After a long days work on Friday, Simon and I decided it was time to go to a bar. That’s right, we broke our normal, “hey, let’s read in a coffee shop!” routine and went to a bar. Luckily for us we have a bar in the basement of our building, called the Liquor Cabin. Although the staff did not speak english, there were pictures on the menu.

We ordered fried chicken and a bottle of Soju each. Soju is the vodka of Korea, except it is dirt cheap. As in, 3,000 won for a beer sized bottle ($3) and it has 20% alcohol. It has a very sweet taste at first and then has kind of a black licorice aftertaste and then a gross vodka like flavour that makes you twitch. I can’t believe how easily everyone was downing these bottles, because Simon was drunk off one, and I couldn’t finish my bottle (it tasted too gross for me…). Our free appetizers showed up, and it was nacho chips with salsa and cheese, and peanuts. Oh, we were wrong, because it was really pizza sauce and mustard. Yup. You heard me. Despite the weird starters our fried chicken was awesome, we got a whole chicken and a half. We got legs, wings, breast, neck, everything for $12 bucks. It was too much for 2 people, but we finished it off.

Afterwards we went for a walk and tried to win weird toys from those weird claw vending machines. Tried and failed. And so ends our exciting night out.

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