Ah! We totally forgot to publish this video because we were, well, opening a coffee shop. We were at the opening from 8AM to midnight, and then went home and collapsed. Then we slept until forever, went to the coffee shop again at around 5PM, stayed for a bit, then went home and fell asleep again. Our voices are still kinda shot from all the talking we did (we’re blabbermouths), so we’re not good for shooting a video today. We’ll get back to it as soon as we’re back to decent conditions!

We do have this video here, though, that we should have posted on Saturday. We found some Korean Army Food! Don’t ask me why we’re so excited about this. We heard about MREs before. I’m pretty sure I remember reading an article that showed pictures of different countries and what their MREs taste like. So when we saw this we were curious :D

One thing we don’t understand about the MREs: when are they supposed to be used? I thought this was supposed to be food you eat while you’re in a war, right? If that’s the case, then how do you get hot water for this meal? Isn’t that kinda cheating? This MRE isn’t really…RE, right? Wouldn’t Ramen be an MRE, then? What are the rules for this?

Yeah! Back to sleeping and drinking copious amounts of throat coat! We’ll show you what the opening of the cafe was like in this week’s WANK, so make sure you don’t miss out on it by clicking on the pretty button below :D

  1. Hello!

    I don’t know why but I was expecting that the word to describe the army food would be “delicious”..

    At 1:20 I instantly thought of space food!

    Also… Simon’s beard. I actually found today a drawing with the benefits of a beard! Well the drawing was made as a joke but then I found this website http://www.mensxp.com/health/fitness/9317-7-health-benefits-of-having-a-beard.html (via mensxp.com ).

    Apparently it has 7 benefits among which skin cancer prevention and allergy symptoms reduction . Cool! :)

    …missed you guise..


  2. A friend of my family was a lieutenant colonel in the army, and one day he brought us some Russian Army food. The soup was the funniest beceuse you have to chew it well and then to drink lots of water after that :D

  3. I ate preserved biscuits in the airport once. They gave it out for those whose flights were delayed, including me, who stayed was stranded in Japan’s airport for four days. FOUR FUCKING DAYS. I didn’t really mind, it was pretty cool. Tasty, too. The whole trip was fun, but being stranded in the airport was probably the downside of it.

  4. So, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a bunch of us on the Gulf Coast got to try MREs that were shipped down for the relief effort. I remember trying a pasta one and a sloppy joes one. What they include in the MREs we tried is a bag that actually heats up the water for you – you add water and the bag heats up and thus heats up the water to cook the food. The pasta one was ok once you added the packet of seasoning to it and the sloppy joes one was not so ok – the bread was thin and it was weird to eat.

  5. lol…. all the military branches in the U.S. have them. I’m ex navy and ours were pretty good :) I loved the salisbury steak ones lol. The mercury dimes that you snapped to heat the stuff up were fun lol.

  6. In the event that water can’t be spared, MREs are safe to eat without heating them up. To save space in packs, sometimes you field strip the MRE by getting rid of the heating element, seasoning packets, etc. Some of them aren’t terrible. There’s a chicken fajita one that isn’t too bad. The last time I remember eating them was when a hurricane was hitting (we were in Pensacola) and we had to throw out food. The only foods allowed to keep were MREs. So, yum. Dig in.

  7. I was in the US Army, and the MRE’s weren’t bad. You figured out real quick which ones you like and don’t like. If you were in the field and hungry, then you didn’t complain because you never knew when the next meal would come around….memories….

  8. The US Army has something similar called an MRE! They’re pretty gross…but I thought it was cool how they would heat up with just water so when I was little I’d always make my dad bring some home for me! The grossness usually cancelled out the excitement, though…

  9. Space Man Ice Cream!

    I live very close to Washington, DC in the states and we would take field trips to the National Air and Space Museum and we would get Space Man Ice Cream all the time.

    Best story about my husband: he was hanging out at home and Space Man Ice Cream popped into his head and he was just thinking how he loved it as a kid. He and his dad made many trips to the Air and Space Museum when he was little. Then, he had a thought, “Wait a minute! I’m adult! I can buy what I want!” So soon enough, a CASE of Space Man Ice Cream showed up at our door and it was awesome.

    Lesson is: when you are an adult, you can make foolish purchases and revel in your victories. Sometimes being a ‘grown-up’ is awesome.

  10. First of all, these are absolutely loaded with the highest calorie content they could devise. If your on the fat man program, stay away from these. We rarely had time for hot water, but black coffee was seemingly always in abundance, so we would routinely pour hot coffee in them. There not cheap, but convenient. Recon team or advanced party would get 3 to 5 each till you could get a hot meal. The old C ration was better I think, but loaded with salt you could actually see. It also had a can of peanut butter and a can of crackers with a John Wayne bar ( 2 chocolate discs ). Beans in tomato sauce, ham slices, spaghettini meat sauce… The MRE’s and C rats would bind you typically four about 4 days. You could sometimes do the 3 day weekend exercise ( without a BM ) and wait till you got home…

  11. Well, some people haven’t been watching Real Men XD XD

    I always wondered, the Korean war and the military is a big part of Korean life and culture yet S&M never touches upon the subject for more than a few minutes, why?
    I mean, surely a video should be made explaining the events of the Korean War and its aftermath- it feels extremely relevant to me.

    Just my two cents.

  12. There are a plethora of ways to heat water out away from convenient things like electricity. :3 Chemical reaction heating thingies are nice if you’ve got them, but little gas stoves and such exist as well, especially in the ultralight backpacking field. You can make stoves out of tin cans, even. O: There’s also the time-honored method of building a fire, which there are hundreds of ways of doing. ^_^

  13. I’m assuming they get issued metal cups that can be used to heat up water over a fire or something, since it doesn’t look like those MREs come with heating packs. I always thought US army MREs tasted pretty good, especially the vegetarian ones, and I NEVER got one with Skittles or M&Ms. I ate them cold, more often than not, and I think I was in the majority.

  14. Well, every now and then I do high altitude (above 3000mts) trekking in the Andes, and i try to pack that kind of food because it’s weight efficient, nutritious and easy to prepeare. And I can assure you that after a few days away from civilization and walking all day, when feeding time comes you care very little abut taste, and table manners.

  15. I don’t know anything about army food but I do know that that packet is dark green! -trust me I’m an artist- ;)

  16. Hiking food is like this!! Just add hot water, and you have instant stroganoff, lasagna, etc. You can even have a dehydrated icecream bar afterwards for dessert :) Space ice cream is quite delicious and I’m looking forward to having it again on my 5 day hike at the end of this month. My husband and I will even be making our own dehydrated meals to bring on this hike. Mmmmm…. I guess LOL

  17. oh my god i want space ice cream!!!!

  18. If I’m not mistaken, MREs are warmed by a chemical heater. Something to do with the oxidation of magnesium dust, some other stuff I don’t remember, and water. A few years back I asked my chemistry teacher about it. He made it sound like you fill the heater pouch with water, seal it, and then put both that and the food pouch in another container to heat it up. Sounded reasonable to me at least. I guess standard kit for most soldiers won’t include a camping stove.

    That pouch is totally grey by the way. Sometimes I go down by the bay where I make things out of clay. Old reference are okay, wouldn’t you say?

    • Back in the day (pre-chemical heating), we found the best way to heat MREs was to put them either under your arm or between your thighs. These are pulse points and they are the warmest part of your external body. After about 5 or 10 mins, the food gets up to warm – not hot – but warm.

    • You (and your teacher) are exactly right – there’s a chemical heater inside a plastic bag that you pour regular, cold water into, followed by the food pouch, and then the whole thing is laid down against… something (the bag suggests a rock) for a few minutes while it chemically reacts and heats the food. Granted, that’s only useful if you have time – it’s not uncommon to just eat straight out of the pouch when you’re on the run, so to speak.

      Bonus: I’ve stuffed the used heater into a pocket on my jacket while in a cold weather environment. It didn’t last more than an hour, but it was nice while it did. :)

  19. Had some MRES when I was in the Navy. Some of them were not too bad. At the time the already prepared MRES meals were starting to be used by the military. Most field meals come with the prepared main dish, freeze dried fruit, dessert, instant coffee and/or a instant are drink.

    • Yeah, and a lot of them also came with peanut butter and crackers. They were okay. I was thinking this seemed like a very little amount of food for rations. One MRE could keep you going for most of the day.

  20. I heard from my cousin (who is Australian soldier) that the ration packs for one of his trips was so good that it even had chocolate in it! Other soldiers would even trade their chocolate for cigarettes X’D

  21. I’m gonna break out my military kid status to offer a fun tidbit about MREs and the US Army. My dad works AGR for the Army, which means that he’s an active duty service member that works for a reservist unit. Basically, it’s his job to keep the unit running at all times (as opposed to the one weekend a month that reservist work aka Drill) Part of my dad’s duty is to feed the soldiers during drill. Typically, he can get it catered but when the government is being especially cheap or if the caterers want too much money, the soldiers get to eat MREs. So, MREs aren’t only for war zones, they are also used to torture soldiers during drill! On the plus size, full sized bags of Skittles!
    PS According to my brother, beef stew isn’t half bad. Also, most US MREs aren’t made with hot water, just bottled.

  22. Australian Army food is pretty average. Some of it’s okay though, they have a surprisingly large amount of chocolate supplied.. catch? it stops you from making poops :(

  23. I LOVE astronaut ice cream! I haven’t had it in years though because I can only get it at a specific museum and it’s like $6 for a 5oz bag >.<

  24. I’ve used freeze-dry food all the time when I go backpacking. Some of the stuff can be really good and other stuff (like scrambled eggs) are just disgusting.

    On a different note:
    Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

    This is one of my all-time favorite indie songs that I hold near and dear to my heart. It would mean a lot to me if you guys added this song to your Coffee Shop playlist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erywPdFfORE

  25. In regards to the hot water concern… I remember seeing self-heated meals on the TV show 진짜 사나이 (the name makes me giggle sometimes… “real man” what does that even mean :p). I assume that in times of war if hot water is unavailable, those would be used!

  26. Canadian MRE’S are about the same, hit and miss. Except that the only ones I’ve experienced have to be boiled like a pyrohy before you open the package. We learned very quickly that the breakfasts were the worst (Military eggs in general should be avoided)but apparently the spaghetti and meatballs are good? The 280 cal. Soldier Fuel energy bars they come with did help me make it through some exams, however they should not be fed to children unless you never want them to calm down ever. *The more you know*

  27. I’m in JROTC at school and my instructors brought army rations for us to taste and….. it wasn’t good. We tried the apple sauce first and…… I’ll stop there. Let’s just say my instructors got a kick out of all of out reactions. Laughed at us the entire day.

  28. Don’t worry Martina. I was with you on your dehydrated ice cream story. I remember eating that and the plain chocolate one when we had guests with it at school :D

  29. Speaking of dehydrated ice cream…

    I gave a pack to a co-worker after I can back from a family reunion in California. I remember I bought it at an Urban Outfitters though… really weird that you’d find it at a clothing store…

    Then again… I found some Tony Moly makeup there as well…

  30. We all see colours differently…

  31. So, my ex-husband was in the army and he brought home some MRE’s after his came back from deployment. It was meatloaf, it tasted horrible, but it came with candy so I was happy. Then my mom is a big planner for if the world ends so she stacked up on all sorts of MRE’s. So in America, our MREs come with candy and so when the world ends I’m living off candy…

  32. OMG my boyfriend and I have that same argument about colors all the time. You’re totally right Simon, that’s gray.

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