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Korea vs Australia

September 12, 2013


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Ok, so we talked about a few of the differences between Korea and Australia that we’ve noticed, and hopefully told a story or two that made you chuckle. We skipped out on the obvious ones like Australia doesn’t have as many Korean people, for example. We did notice a lot of Korean people, though! Not tons everywhere, like in Korea, but we did hear a bunch of people speaking Korean. There was even one time in which we walked by some people, and heard them do the quick “OH!” that sounds Korean. You know what I’m talking about! We turned to each other and said “they must be Korean!” and we turned around and we were right. We didn’t shout it out, of course, and embarrass everyone at hand, obviously. We’ve got more tact than that! Point is, we saw a bunch of Korean people there!

Here I Come!

Speaking of embarrassing everyone, here’s another story: the night of the Melbourne event, after all was said and done, we got together with all of the event organizers and had dinner. One of the people there claimed to be really good at staring contests. I, Simon, decided to take her on. I wanted to close my eyes for a bit first and get all the moisture back in them. She asked if I wanted a go at it. I said yes, just give me a second. And then I said we’ll go when I count down from 3. Here’s how the rest of the dialogue went.

Simon: 3
Simon: 2
Simon: …
Simon: …
Girl: Where are you?
Simon: Wait…I’m coming!

To the other patrons of the restaurant looking over at us at that moment, they saw a man, in deep concentration, with his eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed, shout out I’M COMING! Of course this was right when the song at the time finished playing, and everyone simultaneously finished their sentences. Great. Great Simon. Just great. Welcome to Melbourne, you loud comer!


Silly stories aside, we did notice a few more major differences. The loveliest part of Australia, I’ll say, is the architecture. Austalian Nasties, your buildings are beautiful. Korea’s very bright and glittery, but a lot of the buildings here look like they were built in haste, with little coherence to them. Right now I’m looking at the big blocky box of a GAP building, next to the Go store which looks like a house from the 1940s, next to a dingy, boxy Nike store, next to a giant, glittering hodgepodge of a building with the cascading Christmas lights that haven’t been taken down since Christmas. I’m not trying to badmouth Korea here. I know that Korea’s been developing very rapidly, and it’s amazing how quickly it’s come along in 50 years, really it is, but Austalian architecture has a lot of heritage buildings. Melbourne and Sydney look like the 1800s meets current time, very starkly contrasting old architecture and new architecture. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe it. All I can say is that it’s really, really pretty, in my opinion. Korea, I like a lot of things about you, but your rapid construction – though I respect some parts of it – isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. DON’T MURDER ME KOREAN NETIZENS! I TRIED MY BEST TO SAY THAT AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE!

I Need About Tree-Fiddy

Other things we’ve noticed: Australia is, umm, expensive. Whoa guise. Whoa. Paying 15 bucks for a meal? That’s a bit too rich for our blood! We wanted to get a bottle of water at the convenience store, and it cost us $2.80. I’m used to paying 700 won for a bottle of water! DAAAYUM. I’m not sure what the standard price for water is where you’re from. We might be spoiled by how cheap water is here. Regardless, almost 3 bucks for a bottle of water seems steep. And the taxis? $7 for a 2 minute ride! Also, we asked about the price of real estate in Sydney, because – again – your architecture is so freaking beautiful, and we were told that a typical 2 bedroom apartment goes for $2800 a month. DAMN THAT’S STEEP! That’s a lot more than what we’re paying for our place. We didn’t get to compare the prices of everything in Australia, but – from the few things we did compare – everything was more expensive in Australia.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in seeing what our trip to Australia was like, we’re going to start publishing our vlogs on it tomorrow! We had a lot of footage and a lot of things to show! Make sure you’re subscribed, so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Lastly, be honest guise: what’s a Sex Bar?



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