Ok, so we talked about a few of the differences between Korea and Australia that we’ve noticed, and hopefully told a story or two that made you chuckle. We skipped out on the obvious ones like Australia doesn’t have as many Korean people, for example. We did notice a lot of Korean people, though! Not tons everywhere, like in Korea, but we did hear a bunch of people speaking Korean. There was even one time in which we walked by some people, and heard them do the quick “OH!” that sounds Korean. You know what I’m talking about! We turned to each other and said “they must be Korean!” and we turned around and we were right. We didn’t shout it out, of course, and embarrass everyone at hand, obviously. We’ve got more tact than that! Point is, we saw a bunch of Korean people there!

Here I Come!

Speaking of embarrassing everyone, here’s another story: the night of the Melbourne event, after all was said and done, we got together with all of the event organizers and had dinner. One of the people there claimed to be really good at staring contests. I, Simon, decided to take her on. I wanted to close my eyes for a bit first and get all the moisture back in them. She asked if I wanted a go at it. I said yes, just give me a second. And then I said we’ll go when I count down from 3. Here’s how the rest of the dialogue went.

Simon: 3
Simon: 2
Simon: …
Simon: …
Girl: Where are you?
Simon: Wait…I’m coming!

To the other patrons of the restaurant looking over at us at that moment, they saw a man, in deep concentration, with his eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed, shout out I’M COMING! Of course this was right when the song at the time finished playing, and everyone simultaneously finished their sentences. Great. Great Simon. Just great. Welcome to Melbourne, you loud comer!


Silly stories aside, we did notice a few more major differences. The loveliest part of Australia, I’ll say, is the architecture. Austalian Nasties, your buildings are beautiful. Korea’s very bright and glittery, but a lot of the buildings here look like they were built in haste, with little coherence to them. Right now I’m looking at the big blocky box of a GAP building, next to the Go store which looks like a house from the 1940s, next to a dingy, boxy Nike store, next to a giant, glittering hodgepodge of a building with the cascading Christmas lights that haven’t been taken down since Christmas. I’m not trying to badmouth Korea here. I know that Korea’s been developing very rapidly, and it’s amazing how quickly it’s come along in 50 years, really it is, but Austalian architecture has a lot of heritage buildings. Melbourne and Sydney look like the 1800s meets current time, very starkly contrasting old architecture and new architecture. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe it. All I can say is that it’s really, really pretty, in my opinion. Korea, I like a lot of things about you, but your rapid construction – though I respect some parts of it – isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. DON’T MURDER ME KOREAN NETIZENS! I TRIED MY BEST TO SAY THAT AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE!

I Need About Tree-Fiddy

Other things we’ve noticed: Australia is, umm, expensive. Whoa guise. Whoa. Paying 15 bucks for a meal? That’s a bit too rich for our blood! We wanted to get a bottle of water at the convenience store, and it cost us $2.80. I’m used to paying 700 won for a bottle of water! DAAAYUM. I’m not sure what the standard price for water is where you’re from. We might be spoiled by how cheap water is here. Regardless, almost 3 bucks for a bottle of water seems steep. And the taxis? $7 for a 2 minute ride! Also, we asked about the price of real estate in Sydney, because – again – your architecture is so freaking beautiful, and we were told that a typical 2 bedroom apartment goes for $2800 a month. DAMN THAT’S STEEP! That’s a lot more than what we’re paying for our place. We didn’t get to compare the prices of everything in Australia, but – from the few things we did compare – everything was more expensive in Australia.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in seeing what our trip to Australia was like, we’re going to start publishing our vlogs on it tomorrow! We had a lot of footage and a lot of things to show! Make sure you’re subscribed, so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Lastly, be honest guise: what’s a Sex Bar?

  1. suggestions for future trips to australia:
    don’t go to starbucks. there are heaps of better coffee places (like every other coffee place) that are a lot nicer in general setting and coffee quality
    iced coffee is considered more of a dessert drink than a variety of coffee
    yes, australia is really expensive just generally and because a lot of things are imported, but
    bottled water is unnecessary and expensive because you can just drink the tap water (in melbourne anyway)

    taxis are really expensive because we don’t really use them, especially if you’re in the city taking public transport is a lot easier

  2. The US seems to be pretty expensive compared to Korea as well. Soda at my school is $1.75, water is $1.50. I guess that isn’t too bad compared to the $3 but it’s not no 75 cents either.

    When I took a trip to Florida, I had to use a Taxi to get to my hotel. I don’t use Taxis at all here in Southern California because I drive everywhere myself but obviously, I had to use the Taxi since you had to be 25 and over to rent a car. Anyhow, the hotel was about a 15 minute drive and by the end of it, I owed him $50 for the 15 minute taxi ride. 50 bucks from my card: Gone.

  3. Hope you guys are not oblivious to the fact that South Korea’s economy is stronger than Australia’s (AND MUCH WEALTHIER / MORE DEVELOPED than NEW ZEALAND) — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)

    AND South Korea was able to change their status from “RECIPIENT COUNTRY” to “DONOR COUNTRY” in 50 years. How many countries in the world do you think can do that? Not only are they a DEVELOPED, HIGH-INCOME OECD, G20 COUNTRY, they are one of the leaders in construction and civil engineering.

    Speaking of ARCHITECTURE, South Korea is capable of building LOTS OF LOFTY, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING buildings (they are actually building the tallest one in the world now) but the government is reluctant to do so due to security reasons (potential invasions from N. Korea.. GOOGLE it if you wanna learn more about it).

    South Korea is also going to construct the world’s first INVISIBLE BUILDING too; I don’t think you’ll find anything like that in Australia.


    – An economics major dating a FABULOUS Korean lady -

  4. Next TLDR Qs: what do Koreans do on Halloween? I can’t remember if you covered this already, but I’m intrigued. Is it the usual case of candy for children and alcoholic beverages and parties for adults? Do they have any fun nasty Korean ‘tricks’, and do they play any Halloween games / traditions e.g. pumpkin carving?

  5. Yo

    Internet is actually pretty good, but there’s different sorts…most people use ADSL around the house, the speeds you will get are around 10-20Mb/s depending on your distance to the exchange. In terms of mobile internet, the inner parts of major cities have/will have (I know Sydney where I live is very well covered) 4G. Australia was actually I think the first country to roll out 4G/LTE, it’s pretty damn fast (50Mb/s or more) and fairly inexpensive if you know whom to use. If I were visiting, I’d get a prepaid sim from Telstra or Optus depending on where I’d be staying (check coverage). The biggest problem for uploading youtube videos is of course the asymmetrical nature of ADSL, might be 20Mb/s down but still only 1Mb/s up. Tl;dr: you need to know what you’re doing to get good Internet.

    In terms of obesity, keep in mind that the wealthiest / most affluent / smartest people live in inner city areas, where tourists are likely to go. These people spend considerable time and money staying fit. If you go to outer suburban areas and any rural area, there will be lots and lots of fat people. Australia’s obesity is also lowered by the staggering amount of asian immigrants – but again, go to areas where there are very few of them, and there will be a lot more fat people. But all the inner city areas are younger hipsters, wealthy tall good looking people, active businessmen, etc.

    Cost of living here is very high because wages are very high because cost of living is very high, etc. This is fueled by the world’s biggest housing bubble as well as the commodity bubble – but that’s getting into economics. Also due to abnormally high minimum wages and ridiculous penalty rates, it’s uneconomical for shops to run after work hours – the only exception to this are grocery shops which are open almost 24×7.

    Taxis are impossible in Sydney and presumably many other cities. There only exist so many taxi licenses and they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so taxis have to charge a lot. Like most problems in Australia regarding the cost of living, (economic) rent seekers supported by governments are to blame for this. One of the best things about Seoul is the cost of taxis…it’s so so cheap, almost addictive to take taxis everywhere. In Sydney, I would rather walk for an hour home than take a taxi – an hour of my time is literally worth less than even a brief taxi ride (and I have an above average salary!).

  6. You guys may have become lactose intolerant?

  7. I could put together a Google Map of cool and yummy places to check out in Melbourne if you like. There are hundreds of “secret” places the usual tourist just never hears about or gets to see.

  8. Might be a bit late in the week to get this question answered, but here
    goes: With my birthday coming up in a few days, it got me thinking what
    are some typical things Koreans do to celebrate birthdays?

  9. OMG, I just watched this several times with my boys and we can not stop laughing. I want to take a trip to Australia now just to witness the mega-flush firsthand. XD

  10. Thanks for coming to visit us down here! Next time you must spend some more time exploring! I’m moving to Korea in a month and I think adjusting to life without the loading bar might be a culture shock:P Maybe that guy in the toilet didn’t say sex bar but something which sounded like that due to his strong accent? You guys know Flight of the Concords? XD Do Canadians get that humour too?

  11. Whenever you guys sing a Flight of the Conchords song, it makes me super happy inside.

  12. Is it weird that I understood the sex bar thing right when he said it? A sex bar, I assume, is like a swingers club or bdsm club or something, and he thought that the reason why all the stalls were in use was because people were hooking up in them.

    Still, I plan on yelling this in an Aussie accent the next chance I get.

  13. About Australia being expensive, the Australian dollar has strengthened _a lot_ since mid 2000s and therefore the prices seem more expensive. But the wages are high as well, minimum wage is around $16 dollars per hour and usually retail jobs have hourly wage of $20. But yes, anyway, Australia is expensive :D

  14. You guys should do a TLDR on Chuseok because I’ve know it’s sometime around now. Do lots of people dress up for it? Is it a family thing? What happens a lot during it?

  15. I was in Australia as an exchange student. I came back two weeks ago noticed that everything was different haha. Even someone who has been studying English his or her whole life would get confused. I remember getting surprised at the toilet buttons too, though nobody mentioned a sex bar. On the other side I had the typical experience with the thongs. We had gone shopping with my host mum and my host sister when my sister asked if I wanted them. I said I didn’t use them and she insisted that I did, so I asked her what she knew about my underwear. She burst out laughing and explained herself, that she meant normal flip flops. Jeez… Got myself quite a shock and laugh.
    If you go to Australia again, have some Vegemite, and Timtams. And look for places where water is cheaper. I remember almost getting a heart attack when paying 3 bucks for a 400 ml bottle.

  16. Why are Korean wives so obedient towards their mother-in-laws? I’m watching the kdrama Good Doctor ep 10 and the mother-in-law is telling the wife to give her unborn baby up for adoption because it has a cyst.

  17. Is there a lot of outdoorsy stuff (camping, hiking, etc.) to do in Korea even near cities like Seoul? Also is it possible to get to said outdoorsy activities without a car?

  18. Got to admit, hearing the prices from Korea, Australia is really expensive. But I always find a way to pay less for everything haha. I guess it really depends on which area you’re from as well. The city generally is more expensive and most if not all convenience stores rip you off. I buy a bottle of water from my local asian grocers for like $1-$1.50. OH and our hotel mini bars are freaking expensive, which everyone can see from the $4.50 Shin Ramyun. Lol i stock up on them for around 80c each.

  19. Heya Simon and Martina :) did you go to any of our beaches? i’ve been told they’re the best ;) also how did you find our accents?

  20. What?! $2.80 for a bottle of water? Around where I live, it gets up to like $4.50. I guess it’s the area… or it’s cheaper in the city…

  21. So You’re telling me, the Aussie nasties are like this? :D

  22. “Speaking of violence on toilets…” has to be at the top of most hilarious segues list

  23. I have never heard of a sex Bar, This is a first. Maybe he thought someone was having sex in the toilets, Simon was a a lot of grunting coming from the stalls ? LOL. If you want a a bottle of water never buy it from a convenience store or from your mini bar in your hotel (always expensive) also real estate in Sydney or Melbourne will be very expensive if it’s in or near the CBD & water the further out you go the cheaper it will be. Taxi’s are a rip off in both places, we got a cab in Melbourne Sunday morning from our hotel to sky bus (airport shuttle) which was a two minute trip it said on the meter $7.50 & our cab driver charged us $10.00, Now I know the reason why I drove everywhere or caught the train when I lived in Melbourne.
    I’m hoping to travel to Seoul next year some time & I can’t wait to explore, taste, drink & experience everything.

  24. Sydney is in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world and probably has the highest prices for basic needs.

  25. Long Black – Americano
    Short Black – Espresso
    Everything else will be similar, except we have Flat White, which is basically a latte with no froth… Korea has “Caramel Macchiato” which is actually a Caramel Latte, because a macchiato is actually just an espresso with a stain of milk (macchiato meaning stain) also we have ristretto, which is a cut off shot black, dopio, which is a double ristretto, piccolo, which is an espresso filled with hot milk (just a super small latte but with a full shot of coffee) affogato, compana etc. etc. etc…. If you come to Brisbane… I’ll make you coffee… EVERY COFFEEEEE~~~!!!!!

  26. Coffee BASICS – short black = a shot of coffee, long black = a double shot of coffee with hot water, latte = shot of coffee with milk and foam, flat white = shot of coffee with milk and little to no foam, cappuccino = a shot of coffee with milk and foam and chocolate

    And I don’t know where you guys bought your water but you were totally ripped off (but it’s Australia so we can get away with that by claiming shipping fees) 99 cents for a bottle of water at your local supermarket – anything over $2.00 = total rip off

    But come back when it’s hotter…

  27. AHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHHA australians poops xD OMG Simon xD Ahahahahaha i had to stop the video xD

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA omg xD Srsly… i’m rolling on the bed and laughing so hard right now XD

    Loooooveed this video!!

    BTW, guys, i know it doesn’t go here but is there any posibility that you could do a FAPFAP in JYJ’s Jaejoong Coffee Shop “Coffee Cojjee”? PLEAASEEEE???? ;W;

  28. wooo liked this TL;DR and cant wait to watch your videos from Australia! Australia has always been the #1 place I want to visit, So I really liked this TL;DR

  29. Ive never heard of ‘Sex Bar’s’ However, there are things called “beats” these are (often) public toilets where some gay men meet for annonymous sexual encounters. So I can only assume that 1. the particular starbucks loo you were in was a Beat, 2. the man waiting for the loo was particularly paranoid, 3. or sex bars are something else all together and are a melbourne thing.

  30. :) I were reading about the water part. I’ve seen a talk show talking about how much cheaper water out of the tab is in comparison to a bottle.

    Well they showed how much water you could get our of the tab for 1 euro water bottle at the supermarket.
    And suddenly a big truck came into the studio with a big tank of water. So yeah it’s really expensive if your going to compair it.

    So when your guys are in the Netherlands you can drink water out of the tab. But the Netherlands isn’t the only country in Europe where you can do this. ^_^

  31. I live in Christchurch, NZ, compared to Australia the cost of living in general is cheaper here. But prices for food and other things such as bottled water are about the same. Also living in Christchurch means the cost of rent is higher due to the earthquakes. Costs of insurance and lack of housing in some areas mean landlords charge more. I pay $175 rent a week for a studio apartment known as a bedsit here and thats considered cheap rent lol!

    The CBD doesn’t really exist as such here, due to been the epicenter for one of the earthquakes, 2 and a half years ago now. Many of the buildings in the CBD still need to be pulled down and others fixed. Yes its taking a long time. The CBD mall is made out of shipping containers, hows that for different lol!

  32. Glad to see you guise back!!! > . <


    P.S: Happy 9 years anniversary *____*

  33. Oh geez I remember Australia’s internet now….I swear it was like using Internet Explorer in 2003…It was soooooooo slow that I just refused to use their internet

  34. Flight of the Concords ( I LOVE THEM)… probably spelled that wrong. Well I am glad you guys are back. I hope you had mad fun there and when I head there for Christmas…which it will not be christmas in Australia…I will definitely be careful with what I eat.

  35. You HAVE to make one of these about Europe x)

  36. you think $15 is expensive for a meal?! thats actually cheap for Melbourne. I have lived here all my life and you will usually pay anywhere between $20 and up for a good meal…yeah life is hard, and $3 for a bottle of water is also normal. Everything in Australia is expensive from socks to toilet paper…and as for the sex bar thing, when people say they actually don’t know, they probably don’t. I don’t even know what he is talking about- we definitely don’t have sex bars in Melbourne, well ones that we know of anyway…if I had to take a guess at what he meant then I’d say (and I hope this is ok to say in the public comments) that he was more than likely referring to people having sex in the public toilets…and no thats not something most Aussie people do…
    AND Simon, the reason we have two buttons to flush on the toilet is because we are in a serious drought…like I mean we have no water :( So we have water restrictions on everything, that means 4 minute showers, not letting the water run while you brush your teeth or use soap and only using the half flush for number 1’s and the full flush for number 2’s haha- yes I know everything is expensive and we have no water!

  37. Just wait until you come to norway and experience our crappy internet. Well, atleast you’re not going to the country side. Not sure what the internet is like in the cities, but i’m sure they’re crappy compared to korean standards. Speaking of expensive, whenever i tell my american buddies the prices of things here in Norway, they think it’s ridiculously expensive. And, compared to Korea i think you found American prizes expensive, so.. you’re going to have a shock when you come to norway.

    I really think you should try some authentic Norwegian food, though i don’t think there are many places who sell autentic norwegian food. It’s usually what people make at home, so when they go out, they want to have different types of food. I can try and do some research for places where you can get norwegian food, so you can try it out!

    Also! I’ll see you in Oslo!

  38. I understand what you mean about Australia having expensive… pretty much everything. Heavy taxing, like woah bro, calm down. If you didn’t know you were in Australia during our election, hahaha. Oh you so nastay. I live in rural Australia however, so not familiar with all the big city stuff; and it seems more evident that we have a serious obesity epidemic where I live, I thought especially with youth and the aging population.

    P.S. – I cannot comprehend the sex bar comparison to being in a cubicle, but that sounded like it was hilarious. Perhaps it’s like making out in a cubicle…? Do people do that? Hahaha. COME BACK SOON! :D

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