Ok, so we talked about a few of the differences between Korea and Australia that we’ve noticed, and hopefully told a story or two that made you chuckle. We skipped out on the obvious ones like Australia doesn’t have as many Korean people, for example. We did notice a lot of Korean people, though! Not tons everywhere, like in Korea, but we did hear a bunch of people speaking Korean. There was even one time in which we walked by some people, and heard them do the quick “OH!” that sounds Korean. You know what I’m talking about! We turned to each other and said “they must be Korean!” and we turned around and we were right. We didn’t shout it out, of course, and embarrass everyone at hand, obviously. We’ve got more tact than that! Point is, we saw a bunch of Korean people there!

Here I Come!

Speaking of embarrassing everyone, here’s another story: the night of the Melbourne event, after all was said and done, we got together with all of the event organizers and had dinner. One of the people there claimed to be really good at staring contests. I, Simon, decided to take her on. I wanted to close my eyes for a bit first and get all the moisture back in them. She asked if I wanted a go at it. I said yes, just give me a second. And then I said we’ll go when I count down from 3. Here’s how the rest of the dialogue went.

Simon: 3
Simon: 2
Simon: …
Simon: …
Girl: Where are you?
Simon: Wait…I’m coming!

To the other patrons of the restaurant looking over at us at that moment, they saw a man, in deep concentration, with his eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed, shout out I’M COMING! Of course this was right when the song at the time finished playing, and everyone simultaneously finished their sentences. Great. Great Simon. Just great. Welcome to Melbourne, you loud comer!


Silly stories aside, we did notice a few more major differences. The loveliest part of Australia, I’ll say, is the architecture. Austalian Nasties, your buildings are beautiful. Korea’s very bright and glittery, but a lot of the buildings here look like they were built in haste, with little coherence to them. Right now I’m looking at the big blocky box of a GAP building, next to the Go store which looks like a house from the 1940s, next to a dingy, boxy Nike store, next to a giant, glittering hodgepodge of a building with the cascading Christmas lights that haven’t been taken down since Christmas. I’m not trying to badmouth Korea here. I know that Korea’s been developing very rapidly, and it’s amazing how quickly it’s come along in 50 years, really it is, but Austalian architecture has a lot of heritage buildings. Melbourne and Sydney look like the 1800s meets current time, very starkly contrasting old architecture and new architecture. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe it. All I can say is that it’s really, really pretty, in my opinion. Korea, I like a lot of things about you, but your rapid construction – though I respect some parts of it – isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. DON’T MURDER ME KOREAN NETIZENS! I TRIED MY BEST TO SAY THAT AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE!

I Need About Tree-Fiddy

Other things we’ve noticed: Australia is, umm, expensive. Whoa guise. Whoa. Paying 15 bucks for a meal? That’s a bit too rich for our blood! We wanted to get a bottle of water at the convenience store, and it cost us $2.80. I’m used to paying 700 won for a bottle of water! DAAAYUM. I’m not sure what the standard price for water is where you’re from. We might be spoiled by how cheap water is here. Regardless, almost 3 bucks for a bottle of water seems steep. And the taxis? $7 for a 2 minute ride! Also, we asked about the price of real estate in Sydney, because – again – your architecture is so freaking beautiful, and we were told that a typical 2 bedroom apartment goes for $2800 a month. DAMN THAT’S STEEP! That’s a lot more than what we’re paying for our place. We didn’t get to compare the prices of everything in Australia, but – from the few things we did compare – everything was more expensive in Australia.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in seeing what our trip to Australia was like, we’re going to start publishing our vlogs on it tomorrow! We had a lot of footage and a lot of things to show! Make sure you’re subscribed, so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Lastly, be honest guise: what’s a Sex Bar?

  1. suggestions for future trips to australia:
    don’t go to starbucks. there are heaps of better coffee places (like every other coffee place) that are a lot nicer in general setting and coffee quality
    iced coffee is considered more of a dessert drink than a variety of coffee
    yes, australia is really expensive just generally and because a lot of things are imported, but
    bottled water is unnecessary and expensive because you can just drink the tap water (in melbourne anyway)

    taxis are really expensive because we don’t really use them, especially if you’re in the city taking public transport is a lot easier

  2. The US seems to be pretty expensive compared to Korea as well. Soda at my school is $1.75, water is $1.50. I guess that isn’t too bad compared to the $3 but it’s not no 75 cents either.

    When I took a trip to Florida, I had to use a Taxi to get to my hotel. I don’t use Taxis at all here in Southern California because I drive everywhere myself but obviously, I had to use the Taxi since you had to be 25 and over to rent a car. Anyhow, the hotel was about a 15 minute drive and by the end of it, I owed him $50 for the 15 minute taxi ride. 50 bucks from my card: Gone.

  3. Hope you guys are not oblivious to the fact that South Korea’s economy is stronger than Australia’s (AND MUCH WEALTHIER / MORE DEVELOPED than NEW ZEALAND) — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)

    AND South Korea was able to change their status from “RECIPIENT COUNTRY” to “DONOR COUNTRY” in 50 years. How many countries in the world do you think can do that? Not only are they a DEVELOPED, HIGH-INCOME OECD, G20 COUNTRY, they are one of the leaders in construction and civil engineering.

    Speaking of ARCHITECTURE, South Korea is capable of building LOTS OF LOFTY, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING buildings (they are actually building the tallest one in the world now) but the government is reluctant to do so due to security reasons (potential invasions from N. Korea.. GOOGLE it if you wanna learn more about it).

    South Korea is also going to construct the world’s first INVISIBLE BUILDING too; I don’t think you’ll find anything like that in Australia.


    - An economics major dating a FABULOUS Korean lady -

  4. Next TLDR Qs: what do Koreans do on Halloween? I can’t remember if you covered this already, but I’m intrigued. Is it the usual case of candy for children and alcoholic beverages and parties for adults? Do they have any fun nasty Korean ‘tricks’, and do they play any Halloween games / traditions e.g. pumpkin carving?

  5. Yo

    Internet is actually pretty good, but there’s different sorts…most people use ADSL around the house, the speeds you will get are around 10-20Mb/s depending on your distance to the exchange. In terms of mobile internet, the inner parts of major cities have/will have (I know Sydney where I live is very well covered) 4G. Australia was actually I think the first country to roll out 4G/LTE, it’s pretty damn fast (50Mb/s or more) and fairly inexpensive if you know whom to use. If I were visiting, I’d get a prepaid sim from Telstra or Optus depending on where I’d be staying (check coverage). The biggest problem for uploading youtube videos is of course the asymmetrical nature of ADSL, might be 20Mb/s down but still only 1Mb/s up. Tl;dr: you need to know what you’re doing to get good Internet.

    In terms of obesity, keep in mind that the wealthiest / most affluent / smartest people live in inner city areas, where tourists are likely to go. These people spend considerable time and money staying fit. If you go to outer suburban areas and any rural area, there will be lots and lots of fat people. Australia’s obesity is also lowered by the staggering amount of asian immigrants – but again, go to areas where there are very few of them, and there will be a lot more fat people. But all the inner city areas are younger hipsters, wealthy tall good looking people, active businessmen, etc.

    Cost of living here is very high because wages are very high because cost of living is very high, etc. This is fueled by the world’s biggest housing bubble as well as the commodity bubble – but that’s getting into economics. Also due to abnormally high minimum wages and ridiculous penalty rates, it’s uneconomical for shops to run after work hours – the only exception to this are grocery shops which are open almost 24×7.

    Taxis are impossible in Sydney and presumably many other cities. There only exist so many taxi licenses and they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so taxis have to charge a lot. Like most problems in Australia regarding the cost of living, (economic) rent seekers supported by governments are to blame for this. One of the best things about Seoul is the cost of taxis…it’s so so cheap, almost addictive to take taxis everywhere. In Sydney, I would rather walk for an hour home than take a taxi – an hour of my time is literally worth less than even a brief taxi ride (and I have an above average salary!).

  6. You guys may have become lactose intolerant?

  7. I could put together a Google Map of cool and yummy places to check out in Melbourne if you like. There are hundreds of “secret” places the usual tourist just never hears about or gets to see.

  8. LongClawTiger

    Might be a bit late in the week to get this question answered, but here
    goes: With my birthday coming up in a few days, it got me thinking what
    are some typical things Koreans do to celebrate birthdays?

  9. LongClawTiger

    OMG, I just watched this several times with my boys and we can not stop laughing. I want to take a trip to Australia now just to witness the mega-flush firsthand. XD

  10. Thanks for coming to visit us down here! Next time you must spend some more time exploring! I’m moving to Korea in a month and I think adjusting to life without the loading bar might be a culture shock:P Maybe that guy in the toilet didn’t say sex bar but something which sounded like that due to his strong accent? You guys know Flight of the Concords? XD Do Canadians get that humour too?

  11. Whenever you guys sing a Flight of the Conchords song, it makes me super happy inside.

  12. Is it weird that I understood the sex bar thing right when he said it? A sex bar, I assume, is like a swingers club or bdsm club or something, and he thought that the reason why all the stalls were in use was because people were hooking up in them.

    Still, I plan on yelling this in an Aussie accent the next chance I get.

  13. About Australia being expensive, the Australian dollar has strengthened _a lot_ since mid 2000s and therefore the prices seem more expensive. But the wages are high as well, minimum wage is around $16 dollars per hour and usually retail jobs have hourly wage of $20. But yes, anyway, Australia is expensive :D

  14. Hannah

    You guys should do a TLDR on Chuseok because I’ve know it’s sometime around now. Do lots of people dress up for it? Is it a family thing? What happens a lot during it?

  15. I was in Australia as an exchange student. I came back two weeks ago noticed that everything was different haha. Even someone who has been studying English his or her whole life would get confused. I remember getting surprised at the toilet buttons too, though nobody mentioned a sex bar. On the other side I had the typical experience with the thongs. We had gone shopping with my host mum and my host sister when my sister asked if I wanted them. I said I didn’t use them and she insisted that I did, so I asked her what she knew about my underwear. She burst out laughing and explained herself, that she meant normal flip flops. Jeez… Got myself quite a shock and laugh.
    If you go to Australia again, have some Vegemite, and Timtams. And look for places where water is cheaper. I remember almost getting a heart attack when paying 3 bucks for a 400 ml bottle.

  16. Why are Korean wives so obedient towards their mother-in-laws? I’m watching the kdrama Good Doctor ep 10 and the mother-in-law is telling the wife to give her unborn baby up for adoption because it has a cyst.

  17. Is there a lot of outdoorsy stuff (camping, hiking, etc.) to do in Korea even near cities like Seoul? Also is it possible to get to said outdoorsy activities without a car?

  18. Got to admit, hearing the prices from Korea, Australia is really expensive. But I always find a way to pay less for everything haha. I guess it really depends on which area you’re from as well. The city generally is more expensive and most if not all convenience stores rip you off. I buy a bottle of water from my local asian grocers for like $1-$1.50. OH and our hotel mini bars are freaking expensive, which everyone can see from the $4.50 Shin Ramyun. Lol i stock up on them for around 80c each.

  19. Heya Simon and Martina :) did you go to any of our beaches? i’ve been told they’re the best ;) also how did you find our accents?

  20. What?! $2.80 for a bottle of water? Around where I live, it gets up to like $4.50. I guess it’s the area… or it’s cheaper in the city…

  21. So You’re telling me, the Aussie nasties are like this? :D

  22. “Speaking of violence on toilets…” has to be at the top of most hilarious segues list

  23. I have never heard of a sex Bar, This is a first. Maybe he thought someone was having sex in the toilets, Simon was a a lot of grunting coming from the stalls ? LOL. If you want a a bottle of water never buy it from a convenience store or from your mini bar in your hotel (always expensive) also real estate in Sydney or Melbourne will be very expensive if it’s in or near the CBD & water the further out you go the cheaper it will be. Taxi’s are a rip off in both places, we got a cab in Melbourne Sunday morning from our hotel to sky bus (airport shuttle) which was a two minute trip it said on the meter $7.50 & our cab driver charged us $10.00, Now I know the reason why I drove everywhere or caught the train when I lived in Melbourne.
    I’m hoping to travel to Seoul next year some time & I can’t wait to explore, taste, drink & experience everything.

  24. Sydney is in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world and probably has the highest prices for basic needs.

  25. Long Black – Americano
    Short Black – Espresso
    Everything else will be similar, except we have Flat White, which is basically a latte with no froth… Korea has “Caramel Macchiato” which is actually a Caramel Latte, because a macchiato is actually just an espresso with a stain of milk (macchiato meaning stain) also we have ristretto, which is a cut off shot black, dopio, which is a double ristretto, piccolo, which is an espresso filled with hot milk (just a super small latte but with a full shot of coffee) affogato, compana etc. etc. etc…. If you come to Brisbane… I’ll make you coffee… EVERY COFFEEEEE~~~!!!!!

  26. Coffee BASICS – short black = a shot of coffee, long black = a double shot of coffee with hot water, latte = shot of coffee with milk and foam, flat white = shot of coffee with milk and little to no foam, cappuccino = a shot of coffee with milk and foam and chocolate

    And I don’t know where you guys bought your water but you were totally ripped off (but it’s Australia so we can get away with that by claiming shipping fees) 99 cents for a bottle of water at your local supermarket – anything over $2.00 = total rip off

    But come back when it’s hotter…

  27. AHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHHA australians poops xD OMG Simon xD Ahahahahaha i had to stop the video xD

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA omg xD Srsly… i’m rolling on the bed and laughing so hard right now XD

    Loooooveed this video!!

    BTW, guys, i know it doesn’t go here but is there any posibility that you could do a FAPFAP in JYJ’s Jaejoong Coffee Shop “Coffee Cojjee”? PLEAASEEEE???? ;W;

  28. wooo liked this TL;DR and cant wait to watch your videos from Australia! Australia has always been the #1 place I want to visit, So I really liked this TL;DR

  29. Ive never heard of ‘Sex Bar’s’ However, there are things called “beats” these are (often) public toilets where some gay men meet for annonymous sexual encounters. So I can only assume that 1. the particular starbucks loo you were in was a Beat, 2. the man waiting for the loo was particularly paranoid, 3. or sex bars are something else all together and are a melbourne thing.

  30. :) I were reading about the water part. I’ve seen a talk show talking about how much cheaper water out of the tab is in comparison to a bottle.

    Well they showed how much water you could get our of the tab for 1 euro water bottle at the supermarket.
    And suddenly a big truck came into the studio with a big tank of water. So yeah it’s really expensive if your going to compair it.

    So when your guys are in the Netherlands you can drink water out of the tab. But the Netherlands isn’t the only country in Europe where you can do this. ^_^

  31. I live in Christchurch, NZ, compared to Australia the cost of living in general is cheaper here. But prices for food and other things such as bottled water are about the same. Also living in Christchurch means the cost of rent is higher due to the earthquakes. Costs of insurance and lack of housing in some areas mean landlords charge more. I pay $175 rent a week for a studio apartment known as a bedsit here and thats considered cheap rent lol!

    The CBD doesn’t really exist as such here, due to been the epicenter for one of the earthquakes, 2 and a half years ago now. Many of the buildings in the CBD still need to be pulled down and others fixed. Yes its taking a long time. The CBD mall is made out of shipping containers, hows that for different lol!

  32. kpopfan123

    Glad to see you guise back!!! > . <


    P.S: Happy 9 years anniversary *____*

  33. lady_kire

    Oh geez I remember Australia’s internet now….I swear it was like using Internet Explorer in 2003…It was soooooooo slow that I just refused to use their internet

  34. Flight of the Concords ( I LOVE THEM)… probably spelled that wrong. Well I am glad you guys are back. I hope you had mad fun there and when I head there for Christmas…which it will not be christmas in Australia…I will definitely be careful with what I eat.

  35. You HAVE to make one of these about Europe x)

  36. you think $15 is expensive for a meal?! thats actually cheap for Melbourne. I have lived here all my life and you will usually pay anywhere between $20 and up for a good meal…yeah life is hard, and $3 for a bottle of water is also normal. Everything in Australia is expensive from socks to toilet paper…and as for the sex bar thing, when people say they actually don’t know, they probably don’t. I don’t even know what he is talking about- we definitely don’t have sex bars in Melbourne, well ones that we know of anyway…if I had to take a guess at what he meant then I’d say (and I hope this is ok to say in the public comments) that he was more than likely referring to people having sex in the public toilets…and no thats not something most Aussie people do…
    AND Simon, the reason we have two buttons to flush on the toilet is because we are in a serious drought…like I mean we have no water :( So we have water restrictions on everything, that means 4 minute showers, not letting the water run while you brush your teeth or use soap and only using the half flush for number 1′s and the full flush for number 2′s haha- yes I know everything is expensive and we have no water!

  37. Just wait until you come to norway and experience our crappy internet. Well, atleast you’re not going to the country side. Not sure what the internet is like in the cities, but i’m sure they’re crappy compared to korean standards. Speaking of expensive, whenever i tell my american buddies the prices of things here in Norway, they think it’s ridiculously expensive. And, compared to Korea i think you found American prizes expensive, so.. you’re going to have a shock when you come to norway.

    I really think you should try some authentic Norwegian food, though i don’t think there are many places who sell autentic norwegian food. It’s usually what people make at home, so when they go out, they want to have different types of food. I can try and do some research for places where you can get norwegian food, so you can try it out!

    Also! I’ll see you in Oslo!

  38. I understand what you mean about Australia having expensive… pretty much everything. Heavy taxing, like woah bro, calm down. If you didn’t know you were in Australia during our election, hahaha. Oh you so nastay. I live in rural Australia however, so not familiar with all the big city stuff; and it seems more evident that we have a serious obesity epidemic where I live, I thought especially with youth and the aging population.

    P.S. – I cannot comprehend the sex bar comparison to being in a cubicle, but that sounded like it was hilarious. Perhaps it’s like making out in a cubicle…? Do people do that? Hahaha. COME BACK SOON! :D

  39. “It’s not a sex bar, its a fvcking toilet!” HAHAHAHA

  40. Hey Simon and Martina if you’re ever interested in coming to Perth (And you should cuz no one ever comes to Perth :(((( lololol except for Miryo from BEG which blew my mind she was meant to have dinner with us but she was tired from her flight but she still came and a had a picture with us Yay ^~^ ) Anyways got sidetracked there lol, I’m a committee member for the Korean Culture Club in the University of Western Australia so if you’re interested in coming you should totally hit us up and we would defs be more than happy to show you guyz around and stuff….. ^^

    Actually we’re atm moment dicussing about what we should cook for the Spring Festival thats coming up at our Uni, we’re also having kpop performances too~ hehehehe omg I’m too excited from the prospect you guys coming to Perth


  42. In the latest upload of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang: Ep 03, Miss Leigh and Miss Soo Zee had brought up “manscaping” the personal grooming of men in North America but not Korea. The way Miss Soo Zee reacted was amusing but surprised me. Obviously South Korean men don’t do it, even though “South Korean men spent $495.5 million on skincare last year” according to global market research firm Euromonitor International. So why don’t men groom “down there”? What about the women? Is keeping the area “down there” trimmed a practice? What about waxing or for that matter the Brazilian? Is it just taboo?

  43. Hi guys, yes there are these things called *sex bars* but its very hush hush here, so don’t mention the term or the *sex bar police* will come get you….and they are armed with drop-bears and snake-eating spiders.


  44. Australia is the second most multicultural country in the world (behind Luxembourg although Australia is much larger) so different groups of nationalities usually reside in specific suburbs. I live near a suburb called Strathfield in Sydney which is basically little Korea. It has a LOT of Koreans that live there as well as korean stores and korean restaurants (even noraebang) and a whole lot of korean text written on signs and buildings.There is also an actual ‘Koreatown’ in Sydney city too. Honestly, I love the multiculturalism here and there range of ethnicities here because the younger generation is grown up used to them. I also agree with you on the architecture as I’ve been in love with it since 15 years ago. YAY Australia! ^^

  45. Dear Simon and Martina, I am a fellow Australian from Perth – and I don’t mean to disappoint you but in Australia there is no such thing specifically as a “sex bar.” I have a strong feeling that the angry Aussie man either had a terrible experience at a strip club establishment and thus compared it to waiting in a cue at the toilets. I am afraid to tell you but it is no national secret. :( And by the way, PLEASE COME TO PERTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. hey i’m from Australia and… well first off we’re not coffee people so we kind off think of our own thing. AND we are already used to the slow internet in case you were wondering… but we would appreciate it if a korean came over.. to… give us faster internet :D as well i was also heard that you said Australian people are fit and there’s soooo many people running… well i think your forgetting about the people stuck at home because they can’t get out of their chairs. yeah thats the real life but yeah the ones you see running are the ones who have will power. or they might just be people we paid to run in front of you guys :D

    Yes we are expensive… WE JUST NEED MORE MONEY :D yeah a lot of Australians get ripped off but we just deal with it. because we are some lazy ass people :P and its expensive because its sydney, the major cities are expensive but coming to Adelaide would be better “hint”

    Anyway I’m glad you came to Australia and i hope you enjoyed the better side of things like the beaches etc. and i hope next time you come … you.. can come to ….Adelaide, Australia…… :D

  47. We found a place that does ice coffee the way you guys would enjoy its
    at the sports club in strathfield which does the best korean fried
    chicken and is usually filled with ahjumma’s whenever we go.

  48. Please!! Come to South Australia if you visit again, here
    you can experience the popular Farmers Union Iced Coffee!! :)

  49. Hi Simon and Martina, I was wondering, a lot of people say that swearing, drinking, and smoking is very much accepted in Australia (I’m Australian and I definitely agree with the swearing/cussing and drinking part). Did you seem to notice it, or not?

  50. You think Australia is expensive? wait until you get to New Zealand Dx I always thought of Australia as a much cheaper place to live…

  51. Hola! Hallo! Hello! What is the economy of South Korea like? Is there an income system (low income, middle income, high income) if so what defines it? Also are there any slums or ghettos in South Korea?

  52. It is ridiculous how much we pay for anything here in Australia. From clothing to electrical items and rent. The cost of living is very high compared to most countries, Sydney more so than Melbourne. And a note about the water though: it is law that any restaurant be able to provide a free cup of water to anyone who asks. So if you were thirsty, you could’ve headed to Maccas and ask for water and they’d give you a cup free of charge. Btw DID YOU LIKE OUR TASTE OF WATER? Honestly when I went from Melbourne to Japan and Korea for a vacation, I was shocked cause it tasted real weird. The tap water in Melbourne is so clean that you’re worse off drinking boiled water than drinking straight from the tap (cause you’re missing out on a lot of the good minerals).

    • Dear Didos,

      Although I appreciate your passion for informing us with the correct facts about the Korean economy and architecture (which were certainly enlightening), I do not appreciate the generalisation that we are “dumb, uneducated morons” (which you have decided to use repetitively) nor your degrading label of Simon and Martina as an “empty-headed couple”. It is offensive and I found your comments to be hostile rather than helpful.

      Please bear in mind that we are a community of open-minded individuals coming from all kinds of different backgrounds, so naturally we draw comparisons from what we know. Sometimes that may not be correct as you’ve highlighted but that’s part of the learning experience. Korean culture is beautiful and from the amount of views and comments on this site, there is a obviously a lot of love for the country. The comments made here were made with good intention and any mistakes made were inherently innocent. They do not deserve the rudeness and hostility that you have responded with.


  53. I don’t know about Kanada or Korea BUT I have a guess about this sex-bar-thingiii although I’m from Germany xD MAYBE it is the same like here, if people are drunk enough they sometimes have a lıttle hanky-panky in the toilette of the bar or club they are visiting… xD

  54. I agree things here are way too expensive

  55. you are traveling to another country on sunday again? does that mean you SKIP KMM AGAIN?!?! Ô.Ô

  56. Stephanie Jane / 김아영

    Yeah, my business teacher has told my class a few times that Australia’s stuff is extremely high-priced compared to lots of countries (whether that be Asia or North America). Never in Australia will you find a bottle of water for around 700 won (or 50 cents), unless it’s from some place super random and dodgy (on average it will be about $2-3). The toilet thing also makes sense – I never understood the whole water-swooshing-concept thing in the toilet until I went to America and Korea (it’s just not like that here). Australians are also very much aware our internet it slow. Even at home, on wifi, it can be pretty bad. :( Also like you guys said, Australia IS considered a pretty obese country (we may have more people actively exercising than in Korea, but our diet is also a lot different to Koreans as well [which we know is comparatively so much healthier]).

  57. Thursday nights are a great time for peeps who wanna shop late because all the stores close at 9pm-it’s known as ‘Late Night Shopping’

  58. Sex bar? Go to King’s Cross in Sydney and you’ll find out.

  59. Are you srs?! I live in Australia and I thought my internet is actually really fast. My internet is 22.59 Mbps… But man I want to live in Korea now for really fast internet. AND cheaper food&stuff…&kpopofcourse.

  60. Marian Quah

    Hi! I have been living in Melbourne for 5 years now but I live and work as a nurse in the ‘burbs. most of the obese people are in the burbs/ countryside and I have not seen many (if any) obese people in the city. Most obese people won’t be walking on the streets and often face problems walking, socializing. They’re often in hospitals/ home/ nursing homes etc.

    But as you have seen, many young Melbournians are actually pretty active/sporty and are pretty competitive!

    I just eat my Maccas (Aussie slang for McDonalds) and nomnom while they jog away :D

  61. how else are people going to get to the ministry of magic in England if Australia’s toilets don’t flush hard enough?

  62. Also, before this video I had no idea Australia had weird coffee terms (I’ve never tried ordering coffee). Huh, the more you know…

  63. I love S&M’s accents when they pronounce Melbourne. At least you don’t say “Mel-bourne” (I have no idea why we pronounce differently from how its spelt)

  64. Yes, Australia is an expensive place to live in.

    I’m used to the prices here so when i go to Korea everything is way too cheap!

    • Actually it depends on which part of Korea you go to. And in Korea Samsung smartphones (Galaxy), Hyundai cars are much cheaper because they are Korean made.

  65. Coffee culture! Yes Melbourne is a pool of pretentious wankers swimming in coffee, but it’s amazing and no where else seems to get it! Filter coffee is pretty much a big no-no here, espresso coffee is the way to go. A short black is one ‘shot’ of coffee and a long black is basically a double shot – both are just the coffee, nothing else added in, From there you get the different kinds of milk coffees, which generally differ in the amount of froth to milk ratio. A flat white has no froth, its just steamed milk poured over a shot of coffee (or a short black, whatever you want to call it). A latte has about a fingers width of froth, and a cappuccino has about two with chocolate dusting on top. And that’s pretty much the basics! from there people change the strength of the coffee, the type of milk and add different kinds of sweeteners, etc. Hope that makes it somewhat understandable!

  66. It sounds to me like Simon had a wonderful encounter with a bogan in that public toilet.

  67. AGENTSEHUNღ❤ღ´ェ`*)

    Australia’s known for being very expensive. Last time I went to Korea, I was so surprised that the taxi ride from Jamsil to Myungdong was like, $10. Compared to Australia which would have been like… $30. I think we adapt to everything so whenever we travel overseas, it’s like “Hey! This place is so cheap,let’s go eat woo!” I went to eat at Gangnam (at some famous meat place, not sure) and the total was probably 100,000+ won. If i ate that amount in a normal restaurant, it would have been $300.

  68. LOL now that you mention it, our toilet flushings are kind of violent. Maybe that’s why i always think overseas have such weak toilet flushes.
    as for prices, it really depends on where you go. food can be pretty pricey, especially in the city. a decent meal these days (including drinks) would be like 20-50. at least. but if you go into the suburbs, you can get a fairly decent meal with drinks and all for 10-30 depends on what you’re eating. but as for everything else, you really just have to know where to shop. like things can be pretty cheap if you know where to look. rent also depends on location, facilities, availability, and age of building. if you want a decent place in decent location, yeah, you’re looking at 500-700/week for a 2 bedroom place. and our salary isn’t always increasing proportional to inflation… sigh. although we have a good welfare system now, who knows how long that will last with our new government hahahaha. and if you think sydney is expensive, wait till you see perth! apparently that’s the most expensive state. and my family that used to live there used to be so overjoyed by how CHEAP sydney is in comparason lol
    and yes, our internet is pretty freaking pathetic. unless you’re in the city with telstra, most other internet services are pretty slow. and apparently upgrading our internet is not one of our new government’s new agenda lol. so i guess we’ll be keeping that slowwww internet.
    as for fat people, you’re right, in the city, people are pretty slim, but if you go into the suburbs or rural areas… yeah they get pretty huge. but there really is a huge push for healthier lifestyle with footpaths, bike paths/trails etc. the fact that there is usually NO parking in the city and our public transport is pretty freaking expensive and slow, means that people tend to go with alternative transport when they go to the city. but lol yes our nation is very tall. historically, this has always been so. i remember in high school they used to joke that they put the australian soldiers up front during the war because they’re so huge and intimidating.
    as for our coffee, i don’t know about the naming system tbh… i usually just have cappuccinos or mochas, and they seem pretty universal. but i have to say australians tend to be quite snobby about their coffees, so our quality’s usually pretty good.

  69. Yeah… The internet suck batooties here… It’s terrible… :’( Cries foreverrrrrr

  70. Australia has no night life. we sleep. im sorry. I no its sad.

  71. Is “going green” a thing in Korea? In general, how eco-friendly is everything, and are people there environmentally conscientious?

  72. Renee

    A sex bar is exactly as it sounds :P hahaha
    Pleeeeease come to Adelaide if you come back to Aussie! :D
    And, about the internet: Nope, that’s how slow it is.

  73. I don’t think Simon and Martina realise they were in Australia when the election was going on. In terms of of excercise, Melbourne is known as the unofficial ‘sporting capital of the world’. We even have our own sport that isn’t really played outside of the country AFL. wooo

  74. OMG I was laughing so hard at this XD Yep, thats our country…. the toilets omg some sound like a lawn mower.
    Oh the internet. Now with our new Prime Minister (cries) its going to get slower. ;_; The elections were on Saturday when you guys were in Melbourne.
    Yeah there is some really pretty architecture here ^-^ Suburban & rural areas are much less impressive of course..
    There are many Asians in Sydney at least, I hear Koreans often talking.
    I don’t think there are a lot of buff men? Maybe I just don’t notice… But exercise is popular.
    Yep expensive here but obviously used to it ^^ $4 for a 600ml coke hurts though..
    I do not know what a sex bar is. He was just some dumb bogan probably, I was afraid you’d come across one…

  75. The living cost in AU is more expensive than Korea I think even more expensive than North American countries. But the price of fruits, vegetables and dairy products are not expensive than Korea. Also “Long Black” is like “Americano ” and ” Short Black is like ” Espresso” but they’re slightly different. For instance, “Long black and Short black are a little be more darker and stronger than “Americano and Espresso”. I don’t know whether or not you saw “Flat White coffee” which is similar to latte but slightly different. Some parts of Australian culture and the way Aussies use English are affected by British

    • The living cost in AU is more expensive than South Korea partially because Australia does not manufacture cellphones, electronic items, cars, and other products. In Korea, cellphones and cars a lot cheaper cuz most of them are Korean made. (eg. Samsung / Hyundai)

  76. Ha! you think Australia has the slowest internet speed?? Mexico has the slowest speed AND higher prices n internet in the world! We live in a corrupt country :(

  77. I MISSED YOU GUISE SO MUCH *Sobs hysterically with coffee in her mouth*

  78. Can you talk about the differences between the BIG3 (YG, JYP and SM)? What’s your honest opinion on how they work, for example how they train their artist, how they pick trainees, how they choose songs for artist. I know this isn’t a good question to ask but I want to know from someone who can compare them without being too biased. THX

  79. Should just go to the supermarket next time if you want to buy a bottle of water… buy a whole pack of water! :D

    or you can buy a 1L bottle i think in woolsworth for… $1? i can’t remember x)

    I didn’t know how to react when I saw you guys LOL! you guys looked so different IRL for some reason!

  80. Chookristine

    Did you guys listen to any Australian music whilst there?
    Australian indie music?
    Like Flume (listen to his song ‘Holdin On’ whoa, so good), Tame Impala, Empire of the Sun, Bluejuice, The Rubens, Flight Facilities, The Grates, Sia, Pendulum etc.
    Or maybe listen to some Triple J or something?

    • We didn’t listen to much Aussie music WHILE we were there, but we listen to Tame Impala and Cut Copy otherwise :D

      • Chookristine

        Tame Impala are so groovetastically psychedelic!
        You might want to listen to the radio station Triple J online if you want to find some different, cool, indie, funky tunes (if you can listen to it in another country that is).
        Hope you guys can stay in Aus a little longer next time. Thanks so much for taking the time to travel down here. We don’t get a lot of visitors (compared to other countries) so it was a special time for us ahhaa.
        I’m speaking for all of Australia here, I’m totally allowed to do that.

      • You frikkin’ hipsters. I haven’t even heard of Cut Copy ._.

  81. I’m an Aussie and I’m pretty sure the coffee thing varies from store to store, just to make it confusing… And I’ve ordered ice coffee from a number of places, some gave me what you guys had, others with ice, hell, I even get frappacinos when I order one haha.
    It is a matter very close to my heart, you see.
    I keep track of these things.
    And no, I have no idea what a sex bar is… Probably just another random bogan spouting nonsense…

  82. Ima so glad you said ‘when we go back to’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo its great you enjoyed Australia, we definitely want you guys to come back and stay longer!

  83. Hi Simon and Martina! I was the girl who gave you the bag with the stuff for WTF. The pillow and the kitty hooks~~

  84. I don’t know what I sex bar is, and I still don’t know how to order coffee in my own country lol /australia represent/

    Also, no one exercises out on the streets except city people, all the surburban peopl go to gyms or exercise at home xD

  85. Sex bar most probably just meant a cruising spot for men, discreet blow/hand jobs and such in toilets? im assuming

  86. My boyfriend lived in Australia for a year and went to a gay bar in Sydney. Apparently it was super seedy (and popular), with porn on the TVs and, literally, sex on the dance floor, and no one seemed to really mind!

    So….sex bar?

  87. *dies laughing* xD omg guys~~

    My korean teacher is always complaining about prices here & when two of my friends came back from Korea they were sulking for weeks missing all the cheap food lol It’s definitely annoying! DX Especially when you’re short of change & really hungry (I remember one day I was travelling back from uni after a super long day & hadn’t eaten but I couldn’t afford anything ==;;; annoyingggg lol)

    And even in Sydney I get amazed by the shop hours so WOAH what must it be like in Korea! =O Everything around where I live closes quite early (I’m kinda 4 hours out of Sydney~) So when I started going to Sydney a lot for classes & meet up with friends I’m always amazed by the hours shops stay open!! haha For example the night we saw you guys we went to Kinokuniya afterwards! That doesn’t even close to 7pm!!! Wthhhhhh xD it’s so weird to me xP

  88. Akira Miyashi

    Yay!! New video~ missed you guise so much! >.<

  89. I just realized how much I missed watching you guys. HAPPIES!

  90. Guyssss its not fair! next time you come to Aus come to Canberra! ITS THE BLOODY CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY T.T I’ll even pay for you guys XD haha Even if its just a short drop in :P PLEASE!!! XX

  91. Im watching this video whilst eating lunch, thank you simon for that very in depth analysis of simon’s poo’s vs Australia poos…. It was very insightful

  92. hey guys, I was so excited for you to come to Australia! I registered to attend the meet and greet and rushed to the city and waited for about an hour and a half in line before the door was shut 3 people before I got inside! please please pleaaasseee come back soon, I’m really sad I didn’t get to meet you guys :/

  93. What is eye care like in Korea? Does insurance typically cover it or is it all out of pocket? How expensive are glasses vs. contact lenses? And can you get specialty lenses, such as toric lenses for astigmatism?

  94. Let me tell you a little something about travel and Diarrhea: I went from Southern Oregon up to Northern Washington to go to School, and in the dorms you would find (scribbled under the bunk beds) written warnings about the ’3 week diarrhea’. It turned out that ALL new people at that school would get 3 weeks of diarrhea after eating the food from the cafeteria, the school was located in the middle of nowhere so you had to eat there! Out of the 20 people I came with I was the only one to beat the curse because I had a box of Metamucil Wafers in my suit case.
    I don’t know if you can get them in Korea (Costco?) but you should find some Metamucil Wafers (look like cookies) and take them when you travel (like say, to Europe?). They keep everything NORMAL, even when you eat greasy food. The box will say eat 2-3 packets a day, but usually 1 packet is enough. I think you can get them online, like from Amazon?
    P.S. They will not cause constipation, unless you do something stupid like eating the whole box in one sitting!

    • Actually Metamucil is used to help people with constipation go to the bathroom normally/regularly, so to eat a whole box would probably have the person going to the toilet for some toilet violence constantly.

  95. The whole stores closing early is also here in Europe, just so you’re prepared! Although grocery stores are usually open till 8 or 9 pm. But I’m very curious about this sex bar thing..hmm. hehe.

  96. Australia is more expensive but we earn more as well. I used to get $12.50 an hour when i worked at a cafe when i was 16. Houses here are more expensive but it really depends on the area and state. As a general rule the further away from the city the cheaper the rent. And the thing about Aussie guys is completely true, they’re all gigantic! I think that’s why i was soo shocked when i first started watching k-pop, the guys were so petite and feminine in comparison :P

  97. Lol, slow internet speeds are a very sore topic in Australia right now, way to add salt to our net wounds :)

  98. Head out West next time you’re in Sydney. There will be more barge-arse bogans than you can poke a kebab at. Me included.

  99. Perth is lovely but I would only recommend visiting for a couple of days because there isn’t much to do beyond that. They city is very small in comparison to the cities over east and the shops close earlier and everything is more expensive (Seriously it’s $5-6 for one coffee). However, there are some wonderful little touristy things here to occupy your time :)

  100. Yeah, Australia is expensive :/ but the average income here I’m guessing is slightly higher than it is in Korea so that could make sense. Internet? Yeah, it’s slow but speed may also depend on your internet provider as my internet at home is quite fast anyway.. at least by my standards! >< not gonna complain about comparatively-slow Internet here and the new govt because at least we have Internet here.. better than none at all! AND the sex bar thing! Hahaha! You know how random people sometimes have sex in public bathrooms? The toilet cubicle is shaped like a bar… hence, SEX BAR! Not sure if actual sex bars exist here, but I think this is what that dude is referring to in his comment!

  101. Ooo – yay!!! Come to Perth next time!!! (It’s actually more expensive than Sydney and Melbourne… but don’t let that stop you) And I don’t think we’ll be getting faster internet any time soon with our newly elected prime minister ㅠ.ㅠ This is all sounding rather discouraging but do come to Perth! We have nasties at the very least!

  102. Guyz… I was eating dinner and decided to watch this… I had no clue that would be a very, very bad idea…

  103. I mean sex on premises arnt offensive, laughing about them stupidly is.

  104. The sex bar thing really isn’t funny. It’s almost offensive and stupid.

  105. And finally, Australia is expensive but minimum wage is also among the highest per hour in the world. Working night is automatic double pay, so when comparing night pay in Australia to night pay in Korea the difference is phenomenonal. Late night trading has been trialled but because you have to pay the staff so much and less people buy things at night then you are paying the staff more than you are making per hour in most cases. It can be frustrating though when you want to buy something at night time, agreed. The population is quite there either though.

  106. Names of coffee are closer to those in Italy than in America and Australia doesn’t have the same weird fascination with America (in the same way) that Korea does. Come on you didn’t think that coffee without milk is from America ?!! (Americano!? What!? It’s not American at all. Plus Australia has a large Italian population, so there’s the influence. Coffee in Australia was introduce through the Italian coffee shops rather than through Strabucks. And although I’m sure there were people in the Starbucks you went to, going to Starbucks in Australia is similar to committing a crime. You have to go to a small business or your a wanker.

    • irritablevowel

      Basically, an Americano was somebody’s makeshift method of making drip coffee (or percolator coffee) for American GI’s in Italy during WWII. The soldiers weren’t used to strong espresso and would water it down. People started referring to that type of preparation as “Americano”. I’ve always felt that it was a bit sarcastic. Like it was meant to be short hand for “Only an American would do this to perfectly good coffee.” But ha! Other countries liked it and it became like an actual thing! America gets the last laugh! ‘MURICA!

      I feel like I need a picture of flying bald eagle gripping a coffee mug in one talon and a gun in the other. Someone should make that happen.

    • I haven’t drink starbucks coffee in 4 years. Not saying that starbucks is horrible but there are other places who serve better coffee.

      • There probably is. but at least where I’m at I haven’t found one that gives me my coffee fix, is air conditioned and spiffy, let’s me stay like a hobo and use their internet for the whole day without buying more than one coffee…. yay! for student friendly Starbucks.

  107. irritablevowel

    If any netizens complain about your architecture comments I call bullshit. I’ve seen many, many, MANY similar comments online from Koreans (usually those who know about architecture) who feel that since Seoul is now well established economically, it’s time to develop a more cohesive style and look. Something that people will identify as distinctively Seoul. They know that a city’s architecture is a form of branding. It’s an active conversation with committees and organizations on the topic and everything. So there keyboard warriors.
    Also I would like to work it’s not a sex bar it’s a f#!$ing toilet into my next conversation.

  108. Holy I missed your guys’ videos!!!

  109. I loved living in Seoul for so many reasons! I lived like a king in Seoul as I assumed it would be as expensive as Brisbane and saved up heaps (which I used for travelling outside Korea instead). I miss $1 soju. I work at a bottleo (liquor store) and a 700ml bottle of Absolut vodka is $46, Jack Daniels is about the same. Coffee in Australia is also less sweet compared to Korea (love Korean coffee!). Sex bar is probably referring to a night club or swingers bar that people have sex in the toilets and some places have a reputation for the place to find a hook up etc.

    Ironically I went to Korea University and they legit had the most shitty internet I’ve ever experienced (exception of travelling in Fiji). It always cut out mid Skype and had periods when no one could log on and access it when assignments were due. The only difference I noticed was downloading dramas took about 4 hours there compared to overnight in Australia.

    There are also rubbish bins everywhere! Australia had a massive drought for years and hence a water saving culture (ie toilets having half flush). When the Dam that supplies over 100,000 people fall below 11% it is really scary and had instilled fear for Australians to save water.

    Finally, once you hit the suburbs you will find many overweight people. I think in the city is it just not as much due to the young and trendy lifestyle.

  110. The Internet is is slow because the phone companies in Australia who look after interet are privatised and because Australia is so huge with a small population it would cost billions to upgrade but since Telstra is a private company who owns all the Internet facilities (which smaller companies can then rent from them) they would lose billions of dollars and not make any profit, so it doesn’t make sense for Telstra to upgrade the Internet. It would be essentially a private company losing billions ‘for the good of the people’. So to upgrade we need government funding which the labor party agreed to do if they were elected but creep of all creeps Tony Abbott was elected instead, so along with his long line of pathetic policies was not upgrading Internet and introducing cencorship. So it is pretty obviously that he was elected by citizens who didnt actually understand his policies and voted on the basis of ‘border security’ aka fear and frustration with in-fighting between the Labor party. Basically we would have had upgraded Internet if the prime minister that was going to introduce gay marriage, improve public transport, do everything good etc etc etc was elected but somehow a total creep was elected.

    • Thank you for summing that up so well :D

    • I agree about the prime minister bit ._.

    • Pretty soon australia internet will turn into dial up speed.

    • about tony abbott it’s weird that everyone i know voted for labor..and same for those people.. but he won by a “land slide” I really believe a lot of ‘misinformed’ people or ‘lack of political intelligence’ people or *cough cough* ‘racists people’ voted for tony abbott,, (and among those the people with companies) .. a little sad :S

    • South Korea’s technology is WAY more advanced than Australia’s.
      Stop looking for excuses. LOL

    • Dear Eat your Kimchi people,

      Hope you guys are not oblivious to the fact that South Korea’s economy (as well as military power) is stronger than Australia’s (AND MUCH WEALTHIER / MORE DEVELOPED than NEW ZEALAND) —


      AND South Korea was able to change their status from “RECIPIENT COUNTRY” to “DONOR COUNTRY” in 50 years. How many countries in the world do you think can do that? Not only are they a DEVELOPED, HIGH-INCOME OECD, G20 COUNTRY, they are one of the leaders in construction and civil engineering.

      Speaking of ARCHITECTURE, South Korea is capable of building LOTS OF LOFTY, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING buildings (they are actually building the tallest one in the world now) but the government is reluctant to do so due to security reasons (potential invasions from N. Korea.. GOOGLE it if you wanna learn more about it).

      South Korea is also going to construct the world’s first INVISIBLE BUILDING too; I don’t think you’ll find anything like that in Australia.


      - An economics major dating a FABULOUS Korean lady -

      • Ok, ok, calm down. Everyone on this site – the staff and the readers alike – loves Korea to bits, so you needn’t worry us, uh, looking down on it for whatever reason. We love South Korea. This entire site is about South Korea. Plus, by comparing things from different countries doesn’t immediately mean we’re saying one country is better that the other; just pointing out some interesting differences that we might not have noticed before. What you are doing, however, is clearly elevating one country at the expense of the other, which is quite rude.

        Please, get to know how this site works before storming in and posting multiple argumentative comments one a single post. Why don’t you read the 1000+ other posts here? I think you’ll find we’re not as uninformed as you assume.

        • Sorry if I offended you in any way, but I just wanted the truth to be known. I believe that things like this need to be promulgated in the right way. It’s indescribably upsetting and annoying when all these people post whatever they want WITHOUT knowing the real facts. The majority of bloggers here seem to think that South Korea is a cheap place to live but it is NOT. I don’t know if you’ve checked out one of the links I provided but just google “most expensive cities in the world”, and you’ll see SEOUL in the TOP 5 – 10 list.. And with so much racism going on in Australia, statistics / index like the NPI (National Power Index) needs to be displayed on blogs like this so that dumb, uneducated morons won’t mess with the wrong people. I don’t know how my girlfriend stumbled upon this website but she wasn’t very happy (she is currently on anti-depressant medication) when she saw the video posted by that white couple. We were okay with everything else but when the couple mentioned the buildings and cost of living, we decided to create an account under my nick. This may sound redundant but South Korea is NOT a cheap place to live (Seoul is the third most pricey city in the world) and some of the TOP architects in the world are from Korea. As I said the government tends to be a bit hesitant about constructing high rise, stylish buildings due to security (defense) reasons but despite all that, we are going to see the world’s first INVISIBLE BUILDING in the heart of Seoul.

          If you have lived in Korea for a considerable number of years you should know these things by now and be a little more careful when giving your views regarding such sensitive matters.
          If you still wanna ban us, GO AHEAD

        • PS. We weren’t rude at all. It’s actually the couple that was being rude by pointing out things that didn’t even make any sense

        • I have no problem with the content of your comments, it’s just my job to prevent spamming, which you were giving a classic example of. I also try to moderate the tone of discussions so that it doesn’t spiral out of control. It’s especially difficult with new users, since they’re unfamiliar with how things work here.

          Thank you for leaving your input here, I’ll let other users reply to it, if it is in their interest.

          Btw, for your partner’s sake (since I’m depressed too, so I sympathise somewhat), I would like to assure you that they did not intend to call Korea a cheap country, or anything of the like. I’d suggest checking out these other blog posts by Simon and Martina, and if you’re interested, you can share your thoughts there, too.

        • Thanks for the links. It was very considerate of you

    • Sorry Thom-Jack, the reason why I’m posting completely unrelated stuff here is to INFORM THE UNINFORMED.

      I’m from India but I have a Korean-Japanese fiance and have lived in Korea for 3 years. THE COST OF LIVING in KOREA is NOT CHEAP at all. It is the 3RD most expensive city in the world!



      • Sir, posting multiple links over and over, in reply to almost everyone on the page, is considered spamming. Those comments are automatically deleted by the spam filter, and you can be banned for it.

        Express your opinion if you must, but please do it respectfully with consideration for other people’s comfort.

  111. As an Aussie Nasty, while I can’t speak for the cities you guys went to, finding cheap water in Brisbane is relatively easy! The place is positively crawling with little asian (usually Korean) supermarkets, where you can get small bottles of Sam Da Soo for about 60c. Eating ‘western’ food is particularly expensive unless you know where to look, but you can still get cheap Asian food. The cheapest I’ve seen for a bowl of chicken and rice (sometimes with greens) is $5, but that’s also takeaway quality. Restaurant-quality food is indeed $12 – $15 at its cheapest… >:

    And trust me, everyone in Australia isn’t happy with our internet speeds. Some places like metropolitan hubs in Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane and stuff are starting to get 4G internet, but as other posters have said, we’ll be stuck with copper internet for another three years. I swear, sending my pictures via raven would be faster sometimes…

    And as for the sex bar?? I don’t know too much about that, but I do remember seeing a man and what I can only assume was a hooker stepping out of the public toilets in a roadside park as I was walking home one afternoon. Say what you want about Aussies, but most of us don’t pretend that we’re a classy country :P

  112. It’s common for gay men to have sex in public toilets. Not so common singer the Internet but it still happens. ‘Sex bar’ isn’t the right terminology but he obviously means a sex on premises which are also popular in Australia for gay guys where you can go to the sauna and have sex with other guys. He’s obviously straight and the toilet was probably a known beat. The guys in the other stall were probably actually have sex. This seems really obvious though and you guys seem naive.

  113. Okay….sex bars are not a thing!

    • They might not qualify as “bars” but the Swiss just introduced drive in sex “boxes” so I guess if you string a bunch of them together it could be called a bar

  114. Australia is expensive haha but the coffee i got you both and Soo Zee was only $16.50 all together…or is that expensive too?? ~Erin

  115. I think that guy just thought you were all having sex in the toilets because you were all taking too long.

    also in new zealand water is around $2.80 a bottle as well.

  116. Yay so happy there is a new vid. I seriously think I was going through EYK withdrawal! If only our Internet wasn’t so crappy.

  117. lady_kire

    I remember going to Australia a few years ago. I did not enjoy stores closing at like 6pm everyday except for wed or thurs. I didn’t really buy anything but, who closes that early? Really, there was nothing else to do in Australia if shops close early, you’re too young to go to pubs, and all you have are relatives to visit…

    My parents will agree with you on coffee. They were pissed that they couldn’t get decaf coffee and people there didn’t have any understanding what decaf was, or if they did have decaf, it was mysteriously not there. My parents went how long without decent decaf coffee, and we couldn’t find any Starbucks either.

    • All night-workers are paid double salary, and well, it’s not worth it for employers to pay their employees double during the night, when there are much less customers. So they close early, except Thursdays, which was traditionally pay-day so everyone went shopping.

      Starbucks opened with huge fanfare in Aus…and then promptly closed most of it’s stores not long later because Australians have had a coffee culture for decades and weren’t very impressed with the lack of variety from Starbucks. Decaf…What’s the point of drinking coffee without caffeine? Might as well have a coke without the carbon dioxide (i.e it’s flat)…

  118. Ah. The good old foreigners complaining about our crappy internet speeds. If only our new prime minister was watching this and realize that a complete Fiber Optics network is needed and not a half Fiber Optic and half Copper Network. (The time you guys were in Australia, there were 2 Prime Ministers :D )

    Living in Sydney for so long we get used to this speed but when I go overseas it will be like OMG SO FAST!!!

    NB: Universities run their own internet network and are usually 10-20x faster than the general internet that residents get.

    Also the amount of effort and form signing and getting general publics approval for demolition and redevelopment is like writing a series of books. It takes so much time that most developers just move out west and start developing on fresh land rather than destroy a multi-decade old building and build a skyscraper or high rise apartment.

    It was so great that you guys came to Sydney and Melbourne. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones to just miss out on the Sydney fanmeet :( Actually I was about to get in when the door dude was like “Sorry, We have to close the door for a bit”….. Turns out “a bit” meant “Fan Meet Over!!!” *SIGHS* Only got to see you when you guys came out to greet everyone.

    • that would explain why whenever im at my uni the internet seem so much faster and i though i was imagining things

      • Most Universities invest their own money into the network infrastructure and a lot of it goes into upgrading the physical aspects such as servers, fibre optics and wireless. I mean how else will they be able to teach courses and put material online if they were to share the same network with residents.

  119. sex bar: the desperate gentleman may have been referring to Melbourne nightclubs circa turn of the century where it was common for people to hook up naasty style in toilets. Mind you, our standards have gone up! The last time I saw this happen was back in 05 – and I think it was over in 05 if you know what I mean. lol OR god forbid he may have been referring to gay cruising in public toilets. You’d hope it’s not the latter. And BTW was this at Starbucks Westin? Don’t feel too bad Simon he could have just walked across the street to the loo at town hall. haha

  120. Danique

    If you love “Ancient” buildings, or should I say, typical architecture, you’re gonna love Amsterdam because it’s only that kind of buildings, EVERYWHERE in the city. And we have tall men here too, be prepared!

  121. no joke I have never heard of a sex bar….. like ever….weird

  122. What the eff is a sex bar?? And i’m Melbourne. Maybe cause people have sex in the toilets? I have no idea :(

  123. Waffu

    As an Australian, 2800 a week seems REALLY expensive. Most people live outside the city in the suburbs where it’s about perhaps $300-$400 a week for 2-3 bedrooms? It depends where you live, but Sydney and Melbourne are just pretty expensive places – the Gold Coast is cheaper! (Where I’m from – it’s near Brisbane). Mortgages are really quite expensive too, also.

    $2.80 is pretty expensive for a bottle of water, yeah! But if you want it cheaper, go to a chemist or a small grocery store – not at a restaurant or where you buy meals.

    I saw Brisbane!! Please come to brisbane! It’s all artsy-fartsy and really really beautiful (and it’s cleaner than Sydney)
    Our internet is also really slow yeah — I think we’re 41st in the world? Which is really bad considering we’re a first-world country. Our newly-elected prime minister doesn’t support fibre-optic speed internet so looks like we’re stuck with it for another three years.
    (Also I’m guessing a sex bar is some kind of brothel??– since they’re legal here unlike Korea).

    I’m glad you had a good time guys, please come to Brisbane one day!! o /

  124. At lot of people are over thinking the sex bar thing. I’m pretty sure what he’s referencing is the propensity for men at a strip club to go into the bathroom and have a private… wank in the stalls. Which I assume would take much longer than a guy usually does in the bathroom. It’s not a common Australian slang or anything either.

    Heh. He was basically saying that you’re all wankers though. Which is 100% common Australian slang!

  125. I feel so nasty for laughing so hard at your toilet stories and not being grossed out by them ;D
    I have to warn you, the Internet speeds in Poland are not the best either. According to the databes that you got the chart from, average connection speed in Poland is 6,02kbps while in S Korea it’s over 14kbps. But at least the prices here are relatively low.

  126. A lot of the expensiveness is based on the fact that it’s Sydney, which is apparently one of the most expensive places in the world. O.O I live in a major rural city, and the rent is much more reasonable than that XD

    The taxis and food price though, is like that pretty much everywhere. It sucks :(

  127. Can’t wait till next time you come over guys, hopefully I will get to see you that time!
    (Still a nasty!)

  128. I’m guessing a sex bar was a swingers club or something of the sorts. I know there’s a BDSM club in Brisbane – or there was – last I checked it was being shut down for improper wheelchair access.

    Public transport is expensive here but the government covers 75% of the cost to run the public transport network so when you take that into consideration it’s.. it’s not that bad. Also our roads are terrible and driving through any city is a nightmare. Parking is expensive, too. So most people take public transport to the city – especially if they’re going drinking.

    Our internet might seem slow to you but meh I get used to it. There were talks of updating the network but it was going to cost anywhere between 52 and 90 billion that would MAYBE give us the speeds the current world has by 2019. Basically we’d be better than we are now but not up to date with the rest of the world and it’s really just not, IMO, something the government should be focused on. But that’s a whole different issue. <_<

    As for things being expensive compared to other places, yeah I'd agree but our minimum wage is $16 an hour so.. you can understand why our prices are like that. Also free health care so.. <_< I'll take the expensive prices if I can go to the doctor because I've got the sniffles and it wont cost me my life savings. And yeah, rent in Sydney – or any city for that much – is hella expensive. Partner and I live about 20 minutes away from the city and for a 4 bedroom house you're looking at 300-350 a week. Also a taxi to the city costs us about $50 for a 30 minute drive – they ALWAYS take the long way and traffic is usually horrible on a Friday / Saturday night.

    Uh. We do have a lot of overweight people – don't worry about that. In the cities though you see a lot more fit people. Also gyms are everywhere. There's one around the corner from my house I go to. But I could also get on the train for 2 minutes (or drive for 3 minutes) and go to one the next suburb over. And another the suburb after that.. And so on.

    Our public toilets are really powerful but i like to think of it in a good way because at least there won't be any surprise floaters? D:

    Also ahh please come to Brisbane. It's a really fantastic place. I'd suggest coming in the warmer months so you can go to the beach! Also our awesome theme parks. Also Australia Zoo. Also my house for dinner.. wat. Anyways I hope you at least had fun!

    • hello wall of text. boy was i excited. at 7am, too.

    • THIS is awesome! So bloody true on every point!
      I live on the Gold Coast (about a 40-50 drive south from Brisbane’s CBD) and there are a HEAP of buff and beautiful people, but once you leave the beaches and go to the suburbs, there are more overweight people.

      I never noticed how violent our toilets are until someone who hasn’t grown up around them mentions it. :-/

    • Dude, the minimum wage for 18 year olds is $13.50. I know, I work at coles :(

  129. yeah, australia has really high price tags. you know the japanese dollar store DAISO? anything for 100 yen – which is about AUD$1 – here we have the same store and it’s $2.80. and that’s still ridiculously cheap for some of the stuff.
    on the plus side we also have pretty good average wages, and we don’t have to pay for medical insurance. oh and our prices come with gst included, so we don’t have to do extra math and pay extra at the counter for no good reason.

  130. Our toilets are like that because they actually use much less water than everywhere else :(

    Dont diss it

    • Also out internet isnt being improved >.>

    • Was about to say, the violent toilets are due to water saving. My toilets at work sound like a hurricane going down! They recently reduced the water even more and it’s so so violent.

      Australia doesn’t have a lot of water… and Perth is way more expensive than Melbourne & Sydney.

  131. The pricing in Australia still seems cheaper than here in New York T^T

  132. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that orange yolks means the chickens weren’t hormone injected and free range chickens…

    • It’s usually a sign of freshness and the presence of carotenoids(vit a) along with the chicken being free range, or farmers adding annatto/colouring to the feed. So as long as it tastes good

  133. Sex Bar? I think most people call them “Swinger Bars” in the US. The Aussie was probably just distracted from his bowel pains and couldn’t think of the right name. And I do have the low down on Swinger Clubs since my friend “accidentally” went to one (long story short, she was invited by the owner and went despite everyone saying it sounded like the place was a nudie bar)

    The one she went to (Sins and Sinners, located in Atlantic City and Philadelphia, in case you want to visit) there was an entrance fee, $50 per person in a couple (so $100 all together) and if you want to you could spend another $50 for a lifetime membership which cuts in the entrance fees in half. If you are a single guy, you pay $75 to get in. And if you are an attractive young woman (like my friend) your entrance fee is $15 and free lifetime membership (I kid you not). From the way it was described, there was a center eating area where you can eat and mingle to meet happy swingers. If you tickle another swingers fancy, you could go onto a bed and do whatever ya gotta do. I am unclear if there is beds are behind closed doors, no one asked probably in fear that there wasn’t any.

  134. I’ve hardly met anyone in Australia who takes taxis~ When I hear people from other countries say they take them regularly I freel like they must be rich~ Also, I’ve only been in a taxi once on a special occasion and my mum paid for it~

  135. PunkyPrincess92

    “their sewer system is connected to the pits of hell” ahahahahaha!!! oh god that toilet part was hilarious!!
    ahahaha oh man now i really wanna see what an Australian toilet is like!!!!!

    shops close at 6pm??? i thought Englands closing hours sucked!!!

    man this was hilarious and i loved it and i missed watching you guys!!!!!!

  136. Hmm, I live in the US and it sounds like prices are more similar to Australia than Korea (especially now that I’m in DC and hoooo boy, I got so jealous when my friends who are moving to Ohio are going to pay $550 a month in rent for a two bedroom house, my rent for a single apartment room will probably be closer to $800 a month >< )

    • D.C. can be expensive depending where you live, maryland is worse! I’m spending 550 on a room in a baltimore shared apartment in an area where my car has been broken into several times in the past year….

  137. I hope you’re tummies feel better. Totally sucks when your stomach gets culture shocked too. I didn’t realize how much faster South Korea’s internet was to the United States. Now I’m just curious to check that out. So many more reasons to visit.

  138. After this talk about confusing Australian coffee terminology, I look forward to the upcoming European culture shock. As a Dutch person I’m really curious how foreigners view the Netherlands. You do know not to ask for a coffee shop in Holland right. They don’t actually serve hot caffeinated beverages…

    • Danique

      Dude, you don’t even have to take a step into theresaid “coffee shop” because you can smell it from miles away! ;)

    • How I view the Netherlands ? It’s Paradise, like a whole different planet, where people are nice and laws are applied (useful ones, not the senseless crazy s*** we have in my beautiful sunny country), where garbage is disposed in trash cans, not in the middle of the street… I could write all day about the differences… I miss Amsterdam

    • Yes, yes, let them go into a coffee shop in Holland and see what happens. >:)

    • pssst don’t say anything that will be too funny lol

  139. I’m still thinking about the sex bar thing… Oh man

  140. Hey Simon and Martina, I can agree that our internet is really bad here. We were going to get better internet but we had a election and the party against better internet won, so maybe for a long time we will still have very slow upload and download speeds. Also did you guys get to try out vegemite? (It’s amazing btw :3 ) And one last thing, I don’t know what a sex bar is XD

  141. The chart is outdated,Hong Kong has the fastest internet speeds. South Korea is currently ranked 4th, behind HK, Japan and Romania.

  142. Hahahaha Internet speed sucks here in Au and the wankers have just voted in a government who’s party thinks the broadband network doesn’t need to be any faster lol. (wanker; someone who doesn’t visit a sex bar and spends way too much time in a toilet cubicle)
    Question?? Did you pick up any Aussie slang words offa any shielas or bogans?

  143. Australia is expensive but our pay rate is higher! So it balances out.

  144. Actually, about the ”language bubble” you find yourself in when you’re in another country: I experienced that as well when I was living in the UK, but then when I came back to France I stayed in my bubble for several good weeks. Like if someone was talking to me in a shop or in the street, I wouldn’t realise they were adressing me/wouldn’t understand why they were talking in French. Even now when I go to the supermarket I sometimes catch myself thinking with wonder ”Ooooooh this is written in French!” when well, obviously it won’t be written in another language…

  145. Hahahaha our violent toilets are a portal to hell xD And you more or less perfected the Aussie accent. Well done, guise.

    Here we go, point for point:
    Australian internet speeds are crappola (I could only upload my vlogs overnight). And seeing as we just elected a gov’t who isn’t interested in having a really fast fibre-optic network, we’ll be stuck like this for 3 years at the least.

    Most stores will close at 6pm every day, except for Thursdays, which is designated Late Night Shopping. It’s also dependent on where you live (Melbourne and Sydney will have more stuff open cf Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth, likewise capital cities cf country cities). We just have the laidback lifestyle.

    On coffee, yes we have weird terms for it, which is quite confusing for tourists (which is also probably why they frequent Starbucks).

    I have to say Melbourne CBD is architecturally beautiful (mainly because in Brisbane we don’t have as many heritage listed buildings).

    And I have to agree, S&M. AUSTRALIA IS EXPENSIVE. Public transport is really expensive here, as well as a whole lotta other stuff (which is why I wanna move back to Singapore)

    Anyhoo… DID I SEE PERTH? DID I SEE BRISBANE? O.O (Apologies for the strange expressions on your face, Simon) Nasties, be prepared to become tour guides xD

  146. Here in the UK we can just get water from the tap, but everything else is pretty expensive

  147. Everything is so expensive, because the Minimum Wage for adults in Australia is something like $17 USD. So, expensive yes, but everyone can afford to eat and the corporates don’t literally profit on the backs of the poor. I’d be surprised if it was anything like that in Korea.

    I’m in the US and generally jealous of the Aussie and Canadian healthcare and min. wages…sigh stupid USA…

    • In NZ it’s been raised to $13.75 NZD (which the internet tells me is $11.20 US) and I was reading their post thinking they think $2.80 for bottled water is expensive? How do they expect the people working in the bottling factories to eat if they are practically giving the products away? Also in New Zealand you buy a bottle when you need one and then you can just refill it with tap water from one of the many public water fountains for free, so why would I even need another bottle?

  148. Well, the prices are nothing compared to Norway…Since you are coming to Oslo, i would advice you todouble check the prices, and whatever you do never, just never, take the taxi. consider yourself warned!!

    • But at least in Norway the water is so yummy you can get it right from the tap :3

      • Norwegian water FTW!!!! Simon and Martina you have to taste it….like from the tap *__*

        • lol.. What is with Scandinavians and their worship of their tap water? I was at a conference in Sweden (which was about physics and had nothing to do with water..) and the organizer spent the first 5 mins of his introduction on a rant about how perfect and fantastic Swedish tap water was… I honestly couldn’t see it. It seemed no different from my tap water back home in Canada, but perhaps that is because I’m from the middle of nowhere, east coast of Canada, so we have a well.

          Either way it was way better than the shite that comes out of my tap here in London UK. Least thirst-quenching water ever.

        • I am born in Norway, and seriously, you don’t drink any other kind of water here than the one that comes from the tap (well, it’s free and all that), except for when you can’t drink from the tap or you are outside somewhere. And i’m so used to the heaven like taste of the water here, i can’t even drink water from other countries, and then we’re talking about water bottles.

  149. That angry Aussie man is great. You have no ideas how many times I’ve been in a bathroom with all the stalls occupied and half the girls were just using their phones, like seriously? Get the f*** out.

  150. Hello Dothraki Man Warrior, Rainbow Princess, THE SPUDGY, and Dr. Meems!
    What is religion like in Korea?

  151. Love all the new sound effects! :D
    p.s. also happy to have you guise back on my computer screen…missed you!

  152. I died laughing! I can’t wait to find out what a sex bar is.

  153. YES I love that you guys know Flight of the Conchords! Have to say Sugalumps is my favorite…What is your favorite?

  154. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon did that man yelling “It’s not a sex bar, it’s a f*cking toilet” cause explosive laughter from those of you in the restroom?

  155. We’re ashamed of our internet too…And it seems it won’t get any better any time soon ==;

  156. Marzia Matalone

    Pfff…that guy sure didn’t have a lot of patience…could it be that he was trying to say “a toilet is not a place where you can do your things” in the least elegant way and he came up with the “sex bar” concept..?
    I think the reverse culture shock is even more drastic when it is about two cultures as different as the Asian and the Anglosaxon ones, even if this is also your native cultural background, so it should have been less worrying!
    For example, I’m sure it’d be harder for a person like me, since I come from a Latin culture, even if in Australia there are lots of people of Italian origin (I also have got family members there)….Anyway, two Canadian people who live in Korea coming to Australia: this was really interesting! XD

  157. The prices for food you’ve mentioned aren’t that much different in London/Toronto (Canada). You might be lucky to get a bottle of water for $1.50, but I think the general price is $2. And $15 for a meal (sans taxes) isn’t that uncommon (and might even be considered cheap) these days.

    • I know I can get a small bottle of water for like, 79 cents, but the average is like… I want to say a dollar seventy five, because that’s what it is at school XD I mean, I’m in small town Nova Scotia, but, I can get a bottle of juice some places for less money than a bottle of water – I can get a coffee for less than a bottle of water xD Well… if it’s a small coffee…

      • I think water might be a bit cheaper than a bottle of juice- but only by $0.25, if my memory is right. I think you’re right about getting a small coffee cheaper than a bottle of water. I’m pretty sure a Tim Horton’s small is less. X’D Oh dear.

        • I don’t usually get coffee, but I know a medium Ice Capp is about the same as a bottle of water OTL it’s a bit ridiculous sometimes

  158. hahahahhahahaha u guys r awesome……i want to know so badly what a sex bar is that i will try googling it xD :P

  159. If you think Australia is expensive, just wait for Norway ;)

    • yup. Our country is really expensive. probably more like 4 bucks for a bottle of water, and that’s at a convinience store. if you’re at a restaurant, a bottle of water will cost you a little under 6$ sometimes. Oh and some places taxiprices starts at 20$, soo I’d recommend the bus in Oslo where everyone sort of rides for free (most people just don’t buy tickets and the busdrivers never check). well anywhoooooo, bring cash. yup.

      • do you like black metal and what do you like about living in norway is it really as socialist and equal as they say?

        • Greetings from a Norwegian Nasty.
          Well no black metal isn’t my thing really, as far as i know its not that popular where i live. As for what i like well, the education is free usually (if you don’t go to a fancy private school), the food is delicious like (Kjøttkake=Meatkakes its kind off like meatballs but not really), we do try to have a rule as equal opportunities for all, the nature is stunning (i have traveled in Norway a lot) and Ylvis are awesome. In the case of if we are socialistic i am not sure really. I don’t know that much about the politics
          I hope that helps you. :D

        • It’s easy to come by black metal here, but it’s not common at all on the radio (’70s and ’80s pop and rock are). A lot of people love it, though. I’m not one of them.

      • At restaurants, tap water is free. And the Norwegian tap water is great.

        • Hahaha. What makes the tap water so good? Does it come with carbonated options?

        • It tastes good:P And at some places, the tap water is (mountain) spring water.
          About the carbonated water, a coupe of friends of me have machines where they carbonate it:P But it is not THAT common yet. I have yet to experience them at restaurants, but I’ve seen them at work and school.

          EDIT: Aaactually, I’ve seen some taps where carbonated water is an alternative, but only twice.

        • Yay for tasty tap water! Where I live we just drink tap water because it tastes good but when my family travels and we drink tap water from Houston it tastes bad.

    • Applesauce 21

      Also switzerland, with a small thing of past of 15 POUNDS. That’s $23 people!!

  160. Are you guys going to make “Ooh! You so nasty!” headbands/bandanas?

  161. LOL! You guise have to visit the Philippines to experience REALLY slow internetzzz.

    • I agree! At public places (hotels, malls, coffee shops, buses, etc) it’s super slow that’s why I don’t like going out of the house, unless I have a pocket wifi with me. Haha! At home, we have a pretty decent internet, I could watch a youtube video at 480p continuously and 720p with a little buffering. Well, it actually depends on your service provider as well as your subscription.

  162. Cyber_3

    So glad that you are back! ^_^

    This TL;DR was hilarious…..even my husband calls out your praises for using diarrhea as the ultimate escape clause (from anything) XD. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all talk to our families about poo so nonchalantly and they wouldn’t even bat an eye? LOL! BTW, those prices seem pretty on par with Canada……sucky, but similar…..

    I’m laughing too hard to really write more, so I’ll just take my giggles and leave. Looking forward to the other videos. …..

    p.s.Maybe that guy was tapping outside the door because he thought it was a signal to get a sex partner (I’ve heard that this is international for gay men in public washrooms) and either a) that is what he wanted so he was frustrated that you all were just doing your business or b) he was trying to trick someone into coming out to get their toilet – either way, still so so so funny!

  163. Now, I really want to know what a sex bar is! That shit was funny! I missed you guys! So much, in fact, that I started going though your old videos to see which ones I haven’t seen. Not alot, it turns out. Lol

  164. “It’s not a sex bar, it’s a f*cking toilet!!”


  165. haha your trip was so funny. about the prices in europe it’s about the same. i pay almost 2 bugs for water but in a big city where it’s really lively it’s about as much as you paid. when i was in london i was like…damn my poor money ;.; *going back to germany*

    • why are you buying bottles of water in London? or just buy one and re-fill it from any old tap.

      • because i was there on vacation and i didn’t want to bring 10 bottles water from home haha well it was not my first time there so i knew it was expensive and brought enough money

        • LOL, my point was London tap water is fine to drik so why bother buying it? I can understand you need to buy A bottle to start off to wander around with, but I didnt understand why youd buy more?

  166. Cyber_3

    So glad that you are back! ^_^

    This TL;DR was hilarious…..even my husband calls out your praises for using diarrhea as the ultimate escape clause (from anything) XD. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all talk to our families about poo so nonchalantly and they wouldn’t even bat an eye? LOL!

    I’m laughing too hard to really write more, so I’ll just take my giggles and leave. Looking forward to the other videos. …..

    p.s. Maybe that guy was tapping outside the door because he thought it was a signal to get a sex partner (I’ve heard that this is international for gay men in public washrooms) and either a) that is what he wanted so he was frustrated that you all were just doing your business or b) he was trying to trick someone into coming out to get their toilet – either way, still so so so funny!

  167. Loved your stories! Here things are a lot more expensive than even Australia. A one bedroom that’s tiny is about $2,000 a month minimum. Just to get a decent meal I have to pay $20 unless I want McD’s or some crap. Maybe the big flush button is for all those incredibly tall, fit people you saw!

  168. Oh Simon – you “loud comer” you. Laughed so hard I was snorting.

  169. Rebecca Kiew

    Come to Perth! Come to Perth! Come to Perth!!

    And oh ya. The coffee terms.
    Short coffees are coffee with only a shot of espresso, and long coffees are coffees with double shot of espresso. So if you ordered a short mac, then its will be a shot of espresso that comes in a small cup, and if you ordered a long mac then you will be served in the normal coffee cup, either top up with milk or the traditional version. Applies to Americano as well.

    And for the iced coffee, I am pretty sure that it is the shop that you go to (or maybe because it is Melbourne). Here in Perth you can opt to add ice cream or without, and its usually on the menu or the barista will ask you. I’ve always got my normal iced latte and iced mocha without the ice cream.

  170. Australia is mad shit expensive. We went there last year and before the football, my woman got a bottle of fruit cider for $15. Dafuq? But its only mad shit expensive for tourists, national minimum wage for anyone over 20 in AU is $16 an hour, so it all balances out.

  171. Hi Simon and Martina, what is it like living as non-smokers in Korea?

  172. Dothraki man warrior lol i love you guys ^_^

  173. My internet stopped loading the video at the start of the toilet flush part xDD

    • Also have fun in Europe ’cause it’s quite expensive here. Especially in the bigger cities! The last time we went to eat at a restaurant it cost like 80 euros for 3 people, and it wasn’t even a good restaurant neither was it in a big city.

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