they still have failed to establish a real fanbase in Korea? To the point that their concerts are usually moderately attended but they have yet to get a fanbase that would support them through hard times and scandals like say, Big Bang has with their VIP base. I don’t know how SNSD managed to gain such a large and loyal fanbase in Sones, but they are one of the few girl groups that does have such a loyal base. We could probably include 2NE1′s Blackjacks here as well, but they seriously have been trolled by YG too many times and I fear some of 2ne1′s fans have given up on them.

          I even know some people who simply are not interested in girl groups because they do not like the styles forced upon girls, like aegyo or sexy. That said, EYK’s male base has increased in the last year. It may still be overwhelmingly young female, but there are a lot of guys hanging around and voting for girl groups.

          I did look at the stats for reviews in the last 2 years and literally each year less than 9 reviews are girl groups, and the usual suspects are on the list, SNSD, 2NE1, Lee Hi, f(x), 4 Minute, T- ara, Wonder Girls, Miss A and Sistar. The majority of those groups are from the big 3 and get support from their company’s fanbase.
          So hopefully this year there will be more girl groups mentioned on EYK. But that all depends on the types of releases put out this year and how much the voter base allows for female groups to be voted into the top 3.

        • Cyber_3

          Hi Natz,

          Sorry, I was tangenting and not really referring to this conversation specifically (re potshots, etc.). I’ll try to focus my comments more.

          Nice exposition and interesting perspective. I think it’s also that younger females by nature are fickle, moreso when it comes to other women, than men. I don’t think that any woman really wants to have to live up to the image that the female kpop stars are projecting, it’s too much for real life. A lot of the hard core fans I see here in the comments though tend to be the OPPOSITE…..at least when it comes to their “group” to the point of not even acknowledging that some videos are meant to be the least bit sexy.

          I was also being “confused” on purpose/ironically/sarcastically/humourously because I really felt that the idea of “internalized sexism” is kind of laughable in this context. I *do* know what it means. To me, the original comment looked like it was trying to “start something” (carefully) and given that the person joined just to post these comments, it just made me suspicious of trolls. In retrospect (and given your comment), perhaps there was more merit to the discussion in general with respect to the industry or even the kpopcharts than I gave it credit for but I thought that the original accusation was misdirected and …..kind of creepily delivered?

          Thanks for being awesome.

        • Nawesomesauce

          Huh… I understand that the interwebs has evolved into something so completely anonymous and we’ve keyboard warriors and trolls running about. However, it wasn’t my intention whatsoever to come off as such. Not at all. I was attempting to stimulate a potentially enlightening discussion, not only for other people but for myself as well (I’m open to being edumacateds). I’d much rather voice an opinion/concern/etc and receive a good variety of feedback with differing perspectives than to just roll about in my own ignorance. I didn’t create this account to bring about chaos and disarray, but to express a few thoughts.

          I should have clarified that I wasn’t targeting EYK or Nasties (as I am one myself; I’ve been following EYK for several years now I love you guise), but the bigger picture of misogyny in the entertainment industry as a whole, and how it can reflect the views and opinions of society (like mirrors…or something). And how we, as individuals, sometimes incorporate those views into ourselves, and it becomes this neverending cycle. I agreed with you, even, on many of the points you were making, but it seemed as though you didn’t understand or want to understand (not necessarily agree; disagreements are perfectly fine) what I was attempting to articulate. And it is because of that I decided to remove myself from that particular conversation with you so as to not corrupt the discussion with meaningless banter. As Natz said, we may have been having two different discussions and perhaps that lead to a misunderstanding.

          Yes, you’re right about my wanting to start something, and very carefully at that. I wanted to avoid offending any persons sensitive to the topic, and my intention wasn’t to bash EYK because eff that.

          So there. Hopefully that will do away with my being perceived as a troll and any other obsceneties. Thank you for what little conversation we did have.

        • Thanks for being a great contributor to the conversation. I eked your intent from your comment and had planned on responding to it myself but Cyber got to it first. I do really believe that you two were having issues of perhaps misunderstanding the intent of each other’s comments and it is my job to diffuse those sorts of situations so I am glad to help.

          This conversation is one I have had on occasion with some people and I kind of wish we could have a TLDR about the perception of women in Korea by Koreans and also by non Koreans. I see a lot of exoticising by some ( usually men who go to the ‘east’ and catch themselves some ‘ yellow fever’) but I also see the same thing happening with Korean men, especially because of the hallyu wave. It is really quite a disturbing trend.

        • :-D thanks for the compliment. It was just that as I was reading the conversations I realised that both parties were trying to make a point but that perhaps it was being delivered in a way that the other party did not understand the intent of the message. Tone and intent is hard to distinguish on the Internet and we are trained to be very wary of it on most forums. But as you said, it feels that for the most part, the comments here are usually pretty free of that sort of thing. I think it has partly to do with the commenting base and maybe partly because of our moderating style?

          I do agree about young females having issues being confronted with the images that some of the female groups are putting forth. Especially Westernised women who may be used to different images of females in music. I for one grew up with rappers like Queen Latifah, Salt n Pepa , R&B groups like En vogue and SWV and soloists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill Mariah, Celine and Whitney. And I adore Tina Turner and my new diva for that last 4 years has been Pink, so I am more attracted to the images that groups like Sistar, Sunny Hill and 2NE1 give off.

          That said, my iPod is a good mix of female and male Kpop. I have fallen in love with groups like Crayon Pop, can appreciate SNSD and Lee Hyori’s appeal and love some of Secret and Dal Shabet’s songs. Maybe because I am a bit older and am not the target for the images some of these groups are putting on? And thus I am not intimidated? I do find over aegyo to be a bit much, but being a primary school teacher, sometimes an aegyo filled song is perfect for my students, and I end up liking those songs as well.

    • The reason probably why they didn’t discuss Ga-In Fuck you, is because they filmed this video before her song came out. In their live chat they mentioned how they pre-filmed a bunch of videos already.

      • That explains much of my concern away! Thank you for that. I’m a worry-wart, but I really appreciate that tid bit of information. I often forget Youtube has a scheduled-video-upload mechanism.

    • I kinda agree with you. I’m not a chick who like chicks ( ;) ) but I’m as interested in girls group as I am in boys group and i can honestly said that people are too subjective on this matter. They don’t vote because they honestly think this group is better but because they are fan. Which sucks. Music shouldn’t be based on the beauty of the singer.
      As you said a lot of girl group or soloist released really good songs for the past few weeks but we are not able to see it in the kpop chart because a lot of people are biased. (it certainly doesn’t mean that everyone voting for a boys band are neither does it means the boys groups’ music aren’t good. Just that it would be better if there were more variety ).
      ps : I’m in no way accusing S&M of being biased. Not at all. They have to go were the popularity is.

      • CeceAvila

        “They don’t vote because they honestly think this group is better but because they are fan.”

        This a thousand times this. Just take the EYKAwards for example. The community here is changing a bit, you can see it in the comments. GOT7 was at the top of the charts for most of last week, and yet you had amazing releases like Gain and SPICA. Most of the comments on GOT7′s video were fangirls swooning over the members. Don’t get me wrong I indulge in swooning over boys as well, but it was getting to the point where the comments were spammy. And the comments on the SPICA and Gain MV’s were long paragraphs of peoples opinions of the MV. Real thought out comments. Which is what I enjoy about this community. And considering the fact that comments account for points its a little frustrating. S&M have mentioned it before as well. They were REALLY trying to get people to vote in the EYKA’s in a way that you just weren’t voting for your favorite artists.

        I would like to mention to OP though, that I believe that they did not talk about SPICA or Gain is because they oly just released their MV’s. I don’t think those account for the ones they “missed”

    • I think why they didn’t mention these girls is because they are recently new and they are competing for next week’s KMM. The personal ones. Rain is definitely passed and B1A4 and other girl groups. The new ones re for next week.

    • I agree with you as well! Also EYK has noticed the disparity but it was some time ago. Around last year, when they did Kpop Charts Updates, Martina talked about that they hadn’t had a KMM by a female in 3 months. Finally Miss A won with ‘I Don’t Need a Man’ and Simon was super thankful about it because he was suffering in a sausage fest lol.

      Maybe this calls for a discussion, because I feel like I’m missing out on some good songs (EYK is my source for kpop, not where I go after finding good kpop and want to promote it).

      But voting for the kpop charts is done by fans…I don’t want EYK to lose revenue or something like that. Makes me think of when Big Bang won best kpop dance in like 2011? Oh dear god my memory -ANYWHO, yes, they were not the best dancers that year and yet since they were popular they won. So yeah…what do? Form a united kpop girl group fan front to get one in?

    • Considering Spica’s like just came out and is #3 on the chart and Gain is #4, I’m really hoping they do a full KMM for one of them. (Preferably Gain, for obvious reasons.)

    • Kpop girl groups just make me plain upset so too do most ALL asian girl groups. In america theres a good balance of fierce and sexy girls. in asia only BOYS get to be hardcore for some reason. girl group song quite honestly bore me if not for the overt sexuality then the demure cage they are locked in.

      d-unit is close but i cant take them seriously in Giyeuk (SP) because really booty shorts? theres no consistency between the bad assery. TINY G oh how youve changed. miss-you was fun but they totally did not wear pants…

      girl groups are fap material just my opinon but they dont make it hard to come to that…

    • Okay, so I initially scrolled down to the comment section to see if anyone was a bit disappointed that no girl groups made the cut for this selection and found myself reading the whole discussion on sexism in kpop and basically all around. Surprisingly, I felt like sharing my views on the subject, so here’s my input on it.

      It is a shame that a lot of good songs are being overlooked just because they don’t feature boy groups. This is in no way S&M’s fault, in fact they took quite a huge step in correcting this issue when they decided to review one of the top three MV’s for KMM and not only the first one. It’s understandable why boy groups are always more popular considering the majority demographics interested in Kpop are young women, but people need to realize that we are responsible for the content provided to us by any media outlet, so voting only for your bias regardless of the quality of the song and video and in total disregard of other stuff that’s undeniably better or different just makes for dull and boring MV concepts being repeated over and over again.

      As for the overly sexualised videos from girl groups….I don’t know… It may be a problem but it’s not typical to just kpop. It concerns the whole music industry. Women being objectified and exploited by companies is a disgusting practice, but every single pop artist, male or female, no matter where they are from, have their image controlled by some form of management for profit, so it’s necessary to reform the industry in order for the artists to regain some control over their image. The only difference between the western pop music industry and kpop is that the first has a lot of women in upper management positions, whereas the latter is almost exclusively run by men, so the misogyny is more reflective to Korean society than the music industry in particular,

      That being said, I am a straight man and I generally enjoy girl groups more than boy groups. I like their vocals better, the songs are more fun and I’m a little frustrated that I rarely get to see them reviewed, but as I said, I understand the reason why. As Simon admitted in a previous TL;DR regarding EYK’s demographic, we are an endangered species (don’t worry guise, I’m not going anywhere) I also wanted to address the statement some of you made here. I don’t think girl group MV’s are faping material. As I said before, it’s a shame that the image portrayed by them in videos are inflicted upon them by others, but even though they’re dressed more provocatively, it doesn’t sexualise them to that extent. S&M said before that despite the fact that Korea has a pretty conservative society, it is acceptable for Kpop idols to dress like that because it is viewed as some sort of uniform for their performances and when you put it like that, it desexualises the whole image. Guys aren’t jerking off to music videos, believe me, there’s a wide selection of porn on the internet for everyone to go around…

      Another reason why I think girl groups are less popular is that from what I’ve seen everywhere around me, I’ve come to the conclusion that basically, women don’t really like each other. I know it’s a statement that will stir up a lot of chatter, but unfortunately it’s kinda true. Even those negative and insulting comments about female kpop singers on their videos are mostly posted by women. It’s one thing posting an argument based constructive criticism and it’s another thing just being rude for no reason. That’s probably why we regress sometimes in a more patriarchal society as you said before.

      Well, I think I’m done for now. I’ll end this with a classic, hopefully unnecessary, ever annoying disclaimer. I truly hope I didn’t offend any of you Nasties, a lot of what I said didn’t capture my whole views and there’s a lot of explanation that I left out cause I wanted to be brief (as you can see from my really brief post:D).

      • That was beautifully said, and I wholeheartedly agree.

        Feels good to get an in-depth discussion like this going, with critical thought and general open-mindedness.

      • Victor Ha

        I absolutely agree! I thought I couldn’t find other guys like you. You took the words straight out my mouth, and don’t worry, I’m not offended as a male Nasty.

  64. Camilla Helen Wickstrøm

    I am happy you talked about more than one song. I LOVE Something, Lonely and Drawing the line ;) And i also liked Royal pirates from before the debuted in Korea.

  65. please talk about got7 girl’s girl’s next time on music monday !!

  66. Jase Aaron

    So I presume you haven’t been very impressed with female artists? …ok, neither have I. But I hope you can talk about Spica at some point :)

  67. Good call doing a full recap, now no fans need to have a little cry about anything. Except Nu’est fans. But today is just a normal day for them I guess. And that Rain track is a jam.

    PERSONALLY I thought this might be another excuse to watch 9muses – Glue, on top of the 5 times I day I’ve been watching it for the last few weeks, but no dice. Pervert and proud, ladies and gentlemen. Probably gonna go watch it again now. Maybe I’ll get out my chainsaw and blast my way through a table without turning it on. Yeah, 9muses, yeeeeah.

  68. Yahhhhhh…..you said the first Music Monday would be Nu’est when you came back. D:

  69. It made me sad that you guys hated Ninja Assassin. It is one of my favorite movies. Of course, I love cheesy martial arts movies filled with unrealistic action sequences, massive amounts of fake blood, one or more hot guys, with a cute yet sad story line on the side…soooooo…our tastes might differ a bit. *fangirl mode* I really loved the end where Raizo climbs the wall that his dead girlfriend had climbed when she tried to escape and sees the beautiful landscape that had been there the whole time. It was like he could finally break free and let go of his past and move on with his life into a bright future. *sigh* I feel like such a dork right now.

  70. I’m surprised that it wasn’t mentioned that Gary’s Music video is the same as Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” music video. Gary’s is just comedic while the other is more for sexiness.

  71. Raine

    Welcome back. I think you shared that weather with Colorado ’cause now we’re freezing and icy and cold and BS! In any case, I actually loved the Bilasa video because of the simplicity. And did you watch the dance? So cool! My favorite video had to be TVQX and favorite song was the Royal Pirates. Gary = boobs. Like whoa. I’m a straight female and all I could see was BOOBS. …

  72. Ash3070

    So this was basically just the male idol version? Apart from Dal Shabet’s honorable mention it was ALL males. Will there be a ladies version too? x x x

  73. We missed yooouuuu :D Did you see Ga In’s “Fxxk U” ? It’s verrrry good as usual, too bad you did not include it in this kpop music monday :/ About “Shower Later”… Well, I was torn between my feminist side and the urge to laugh, but as a whole I like Gary anyway.
    And Martina ? The reading fanfiction all night ? Yeah, we all lived that. Be brave ^^

  74. AAHHHH I TOTALLY WANTED TO ASK WHAT FANFIC’S MARTINA WAS UP LATE READING because i totally do the same thing and would not mind at all some other good fics to read. ^^

  75. I love Rain. Hands down. I totally do. But… did anyone else notice the serious cuban heels he’s wearing??! not cool.

  76. I MISSED YOU GUUYYYYSSSSSS~ This totally made my night. I’m never not gonna hear “she’s up all night to get Loki” when I hear that song now LOL. Awww man, I love Loki so much.

    Anyway, gonna state my opinions cos why not:

    Firstly, totally love TVXQ’s Something. I agree, it’s fun and the choreo is amazing and I just love how fresh and different it is for a k-pop song. Not enough jazz in kpop, probably cos it’s technically a separate genre but yeah. Loved it so much, was so happy they did something different from the whole ‘I am a god’ shiz. I like them being more human.

    30Sexy was … I’ll just … not say anything. (Lets say it’s no where near as bad as La Song at least)

    As for B1A4, I thought the song was boring but I actually really enjoyed the video. It wasn’t as pretty as Tried To Walk, but it was still kinda nice. Tbh I just really loved the whole ‘chick being made out of helium’ part. I thought it was cute and creative how he had to tie her down and stuff cos he’d miss her if she left and in the end he flies up too. Cute video but I agree, the song was very bland.

    Royal Pirates was great, loved it. Not really much to add to that.

    Gary’s video … well … I could hardly sit through the first time I watched it. Ngl, I too cracked up at them using the drill/chainsaw when they weren’t on and were just shaking their bodies, that cracked me up so much. But the rest … no thanks. It was hard to watch.

    Also, Girl’s Day’s Something. Best song of the year so far imo, video is meh but Girl’s Day are on a roll when it comes to their music! Surprised they didn’t get mentioned. D:

    • Girl’s Day – Something is a jam. Furthermore, there is no way that any video that has Girl’s Day in it can be just ‘meh’. Purely based on the opportunity to look at them, it’s a 7/10 by default.

      • Well as a female who isn’t sexually attracted to other women, I think I can say it’s nothing special. I do love their outfits though and I think the choreography is quite fitting, since the song sounds quite sexy. It works. But it’s not an amazing MV.

  77. Oh please review Donghae and Eunhyuk’s MOTORCYCLE :D :D

  78. Cyber_3

    Aah, Monday morning breakfast with KMM – all is right in the world! ;) The beauty of being on EST.

    You guise were really funny today (even beyond total overuse of Siri). I didn’t even mind the multiple video format today, your high energy helped to sell it. I will say though, this video would have KILLED it in re-watchability (is that even a word?) if you had added in a little Spudgy or Fangurilla short at the very end. Even a few random mustaches or something.

    I get your Namor reference for TVXQ! but I’m surprised that you missed the even more obvious reference – “Q” from Star Trek TNG – TVXQ! = Q – get it?

    Cyber_3 – Martina, I don’t read fanfics but I read lots of manga and marathon tv shows – I know that feelz………

  79. yanagiba yusuke22

    mayb u can do KMM-sexy edition….simon will like to review it…. girls day, aoa, rainbow blaxx, ga in, spica…. it will b perfectttttt…

  80. I’m into fanfics lately… would you mind telling us what you read? :)

  81. yanagiba yusuke22

    i just can watch the vid… if u had a review for japanese mv…i wish u review donghae&eunhyuk motorcycle mv… it has engrish n fun mv…(even i just watch the short preview mv)… sj sub unit has actual girl n not just a boring in the box mv…

  82. Danique

    I think they shot outside though (Donghae and Eunhyuk) because there’s bts footage of them in England, if I’m not mistaking though. That would be awkward

  83. haruchi

    I didn’t hear about that B1A4 scandal before! :o Well I don’t know what’s the truth but since they have a different version of each member and the whole group version of the album I’m pretty sure that makes the sales bigger (since fans like to buy many versions)… But since I don’t know what kind of sale difference we’re talking about that might not be the reason. Oh and I also heard “Lonely” being played everywhere in Seoul when it was released! O_O I was so surprised…
    Anyways, I’m totally gonna link Gary’s mv to my big brother since he likes Gary… and boobs! haha

  84. I recently used your posing at the YouTube event as an example of being comfortable with yourself in public situations. It’s a good thing aha!

  85. Martinaaa can u review TOP’s DOOM DADA T__T i ws waiting for u guys to review it..but it never happened..makes me sad :’(

  86. I don’t think you’ll get around to reviewing them for KMM since they’re just a rookie group,
    but I’m curious about your first impression/thoughts on

    Kiss&Cry – Domino Game

    And also,

    Mamamoo ft Bumkey – Don’t Be Happy (This is not their debut song though, just a pre-release, kinda like exo with “What is love”. Really love the song!~)

  87. No bloopers?
    Oh well.
    Also, I think it said “TVXO!” in the video not TVXQ?

    This was hysterical. I love it when you cover a lot of videos like this. There is SO much Kpop out there and not enough time to talk about all the songs!
    Or or or or or or like that time awhile ago, a long time ago, when you just did a tumblr post about a NU’EST song.
    i loved that. Because . I like to hear your opinions on stuff.
    Your as in both of you… you are one entity.
    Anyhoo. I will have to go listen to the royal pirates song because I haven’t yet. The rest I have lol.

  88. “30Sexy” is awesome, I couldn’t agree more, I still don’t know how “LA song” is charting better than it -_-
    TVXQ’s Something is song I totally loved on the first listen, the performance is beyond awesome. They really know how to work the stage (/ladies lol) but somehow I got tired of it easily. Its a song i rather watch than listen too. Whenever I hear “Something” I just think of Girls Day’s Something lol. BTW what did you guys think of that song? I personally liked it. Not their best, but it worked.

  89. AzureShade

    Holy rusted metal Batman! Thank the gods you’re back! I so needed this early Monday morning pick me up. I found myself laughing, grinning, and commiserating with Martina about her not enough sleep (too much reading *cough cough*) issues.

  90. Is it just me or is the Shower Later MV really similar to Benny Bennassi’s ‘Satisfaction’?


  91. Becky Strickland

    i went to fb firts then click on this link directly tou your website and i have been able to watch it.

  92. btw you guys need to update the dead blog post link in the yt description box :)

  93. Royal Pirates is totally cool! Been listening to their mini album for a month already. XD
    Despite the horrible video, I think Gary’s Shower Later is good. LOL. Not the video, just the music. Kinda nice for a background song.
    The one that I always thought every time I watch TVXQ!’s Something: how could they aren’t getting tangled up? It’s kinda superhuman-ly for me. XD

  94. yanagiba yusuke22

    y no review for got7?

  95. hapagirl

    Really happy you guys did this, it’s a nice little recap and fans aren’t gonna be completely angry. I’m happy that you guys liked Something and 30 Sexy and Drawing the Line, though who doesn’t like it? January was a good start off to kpop.
    Hearing what happened with Lonely, makes me sad. I really didn’t know that was it and as much as they do deserve to win, cheating isn’t the way to do it. And you’re right about that, it took us FOREVER just to get to 2 million views. Can totally understand why you don’t like Lonely, it took me like 3 listens to like the song. And I mainly have it stuck in my head because I watched it like 300 times to help get it to 2 million.
    Also question: so because of this video will it take off some of the videos from the kpop chart like it does with a normal KMM?

  96. Becky Strickland

    Oh Rain is he saying he’s 30 and sexy? or play on words like “dirty” sexy. Will have to look up lyrics, i like the beat. btw i’m in my 30′s. Simon and Martina I’m so happy to see this Kpop Music Monday. Yesterday i was bummed because i knew the weekend was almost over then, i remebered youise guys would be back! :) Still watching right now!

    • Becky Strickland

      just watched Gary’s “shower later” lol, yuck. reminded me of the 80′s hair band videos with the cheap video modals, you know the giant boobie girls with big hair leotards and sledgehamers. lol

  97. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahahahaha ah god i missed you guys and hilarious videos!!!!
    hehe good to know i’m not the only who heard Rain’s song as dirty sexy!! have you heard his ‘LA Song’?
    Eunhyuk and Donghae’s mv was definitely filmed in London!

  98. I’m glad yall did a kind of over view of the videos you missed. So glad to have KMM back.

  99. So…I can’t watch the video. This happening for other people, too? YARGH!

    • hapagirl

      It’s working for me, then again I did just go from Youtube and click on it

    • i watched it. it was 360p but it played.

    • It worked just fine for me, It lagged for the first 15 seconds, but then it was fine the rest of the time.

      I think it may just be getting to much love at once. : P

    • “an error occurred” noooo :’(

      I tried it via this blog post and directly from your channel

    • The video worked for me the first attempt? Maybe because it’s 43 minutes later?

    • I was able to see it, and in HD, as well. I clicked on the link on your Twitter. Perhaps that made a difference?

    • i actually think that B1A4 did sell that much, at least for now because Baro is so HOT as he starred in “Reply 1994″. In Korea, Running Man had been the last in viewers’ rating compare to 1N2D & Real Man. But it suddenly goes up to 15%++ last 2 weeks, Dohee is one of the guest and she also starred in “Reply 1994″ And it’s rating also dropped back to the last the next week(which is yesterday). Sometimes actor’s song sell better than average kpop group when their HOT drama is still airing/just right after the drama finished. I don’t think they will manipulate the chart especially when Baro is quite a hot star now, why would they want to do this kind of “mistake” and ruin their own image

      • I agree. Reply 1994 was HUGE! Jang Woo and Go Ara are big superstars now. I mean, I won’t know the truth and unless they do an investigation, no one will. I agree, though. I think that it had to do with the immense popularity of Reply 1994 that spiked their album sales.

        Was the spike after their album had been out a little bit? That would also make a difference.

        • Crystal Chu

          Also there’s like 6 different album covers. AND THE ALBUM PICS ARE ALL SO GOOD & PRETTY. I mean… if I was rich enough I would buy all six… so I don’t really think its impossible for them to sell that much. If each BANA bought 6 albums….. O3O that’s a lot.

      • Well, I live in Melbourne and I brought 5 albums (B1A4) plus an iTunes album as well. 5 album were $30 each and the iTunes one is $20. I’m not proud of what I did and I prob was high on sugar when I brought all this. (I personally don’t normally comments or reply anything, but with the amount of bashing b1a4 is (was) receiving from general public and dbsk fan sadden me. (Ps, I love “something” especially the first part *scream). ($200 is not cheap) but I did this to support them since there re too many k-pop bands right now (TOO MANY) I want them to do well. Now, I feel like ($200) have gone down the drain, since my support cause the public to lose trust on b1a4. I thought Martina and Simon would support Bilasa as well (then again their company wonderful handling skills re so good, that they cause this whole mess, wm! Do better….sigh). One last thing, since there are no evidence from both side, I don’t think dbsk fan should jump to the conclusion and bash Bilasa. From my point of view they look like sore loser (I meant the fan). And BANA FAN shouldn’t brag about Bilasa beating dbsk. Just be happy with b1a4 getting more famous. ~~

      • I agree with this immensely.That combined with their growing popularity when they weren’t actively promoting…the members were regularly co-djing on shimshimtapa and such. Not to mention the fact that their fan sign applications did overlap and since fans do buy albums in accordance to the fan sign, sales did jump towards the end of the week. I might of believed the accusations more if the group only won like that one show and then suddenly their sales dropped but they continued to win on music shows.

    • I can’t watch it either. But only because of the shitty broadband in these rural farmlands -_-.
      I so envy you guys. I envy anyone who can watch videos in higher than 240p.
      Can’t wait to move back to the city where the internet source isn’t one phone line that stretches across the valley to serve about 50 people (which regularly breaks because of trees falling on top of it).
      Anyway, enough moaning. I MISSED YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!

    • Simon & Martina! yet again, Running Man rise in viewers’ rating for last week episode, and Baro + Son Ho Jun (both of them starred in “Reply 1994″) is the guest of the show, of course there are 3 more guests, but still i think B1A4 did sell that much since Baro is in the group! and also , just like other people saying, they had 6 different coverssssss

  100. I can’t get the video to play… TRAGEDY! I shall now commence obsessively refreshing the page until I piss off YouTube so much that it’s forced to cooperate with me.

    Missed you guys! Can’t wait to see this KMM :)

  101. I’ll watch this while gettiing ready to leave Buenos Aires to Seoul! I’ll leave a present at your Studio! I wish you where there! Do you have a mail box right? (mail box? cartero in Spanish jaejejeje)

  102. I can’t get the video to play… TRAGEDY! I shall now commence refeshing obsessively refreshing the page until I piss off YouTube so much that it’s forced to cooperate with me.

  103. Noooo I can’t play the video yet. Youtube!! Seriously, the website has been buggy ever since google plus was added. But glad to see you guys back! ^_^ *hugs all around*

  104. Aw, you beat me to the first comment! I tried…

  105. loved it! but you forgot all the sexy girl group comebacks :(

  106. the video does not exist!! Waahhh I was so excited

  107. Dana

    glad to see you guys back!!

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