Okokokokok: I know this exists in your country. It must, right? I’ve seen it in Canada – and so it exists everywhere else in the universe. HA! My line of reasoning is faulty. My point is, even if this isn’t a crazy new thing you’ve never seen before, this Korean banana holder, it’s at least got something special to it that I doubt is common: a damned banana fork. A fork for your banana! That’s crazy, son! Admit it! No? Forks are commonly used for bananas where you’re from? Really? Well, I’m sorry, then, to have wasted your time. Move along now. Nothing to see here. Next week we’ve got something totally different. Well, kinda different. Same but different. And if next week’s item is in your country then you and I will have to duel to the death! And I’m strong, too, especially strong now with all the bananas I’ve been eating, thanks to my Leveled Up Banana Holder. Though, honestly, I don’t eat a lot of bananas. They’re too carby. They’re delicious, but they’ve got way too much sugar in them. Not all fruits are good for you, you know? I’ve been eating a lot of nuts instead. We’ve been making these powerballs that are toasted coconut shavings mixed with lots of different nuts and chia seeds and homemade almond butter. I feel like a squirrel when I eat them. And then chia seeds get stuck in your teeth worse than popcorn kernels. THEY’RE SO MADDENING. but they’re healthy, and they make me stronger enough to duel you to the death and win if you claim to have experienced next week’s WTF item. YEAH!

Side note: I misspelled “banana” as “babana” and I remembered Ni No Kuni and how awesome that game was. GAMING NERDS! Tell me you’ve played that game as well! It’s such a sweet and lovely game damn it’s so good!

Side note #2: Leigh and Soo Zee’s second episode of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang will be going up tonight. Huzzah! I hope that’ll make up for the Korean Indie segment we’re missing out on, again, this week. It’s because Martina was sick and we lost three days of filming! I’m sorry!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve seen that before! My grandma got a banana case for christmas :)

  2. Can’t I say all of them? xD But if I had to pick one, it would definitely be the Banana Holder! Although that breast pack that may or may not contain Simon’s chest hair sounds very appealing, that banana holder blew my mind with it’s fanciness! I mean, lezzbe honest here, that thing is PURE GENIUS!!!!!

  3. Koreans are known for doing strange things with fruit, like only eating it with forks or skewers, and peeling apples. Seriously? Peeling apples? Why would you throw away all that nutritional goodness? Apple peels are loaded with healthful phytochemicals, such as quercetins, which help prevent type II diabetes, and antioxidants which not only fight cancer, but help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. By throwing away the peel, you’re throwing away half the nutrition!

  4. I don’t know how you guys are living! Are you vampires? When I’m on a diet I eat bananas (and other fruits) and FWOOSH some fat melts off my body, or I eat some plain white rice with veggies. This is probably because my diet is otherwise some variation of pasta, rice + meat, or sandwiches. But apparently bananas/fruits and rice are made of sugar/starches and make you super duper fat?! D:

  5. I love how I sincerely believed that Martina was on the phone with Junsu just then. Ha. Ha.

    I have a hypothetical yet very possible situation for you guise to consider:
    What IF you are an avid consumer of bananas, and thus own this very handy leveled up version of a typical banana holder, BUT instead of mountain biking, you take your banana to a K-Pop concert (because you know, you avidly consume bananas; or you just have a potassium deficiency, namean?) and when your favourite band comes out onstage, you get so excited that you just can’t help yourself and you sHAKE YOUR BANANA HOLDER FOR ALL IT’S WORTH BECAUSE YOU JUST LOVE (insert group name here) SO MUCH and then your banana flies out and hits an innocent bystander (or worse, your favourite oppa/eonni) in the face (or crotch).

    Nah, you’re right, don’t shake it. You might break it. Or get arrested for assault with a deadly fruit. Or something..

    And hey, does that fit all bananas? ‘Cause sometimes my Mom buys those extra large bananas and I wonder if the case is big enough to- Ah, I just can’t finish this sentence. >xDD

    P.S. I don’t know if this is feasible with the formatting of the pages, but would it be possible to add a “WTF” section to your Culture page? It’d make access so much easier, plus I think it’d be cool to see all your latest finds lined up like your WANKs, FAPFAPs, TL;DRs, Open the Happy videos and Livechats. Just a suggestion! :)

  6. Raine

    Why did you start singing Boccherini in the middle of thaT?! Hehe. This is even goofier than the sleep muzzle…

  7. I’ve heard of shake it like a polaroid picture, but never shake it like a banana case. I learn something new every time I come to EatYourKimchi.com. Thank you!

  8. At 3:55, is martina singing minuet by L. Boccherini. Cause like I used to play that piece on the cello three years ago and that little tune just gave me the weirdest deja vu! haha

  9. I will eat bananas like this all the time from now on. I get awkward stares when I stick bananas in my mouth in public. That sounded wrong… o.o

  10. I like the frozen chocolate covered bananas! They’re yummy!

  11. I eat hamburgers with a fork and knife…..unless they’re tiny, in which case hands it is, but those big gourmet burgers? I ain’t touching that with my hands……

    Also I’m allergic to bananas so I have no idea why I watched this. :(

  12. Nicole

    You must send one to your niece!! She LOVES Bananas.

  13. Cara Rose

    gotta admit, the moment you rang Simon on your banana phone, I could only start singing:

    …oh Raffi, you’ve done it again :P

  14. I Got that ‘BAD BOY, GOOD GIRL’ too Simon except its entirely black and not red :D

  15. Maybe the next WTF should have to do with the Kitchen/ Cooking stuff. You cook a lot at home after all, right? Two birds with one stone.

  16. I’m never going to understand the knife and fork thing for burgers and pizza.
    The pizza comes with a built-in handle for easy consumption!

  17. KATHyphenTUN

    lol I always see these cases and think “Pfft who would need one of those..” then I go to school, open my backpack, and find smooshed banana all over my textbooks -___-
    I should really break down and buy one of those this year for school.

  18. Marzia Matalone

    Truthfully, I’ve never heard about banana holders or other fruit cases whatsoever (except from garlic cases)…I guess it should be usefull in some way…even if right now I can’t see any reason to have a banana case since this is the easiest fruit to peel and it is not too fragile to be put into your bag and such…but, well, I admit this is cute…

  19. Manuel Ramirez Delgado

    one of my students used to have a banana holder like this, he used the fork too hahaha, here in Mexico are kinda common now, there are strawberry holders, lemon, mango, and even garlic and onion holders (you know….because you want your kid to eat healthy at school, whats healthier than garlic?? D: )

  20. Many little old Korean ladies cannot eat da whole thing, so they keep it in there.

  21. I am a born and bred murican but now that I’ve settled down in The Netherlands, I’ve started using a knife and fork to eat things like tacos and hamburgers! What the hell has this country done to me?!! Lol. (for some reason I find it too messy now..)

  22. NI NO KUNI wooooooo!!!

  23. No, bananas are good for you! It’s a misconception (just like people say egg yolks are unhealthy). “Bananas contain a type of dietary fiber known as resistant starch that your body can’t absorb, so it fills you up temporarily without the risk of filling you out permanently. Other research has linked resistant starch to an increase in post-meal fat-burning, says Janine Higgins, Ph.D., nutrition research director at the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. One of the by-products of the unabsorbed carbohydrates in your system is butyrate, a fatty acid that may inhibit the body’s ability to burn carbs, forcing it to incinerate fat instead.”

    • I was thinking the same thing about that banana comment! bananas are way good for you and they’re good for digestion :) (as long as they are nice ripe bananas)

  24. So how do you know if you won if your already subscribed? Oh wait I get it. I win the magical experience of watching you guys! :D

  25. I put my bananas in the freezer so they’ll last longer and frozen banayners are delish. . . I wonder if you can put the holder in the freezer? O_O

    • You know what the best thing to do with frozen bananas are? Blend them! Then it’s like ice cream, but healthier (and still really delicious and creamy).

    • Just curious and sorry for asking but … Do you peel them first before you put them in the freezer? I just bought bananas and I want to keep away the fruit flies… And keep them lasting longer. So I wasn’t sure if I should peel them first… Thanks!

  26. Sascha_Wong

    Simon, NI NO KUNI WAS AWESOME! Mr. Drippy is the best sidekick EVER.

  27. Could we get your recipe for the powerballs? I’m really looking for a healthy snack source right now, and plain nuts are so boring…

  28. Katie

    “I don’t eat a lot of bananas. They’re too carby. They’re delicious, but they’ve got way too much sugar in them. Not all fruits are good for you, you know?”
    I eat a banana almost everyday. I love them so much. However, I do not have a banana holder. Might have to invest.

  29. This reminds me of the of the banana slicer advertised on Amazon. You have to read the comments about the product. So much win! http://www.amazon.com/Victorio-Kitchen-Products-Banana-Slicer/dp/B001F5STWU/?ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

  30. I spotted some Charlie the Unicorn references!! :D or was it my imagination? … o_O

  31. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahah i didn’t know banana holders existed!! never seen ‘em before!!

    the only time i use a fork and knife with a pizza or burger is when the pizza is too thin and ‘floppy’ to hold and the burger is too large to bite!!

  32. These also exist in Belgium. A friend of mine has one. So Belgium is as weird as Korea in some points. :3

  33. WOW! If you google banana case it comes up on amazon!

  34. “This was a good timer.” That was the first thought in my head because my English sucks. I blame my husband, but not really, but yet I do… He’s okay with it.
    This was such a fun, lighthearted video and post. Every time you bleep out your bad words it makes me wish you had the magical sound effects program pack that Korean shows use. Does that make sense? You two mentioned I think in the TL;DR about Korean and Foreign Humor. Does that help? …I would totally want to use that too.

    As for the fork, I think that may be an Asian product thing?
    I’m currently in Thailand and we get tiny utensils with several items from the grocery store, such as:
    Butter: “We give you little knife.”
    Yogurt: “We give you tiny spoon”
    Tiny Jam Jar: “We give you tiny spreader with the Tazmanian Devil cartoon head.”
    And like I did, you should read all the quotes in Simon’s Russian voice. That happens often.

  35. gosh guise I just came up with the most ridiculous uses for the banana holder XD … first use: I think it could help you in case you’re robbed :)) you have it attached to your pants so if you want to scare the robber away you stick the banana in your pocket so it points out towards him and he ends up thinking it’s a gun X’DD (I’ve seen this in movies where instead of a banana case they had a small bottle :)) ) second use: the case could be a perfect dough cutter for a “banana butterfly” cookie X’DD and third use (which isn’t ridiculous at all) : for babies. You know how some spoiled children go like “I want a banana” ” No… I don’t want a banana”. You can’t throw it out, that would be a waste; so you put it in the banana holder for the child to eat it later :))

    I’m sure I can find some more uses for the banana holder XDD

    “Leigh and Soo Zee’s second episode of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang will be going up tonight. Huzzah!” – Huzzah! :D

    “I hope that’ll make up for the Korean Indie segment we’re missing out on, again, this week. It’s because Martina was sick and we lost three days of filming! I’m sorry!” – don’t worry guise. Get well soon Martina! :| (and Simon)

    Great WTF! :D


    P.S: Did you find an apartment yet? :|||

  36. I eat my burgers with fork and knife in restaurants… :| But if it’s something like McDonalds then I eat it using my hands xD

  37. Since we’re on the topic of useless… useful tools for fruits, please tell me you all have seen the Amazon reviews for the Banana Slicer. If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor and click here NOW: http://www.amazon.com/Hutzler-571-Banana-Slicer/dp/B0047E0EII My abs hurt after reading through them. You’re welcome!

  38. We do have banana cases over here – at least theoretically, I’ve never seen anyone using one of them.
    Anyways, over here they are used a tad differently – you are not supposed to peel your banana in the morning and place it inside, but simply use it as a storage container for the entire banana (pulp and skin). When it’s time to eat your banana, you eat the entire thing, discard the skin and that’s it.
    No brown, awkward looking banana and almost no smell.
    And thinking about it, it really is practical if you are an avid banana devourer and dislike pulling out a squeezed and brown-ish banana from among your books, which henceforth carry a lovely smell of spoiled banana. ‘Yum yum yum! :)

  39. I’m thinking that the little hole isn’t to tie the banana to various objects. I think it is for attaching ridiculously cute charms to your banana. This is Korea we’re talking about. Doesn’t it make more sense that it would be for upping the cuteness factor?

  40. Oooh those powerballs sound dericious! Pleeeease do a demo on them!!!

  41. It’s my first time to see such a thing. :O I don’t think we have banana case here. Also, you can’t eat pizza or hamburger with fork and knife because it’s not as tasty as eating with hands.

  42. lol this is perfect for little kids or people that love banana or me that carries banana in her back pack and forget them. :/

  43. :) I’ve seen banana cases before and never bought it because people around me always tell me that the banana doesn’t fit in the case from time to time. So yeah that’s when I gave it up.

  44. we got banana cases here, I see my 1st grade students with them all the time . The younger they are the more likely they are to use it, the older they get the smellier they are the less inclined they are to care that they have a squashed banana in their backpack. Or worse- a sandwich with mold waiting there for months!

  45. While I was on here after watching on youtube and refreshing DYLM I was reading for awhile then noticed that I could hear something. It took me a couple of seconds to realize it was 2NE1 playing XD I had it on mute before refreshing to watch your vid so I was confused when I suddenly heard sounds. I can be really dumb sometimes

  46. 1. Err.. Why a banana case? Is banana a staple food somewhere or..?
    2. An apple case would be a legit thing. And back to my first point: WHY BANANA? LIKE, WHAT?
    3. I don’t think it’s an Asian thing. I’m Asian, and I, nor does anyone in my family,eat bananas like that. We also do not eat pizza and hamburgers with a fork and knife. Although, my cousins and I have eaten tiny finger sandwiches with a fork and knife but that’s only because we were at this little place called Secret Garden and it’s suppose to have a somewhat British “tea-time” theme to it.
    4. Tried SooZee’s watermelon cutting technique on a mini watermelon. My parents were so confused when I asked them if I could cut it. After a fourth of the watermelon, I was DONE. But secretly, I think my mom does that now..O.O

  47. I have seen banana cases in the US, and we also have them for onions, apples, pears, and lemons. Super cute, but I am not sure how well they will actually work. I still feel like my food with get all brown and nast.

  48. Ni No Kuni babanas for the win (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  49. Woah, I feel like I NEED to buy that banana case now

  50. There used to be a banana case here (Alaska) in the store Fred Meyers that you put the banana in and there was a cutter, so when you opened it the banana was in three separate pieces…but i haven’t looked in a year or so…

    I don’t eat bananas…

  51. lady_kire

    I knew someone who always brought his banana in a banana case to class. I think they had a green/red/yellow pepper case as well. I haven’t spoke to them for years.

  52. I have never heard of or seen a banana case until now, but that is a genius Idea :3 Minus the fork. We don’t need no stinkin’ forks D< You pick up with hands and eat like barbarian warrior… WARRIOR HUH!

  53. I actually have that EXACT banana case at a store near my house, almost bought it, but then I remembered that I don’t like bringing bananas to school… So I didn’t (plus I only had enough money to buy cake and I wanted cake)

  54. So this is weird, I’m in America and I have one of these. I never thought it was weird until now. I use it so the banana doesn’t get squashed in my lunchbox! I even have the banana fork…

  55. Oh no, Martina! You ingested the evil banana end! Maybe that’s why you got sick! Your immune system tried its best to fight off the evil banana particles, but alas, it succumbed to the evil.

  56. What if birds aren’t singing, but are screaming because they are afraid of heights?

  57. That banana holder is pretty shazamin.

  58. Seriously, there aren’t banana holder in Indonesia (at least, as I had known). We love to do it by nature… I mean, come on… Just peel the skin and noms away… Banana holder is SO not practical. LOL.

  59. That was hilarious. You guys had me cracking up through the whole video. :D It’s like this WTF was made for Junsu.. xD

  60. thisisjustforfunval

    I’ve seen onion and lemon shaped containers and possibly a bell pepper. It could have been a lime though…hmm. To Target!

  61. I have seen cases like this for grapefruit and apples!

  62. thanks soozee :P my fam was amazed at my awesome skills! best trick ever!

  63. Omg!!!! I can’t believe I’m gonna be a college student soon!!! >.< I'm so nervous!!

  64. Om nom nom!

  65. Hahaha, a grape case would be legit. Just one grape.

  66. Ni No Kuni! I loved that game, gosh. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never even seen about a banana holder all my life until this video, so I’m hoping I won’t have any idea what next week’s item is so I don’t have to duel either of you to death!

    P.S. No money came out. WHYYYYYY. ;_;

  67. I want to eat bananas like that ;u; <3

  68. I wonder if bananas are slippery??

  69. I clicked, and there is no money. Why Simon, Why??????? *crushed*

  70. I’m the first one to comment!!! Yay!!!! :D

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