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WTF – Banana Holders LEVELED UP!

August 17, 2013


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Okokokokok: I know this exists in your country. It must, right? I’ve seen it in Canada – and so it exists everywhere else in the universe. HA! My line of reasoning is faulty. My point is, even if this isn’t a crazy new thing you’ve never seen before, this Korean banana holder, it’s at least got something special to it that I doubt is common: a damned banana fork. A fork for your banana! That’s crazy, son! Admit it! No? Forks are commonly used for bananas where you’re from? Really? Well, I’m sorry, then, to have wasted your time. Move along now. Nothing to see here. Next week we’ve got something totally different. Well, kinda different. Same but different. And if next week’s item is in your country then you and I will have to duel to the death! And I’m strong, too, especially strong now with all the bananas I’ve been eating, thanks to my Leveled Up Banana Holder. Though, honestly, I don’t eat a lot of bananas. They’re too carby. They’re delicious, but they’ve got way too much sugar in them. Not all fruits are good for you, you know? I’ve been eating a lot of nuts instead. We’ve been making these powerballs that are toasted coconut shavings mixed with lots of different nuts and chia seeds and homemade almond butter. I feel like a squirrel when I eat them. And then chia seeds get stuck in your teeth worse than popcorn kernels. THEY’RE SO MADDENING. but they’re healthy, and they make me stronger enough to duel you to the death and win if you claim to have experienced next week’s WTF item. YEAH!

Side note: I misspelled “banana” as “babana” and I remembered Ni No Kuni and how awesome that game was. GAMING NERDS! Tell me you’ve played that game as well! It’s such a sweet and lovely game damn it’s so good!

Side note #2: Leigh and Soo Zee’s second episode of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang will be going up tonight. Huzzah! I hope that’ll make up for the Korean Indie segment we’re missing out on, again, this week. It’s because Martina was sick and we lost three days of filming! I’m sorry!

Side note #3: if you like these videos, and I hope you do, you should subscribe for more of them on YouTube! They totally make for a better viewing experience. Money spits out of your computer when you click on this button, just in case you need some money. If it doesn’t work on your computer, try it on your friends’ computers instead. It only works on select models. Go click the button below to see if you won!



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