A while ago, when we were walking around during Monsoon Season in Bucheon, we saw this awesome picture here and had to take a picture of it. We put it under our Engrish section, because it’s just so highly inappropriate, with implications that are too sensitive for us to get into for our PG-13 blog. Anyhow, months have passed, and we finally went to a Black Slammers Korean Basketball Game. We went with Simon’s co-teacher, who offered to take us, and was kind enough to pick us up at our apartment and drive us to the game. We were surprised, because the stadium was only ten minutes away from our place, and it was in Incheon. We didn’t know that Incheon was so close to Bucheon, even though we’ve been living here for over six months!

We made a video of the whole event, from the tickets at the front door, to game highlights, to other interesting things that happened during the game. We were quite bored since Incheon was losing terribly for the first half of the game, but by the end of the game they came back to within two points.

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