THE BB CREAM SHOOOOWWWDOOWWNN! I’ve wanted to do this review for soooooooo long! I’m so happy to finally be presenting you with a more complete comparison of BB Creams then in my last much older video. I picked six different BB Creams ranging from cheap to expensive and I pitted them against each other. Also, to make this even better, there’s a Gmarket Promo going on with a whole heap of BB Creams! If you’ve been unsure about spending the money on a BB Cream maybe sale time is your chance to get them.

So to begin with, BB Cream is NOT the same as using foundation, so for those of you ladies/gentleman that don’t enjoy thick makeup up on your face, BB Cream is for you! And yes, lots of Korean dudes use BB Cream as part of their daily routine and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

BB Cream actually means Blemish Balm and was originally created by a doctor for people with skin issues including scarring or bad acne. The formula that it is made of is baffling to me because it applies one colour and changes to another in oxygen, it doesn’t clog my pores, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup, and it still manages to cover up my red face and under eye circles. What is this sorcery!!?? Whatever it’s made of, I use it daily like I would a face cream since all BB Creams come equipped with SPF protection from the sun. It’s very easy to apply and creates a nice no fuss routine at the beginning of the day. Even non-make up wearers could easily use this! Can you apply face cream? Then you can use BB Cream! HUURRAAHH!!!

The only problem with BB Cream is that there is a HUGE variety to choose from. For this test I stuck with popular Korean brand names and yes, Asian BB Cream brands are different than American BB Creams. I actually tested some popular American brands and they felt super thick and gooey. It reminded me of foundation mixed with glue. GROSS. So I’ll be sticking to the original source…KOREAN BB BRANDS! You can buy BB Creams for oily skin, whitening (which means evening out your skin tone, not bleaching your skin), heavy coverage, acne prone skin, waterproof, wrinkles/aging, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Almost ALL of them come with UV or SPF protection.

For today’s review I picked BB Creams:
-for dry skin
-for light to medium coverage
-in the lightest shade available
-in matte finish (as opposed to dewy/shiny)

The dewy finish is, to me, that sweaty/oily look you sometimes see on Kpop Idols and Korean drama actors/actresses. I personally don’t like it, but Korean people think “dewy” means young and fresh looking. To each their own, right? Also regarding the skin tone, I have light/pink toned skin so not all BB Creams are okay for me. Some of them are on the brownish tanned side and others have a yellow tint to them so I had to avoid brands that were in those shades. Let’s begin!

Etude House BB Cream

Etude House

Get it here!

Price: cheap – mid
Coverage: light
Scent: no
Weight on face: very light
Amount needed for coverage: very little (less than one suggested pump)

I am an Etude House girl, I admit. For those of you that follow me on Instagram you’ll know I post pics of my hauls and sometimes I even do haul videos. I normally use BB Cream from Etude House to begin with but this one was a new type for me. I liked it! It was on the lighter side of coverage and applied really easily. Out of all the brands I tried this one required the least amount of BB Cream to spread onto my whole face. I think this was probably made for normal skin rather than oily/dry because of the way it applied, but it was still good for me since I’m not too dry. This remains in my Top 3 Picks.

Dr Jart BB Cream

Dr Jart

Get it here!

Price: expensive
Coverage: full
Scent: no
Weight on face: medium – heavy
Amount needed for coverage: two squeezes (absorbed quickly)

This was the most expensive brand on the list so I was hesitant to buy it…but I DID IT FOR SCIENCE!!! Thank goodness I like it! I was very happily surprised that this had no scent, was very moisturizing (but not greasy), and had awesome coverage and really made my skin look perfect! Depending on how dry your skin is you might run out of this faster than a cheaper brand that spreads more easily but it really does have awesome coverage. It is in my Top 3 Picks and I would buy it again!

Missha BB Cream


Get it here!

Price: mid range
Coverage: light – medium
Scent: perfume
Weight on face: light – medium
Amount needed for coverage: brand new bottle and the pump was broken so I can’t tell

I was unhappy from the get-go considering the brand new bottle wouldn’t pump at all. It could be a total fluke but that didn’t impress me. After that I got the amount of BB Cream all wrong and ended up using a cotton pad to scrape the extra stuff off my hands. What I really disliked was the scent since I’m NOT a perfume in my creams kindof girl. The coverage wasn’t great either, it still left me a bit blotchy. This one is a no for me.

Tony Moly BB Cream

Tony Moly

Get it here!

Price: cheap
Coverage: light
Scent: no
Weight on face: light
Amount needed for coverage: one – two squeezes

It was exactly what I expected from the cheapest BB Cream on the list! Very sheer coverage and I had to apply two squeezes to fully apply. I really have nothing else to say since I didn’t dislike it, but I wouldn’t buy it again because I personally need more coverage for my face. If you’re looking for very light and sheer coverage this is for you!

Clio BB Cream


Get it here!

Price: cheap – mid range
Coverage: medium
Scent: No
Weight on face: light
Amount needed for coverage: one squeeze or less

This one really surprised me! It had a totally unique feeling when it was being applied. It started as a cream but started to turn into almost a powder finish under my fingers. It was very silky. Perhaps that’s the shea butter in it? Whatever it is I was happily surprised considering I had never thought of buying this before. The coverage was nice as well but a bit more tan than my skin. I will buy this again! It’s in my Top 3 Pick.

Skin79 BB Cream

Skin 79

Get it here!

Price: expensive
Coverage: light – medium
Scent: perfume
Weight on face: medium – heavy
Amount needed for coverage: one pump and a half

Nope nope nope. The bottle was nice looking but a hard bottle means you can’t squeeze every last drop out of it. HAHAH! So cheap of me! Also, so much perfume. I guess I can’t really get past that. Also, it had a glossy finish so I really didn’t like anything about it. Considering how expensive it was I expected something better. I’d rather go for Dr.Jart if I’m going to pay for premium Bb Cream.

Altogether, here’s my handy chart, because pictures are pretty!

BB Cream Review Showdown

So that’s it for my BB Cream review. What I’d really like is to hear from you guise is what kindof BB Cream you use. Which ones do you love and which ones do you hate? Be sure to include your skin tone and preferences (example: oily skin, acne prone, etc) so we can share from each other’s experiences! If this was helpful let me know, it took a really long time to film this so if I have to do it again with different BB Creams I’d like to get it right and make it as helpful as possible!

  1. Black_Rabbit

    Hey guys I have a question!
    I am tempted to buy the Dr. Jart BB cream but I want to know does it have a coloring to it?
    My skin color brown and I don’t want to buy the cream just to find out that it makes me 10 shades lighter. Thanks~

  2. Hi guys, I need some help here. :)

    I never wear make-up. However, ever since I’m a kid I have a tendency to blush for no reason (my blood circulation isn’t so good, nothing problematic except the fact that my body temperature varies greatly from one place to another). My cheeks are basically 95% of the red, and I thought that BB creams could really help me with that.

    Since I live in Canada, I only tried Marcelle’s BB cream. I’ve bought it like 3 years ago because I had an interview for a huge company that I truly wanted to work in. As I said, I blush for almost no reason and stress makes me blush. I really did NOT want that to happen (I got the job by the way :P).

    I’ve used it like 10 times max in 3 years. But it feels so heavy. I’m reallyyyy not into make-up but now that I’ve seen your video, I’m interested in buying something that might be better for my skin.

    Any recommendation for someone who never wears make-up, blushes often and have a reaaaally pale skin? Something that feels light and that last for a long time would be nice (is there an expiration date on make-up? Honestly I know nothing about it and I’m just lost in the sea of products).

    I’m willing to buy a Korean BB cream but as I said, I barely use it, so if I order one, I would really like something that would help my situation.

    Thanks everyone ! :)

    • raindrop

      Hi fellow Canadian Nasty! :D

      I’ve tried the CC cream from Marcelle before. So not good ^^; but yeah, there are a bunch of Korean BB creams out there that would suit your needs!
      It’s difficult to recommend a particular BB cream to you right now, first we need to know a few things– like is your skin dry or oily? Also, what is your preferred finish (matte face, or a dewy look)? Also, is your skin sensitive? Sorry for all the questions, but every BB cream has these different things to take into account ^^;
      Right now I think I’d recommend a BB cushion to you..it’s super lightweight and feels like next to nothing on your skin (the ones I’ve tried at least). It’s basically like BB cream or foundation soaked into a sponge housed in a compact, and you use a puff to gather it from the cushion and apply it on your face. It’s pretty foolproof and very easy to use, so it would be good for you who doesn’t wear much makeup ^^
      Apparently Laneige’s BB cushion is now sold at Target here in Canada, but I bought mine from a Korean shop. But if you want to try it, I suggest you buy the shade no.13 from Korea, it’s their lightest shade ^^ (I don’t think they have that shade here). another option that is less expensive is Etude House’s Precious Mineral Any Cushion. It’s very very popular.. Their lightest shade is shade NO2, which might suit your skin ^^

      Oookayy sorry for this huge reply XD but I hope it’ll help you somewhat! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions~ ^^

      (P.S.– many BB creams expire within 12-18 months, I think, so you’ll have a good year of usage from it ^^)

  3. raindrop

    First of all, thanks Martina for filming this video! :D I thoroughly enjoyed it and I appreciate your opinions on these BB creams very much– they’re very helpful! <3

    So now I thought to share my thoughts here as well, since I use BB cream too and have tried a few myself ^^ I'm still on the hunt for the perfect BB cream for me, as my skin is rather tricky to work with (sensitive, combination/dry, NC25-ish shade with very yellow undertones that is hard to match…) I actually use the same Missha BB cream that Martina didn't like in the video, I've had no problems with mine and I think it's very good for my skin. When I first started using it, it seemed to even help clear some blemishes I had :) I've also used Skinfood's Red Bean BB (it was okay), Etude House's Precious Mineral BB (the original one that Martina used in one of her first makeup vids, it was good but not quite a match for me). I've also tried BRTC's Gold Caviar BB (really liked this one), The Face Shop's Lovely Me:ex BB (actually really good, despite being inexpensive), and one from a Korean brand called Sheer Skin (Perfect Natural BB cream– a good one, but WAY too perfumey for me D:). I've also used CC creams, like Too Cool for School's Dinoplatz CC cream (it's okay.. not anything special, and it irritates my skin a tiny bit T__T) and Tony Moly's Luminous Live Aura CC cream (which I LOVE). There are a vast number of BB and CC creams out there, and it's difficult to know what will work for your skin, but try to research as much as possible about a certain BB or CC you're interested in before buying it– that's what I do! Read the many reviews online about them that beauty bloggers post. I'm reaaallly grateful to all those awesome beauty bloggers out there who write them! :)

    And I read that many of you out there don't know where to buy BB cream from… I live in Canada so I don't have any Korean cosmetics shops around (sad life..) so I do buy them online. I order from two websites, both of which have good prices, excellent customer service, and free shipping :) and NO, I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I'm just spreading the K-cosmetics love, haha. The websites are cosmetic-love.com and w2beauty.com, if any of you are interested :) Hope this helps! <3

  4. I actually use TheFaceShop’s HD-Perfect BB Cream. I love it! It does has a scent but I find it refreshing and light, rather than over bearing and cloying. The coverage is great too, I am with Martina that I find the magic of BB creams ability to change colors in oxygen astounding! :) It is a bit of a pain to get, there is only one FaceShop store in Chicago, but I feel it is worth it.

    I agree 100% that the American versions are vastly lacking and hugely inferior to the FaceShop stuff I use…The down side to getting the good stuff is the price. Because it is a specialty item shipped to the US it costs around $28.00 for 40 ml. (.70 per ml!) *ouch* But it doesn’t break me out (I have really sensitive skin that breaks out with nearly everything.)so I feel it is worth it!

  5. Really enjoying the makeup videos :)

  6. biyongchy

    The first BB cream I bought and used was Etude House’s Precious Mineral BB cream (the regular one). I actually bought it because of the BB Cream Reviews: Matte vs. Shiny video (thanks, Martina!! :D) I was looking for a BB cream to try and I went with that one since my skin is pretty light, too x] It gives me just the right coverage while still letting me have a natural look.

    Then I wanted to try more so I bought another one: Dr. G Brightening Balm SPF 30 PA++ from Gowoonsesang. This is my to-go BB cream. It has a bit better coverage than the Precious Mineral one, but it’s a better match to my skin color, is less runny, doesn’t break me out, and feels lighter on my skin. And it’s comfortable to wear, too. This Dr. G BB cream is my everyday BB cream, but I use the Precious Mineral BB cream as a backup or whenever I want to use a different one for a day. But bottom line both the Precious Mineral and Dr. G BB creams are really nice on my skin and feel comfortable to wear.

    I’m really happy with the two BB creams that I have, although the Clio BB cream you reviewed seems convincing. It has a natural-like coverage that I really like, so I might try it sometime :] I’m so scared of using Misha products x[ I tried their BB cream oil remover since at the time I was looking for a remover specific for BB cream, but it broke me out!! ;A; So to stay safe Misha is definitely a NO NO for me. (Now I only use Skin Food's Aloe Vera Cream Cleanser as a BB cream remover. It's much nicer on my skin x] )

  7. OMG its amazing thanks guys……………..

  8. do anyone of you know where we can find the ingredient of any BB cream?

    • biyongchy

      You can go here: http://cosdna.com/ You search for the brand name or name of a specific product you’re looking for :] It gives you things like ingredient names, function, safety level, and if the ingredient is comedogenic (causing acne/breakouts) or not. It doesn’t have every product out there, but it’s a good source to start with :]

      This is another good one to use if the first one doesn’t help: http://www.cosmetic-ingredients.net/ It has many brands from all around the world. Just click the name of the brand you’re looking for and it gives you the list of products they have information on and are categorized (such as cleanser, toner, makeup). Again, it may not have all the products out there, but it’s a good list so you may find some common products listed on there. On this site, the ingredients that are in red are skin irritants or may cause skin irritation. It lets you click on the ingredient names to find out more about them.

      Hope these help! :D

  9. 7inspirits

    I have used the Skin79 one and it just makes my skin mroe oily. I have oily skin so I don’t like using it, but my sister loves using it. Its the only brand she buys. I never thought it had a scent though…

    I prefer using Nature Republic by Flower. It was the first that I bought and still use today. I like it because it has really good coverage and doesnt leave my skin oily. I love using bb cream because it looks natural if you dont pack a lot on LOL and when I do my make-up I like doing things that look natural.

  10. Hana92

    I’ve heard real good things about Holika holika BB cream~ But I guess I’m a etude house girl too haha!

  11. I use Etude House’s Bright Fit and Cotton Fit.
    The Bright Fit has great coverage but I’ve noticed it makes me break out the following day, but if I use a primer that fixes the problem. I only use it now when I want great coverage for like parties and stuff.
    I use the Cotton fit for everyday use – it doesn’t break me out and the coverage is good (medium) and it’s easy to put on.

    I have the Banila.co cc and bb cream on my list :) I have high expectations for them ^^

  12. pausiu

    I used to love using Etude House and Missha BB Creams because they have good coverage but I noticed that they appear incredibly white when I use flash photography. I’m a Filipino, but I’m on the fair side, so I don’t think it’s a mismatch on skin tone. I just think they like to reflect the flash, so it appears whiter on photos. :( Should I give up on BB Creams? Or maybe I should give up on using the flash? HAHA :)

  13. Simon should do one too!
    I previously use The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream as my go-to bb cream. It has a light coverage and it easily spreads on my skin.
    I also use Tony Moly G9 Moisture CC Cream. Though it is a CC cream, it as more coverage than the Aqua Tinted one. This is one of the two that I am using rn. It also spreads easily.
    Last on the list is The Face Shop Be A Better Man CC Cream. This one is the most different of the three.
    It has little beads which is for the ‘color correction’. As you apply it on your face, the beads adjusts the color to match your skin tone. But this one is very hard to spread. It kinda hurts my face afterwards. Maybe it is because of the beads. This also has a light coverage but adjusts your skin tone. I also observed that the more you blend this, it becomes darker.

    ps. I’m a guy with a very oily face. I also has blemishes on my face. I’m currently planning to buy the Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer. It has good reviews!

  14. I have used mostly Skin79 and Dr Jart BB creams. My go to right now is Skin79 Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream. It does have a perfume’d scent, but it is very light, and goes away. It has extremely full and even coverage, and goes on smoothly. I love this cream, it gives me a perfectly evened out skin tone. I use MAC powder over the top to dull that ‘dewey’ skin look. A tip for thicker bb creams like this one and Dr Jart- you can mix a bit of moisturizer with it and it will be a little less heavy.

    Another BB cream I have experience with is the Diamond Prestige by Skin79- it is a lighter coverage, but still has really excellent coverage, and evens out skin tone. It’s good if you want something lighter. I definitely prefer the Oriental Gold + and that full coverage.

  15. I didn’t care for Skin79 either – it left my skin looking dull. I bought a bunch of samples of different BB creams on eBay before settling on Missha Perfect Cover #13. Coverage is pretty good and it doesn’t break me out, wheee. I’ve never had that issue with the pump though. Sadface.

  16. faeriedoust

    See I’m indian so even though I reallllly want to buy bb cream I don’t think I can find any for my skin tone :/

    • Hey! I’m Indian too.. And I’ve tried the ponds one that’s out.. So far I like it.. A lot of my friends bought the same product after they saw me use it. I recommend it. Try the small 9 gm tube at first if you’re unsure though.

  17. I have tried that same Skin79 BB cream (my very first.. coz.. suckers for the pink packaging, right) and it just didn’t do it for me. The colour post-application just seems so unnatural.. kinda pasty.. maybe I didn’t apply it correctly.

    I am now using Skin Food red bean BB cream #1 for the past 2 years or so and have been really happy with it (it’s scented though.. but it smells good!) They don’t carry the red bean line in their stores in Singapore/Indonesia/my local Asian cosmetic shops in Sydney.. so I have to get them from eBay on average USD10-11 per tube. Decent coverage and feels light on your skin.. I have oily skin and it doesn’t cause my skin to break out as far as I can tell.. Great brand for BB cream beginners!

  18. Bethany

    I’ve never tried BB cream from Korea, but I’ve tried many of the ones available in America and there are actually a couple I absolutely love. I have very sensitive skin that usually means a change in makeup or face wash will lead to awful all day redness. And to improve my skin, I decided to completely drop heavy foundations. So far, the best BB cream for me is Covergirl’s Cgsmoothers which is very light and airy, and it doesn’t leave my face feeling dewy all day. I use it more as a sunscreen though. The one I use when I go out is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh which is a little heavier and spreads really nicely.

  19. Bethany

    I’ve never tried BB cream from Korea, but I’ve tried many of the ones available in America and there are actually a couple I absolutely love. I have very sensitive skin that usually means a change in makeup or face wash will lead to awful all day redness. And to improve my skin, I decided to completely drop heavy foundations. So far, the best BB cream for me is Covergirl’s Cgsmoothers which is very light and airy, and it doesn’t leave my face feeling dewy all day. I use it more as a sunscreen though. The one I use when I go out is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh which is a little heavier and has toner in it.

  20. I like to use ElishaCoy’s ‘Always Nuddy’ CC and BB creams(I think they mean Nudey…). My skin seems to be normal? or mixed? I’m not sure about all the face skin terminology, but these creams are great for fair skin! The BB cream has a sorta light grey tone and it’s a bit thick, but has really nice coverage. A lot of non-Asian skin products have this horribly orange colour which looks terrible on me, so I’m grateful that Asian products mainly tend towards lightening/brightening pale tones.

    For days when I don’t feel like the BB cream is necessary I use CC cream! It’s suuuper thin and light and it does that cool colour transform where it goes on white, but then oxidises to match your skin tone. It can be a bit on the glossy Kdrama side, so I just use a light-weight finishing powder over the top.

    On the website it actually shows that you can use the BB and CC creams together to make a super COMBO BREAKER! They have some really nice charts and explanatory images that really helped when I was deciding what to buy. I order them from here —> http://www.wishtrend.com/make-up/545–elishacoy-always-nuddy-cc-cream.html

  21. I’m a étude house girl too..but nowadays I’m using CC cream from Hera..very good!!

  22. My friend works at Olive Young and as a birthday present she bought me a BB cream she said was a really good brand. Its called 예가 BB Cream and it works really well I think. Kinda thin coverage but thats alright since I have a lot of freckles I look weird with heavy makeup. I usually dont use BB creams because back in America theyre all 35$ and up if theyre actually Korean brand, so I stick to thin foundation and concealer, but I really like this BB cream (I’m afraid to know the price though.. don’t want to get attached to something expensive!)

  23. Martina

    I use Garnier BB cream for oily skin. I think it’s quite good comparing it to other cheap non-Korean BB creams. I would be thrilled if I ever got my hand on Etude House Precious mineral BB cream Cotton fit but I can’t buy it online, shipping is too expensive for my student’s budget.

  24. Also, has anyone ever bought BB cream from twofacemall.com before? I went on their site and they have a lot of korean beauty products at a really cheap price and im not sure whether to buy from them or not? like, i’ve bought nail polish from them but idk how to tell if they’re counterfeit or not. help?

  25. I use Skin79 BB cream VIP gold collection with wrinkle treatment and even thought i don’t use it for wrinkle treatment (bc im only 19 lol), it gives pretty good coverage. The only thing is that you can sometimes feel it if you don’t blend it well enough. The other one is BabyFace BB stick which is easy to apply and gives a light coverage. The bottle is super cute too

  26. Dracerlen

    Is this a coincidence? These are the same products.

  27. I use Mabelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. It has light coverage and it is pretty cheap.

  28. I love my Missha BB cream but I use the super aqua cell renew snail bb cream. I sometimes get the ewwwww reaction when people ask what I use because of the snail mucus in it but for me it works really well. Good coverage not a heavy scent and stays on all day.

  29. I’ve only had skin79 cause everyone on youtube seemed to love it, but not Martina, hehe. It’s pretty good for me but I think I’m going to try the Etude House bb cream because I love all of their other products I’ve bought. :)

  30. I am still testing korean bb creams, i had misha signature, bio-essence platinum and brtc jasmine water. But still i don’t know, i want to find the one! I need very plate one and with medium coverage with light weight on face. Is Etude House house BBs are dark?

  31. I use Maybelline’s BB Cream. I think it is light on my skin and both shades, Fresh and Natural, blends well with my skin. I am in-loved with BB Cream ever since I used it, though I haven’t really tried other other brands, except Avon’s BB and CC cream that I do not like. I wanted to try Korean brands but there aren’t much to choose from here in the Philippines. We only have, I think, TonyMoly, Etude House and The Face Shop and their products are insanely expensive. Also, they don’t offer them in small packages, about 20 ml or so.

  32. yehetmyohorat

    i can only find like one brand of bb cream here (in India) and its so annoying cause it doesnt suit me T^T cant blame anyone cause none of my friends use BB cream :(

  33. VelvetGeisha

    oh and you can also buy sample sizes from ebay…

  34. VelvetGeisha

    i highly recommend using http://www.myrinishop.com/shop/ or http://www.yesstyle.com/en/women.html for korean cosmetics…also you can buy samples from yesstyle so you don’t have to buy the large version before you try it.

  35. kawaii_candie

    oh yay! this was a very interesting post for me!! i actually already use that Etude House one you showed on the test! XP i thought that was the one you were using! haha… i’d be really interested in you doing a similar test for concealers! i have terrible undereye circles so i’m always on the lookout for a good concealer… but i’m really liking this kind of post cuz i think korean cosmetics are really amazing!! recently, i’ve been using some Skinfood products and I really love them a lot! though i notice that it wasn’t on the list of shops on G-Market… I thought it was a popular brand in korea??

  36. My mom uses Skin79′s and yeah, the ahjumma perfume-y scent doesn’t work for me. I haven’t tried any other brand so I thought all BB creams were like that, good to know that’s false! I’ve been meaning to buy my own, I’m a complete makeup noob but BB cream sounds safe and easy enough =] This was a great review!

  37. TianaMaryHelena

    Have you tried the CC cream from etude house?! I bought it on a whim, and have loved it since day one. I have really red skin, so this CC cream whitens my evens out the tones. But it leaves my face just a little bit too white sometimes if I use a titch too much, so 99% of the time I put a BB cream on top. This particular BB cream is one of the cheaper brands, BUT WORKS SO WELL. Can’t remember the name, but both products I have are SUPER AWESOME! :D

  38. naivenostalgia

    I was super excited to try a BB cream by Urban Decay last year and… yeah. It was pretty disappointing. I still have it and still use it occasionally because it cost a decent amount to the point where I’m not just going to toss it but it doesn’t really do much for me. It blurs imperfections on my face but I still need to use foundation over it and my skin gets super oily with both products, mostly because of the BB cream. I have combination skin but am prone to excess oil in my T-zone. I typically use an Aveno facial moisturizer with an Innisfree foundation. It provides excellent coverage but isn’t crazily heavy and I need to use an oil removing sheet maybe twice a day. However, I think I may have fallen in love with an Etude House BB cream. I bought it while in Seoul last summer and tried it for the first time yesterday after watching this video. Guys, it’s perfect. It provides a decent amount of coverage for being so light. It does a pretty great job of covering up redder areas which I was not expecting. My face was noticeably less oily at the end of the day than with any other products I have used recently, including my usual Aveno/Innisfree routine. The BB cream I used is the same line by Etude House as in this video except brightening instead of moisturizing. I truly recommend it.

  39. TarraAshley

    I loved the review but didn’t find it helpful for me, the comments were only slightly helpful, maybe I just didn’t read enough of them. I have tried the American brands, and well they sucked, they are greasy, almost like sun block mixed with foundation which is what I’m starting to think it is. They don’t cover and some of them are very runny. Ive also had a problem with them turning slight orange after awhile. and the fact that some of them say reapply every hour or two, which is a hassel when Im in class!

    I have combination skin, my skin is oily in places like my nose, eyebrows and fore head and cheekbones, but dry on my jawline and around my mouth. Some days my skin is super dry or super oily, I really don’t win. And the American brands were helping in fact they made the oil worse so i wanted to try some asian brands, but I don’t know which one to try because it seems most of them target dry skin or are to pale for my tanner days during the summer. I’m an irish girl with native american in me and I tan way to easily. I have this same problem with lotions and sun block because I hate thick heavy creams and when its oily it kills my skin. So if someone has some suggestions that would be great! thanks!

  40. I haven’t really tried a lot of BB creams. If I had to break the bank, I would probably go with Dr. Jart’s. Right now I am using this BB that I found out at our grocery it’s Aqua Tinted Epielle BB, so it is a cheapie, I get it for two dollars, it’s very light but it works pretty good. I have oily, sensitive skin, so I have to be really snobby about moisturizes because of break outs. It is a little lighter on my skin, but the coverage is pretty decent! My mom uses a CC cream, but it’s an American one, which doesn’t seem to work as well as some of the traditional ones! I think as a treat I might send out for some Etude house. I wonder if there is anyone in the comments with similar skin that could recommend something.

  41. Pensive Popcorn

    I tried the Maybelline BB cream last year. It was terrible. Barely any coverage and absorbed too quickly into the skin. You’re completely right, North American BB creams are nothing like the Asian BB creams. I also tried Skin 79. It was better in terms of coverage. But I think I got the wrong shade because it looked too white on me.

  42. Hi Martina. I actually use that EXACT same BB Cream from Etude House. It’s WONDERFUL. I sometimes use it with my foundation though because it makes my face so pale. But it has really great coverage. I also get it cheaper at Kpoptown, but that is excluding the shipping to the U.S. But I will try the Clio and Dr Jart if Kpoptwon has it. Thanks for the comparison.

  43. I don’t wear make-up… Pretty much ever. But my best friend is always using BB cream so I might get her one of those Martina recommended as the better brands so that she can try it out and see if she likes it better. :)

  44. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I love the Etude House BB cream and that is the one that I use. I bought the version before the one you focused on in the video. Bought it awhile back. I think it might be the same. Did they just change the design on the tube? Mine looks like this: https://flic.kr/p/oak11i Anywhoo, I love it but was always curious about other brands. This helps alot! Thanks again Martina!

  45. I love make up but I also like to take care of my skin so I stopped using heavy foundations and started to use tinted moisturizers but I heard that bb creams are better for your skin and I’ve been searching fora good one. I agree with Martina U.S. Bb creams suck, they are way to heavy for a bb cream and focus more on coverage than taking care of your skin. So I decided to look into Asian bb creams, I actually like all the good thing that they did for you skin and h

  46. Nezzie

    I’ve tried American BB products and I really disliked them. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. After seeing this and reading through the comment section here I see that they are drastically different. I’m going to order a couple of the Korean brands and give those a try.

    This video was really helpful in deciding which BB cream to try and the comment section has been extremely helpful with additional suggestions for products and stores (Gmarket shipping is just too much for me to swallow but another site someone suggested can ship to me for free! So thank you comment section! You guys are glorious!)

    I ordered 2 Etude house creams to try (blooming fit and cotton fit) and then went with the HOlika Holika Jelly one that several people in the comment section have suggested. I’m excited to give these another go and optimistic that I’ll have a much better experience doing so this time. :D

  47. starcloud

    i actually have the Skin79 hot pink (but i bought it from amazon and it only cost me $15 with shipping). i personally love it but i do use a blending sponge to thin it out and spread it evenly. My favorite is the Skin79 The Oriental. (btw martina you CAN take the skin79 bottles apart without breaking them to get the last of the bb cream out if you need to)
    If you don’t like scented bb creams or aren’t super duper pale i wouldn’t recommend the Holika Holika ones. They look pretty normal at first but when you blend them they turn a very ashy grey color and they are scented (not heavily scented, but still noticable)
    If you’re a bit more tan you can try the Lioele bb creams also. The water drop BB isn’t quite as moisturizing as i thought it would be but they do give nice coverage without feeling super thick.

  48. Nadia

    Thanks for this review i found it really useful. I live in Bolivia, girls here still don`t know what BB cream is!!! (it is my makeup secret hehe),but i`m BB Cream Fan, I have tried many. My Favorites are Magic Cover BB cream from The face shop,(I got it long time ago I think it is not produced any more:( ), it corvers imperfections perfectly and doesnt look like wearing a mask,is thick but i still like it, other one I Love is HERA multi Mineral Base BB cream, ( if you dont like perfume scent you will not like it) it has a good covering and leaves your skin silky. I just wonder.. nobody talks about The Face Shop products, are they not good enough in Korea? Personally i like them a lot, please give me your opinion. Ah! while i was in Korea i found a small brand the name was ” Too God For School” do you know about it? i found it`s BB Cream Quite good to, i bougth one for my sister, so I didn`t try it but the brand is really cool, their products presentation is really nice. Martina I would like you o talk about Korean Cosmetics brands in general, the popular ones,the good ones, the cheap ones,etc. (as ther are so many).. THANK YOU ONES MORE!!

    Are these BB creams (I am only familiar with American versions), do they come in different ‘shades’ or is it one color fits all kind of thing? I have a darker complexion then Martina, but not too much (still Irish) suggestions? DO Asian BB creams have shades or different colors? When I clicked the links i only saw one :(

    • I clicked on the links and saw what you meant. Some of the brands only have one option. I know the Etude House brand one has different shades. That’s the one I own and really like. I’d recommend it.

  50. I don’t tend to use a lot of makeup due to my freckles:( I’m a redhead with pale freckly skin. Any suggestions on what to use on a VERY freckly face?

  51. AAAA, I wish I was still in Korea!! I got back a week and four days ago! This was a great review, I’ve been really wanting for you to have one Martina. I use this bb cream called jasmine water from brtc. It is kinda thick, but it covers my acne issues without being too heavy, and it is fairly similar to my white/olive shade skin tone. But I started using dr jart facial care products when I was in Korea now, and I so far it has been pretty good to my skin (I have a lot of bad skin, but it is also easily dry), too bad I didn’t try their bb cream as well. I will buy it online later though :) But so far jasmine water is the best one for me, since it covers, leaves my skin moist (but not too much) and is not too oily.

  52. Cyber_3

    Thank you for this video Martina! This was a very helpful video for me because the North American BB creams all seemed very heavy to me and not to cover very well. Besides having some info on the ones shown in the video, I now know where I can buy some – yay! One of my main problems with BB cream so far (and primers) is that I have to super clean my face with a facial scrub, soap, toner, AND rubbing alcohol afterwards or my pores are so blocked my face breaks out like, eleventy. I now understand why these sonic cleaners are so popular. To me, it’s not worth the effort of that excessive cleaning that is hard on my skin to save a few minutes when I can spend 1 more minute on makeup with all the various little bottles of foundation, cover up, powder, etc. and only have to clean with soap and a weekly scrub. Is it the same with Korean BB cream?

    I did find it a little confusing though that the putting-on-makeup shots were taken in a mirror and the sunshine shots were not mirrored so that the side of the face kept switching. Once I could handle, after 3 times, I couldn’t remember which was which and I wasn’t sure I cared much any more. It might be easier just to bring a mirror into the sun for consistency if the glare isn’t too bad.

  53. I live in Europe,and actually from a year or two there has been an increasing of bbcreams. I actually have a greater variety in Romania(I’m Romanian) than in Italy ( but I live in Italy) and I find that very strange…but anyway. I have two bbcreams right now. One is from garnier,and unexpectedly I found it very good for me. It doesn’t cover much but the texture is amazing and it feels light on the skin. The other one is from oriflame. I won’t recommend products from oriflame. Any kind of them. They are bad.in any way.the bb cream feels like a strong foundation and it dries my skin. I don’t like it at all.
    I’m glad that it seems like Europeans are starting to pay more attention to Korean products, so sometimes I can find some and rejoice at the treasure finding.
    I like to thank Martina for this video. I have been waiting for this kind of tutorial, and now I’m going to go buy some products and enjoy the Korean beauty :)
    Lots of love <3

  54. DAenvgiell6

    I’ve been using BB Cream for a while now but not from any Korean brand :( I’ve been using MAC’s BB Beauty Balm (the lightest shade) I buy it in duty free so it’s a bit cheaper than in a regular MAC store. My friend is Korean so she brings me loads of BB testers from Etude House, Missha and other stores so I can somewhat compare. I’d say MAC’s BB Cream is pretty light coverage and that’s exactly why I use it. Before the summer I wished they had an even lighter shade but now after getting tan it fits my skin pretty nicely. Soooo I recommend it to those with dry, clear skin :D

  55. Really informative video Martina. I want to try BB cream but buying online is really different to buying in store XD

  56. Woah…the shipping cost makes me want to cry. Damn international shipping fees. It feels like shipping always costs more than the actual product.

  57. Stephanie

    I haven’t taken the chance to try a Korean BB cream yet but I’ve tried almost all of the Western ones (excluding some of the really pricey ones like Smash Box).

    There’s a clear one by Skin Fix that you can get at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada and I love it. I have large pores and am badly acne prone so I’ve started veering away from pigments. Skin Fix is made more like a skin cream than a cosmetic. It’s gel, you don’t have to use very much of it but it feels like a moisturizer going on but it doesn’t give the oily after effect. Once it’s on it feels lights, and still evens out your skin a little (because it’s actually made to combat signs of aging).

    Also The Body Shop has a newer BB cream as part of their tea tree oil line that I’ve decided to take a chance on and I like it so far. The coverage is pretty good, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, and best of all I get none of the melt that I experience with all other pigmented make ups. I’ve only used it twice though so I can’t say anything about how effective the tea tree formula is for keeping my skin clear.

    • Cyber_3

      Thank you for your suggestions, they sound good and I will give them a try. Personally, I’ve tried the Smashbox one and the extra $$ don’t seem to make it any better than CoverGirl or the others, and some of the nicer “illuminating” ones run out awfully fast compared to the package size (not because you need more, but because they seem to be only partially filled).

  58. DancingPartyTime

    Great video, Martina! I know the eyk crew is already very busy, but I would love to see more makeup and style videos from you.

    BTW, I had tried the Skin79 bb cream back when it first became popular, and I had similar feelings as you did. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand the hype.

  59. Ive gone through a few BB creams in these past years. i’ve tried Lioele Waterdrop, Skin 79 the gold bottle one, etude house precious mineral and missha perfect cover. Gosh do I have to say, my favourite out of all of them is Missha Perfect cover. My skin is quite combination-dry cheeks and oily t-zone area. Missha perfect cover is a medium-full coverage i think, and its build-able. It goes on grey-ish, but from oxydizing, it sits into your skin tone which is great! It lasts me a full day and its great, i’m on my third bottle already and still have another 3 waiting for me (yes i bulk buy :P) P.S i live in australia with a 4 season in one day weather (yes melbourne)

  60. I use to use skin79. The pump is not the straw type but the vacuum pump type? So it’ll pump out every last drop except for those in the nozzle. But I have been b b cream free for a year and this video is perfect. Picking up the clio brand ♡ thanks Martina

  61. HokiPoki1213

    Ah BB Cream… where would I be without them?
    I actually was originally turned off by the concept of BB Creams- mainly because the current range that is available for Australians are not made for the pale, vampire-skinned type with oily, blemish-prone skin. My skin would actually look like a greasy orange!
    I took the plunge and bought my first bottles of BB creams from Japan last year, and haven’t looked back!
    My current BB creams in rotation are:

    Ettusais BB Mineral White SPF45 in Shade 10 (the lightest).
    - yellow-based, so counters redness
    - dries matte, but you can add a translucent if you wish
    - light to medium coverage, depending on how much you layer

    Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions (green bottle)
    - one of the lightest shades in the Skin79 range (and heaps better than the pink one!)
    - made for the more oily skin types (like me!)
    - Medium coverage
    - Meant to be matte, but it’s still has a slight dewy glow, so using a translucent powder helps
    - SPF30
    - Lasts ALL DAY, and doesn’t rub off onto my sunglasses!

    Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream in White (http://www.missha.com.au/#!product/prd1/2029892915/signature-complexion-coordinating-bb-cream-white)
    - comes out white, but oxidises into a really nice ivory shade
    - great for oily to normal skin types
    - light to medium coverage
    - may need a translucent if you prefer a more matte finish

    (The only Western BB Cream on the list) Benefit Cosmetics’ The Big Easy
    - yellow-based colour (I use the lightest shade, “Pale”)
    - Goes from liquid to powder
    CON: Use a pore-filling primer, as it can make the pores look more obvious, and work FAST while you blend, as it sets really quickly
    - Great for oily skin types, and has SPF30 (well, it’s advertised to be SPF30 in Australia).

  62. I begin using bb cream since last year and the only ones i used are the holika holika luminous silk but now the one that I used most is the Missha perfect cover no 21, its light and have a good coverage. My friends are also using it too. So I recommend it to everyone.

  63. KymLuvAri

    I don’t wear makeup. cause I don’t like the feel of it on my face and don’t want to waste money trying them all out. So thank you very much for teaching me them different kinds and now I know which one I want to try out. Now I can look pretty like you. :)

  64. pixyjane

    I use Too Cool For School pudding aqua shaking BB cream and I love it. It has a very light feel and it still makes my skin look flawless. It comes in a jar and has a special sponge to apply it with so it takes a few more minutes than most, but it honestly makes my skin look airbrushed so its worth it

  65. I’m asian, with medium skin tone and acne prone skin. The first Korean bb cream I tried was innisfree’s green tea bb cream, followed by Missha’s. Both made my skin look better when I applied them, but they subsequently made me break out so I stopped using them immediately ugh. I was so scarred by this experience I almost didn’t want to touch any other bb creams, but I decided to give IOPE’s XP bb cushion a chance cos all my Korean friends were using it! The texture of IOPE is amazing and it felts really light, and the coverage is pretty decent. The only downside is that IOPE has fewer shades and they all veer towards the glossy finish. So what I do is I pat some loose powder over the bb cream after, and it looks fab! After two months of using it, I am happy to announce it didn’t make me break out and life is good!

  66. OnigiriBunnie

    I have tried Skin79′s Oriental Gold and Gold Plus and although it was scented it smelled like tea which was okay, but it was super thick and the Gold Plus was harder to blend. My favorite BB is Holika Holika’s Petit Clearing (G-market sells it for only ₩4,060)it has tea tree oil in it which makes it perfect for troubled skin (I have had acne all my life and my skin gets dry around my forehead and chin) It is super easy to blend and is a lighter texture, and doesn’t feel heavy. The downside is that it is only 30mL but you don’t have to use much so it lasts me a few months using everyday <3 I have tried the 'Shimmering' of this line and it gives you a radiance but for my skin 'Clearing' is the best <3 PS: I love these kinds of videos, thank you for making them <3

  67. TooKyute

    You know I never fully understood the use of BB cream, probably because it’s not crazy popular in North America (I think?) Are you supposed to use it by itself or with coverup/foundation? Is it a moisturizer? Do you put it on before or after your foundation… or not with it at all? Haha help me out guise!!! Why is is so popular in Korea?

    • OnigiriBunnie

      BB cream is an all in one serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. All BB creams are different and not all are created equal. What kind of BB you use depends on what you want. Coverage? More moisturizing, pore minimizing…the possibilities are endless. I have tried Korean and American BB’s I haven’t liked the American BB but find that the Korean ones are nicer on my skin and aren’t even as expensive as some drugstore American brands if you know where to look. Hope that helps <3

  68. I bought American brand BB creams here (like Maybelline) and they SUCK. no coverage, they spread on like suntan lotion basically. <_< From korea the only BB cream I've ever tried was Etude's and as I've constantly said, I always vouch for it b/c it covers flaws awesomely. I never tried another brand b/c why change what works? Though I've heard from a lot of ppl that the Missha brand was good too so I was always curious about it-glad to know it wouldn't have worked 4 me. THANKS FOR THIS MARTINA!!!! i'm glad to see that the first BB Cream I've tried and have always used is a great one. ETUDE FTW!! I would try Dr. Jart….and having scrolled thru a lot of comments here, ppl say The Face Shop/Skin Food is good? now i'm curious about those…. x_x

  69. pineapplebun

    I switch between the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (grey undertone) and the Holika Holika Watery Petit BB(peach undertone). I feel both work well for me since I am lucky enough to have pretty smooth skin so a light coverage is more than enough for me. We don’t have an Etude House store in Toronto yet, but I do plan on getting one of their BB creams the minute I find a legit distributor of their products :) Great video guys!

  70. localkaty

    I use the Skin79 Snail Nutrition (the one everyone always forgets about…) and love it. I have super pale, super dry skin with pink undertones and red cheeks (ugh). It matches my skin without oxidizing, doesn’t feel dry but also doesn’t make me weirdly shiny, and tones down the redness in my cheeks without making me look dead (bonus). I’m pretty sensitive to fragrance and haven’t ever noticed a scent, but I do apply a pretty small amount so I could very well have just missed it somehow.

  71. Thank you, Martina, for the information and the link to GMarket! I’m ordering Etude House and the Clio for the first time! Last year, I went to my local Korean store looking for Etude House and the saleslady was steering me towards more expensive stuff. Thank YOU GMarket for delivering to US and using Paypal!!

  72. woohyejung

    I’ve tried both the Etude House and Skin79 one, and I don’t know if it’s because I got a different type of Skin79 BB Cream but mine didn’t have a perfumey smell?(The one I got was in an orange bottle). But even then I still like the Etude House one more. Like you said, you need very very little and you still get a good amount of coverage (I’ve never really had a problem with acne or pimples or anything so that one is perfect for me since I really don’t need a whole lot of coverage).

  73. RudeMinnesotan

    I actually use BCdation from Tony Moly, but I also have pride-up from Clio (it’s the Elsa [from Frozen] pack). I used the Clio one for the first time today and I really like it. I have a very pink skin tone and I don’t like covering it up with something that is super beige, so I like Clio for that. I can buy things in peach. Same with a powder pact from there. I got a peach and “milky vanilla”
    Not perfumy or anything like that. I really like both of them.
    The BCdation from Tony Moly I just heard so many good things about, since it is a BB cream and a CC cream and foundation all together. Works very well for my under eyes, I feel, which is pretty much all I really use to cover it with.

    I’m glad to see you using Clio! It’s quickly become one of my favorite brands (next to Nature Republic. I use their eyeliner–tis my favorite). Plus 2NE1 advertises for them, so I extra like it…
    Though Etude house is good for eye shadows and stuff.

    Anyway! Thanks for this video. Watching gave me some insight on how I want to apply and go forward with my heavier make-up routines (i usually just do eyes; nothing on my whole face).


  74. Yaaay, I love when you do korean makeup related vids/posts! Because I am obsessed with korean brands. Y’know. I was so excited when I saw you had the Missha Real Signature because that is my absolute FAVOURITE BB Cream! But then you hated it, sadface. I find it’s not good in hot weather because mah face gets sweaty, but otherwise I love it – one of the main reasons is it’s super easy to apply and gives what I would easily call medium coverage. I can look flawless without much effort (and I have very red cheeks, dark circles, and acne scarring). I have had comments on how great my skin looks when I wear it (glowing, flawless). (My skin is olive so #23 is great for me, dry with oily chin). I hated Skin 79 (tried several), too grey and made me break out. Had high hopes for Etude Cotton Fit but I got the wrong shade soooo haven’t really tested it properly. I got the Missha Vita Moisture BB (or something like that, gold tube) as part of a deal but I found the coverage really weak – don’t bother!

    A lot of people rave about the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB (in the jar), would love it if you reviewed that as I’m curious! Have you tried any BB Cushions? I am totally wanting the Innisfree and/or Etude House summer/long wear versions (that sweaty face, y’know?) :D

    • Miss KM

      Hallo,I’m in process of trying to track down a BB cream that might work for me, but being that I haven’t tried one before, the selection is a bit overwhelming. I too am olive complected (a tad on the lighter side) and also have similar problems with acne scarring, dark circles, and some redness. I was just wondering what shade you had purchased in Etude Cotton Fit, so that might help narrow things down a bit for me. Thanks ^-^

  75. LaNeige Snow BB cream! It has SPF 41 & PA++. It leaves a nice healthy looking skin with a matte medium coverage

  76. LaNeige Snow BB cream! It has SPF 41 & PA++. It leaves a nice healthy looking skin with a medium coverage

  77. Dannimariepa

    I literally JUST bought a CC cream last night called Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream because I saw a review for it and it was NOT cheap $32.00 CAD. I want a medium buildable coverage because I suffer from acne and have a lot of hyperpigmented scars from it. I always wear a heavy foundation because I want to cover all my scars but in the summer time my skin is typically less acne prone and so I’d like to get away from the super heavy foundations if possible plus I know how bad all the chemicals in foundation are. 

    • bored2tears

      Haven’t you tried a fade cream? You don’t have to apply it all over your face just on the most annoying spots. I’ve used a fade cream for years because I freckle. Small freckles aren’t so bad but large freckles and blemish scars can be lightened.

      • Dannimariepa

        I have heard of stuff like bio oil which i’ve used but not on my face.. What kind of cream do you use? Do you have a favourite brand or type?

        • bored2tears

          I use cheap stuff like Ambi that you can get at the drugstore. There are other brands that probably work better. I’m just not someone that spends a lot on makeup. I’m kind of past the point where it helps much. Bio oil is for scars I’ve used it before too and I don’t think it works.

  78. I used to use skin79 and i didn’t find it any bad thing about it. Perhaps is because I used to live in a dry place.

  79. I use the Skin 79 and I really like it because it provides a lot of coverage for my spotty skin but still feels very light and lasts forever. I live in Nashville and I have noticed that it can look and feel a little oily/dewey on my skin when it is very humid outside, but I find it better than using any foundation as it is lighter, has SPF, and has actually improved the tone of my skin overall.

  80. It’s so weird since I use Skin79, that exact same BB cream, and so far, it’s the least intense I’ve found that actual has SPF in it. Most BB cream with SPF are too glossy and have this greasy finish that I really really hate. And I don’t really smell the perfume all that much, even though I really have a sensitive nose. Maybe I got used to it though.

    On the other hand, I’ve tried Etude House before, but I think I’ve tried the one you usually use (it was said in a previous video). I’ve stopped using it because it’s too greasy and glossy, and it felt heavy on my skin. I use BB cream because I don’t want that heavy feeling. On top of that, I really really hate the pump. After a while, it’s just soooooo messy, and it either skirts everywhere (but mostly on my clothes, you know, that one shirt you really wanna wear on that specific day) or doesn’t give you enough cream. It’s just such a bad pump…

    That said, I might try the one you used for this vid, and the Clio one too.

  81. mkay_toodleloo

    I’ve tried both American and Korean bb creams and the Korean bb creams always come out on top! The American one’s just feel super heavy and don’t moisturize well enough. Plus, I find that it slide off when my skin gets super oily. The one that I’ve been preferring though is the Lioele Waterdrop BB cream because it provides enough coverage without feeling super heavy. Plus! It keeps my face feeling super moisturized all day! I think it’s great and a little bit went a long way for me.

  82. tokkiho

    I use Dr. Jart+ Black/Silver label and have been using it for over 3 years now – it is all I need to use! I tried Missha, Skin79, and various others that looked great when I applied it but a few days later, MADE ME BREAK OUT!! *Disclaimer: I usually never break out at all* Dr. Jart+ is the only one where it has not made me break out. My friend (Caucasian) swears by it also and she says it has even improved her skin within a week. I used to use Make Up Forever HD foundation but have no need for it anymore. :)

    • tokkiho

      Oh yeah, my friend and I have really fair skin. She is on the dry side and I am on the combo side but it works great for us both. It comes on thick and kinda gray but it seems to just magically look perfect within a few minutes.

  83. Hannah

    I use Elisha Coy?? Whenever I show my Korean friends the brand they have never heard of it? I bought it off a store on Amazon and they have a limited amount that they carry so it can be difficult to acquire. It also ships from China??? Anyhow, the point is I love it! Being a pink skin toned person, I found that Etude house makes me look tan, but Elisha Coy matches well with my super paleness~ the coverage is medium, covering my redness and dark circles, but still shows some of my moles on my cheeks. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face and has no scent! Sounds too good to be true, right? The only downside is in the summer, if I’m sweaty it feels like it is melting off my face (wicked witch of the west style). I’m due to buy some more but if I can’t find it in Korea, the Etude House option might be for me~~

    • bored2tears

      I’m not a young woman like you but I also have pink or blue undertones in my skin. I always used a light to medium foundation with a pink tint rather than yellow or beige. I wanted to try Korean BB Cream. I’ve tried a couple of over the counter American brands and they don’t have the level of coverage I want or the lightener. I need the lightener because I freckle. I’ve been worried to try Korean BB cream for fear that the color will be “off” on me. I back off of foundation as much as possible in the Summer because no matter what I wear it feels like it’s running, some products actually do. So far I like this cheap brand for hot weather because it doesn’t have as much pigment even if I do get sweaty.

  84. Super pale swede with incredibly dry skin here! I use a BB cream from Smashbox in the shade fair on a daily basis and it works wonders for me. It is not exactly moisturizing but not drying either, it last all day(also works kind of like a primer), contains spf 35, the shade is perfect for my very pale skin with a pink undertone(I am one of those girls who has a hard time finding shades that are fair enough) and I can’t even feel it on my face. Another BB cream that I use sometimes is one from Roche Posay and I love the finish of it but for some reason it falls/flakes off(??) my face. I have considered ordering the Skin79 BB cream that you reviewed here for a long time since a lot of beauty bloggers that I follow have raved about it. Oh, and I have seen tutorials on how to open the bottle to get out the last of it! I have also heard that SkinFood(I love their face masks) have some good BB creams, have anybody tried their Aloe Sun bb cream?

  85. I LOVE Etude House BB Creams. I’ve been using them religiously for about 4 yrs. I originally tried Missha before Etude and I ran into the same problem with the scent being to strong and it actually did not react well with my skin. It felt heavy and started breaking out pretty badly so BYE, MISSHA. What’s funny is that I actually prefer Missha’s oil makeup remover over Etude’s I bring a little travel sized bottle when I’m away from home since normal makeup removers don’t seem to take off BB Cream as well.

  86. Crystal_Crown

    I’ve always wanted to try bb creams or cc creams~ But I don’t know which one to chose. I don’t wear makeup… my skin is combo and blemish/acne prone skin… How do you know which one to get without trying it on???

  87. Yeoreum

    I actually only have tried using one bb cream since I haven’t been into using make up for that long and it’s L’Oreal’s Teint Miracle since my mother bought it for me as a gift and I have to say that I like it well enough (although I can’t really compare it to anything else) but it does give me nice coverage and spreads nicely so I only have to use a single pump at most. But it does feel a little heavy and it can’t cover my dark circles completely plus it’s really expensive.

  88. vipbanaangel

    This came JUST IN TIME for I’m down to the last drop of BB Cream, and I was thinking of trying a new kind!^^ I have the Etude House one at the moment and I really like it but seeing this review I think I’ll actually get the Clio one! :D I would’ve tried Dr. Jart if it wasn’t for summer break which equals no money xD My skin seems a lot like yours so I’ll definitely trust you on this one!

  89. This is good to know. I tend to not like wearing any foundation and have been looking for just lighter coverage. Time to check Ktown for some of these (except for Etude which for some reason we don’t have in L.A.).

  90. I tried some American BB Creams and they are…. bleh, just a waste of money.
    I have used Missha Perfect Cover and I like it (nice coverage,not so heavy as a foundation,great for my mixed skin,even my skin tone,etc.)The only think that I don’t like is that 3 or 4 hours later I have to reapplied.

    Yesterday I tried a sample of Etude House Cotton Fit and my first impression was that this one was the perfect bbcream but a few hours later I went to the bathroom of the mall, I saw my face and I was shocked.
    It dry my skin a lot so I looks so bad.. ;-; (I was like ‘ With this face I went to the street?!’) I have to wash all my makeup and confront tha world (? with a bare face. xD
    The worst think is that today my parents bought me the cottom fit.. So I’m worried.
    Maybe I should give another chance to cottom fit…or sell it. *sigh* Bad luck,sara. u_u

    PD: Sorry if something is wrong,guys.. I’m studing english for 3 or 4 months so, I suck D:

  91. Soeheng90

    The first ever BB cream that I used was actually the Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit that you showed today. I also ended up using less than a pump for this one. At first I thought the BB cream made my skin look a little too white and powdery, but it slowly changes to my skin color I think.
    The second BB cream that I used was actually one that my sister bought for me as a birthday gift which was from the Face Shop called Face it Power Perfection BB Cream (natural beige). This one I feel like it was a bit better than the Etude House one just because it blended closer to my skin color.
    My sister also recommended me Dr Jart since it has better coverage and seems to last longer, but she did mention that it was a lot more expensive so I was hesitant to buy it. And also because I still have a lot leftover from both the Face shop one and the Etude House one since I don’t use it that often and only use a little every time.

  92. Noel

    Now make Simon do a review of the guy BB creams! lol

  93. Kakapo

    I’ve always wanted to try Korean BB cream, but never had the chance to try it in person so I was iffy on getting it overseas. So it only comes in one shade? It seems like the colour changes slightly depending on your skin tone.

    Martina what’s the usual Etude House BB cream that you use, and how does it compare to the one you reviewed? I’m very tempted to try an Etude House but it looks like they have a lot of BB cream variety (ooooh video comparing Etude house products? Eh? Eh?) and there are even CC creams too!

  94. Lee Underground Manson
    Lee Underground Manson

    I have a collection of 14 different BB creams (yes, i DID say 14)


    Tony Moly – Goddesss aura (light, pale,easy to spread, light coveradge, evens out the tone)
    Etude House – Preciouse minerals (light, pale, liquidy, veryl ight covaredge)
    Lioele – Beyond the solution (weight like a suncream, beige, spreads nicely, nice coveradge)
    Hanskin – Glossy B.B. (light, pale, medium coverage, more “pearly” than gloss) for those special moments
    BRTC – Jasmine water (light, cold light beige, nice coverage, lil scent) my choise for winter
    Missha – Perfect cover (medium heaviness, many colours, medium – nice covarage) not my favourit :(
    Nature republic – Botanical shine (medium heaviness, very warm beige, floral smell) way too WARM beige
    Skin79 – Ornage (medium heaviness, pale, great covarage, high SPF) love it for summer!
    Skin79 – Pink (medium-high heaviness, greyish beige, medium coverage) pretty dissappointed
    Skin79 – Gold (a lil heavier heaviness, medium beige, medium coverage) not for young girls (+30, +40)
    Skin79 – Dream girls (very light, no coverage, evens out the tone nicely) for young teen girls
    Skin79 – Diamond (light, pale, lil shimmering, light-medium covarage) around 20y, but there are better
    Skinfood – Aloe sun (medium heavines, warm beigedifficult to spread and even out) dissapointing to me
    Missha – Moisture vita (light, watery, moisterizing, little coveradge) nothing special

    im a pretty pale woman so bear that in mind
    and when it comes to european/western bb creams, they just arent the same! and they are way too warm/dark/pigmented/low SPF for a plae woman

  95. I actually use Skin 79 and really like it. It’s glossy at first but I find that it goes away pretty quickly (at least for me). I use it because I have slightly tanner skin and it matches to it perfectly. :)

  96. CosmicCat

    The BB creams that I’ve used always seem too dark for my skin tone, even the lightest shade! I use a very light shade of rimmel match perfection foundation but it’s not good for coverage so I have to put 2 layers on O_O My skin is oily/acne prone T_T Don’t they have CC creams out now which are meant to be better than BB creams? I’ve never tried CC cream before.

    • Lee Underground Manson
      Lee Underground Manson

      you can not compare western bb creams to korean ones. the westerns are way too dark. koreans have a nice pelette of light pale shades. you should deffinitely try some
      and for oily/acne skin, i would deffinitly advise you to try La Roche-Posay Effaclar(the tiny bottle), it really helpeed me so much with my acne, and La Roche-Posay Cicaplast as before you put on bb cream to hold the oil back and it works perfectly as a primer

  97. I use an American BB cream. I didn’t even know they were different (having never used an Asian one). I use Aveeno BB Cream. It feels nearly identical to the face lotion that I use from them.

    • I just started using Aveeno Clear Complexion Fair/Medium BB cream and it’s the only kind I’ve ever tried. My skin is rather pale, (I glow in direct sunlight – add shiny sunscreen and teenage girls think I’m a vampire) a bit sensitive, and prone to redness but I didn’t want anything too heavy. Every time I’m concerned it goes on too dark and is noticeable, but no one has said anything to me (and my family definitely would). Is this how BB creams work? They go on darker then lighten? Should I try a Korean BB cream?

  98. Sammw

    For a western BB cream for dry/sensitive skin ‘Garnier Miracle Skin perfecter Sensitive’ is great. I use it in light. (It’s a bit orange for me now though) This was the only bb/foundation that worked for my dry skin. It’s cheap – £10, Hypoallergenic and has a tiny bit of a fragrance. It’s easy to apply, covers some redness, makes your skin glow and doesn’t feel heavy. I honestly believe it improves my skins texture. It has spf 25. It is a light coverage though and could be a bit orange to some however i would recommend it for a try.

    • petmink

      I have the Garnier one too in Medium/Deep, but it turns orange like you said. The coverage is pretty light. I mainly use it to cover redness. Next time I will try a Korean one if I can find it in my color. But it seems like this tube is going to last me a while.

  99. I tried one Korean BB cream (I forget the name of it) but it was like paste on my face. So I use a tinted moisturizer by Clinique that feels so much better. It’s similar to BB cream but it doesn’t stick to to my dry spots on my face.

  100. I tried American BB Creams and they feel too heavy for my face especially since I have oily skin. I have used Skinfood’s Peach Sake pore BB cream and The Face Shop’s Oil Cut BB cream and they are both great for oily skin. The Face Shop’s Oil Cut BB Cream will look white on your face at first but it will adjust to your skin tone. Skinfood’s Peach Sake comes in many shades here in the states.

  101. I’d tried Missha’s Perfect Cover #23 before traveling to South Korea and was never really impressed. The formula was too thick and rubbed off on my clothes, and the color was too dark. Because of that experience, I was hesistant to go all out and buy any other kind at the chance I might hate it and waste my money. I did get some samples of Skin79′s Orange and Pink, but I hated those too.

    Then I went to South Korea and while there, I sampled a bunch of different creams. I ended up buying 3 different kinds: 1 Etude, 2 Skinfood. I’m not sure if it’s my skin, but I don’t really feel like these creams spread very well. Usually they absorb pretty fast. I always seem to be using a lot more than what other bloggers put on their faces. -shrug-

    Anyhoo, right now I’m still loving Skinfood’s Mushroom Multicare BB Cream as my go-to because it’s not super heavy. It was cheap too. I use the Etude Precious Mineral when I need more coverage, or else just go with a powder foundation (which oddly works better than BB creams, it just doesn’t have the added benefits). I tried Skinfood’s Peach Sake cream too, but it doesn’t spread as well for me. Maybe my skin just sucks.

  102. I really need to start buying Asian BB creams because in my country they ONLY sell BB cream with a red undertone and my skin has more of a yellow undertone so they always make me look a bit lobsteresque. Also they are pretty oily and just feel like foundation mixed with moisturiser.
    The only thing is, my skin is quite a few shades darker than the average Korean so I’m not sure if there will be one the right shade for me and it’s not like I can try before I buy. I heard that one Korean company is bringing out a bronze BB so maybe I’ll try that.

  103. THANK YOU MARTINA!!! I have been waiting for this day for so long! Since I don’t live in Korea, it’s harder to access all the brands and try them out. I also love hearing other people’s opinions about BB, especially those who are constantly on camera or in photos! Thank you thank you thank you! <3

    I used to use Etude House Precious Mineral, but I had a hard time making it last all day, and as the day progressed it looked progressively more ashy. So I tried a few others!

    #1 Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly – I was recommended this product a few months ago and I LOVE it. Very moisturizing, but it absorbs after a few seconds and gives good coverage. It also feels very light and lasts my 10-12 hour work shift! Plus the container is adorable.

    #2 BRTC – I've had great experiences with all of their BB creams! This was the first BB cream to still give me coverage after I worked out and sweated a whole lot. I was very impressed! The Jasmine Water and Whitening BB creams are my favorite, the Gold Caviar is a bit too dark for me. The downside is that it's one of the more expensive BB creams out there.

    #3 Lioele Beyond The Solution – I like this BB cream a lot as well, not too heavy, good coverage, and looks good for 8+ hours! The "Triple The Solution" is definitely darker than "Beyond the Solution". And this product is less expensive than BRTC.

    Those are my 3 recommendations! (Wow, feel like I just totally came across as a BB cream addict/nerd LOL)

    • I wanna try Holika Holika bb cream but I’m not sure if I should buy it. My skin is mixed so… I’m worried.

      Sorry if something is wrong o you can’t understand. I’m stying english for 4 months. ;-;

  104. I’ve been buying Korean BB cream online for a few years now, the first one I bought was Misha Perfect Cover and it’s the one I keep buying. Since I have to buy online I’m hesitant to try any other in case it’s a bust for me. I only pay 13 bucks for a 50ml bottle and about 3 dollars shipping.

    The site I buy from actually has the Etude House…I might give it a try the next time I have to place an order. It’s 12 dollars, so same price as my Missha.

    Located in Newfoundland, Canada I have tried all sorts of “American” BB creams and you are right, they suck really bad XD

    I have tried Olay, L’Oreal, Revlon, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Aveeno, Marcelle and Maybelline and it’s only the latter that I found any good. Prices on them is crazy too compared to the size of the bottle. It’s anywhere from 15 to 25 dollars and the majority of them are 30ml bottles. It’s cheaper for me to buy online, even with shipping.

    The one thing I wanted to say about the Missha BB cream you tried, lol, I think (now maybe you did try off camera) it was because you were holding it upright. I have trouble with mine when I hold it like that, turn it upside down and I have no problem <3

    • Another Newfoundlander? Hi! :)

      Do you mind me asking how you get your BB creams shipped to the Island? I can’t seem to find a place that will ship for anything less than $18. I would like to try some of the asian BB creams, but not if it’s gonna cost me that much to get it here!

  105. wuwy124566

    All the hate against the American BB creams makes me wish I could try Korean BB cream, but since I’m half black, I don’t really know if I could find any creams that match my skin tone. My skin isn’t very dark, but I don’t want to spend money to import something that I’m not sure will work. But since I hate the heaviness of foundation, I’ll stick with my Maybelline BB cream until the day I am rich enough to buy stuff to experiment with from overseas.
    As a side note, does anyone know if there are Korean BB creams for somewhat darker skin? I know some Koreans are said to have “dark” skin, so is there BB cream to cater to them?

  106. I have heard positive things about Korean BB Creams and i would love to try them…but m black. I don’t think they would have colors dark enough for me. I can only dream.

    • You could start with something like a Korean BB Boomer (primer) it’s just a cream (no color) but it really does help fill in lines and I find it gives my skin a nice dewy look (not oily just fresh ><) You can wear it under the normal foundation/american bb cream you use. I also use it by itself if I'm going to somewhere like the beach.

  107. KaleighBailey

    I use Etude House Shiny Star BB cream for a light matte finish and Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream peal something or other for a light dewy finish. I really like the Shiny Star one but it was a promotional thing with Shinee so I don’t think they make it any more :T I bought mine for a very reasonable price from Cosmetic Love.com

  108. Have you tried the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit yet Martina? I love it…I’m pretty sure it’s the matte (?????) sibling of the Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. (It’s in a white bottle instead of the bright fit pink.) Also…why are the names of K cosmetics always so damn long!!! *frustration*

    • I saw that one when I was in Korea on vacation, but I couldn’t figure out what the difference between them was.

      • Yeah, cotton fit (white, matte bottle) is more of a semi matte finish compared to bright fit (pink, shinier bottle) which is slightly shimmery and dewy. I think the cotton fit bb cream is really lovely! Unfortunately (as far as I know) cotton fit only has three shades vs the four shades of bright fit. I also heard cotton fit is slightly thicker than bright fit.

        • Kimberly Nguyen

          Wow I’m dumb…and blind. The Etude House one reads Blooming Fit. Must be the new younger sister to the precious mineral line.

          Yup, new for 2014. Also three shades like cotton fit apparently. Just checked.

  109. Ugh you are seriously the best. There are just way too many brands of BB Cream. Hella daunting for a person like me who doesn’t really care much for make up. But this makes my life easier. I’mma go buy me some Etude House BB cream. Hope it suits meh ^^ Fingers crossed lol

  110. maggiesaus

    I really like using Etude House BB cream and Missha bb cream. I’m using the M Perfect cover Missha bb cream, which doesn’t have that perfumey smell you didn’t like in the Missha bb cream you covered. I got a sample from my Ipsy bag, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it – it has medium coverage (which I needed because I got a horrible case of spring allergy acne), smooth/satiny finish, and doesn’t have a huge smell. As for Etude House… well, you can never go wrong with Etude house!!
    I’ve used the skin79 bb cream before, and I don’t remember hating it, as I finished the entire bottle. I haven’t bought one since, so I guess it was an ok bb cream.

  111. I have Skin79 hot pink, perfume for me is ok and first 1-2 hours looks OK, but later it vanish… looks like i had nothing on my skin… but thanks god sun protection is last all day cause i burn very quickly. And in winter i can’t use it cause my skin become flaky, dry :/ usually i mixing it with skin79 CC cream control, it becomes more moisturizing. I’m thinking which one BB cream i should to choose, i need good coverage and to stay on my skin at least 4 hours :D

  112. unicornsgalaxy

    UGH. the American BB creams are aweful! I tried a few and just no. They didn’t give good coverage (imo) and I had to use a lot more than I do of the Asian BB creams.

    I use MISSHA Cho Bo Yang Herbal BB Cream which on E-bay is around $20-25 USD and my first one lasted me about a little over a year. I’ve had a new bottle and it’s been about a little over half a year. It’s a heavier coverage so I use it when I really want a lot of coverage. It doesn’t feel weighty though (at least not after a while). I really like it.

    Right now I am also using Rivecowe CC cream. It’s a corrective cream and not a BB cream tho. I really like it and it is like putting magic onto your skin. It starts out completely white but when you rub it in it starts to match your skin tone. MAGIC I TELL YOU!!!! MAGIC!!!

    I had also used SKIN79 VIP Gold Super Plus. I did like it but it didn’t seem to give me the greatest coverage.

    What I usually do is go to Ebay and buy a few different samples. They are usually under $5.00 and you can get like 3-5 samples which will last a few weeks. Then I make my decision and buy the bigger versions.

    • I have not tried CC creams. But do you think it would work for me. It’s just so difficult finding moisturizers with SPF that I am not allergic to. Man I feel like I am allergic to everything. Hahaha reminds me of all the food foul ups we had.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I don’t know. The one (and only) that I’ve tried has SPF in it. So definitely not that one. Plus while I don’t really think it had a specific color\skin tone on it, I think it would probably be way too light for you. :( Even though it’s goes on white and is magic, I think they are still for certain skin tones?

  113. Oh Missha… Martina, I knew you were going to have problems with the pump in this one as soon as I saw the bottle xD
    I use Missha Perfect Cover No. 21 and this happens to me with every new bottle. But I got used to it and it doesn’t bother me that much anymore.
    Missha is perfect for me when I have bad skin day as its coverage is really good and I actually love how it smells. When my skin looks good and all I want is to even out my skin tone I use my other BB cream, Skin79 VIP Gold Collection. Before buying this one I’ve tried many samples of other Skin79 BB creams and this one was definitely the best one for me (I also didn’t like the Pink one).
    Before switching to those two BB creams I’ve tried Etude House’s Precious Mineral Bright Fit but this one didn’t do it for me. The coverage was great and the application easy but even though I got the lightest possible shade, it was just too dark for my almost-vampire-like complexion.

    Anyways, I loved this video and it would be awesome to see more cosmetics reviews from you :D

  114. maireadinish

    Here are some things I know about BB cream:

    I buy from cosmetic-love.com. It has the lowest prices on Korean make-up I’ve found in the US. A lot of things are available on Amazon, though.

    Dr. Jart is available at Sephora world-wide. No need to order online.

    I really like Skin 79, but I really prefer the orange bottle to the pink bottle one. I’ve tried both and I really like the orange one better.

    The Tony Moly melts as soon as I leave the house and is really greasy looking. I know Korea has a “dewy” look, but it looks like I’ve been swimming in olive oil. Granted, it’s been 90+ degrees here (32C), but I would like my make-up to last more than half an hour.

    I’ve also tried Tony Moly’s CC cream (which is WHITE out of the bottle). It’s fine for winter by too light even for my pasty complexion in the summer. It is, however, awesome in consistency and coverage when I can use it.

    I’ve tried Skin Food Agave BB Cream. I love Skin Food; it was the first cosmetic store I tried in Korea and I love it like Martina loves Etude House. The BB Cream is okay but a little streaky if you’re not careful. Their best products, however, are their toners and emulsions. I still order them, even though I’ve been in the US for three years.

    My absolute FAVORITE Korean BB cream though is Lioele. It’s the first one I’ve re-ordered and I really like it.

  115. I’m lucky because there is a Korean beauty shop just down the road from me (in Edmonton, Alberta) that carries a wide variety of brands, including most that are mentioned here. Currently I have been using Holika Holika’s Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, I picked it up because of all of the rave reviews online, I like it because it evens out my skin tone and covers up my redness and imperfections (I don’t need concealer when I use it), it also has a semi-matte finish so it’s good for when I don’t want to look too glowy and dewy (if you’re in Canada, Holika Holika actually has a Canadian webstore now http://www.holikaholika.ca/products/bb-cream-makeup/aqua-petit-jelly-bb/). I also have Nature Republic’s Photoshot 3D Mouse BB which I like because it has a super light texture, overall I get medium coverage out of it which is what I prefer anyways, I can really build a new diffused look with it and it does have a dewy finish which looks stunning, but it isn’t my day to day BB cream. I keep meaning to pick up the Iope BB Cushion to try next. Also, one of the reasons why I gravitate towards BB Creams is the SPF content, so I am always looking for a higher SPF when I pick mine out.

  116. ginaginameii

    I use Dr. Jart! i bought it in the states from sephora before coming to Korea. i have the green bottle though, its supposed to be extra moisturising.
    my favorite ive tried sofar in korea is Too Cool For School’s CC cream. the coverage is amazing, especially for my undereye circles. and its very light like wearing only powder.

  117. I use Rimmels bb cream, Its the best I’ve managed to find on the high street. http://uk.rimmellondon.com/products/face/bb-cream

    I have a yellowish skin tone so I may have to look into Korean brands more. The lighter Rimmel one actually doesn’t make me look so bad so long as I don’t put too much on.

  118. Maashugna

    I usually use my skinfood aloe very bb cream in the lightest color. I’m actually pretty tan, and I have a weird olive tint to my skin so I was pretty hesitant to try most bb creams, but surprisingly most of the creams I try blend to my skin perfectly, and not a single one (of the 7 i’ve tried) broke me out or looked cakey on my face. The skinfood one is best though, I love the smell, the coverage is perfect for my combination skin and it covers the occasional breakout. When I’m going out though, I use TheFaceShop Magic Cover bb cream, and it is absolutely amazing, light but it gives me a very perfect idol-like coverage.

    Oh yeah, and I agree with Martina that asian bb cream and western bb creams are two different things. Every western bb cream I tried broke me out and creased.

  119. lady_kire

    I use Missha No. 23 Perfect Cover BB cream. I use this one because it’s the only brand that I was able to get someone to help me test it. I don’t want to order BB cream online and discover it’s not my colour.

    The other reason is that Missha’s has one of the highest SPFs on their BB cream. My mom has one she just got from the Face shop and while I like the weight of that one, it has a lower SPF than Missha’s.

    About the push bottle: Yes I have problems pumping Missha BB cream out as well. However, I don’t think it’s because the pump is broken. I’ve found that you have to pump it out a certain way to get it to come out correctly. I’m not sure at what degree of angle, but that’s all I know.

  120. sillyleaf

    I tend to use Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit from Etude, though I’ve also used the Bright fit version. I’ll apply Sweet recipe Baby choux – mint first and – if needed – I’ll use a few dabs of a concealer (Lise Waitier professional corrector )on any bad spots, then I’ll put on the BB cream.

    For a night out I might use Dear Girls- Be Clear Pact from Etude as well, to set and even everything out.

  121. When I first saw your videos about bb cream I got so excited because I really needed to find a moisturizer with light coverage and SPF. Unfortunately, Korean products are made for Korean skin tone ranges, and seeing that I have dark brown skin mine is far beyond the Normal Korean spectrum. It makes me wonder what darker skinned women who live in Korea ( like Michelle Lee or Tasha) use. Or maybe heir skin is just light enough to pass after the product oxidizes. So instead I use the Maybelline Dream Fresh Bb cream in the darkest shade. It is actually one of the few American bb’s that comes in a dark brown tone so I did not have many options. It works ok, but since I have really oily skin and live in the tropics, makeup hardly ever stays on my face and I have to keep reapplying. I actually remember before bb creams started being produced in the West, that dark skinned women had put tutorials on youtube, mixing their foundation with bb creams.

    I have used The Face shops’s Oil-Free BB with chamomile and it was nice but it still left a slight white cast on my face after oxidation. It was quite hilarious when I went to buy it from the store in NY. The Korean salesperson obviously wanted to tell me I was too dark and it probably would not work for me, but didn’t know how to do so without coming off racist. I bought it anyway because I just wanted to try to see if it would work.

    Alas, this review would not help me find a bb cream but it was entertaining non-the less.

    • Maashugna

      I’m pretty dark too, way tanner than Tasha or Megan. I was also pretty hesitant about using an Asian bb creams, but some brands do sell darker color. Missha’s perfect cover bb cream comes in the darkest color I’ve seen for an asian bb cream, and it’s a good bb cream. I actually use the lighter colors and they blend with my skin color perfectly. Or maybe you could mix a darker foundation with bb cream.

      • The mixing with foundation is usually what most darker skinned women do, but I have very sensitive skin and hardly ever use foundation because it clogs my pores so I haven’t tried that.

        I think also it has to do with undertones, whether you have warm or cool. Sometimes the bb creams have a cool base make my skin a little blue/greenish and I maybe need a warmer toned one.

    • Have you read The Wanderlust Project (http://thewanderlustproject.com/)? It’s a travel blog, but she reviews a lot of Korean skincare and beauty products and she has very dark skin. I find her blog super useful when I am researching products or discovering new ones.

      • No I have not. Thanks for the recommendation. I will look her up.

      • Hahaha! I have been perusing her blog and it is really nice, thank you but just need to clarify that she does -not- have ‘very dark skin’. Actually on the black shade scale she would be considered caramel toned. I am much darker ( more like chocolate) and sadly, my skin tone is not even that dark in the scheme of skin tones. She also seems to not use BB creams at all. Just a moisturizer with SPF. Ah well, she does have some great recommendations though which I would love to try. Thanks for telling me about her blog.

        • Sorry! We’re a pretty pale lot in Western Canada (as it is winter for 8 months) so I am probably not the best judge of range.

  122. So I’ve been studying abroad for 4 years now, and one of the biggest things I miss about Korea is the abundance of affordable make up brands strewn EVERYWHERE in Seoul! I long for the freebies they hand you just for looking around and all the pretty packaging and cheesy Engrish (this will give me the Aura of a Luminous Goddess? SOLD) and hrrrnnnggghKOREAAA-! Anyway, my favorite brand at the moment is Innisfree (mostly for skin care products rather than make up), but because my first ever BB cream was from Etude House I’ve been getting my BB creams from there ever since (and not just because they shout “Welcome, princess!” when you walk into the store). I am currently using the Precious Mineral one in your review. I have oily, slightly acne prone pale skin, but I’ve never had any problems with Etude House’s BB creams even if they’re not specifically for oily skin- I like that they don’t feel heavy or cakey and don’t make me look overly made-up. Since the Etude House BB creams last FOREVER, I won’t need to buy one anytime soon, but after watching your review I really want to try the BB cream from Clio! Thanks for sacrificing (?) your skin for us, Martina! :D I vote for more Korean make up related videos!

  123. Nic My Korean Husband

    I use Nature Republic. They have a quite a big range and seem to suit my skin problems best (oily skin, problem skin, redness). They also have BB Creams specifically for redness that contain bee venom- which I guess helps somehow? I’ve found that type to be really good for summer as well because it stays put even when super sweaty, it’s almost like it’s a waxier substance. I also use their powders to set it. Nature Republic is cheap so that factors in for me, I’d like to try out some higher end ones though.

    I have tried Missha before and it was terrible! I’ve heard from Korean people that Missha was a cheaper company but then decided to charge higher prices without making the quality any better. I’ve also had that same trouble trying to get it out of the bottle. The price is really too much for such a crappy product.

  124. Ademious

    I use Smash Box BB cream. It makes you think it’s going to be heavy when you put it on, since it’s kind of thick, but it actually feels really light weight once it sets. It covers nicely too, unless i’m having a random heavy break out… it doesn’t cover that 100%. It’s definitely made for those who just need to balance their skin tone. It’s better than the cover girl, maybaline, and one other cheaper brand I bought though. There aren’t many brands that make super white make up for albinos like me, but Smash Box’s “fair” is actually boarder line too light for me, which is a first. The price isn’t pretty, and the bottle is kinda small, but it lasts me a while since you don’t need much. I believe it is $35, but that is with Military discount. I have no idea now much it is in the states. I have sensitive and kinda of oily skin, so if anyone has a better(and cheaper :P) suggestion -even a Japanese brand since I’m currently stationed in the Main Land- that would be awesome. : )

  125. Akira-Miyashi

    Hahah! I love that you even showed us how much is it per gram. XD I personally don’t use make up. It’s too hot in Malaysia to do so and make up is not really a norm unless it’s for a special event.

  126. YooHoo


  127. YES! I am super pale and BB cream obsessed! (I have so many. SO MANY.) I have been waiting for this, and please do more of these kinds of posts! I would also love to see swatches if you are willing?

    Martina, if you like Etude House but don’t like the dewy finish, try their Cotton Fit (you have the Blooming Fit) as it’s supposed to be more matte/for oily skin.

    My favourite BB cream (for pale skin) is the Mizon Snail Repair BB cream. (I reviewed it here: http://snowwhiteandthepear.blogspot.com/2013/01/weekly-review-mizon-snail-repair.html) It’s more hydrating and gentle on skin than oil-control, but it’s not heavy or greasy at all, and reduces blemishes. It outperformed my friend’s foundation in the tropical heat of Florida in late June. :)

    • Snail repair eh? Wut…wut is it made from…

      • It’s made from the … um, brace yourself. You know how snails are always travelling over stuff with their tender wee squishy bodies? Over sharb/abrasive/nasty things on the ground? Well, they secrete goo that causes their bodies to heal uber quickly and stop any infections dead in their tracks. Super quick healing and infection stopping = pimples begone!

        Snail filtrate is a super buzzy thing in Korean beauty products (I am sure you’ve seen it all over) and it’s the *filtered* snail goo from a specific kind of snails raised for this purpose. It’s not like … picking up your garden variety snail after a rain. D: Anyway, it turns out the skin regeneration properties of these snails carry over to human skin.

        It’s seriously amazing, I can’t live without Mizon’s Snail Recovery Gel, which is a. super cheap and b. has worked MIRACLES for my skin. Seriously. I have empty tubes of it in every corner of my bathroom. http://snowwhiteandthepear.blogspot.com/2013/03/weekly-review-mizon-multi-function.html

  128. Michaela

    I use the Tony Moly BB Cream and I found it did the opposite when I got it… it came out of the bottle TOO easily and wouldn’t stop coming out at first. And the coverage for me was really thick and darker than my skin (because I’m ridiculously pale) and covered everything really well. It might seem odd because I don’t know if you should actually do this but I mix it with a bit of my Tony Moly CC cream and it not only makes it the perfect shade for me but it makes my face look flawless! I do find it needs a tiny bit of powder just to keep it settled for the day but otherwise it works really well for me.

  129. I’ve used The Face Shop Oil Free BB Cream. It said it treats oily or problem skin and has Chamomile Extract. It was light coverage. Perfect for those with nice skin and not needing to cover much. I also used Blemish Recover Balm it was kind of thick and covers well. The color is a bit light. From the same brand I also used the Gold Caviar cream. This is the one I’m currently using. It seems a bit darker than the other one, it has decent coverage and it’s not too thick.

    I don’t think I’ve found the perfect one for me yet. I might have to keep looking and there’s just so many!

  130. pinkksoupp

    I’m an Etudehouse girl too! I’ve been using their Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream since 2012 and I love the light to medium coverage that it gives me. I have combination skin and it’s hot all year round in Singapore so I hardly ever wear foundation unless it’s a special occasion. Gonna give the Clio one a try though, I’m really curious about the texture of that one. Thanks for the review Martina! \o/

  131. KameraKatie

    I use different silly American ones >.< I haven't found one I love. I just bought one from Maybelline that is called the Dream BB Cream and it has salicylic acid to work on acne while covering. Hoping it's better, it does seem like something needing to be set with powder.
    Thanks for the review cause I was looking into buying an asian bb cream in the near future!


    • I also use the silly American ones but it is mostly because Asian ones do not work on people with dark skin. I used the Face shop one for oily skin and when it oxidized it left a white cast on my skin making my skin look odd. So, nope.

      So sadly Martina, this review was of no help to people who don’t have fair to medium skin tones.

      • You’re right, Asian BB creams are designed for their skin tones, so it means there are not a lot of options. Luckily, there are more and more BB creams for deeper skin tones coming out, because people have realized that BB creams are an international craze and there is a huge global market. I agree the American ones are terrible, but I have heard some of the newer ones by higher end brands are decent.

        Another thing you can do is to take a foundation a few shades darker than your skin, and mix it with the BB cream if you want to enjoy the skin benefits of a BB cream but want to adjust the colour. I actually do this with BB creams that are too dark – I mix them with Mac Face and Body White until the shade is light enough.

        I know it’s not a great option, but it’s something to try if you have BBs sitting unused because they’re the wrong shade.

        • Yes, it is sort of limited sadly but I try to make do. I do know about the foundation tinting trick. When I first learned about bb creams and searched for them on youtube, a some of the black makeup gurus were talking about using foundation to tint. Unfortunately I have really sensitive skin and really don’t use foundation. That’s actually the reason I was so excited about bb creams because I saw me as an alternative to having to wear foundation. Just bb cream, a bit of loose powder and I could have a made up look for an event like a dinner or Graduation ceremony. Especially living in the tropics, wearing foundation is like murder to your skin.

          For now I just have to make do with the inferior American ones since they cater to a wider shade range.

        • onesonicbite

          Problem is that American Makeup Marketers know that people will pay out of their ass to get better BB Cream. I REALLY like Tart since it is vegan. It goes on really powdery and goes a long way. I feel like it covers a lot without looking like I painted my face. It is pretty expensive but I use so little that it lasts a long time. They go only to a tan with them.

          I also see that Dr. Jart is selling at Sephora. Hmm… I might pick that up, maybe the formula is the same as the one Martina tried. But it is more expensive than Tart, and is probably tested on animals, so I might skip trying it out.

          I also like DeVita, which I got since it was another vegan brand that is paraben free. I like them, and I never noticed it on my face. It doesn’t has much of an even color as Tart. But if I feel like my face is a little dry I pick DeVita since it seems to moisturize more.

          Overall I feel like BB Cream is a buzz word in the states. It does suck that nothing goes past a “tan” color.

          Tart: http://www.sephora.com/bb-tinted-treatment-12-hour-primer-broad-spectrum-spf-30-sunscreen-P377542?skuId=1486752
          Dr Jart’s Full Line: http://www.sephora.com/dr-jart
          DeVita: http://www.devitaskincare.com/store/absdotsosdotlute-minerals8482-moisture-tints-c-260_266.html

  132. I bought the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Cotton fit last week and I really fell in love with that one! I have really pale skin and never found a fitting one in Germany (and they also have that glueish consistency here)but this one really does the job! It also feels light but it covers all my pimples pretty well :)Also I can wear it the whole day without turning caky althogh I have oily skin!

  133. I’m at that awkward age where I need to cover breakouts and my first wrinkles, so I look for BBs that are anti-aging and non-oily. I prefer thinner consistency and medium coverage. Favorite right now is The Face Shop Recovery BB Cream, lightweight, medium coverage, herbal scent at first but that goes away. Seems to improve my skin. For hot humid weather, Holika Holika Luminous Silk keeps down oiliness. Smells baby powdery which I don’t like but again, that goes away. For bad skin days Missha Cho Bo Yang has heavier coverage, doesn’t feel too makeup-y. It’s expensive but the Missha US site has big sales periodically. The Face Shop Power Perfection is also a pretty good everyday BB, thin consistency and light to medium coverage.

  134. Niqi

    My favourite BB creams are Missha’s M Perfect Cover in #13 (Light Beige) and BRTC Jasmine Water! They’re amongst the palest ones I’ve found, the others were from Skinfood (Aloe, and Gingko I think?) but I prefer the consistency of the former ones :) I’ve tried various others, and I’d like to try more brands and also CC creams but it’s difficult to tell if they’d suit my skin tone. I recently bought an Innisfree one and unfortunately it’s a little too dark/orangey, but I love Innisfree’s packaging.
    Most of all I love Korean hydrating skincare, so good for dry skin~

    • meeem

      Yes! A fellow pale person! I’ve tried the Missha M Perfect Cover in no. 13 and I really liked it, and it matched my skin tone! I think it’s one of the lightest BB creams around (I’m like a NC/NW 10). I’m always scared to buy without swatting because it’s so hard to tell what they will look like on my skin.
      I just bought a Mizon BB cream, it’s supposed to be a nice light color. I tried a Dr.G BB cream and it improved my skin in less than a week of using it, but unfortunately it was a little too dark for me.

  135. i know these are mostly for dry skin but i was wondering Martina if you found some for oily skin since my face tends to be more oliy

  136. some of them sound great but as long as the shipping is more expensive than the product I can’t really afford them :(

    • Mariam

      Did you try Amazon? I’ve found some of the same products that will ship free with Prime, or you can buy from sellers that charge around 9 bucks for the cream and 5 bucks shipping so that the total price is slightly less than the Prime price with the free shipping. They definitely have Etude House.

  137. i know these are mostly for dry skin but i was wondering Martina if you found some for oily skin since my face tends to be more oliy

  138. 국화

    I normally use the exact one you reviewed from Etude House. But since it’s summer it’s hard to find anything that matches my skin tone. :\

  139. Rhiannon1390

    Which ones would you recommend for sensitive combination skin? (Oily t-zone & dryish cheeks & eyebrows lol) Non scented plz n thank you~!

  140. i know these are mostly for dry skin but i was wondering Martina if you found some for oily skin since my face tends to be more oliy

  141. SHINeeUKShawol

    “if you want your face to smell like you walked though a department store and got attacked by a bunch of women sampling perfume…” ahahaha that reminds me of that scene in Spongebob when he and Patrick got stuck in the Flying Dutchmans ship!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R2dWR2f4yc

  142. I don’t use BB cream- my mum buys it but I find it’s too dark for my skin, regardless of brand or if it’s supposed to be for ‘ivory’ skin. I guess in England looking pale isn’t really in. I like really thick foundation because my skin is so blotchy but the thick BB cream just makes me look like an oompa-loompa and those moisturising versions barely do anything and I don’t like looking shiny.

  143. Anna_R

    I like the pink skin79, it was actually awesome. I got a mixed skin so it balanced the oilyness and i didnt sense the perfume as much. Now i got the orange one http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DOih9tGUoMo/T_BSlAfzjwI/AAAAAAAAFYg/nHHcDc97Q8w/s640/skin79_super_plus_orange_bb_cream__12381_zoom.jpg which is ok, i think. The scent is weaker but i think its kinda oilier (the cream itself). The coverage is good too. I also have one from tsowoong http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mvAYnY4JHKTKr3LvT-7urFw.jpg , the coverage is great but the smell is… i cant quite point out. like carrots mixed with seaweed and sadness. i want to try the skin79 from the new series. they have a new gell green bb but its too expensive at the moment.

  144. I’ve been using the Skin79 for a long time and love it. I didn’t even know it had a perfumey scent as it didn’t really smell to me. Also I believe the pink one is for oily skin and the gold is for dry skin. The dewy finish also doesn’t bother me and I like that fresh look. Didn’t make me look oily, just dewy. To each their own though.

    I have tried a missha bb cream before because I heard a lot of great things about it, but it didn’t really impress me. Would like to try some etude house bb cream though, maybe now is the time?

  145. Agent Midnight

    If you go on the link for the BB cream sales, you’ll see a bunch of kpop idols modelling separate brands. :P
    I see Sulli, Yoona, Jessica, Suzy, Victoria, and someone I think is Dara?

  146. poodle

    Thanks for the review! I never know which is good. I chose based on samples I got from a friend, but I haven’t tried most of these brands.

    I use Skin79 in the gold bottle (I think it’s targeted to fixing wrinkles, but whatever!), and I love the perfume (personal preference). I use one pump most days. It’s rather dewy, but I usually add a sheer powder on top anyway so that’s not a problem. I definitely didn’t pay that much for it though! It worked out to about $15; bought on Japan’s Rakuten.

  147. tomato_warrior

    I must say, looking at how much bb you use Martina… you’re putting too much at once! It’s better to put much less twice, then the color is much better and well its better to pat the face lightly than rubbing, then you get a fresher look. I used the pink one from skin79 but it’s made for pink undertone skin and it;s too dark. I’m really pale so I have my favourites and these are: Skin79 Green(it’s really light and almost white and it doesn’t cover much but that’s good for me), Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit(It’s almost perfect and not so expensive. I use that the most because it feels like my skin is in perfect condition and smells so goooooood~)But I must say that I fell in love with cushions! I have one from Etude and its really great! You don’t need much product and skin looks fantastic. All day long it looks perfect… I tried many bb creams and well as for you Martina I must say that maybe skin79 Gold would be good for you but You must remember that any bb from skin79 needs to be put more than once a day
    because it don’t last too well in comparison with other bb’s. As for me Etude is my number one^^

  148. The exact same thing happened to me with my Missha BB cream! Because I got it from Amazon vs. a Korean seller on Ebay, I seriously thought they had sent me a damaged or an old product! Good to know I was not the only one! :(
    I do like it, but now seeing your review I am thinking of trying The Etude House one.

  149. carlyh

    Great review! Good to know expensive doesn’t always mean better. Eww I hate super smelly skin products too – I have perfume for that! My favourite is Clio VF21 water balm (very similar to the one you posted, but a little different). I’ve been wanting to try the Etude House for ages because I’ve heard great things.

    I review Korean cosmetics on my new blog: http://www.ambereyesblog.com

  150. I was using BRTC Gold Caviar before. It worked pretty well, mostly I wanted hydration and evening out my skin tone. :)

  151. I use Skin79, but I use the Orange bottle. I like the coverage and I have oily/combination skin and it seems to work well. I pay no where near that much for it, less than $20 on Amazon last time I did. I use less than a pump and, yes, it is glossy, but I also use a rice powder to set everything so that fixes it. There is a smell, but it goes away before I even get out the door.

  152. I use the skin79. I too find it to be very dewy/shiny. More so than I like. I might try the Dr. Jart next. I have very oily skin and am rather dark. So the Clio may work for me as well. I prefer Korean BB creams as well.

    The only problem is I’m in the US so it’s hard to get access to some of the BB creams There’s no Etude house near to us and I want to test the BB cream on my skin before I purchase.

    Thanks for the review. I’ll keep an eye out for these BB creams.

  153. You needed one and a half pumps of the skin79!? My face is worse then yours and I only use half a pump and get perfect coverage on my face + neck. Also, the pump is a vacuum one with a bottom that comes up when you pump, so there’s actually no waisting whatsoever! :)

  154. I use Missha 13 because I have a very pale complexion. I really love how light this color is and how well it matches my undertones. I’ve had make up artists use my Missha BB cream for shows and they always make a face at the grey color as they put it on but then perk up when it oxidizes and matches my skin tone pretty perfectly.

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