Sometimes when you’re in a foreign country you have to bite the bullet and try weird and strange foods that you’ve never had before. For example, there is this totally Korean ice cream place that we had never heard of called Baskin-Robbins (check out the Korean website). It serves really delicious ice-cream and it is danergously close to our apartment. It was our friend Mark’s birthday on Thursday (we met Mark during the Gepik Workshop and quickly became friends with him), so we decided to buy him one of the ice cream cakes that we have been eyeing for months but could never justify buying. The cake we bought was really cool looking with what we thought were pink marshmallows on top, but were actually ice cream squares. Needless to say the cake was delicious, but the combination of flavours was a bit odd: the top flavour was cherry ice cream, the side was cookies and cream, and the inside was pistachio. Besides the odd flavours, what’s really cool about buying any cake in Korea is all the extra stuff they give you for free. For example, if you purchase a normal cake from a bakery, they always ribbon wrap the box and put in a huge plastic cutting knife. We got even more stuff with our ice cream cake!

  1. Aw I like how they did that with the candles and how they packaged it and had the side handle things to lift it out so you don't get messy and/or ruin the cake. Very nice. Where I live we don't have a Baskin Robins anymore so I can't comment on their cakes since my family always gets them from Dairy Queen even when they were around.

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