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Korean Blog List

Here’s a bunch of sites we find useful or interesting. Want to suggest a site? Contact Us and let us know about it! We can’t guarantee that all sites will go up here, but we can try!

Korea Blogs:

Korean News:

marmotThe Marmot’s Hole

Deals with the “Serious Stuff” in Korea from a foreigner’s perspective. Great community of commenters as well.

BloggerGusts of Popular Feeling

Great, in-depth articles about news in Korea relevant to foreigners in Korea.

K Pop:


Another good Kpop site. Use with Allkpop and you’ll know everything about Kpop!

All Kpop LogoAllkpop:

Want to know about a song or band before we make a video about them? Check this site out regularly.

24-7 Kpop

Another cool Kpop news site from the makers of World Wide Kpop Day.

wwkWe Want Kpop

Looking for Kpop photos? This site has lots of em.

French KpopKpop.Fr

If you’re French, here’s a great Kpop site for you. France represent!

Other Korean Music:

Korean Indie MusicIndieful ROK

Korea’s got a lot more going for it than just K Pop. Learn about Korea’s Indie music scene here

Korean Food:

Seoul EatsSeoul Eats

Great site on finding food in Seoul, and organizes events for you to experience Korean food as well.

Zen KimchiZen Kimchi

Another great food site. Just about anything and everything you need to know about Korean food. Yum!

Home Brew KoreaHome Brew Korea

Not Korean Food, per se, but definitely the authoritative site for Beer in Korea. Shazam!

Korean YouTubers:


YouTube from a Korean person’s perspective. Making loads of movies as well.


Another person making lots of YouTube videos of his Korean adventures, since 2006.

Korean Regions:

AnsanAnsan Answers

We cover Bucheon. We don’t know Ansan. These guys do, and they can tell you a lot more about it than we can.

SeoulSuburbanSeoul Suburban

Cool blog about the cool things you find in at different subway stations with awesome pics as well.

Korean Miscellaneous:

Kiss My KimchiKiss My Kimchi

Views, analysis, rants and randomness from a long-term expat and big-time Korea fan.

Kiss My KimchiKiss My Kimchi

Another site with lots of useful information from a teacher in South Korea.

Law Blog IconKorean Law Blog

Just as the title suggest. Korean law, talked about by Korean lawyers.

leeskoreablogLee’s Korea Blog

A blog about Korea from a Korean’s perspective.

The Waygook EffectThe Waygook Effect

Cool blog with a mishmash of fun stuff related to life in Korea. Interesting and informative. Sweet!

Cultural (in)Differences

A Korean blog in comic form! Hells yeah! We love reading comics!

Monster Island BlogMonster Island

Is it an island or a peninsula? Actually, it’s worth reading for a different perspective.

A Blog AbroadA Blog Abroad

Going to kpop concerts? This girl knows a lot more about it than we do!

Korea Sites:

Korean Dramas:

Drama CrazyDrama Crazy

Another good K-Drama site. It’s good to have at least two sites you can rely on

Korean Shopping:


You like Korean dramas? Buy some of the stuff you see people wear in Kdramas. BOOM!

Korea Miscellaneous:

Korean News FeedsKorean News Feeds

A boatload of Korean news from various sites, all in one spot. BAM.

Seoul FMSeoul FM

Listen to Kpop music via internet radio. Sweet!

Korea Gig GuideKorea Gig Guide

You like live music? Live in Korea? This site will tell you where to hear live music

Canadian Embassy KoreaCanadian Embassy in Korea

There will be a time when you will need these guys. And their site is actually quite helpful! Go Canada!

Animal Rescue KoreaAnimal Rescue Korea

This is who we went through to get Spudgy. You want a dog like Spudgy, don’t you?

Learn KoreanLearn Korean Online

Learn Korean from a guy who isn’t Korean. Seems like he’d know how to teach it better as a result, no?