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Us and Other Korea Blogs on KBS

December 23, 2010


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Man this Christmas season has been busy for us. We’re getting ready to put up our How to Dance Kpop 2010 video, and planning for Christmas at the same time. On top of that, last week we shot FIVE VIDEOS for other companies: three for Arirang, one for HomePlus, and one for KBS TV. The one for KBS TV was for a show called 생방송 오늘, which we haven’t ever seen before because we don’t have Korean cable. And if we did we couldn’t see it anyways because the segment aired at like 6:40 AM. Bah! Too early!

We shot the segment on Korea Blogs on Sunday in Myeongdong, which is where we met some of you and got to chat very briefly (huzzah!) before we had to go to a music store and dance. So we did. Well, so Martina did at least. Simon just sat there behind the camera the whole time pretending to look busy. Ha! Anyhow, the show aired Tuesday morning, and someone emailed it to us immediately. Thanks! We had to transcode it and all afterwards and that kinda took forever. So here it is now! On the show you’ll also see people from other Korea blogs, such as Joe from ZenKimchi (with who we also filmed Running Man), Stafford from Chosun Bimbo, and Michael from FeetManSeoul. Also, if you’re looking for other Korea blogs, or other useful Korea sites, check out the links in our Korean Blog List. We list a few good ones there :D

Since we’re in the blogging-about-foreigners mood, there’s a site we’d recommend if you’re either Korean or a foreigner and looking to be introduced to others in Korea. They’re an English Café that can help you meet people, find relevant information on living in Korea, and has a free language exchange to help improve your Korean or English. They’re planning on making their own café soon as well – and you know how much we’re into cafés in Korea! – so we’d recommend you give this place a shot. We’ve been to one of these language cafés before and it was quite cool, and we like the idea of language cafés. We met a guy there who went to the same dance school as one of the members of Miss A. That was interesting :D And, yes, they are one of our site sponsors as well, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. We’re just trying to help them get their name out there. Yeah!



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