How can we have NOT talked about Blood Types all this time? Seriously! This is important stuff! Well, not really that important, because it’s not necessarily true, but it is shocking how our blood type descriptions do fit us quite well.

What shocks us, though, is that we fit our blood type descriptions better than we fit our Horoscope descriptions. I never really related with the Capricorn/Aquarius characteristics, and the only thing Martina agreed with as a Taurus was in being stubborn. These blood type qualities, though? Yes, I’m antisocial and Martina is a social butterfly. I can be sociable in a social setting, but I don’t put up with much and avoid stuff I don’t like. Also, supposedly I don’t care much for forgiving and forgetting, because I’m never offended, so there’s nothing to forgive or forget. It’s impossible to offend me. IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe that’s why I’m not in any Kpop fandoms? OHHH BURN! No wait don’t go! It was a joke! Ahhhh. There I go again being too blunt.

I wonder if Korea has the equivalent to Big Poppa. “Who they attractin with that line ‘what’s yo name what’s yo sign’”? In Korea it’d be more like “what’s yo name what’s yo blood type?” And instead of Big Poppa it’d be Big Abba. I’d totally listen to that song. On a more serious note, hey you: Kpop Celebrities. I know you read these blog posts (you don’t have to hide anymore). Where’s that club for AB people? I need to know plz.

Soo Zee was telling us how, in first dates, blood types very often come up in conversation. Maybe not to any great depth, but it’s asked, even if just in passing. Have you been asked your Astrological sign on your first dates?

I only know one person who’s really into astrology. I won’t name him, in case he’s reading. We did have a chat with him, once, though, and it was freaky how into it he was. It’s even down to the point where he can say “it’s this day in the Astrological calendar so ______ kind of stuff is supposed to happen today.” I remember he blamed the cracking of his toilet as a result of it, because technology was supposed to act up that day. I wouldn’t consider my pooper technology, really, though I suppose it technically stands up to the definition. You know, I guess that conversation we had was so specific that he probably already knows that it’s him, so there’s no point in us naming him anymore. Ok, fine. You win. His name was G-Dragon. Ha! No.

Also, there’s a fairly popular webtoon on the Korean net about Blood Types. I’m gonna link it here for relevance: BOOYA! Some of them are actually quite hilarious. They’re worth checking out :D

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR. Please let us know if there’s any characteristics we missed out on for the blood types, and also if you’re in any way shocked by our blood types. We’re shocked how much they fit us. Maybe you guise were like “pffft it figures.” I wonder if there’s a common bloodtype amongst commenters here. Maybe it’s only A types that are drawn to commenting? I wonder. There’s only one way to find out: by clicking on this pretty button below right here:

  1. Duuuude, i’ve known my blood type forever, like i learnt my name and boold type together x. Well, that’s because my parents always told me it was important to know in case an accident happened. So yeah, i’m an A, but i don’t really believe this… i’m a horoscope person xD

  2. Ok, so I Google the blood types to see if there is anything more specific that would nail me down more than this vid did or exhonerate me.

    O+ here. “Those with blood type O are said to be natural leaders – they are outgoing, energetic and optimistic. They speak their minds loud and clear whilst being friendly and easy going. They tend to be expressive and passionate with high self-confidence and are highly ambitious. They have a strong physical presence and are unlikely to be overlooked. They tend to be dramatic which might make others feel uncomfortable. They can be arrogant, insensitive, ruthless and vein. They can be obsessively preoccupied with success. However, they won’t leave someone who is in trouble by themselves and are said to be natural athletes. It is suggested that blood type O’s eat a high protein diet and exercise rigorously.”

    I have to say that last part? Not so much.
    Leader? well… does running your own business count? I thought it just meant I was working for an ass.
    Pieces for zodiac. Kinda fits but not really.
    Chinese zodiac…sheep. Now, that offended me at first until I found out that, basically, It means I prefer my own company….most of the time. I USED to be in the needy part but now I think I’m more along the lines of a blood type AB in that respect.

    And now that I’ve posted all this, it means absolutely nothing.
    Fun way to waste some time though :D.
    Thanx for explaining this guys! I was really starting to kinda wonder why all the people I talk to online from Korea wanted to know my blood type. Now I know. :P

  3. If you ask me Blood Type As seem boring. I don’t know what Blood Type I am but I wouldn’t want to be A. I think I am though, I’m such an introvert and really sensitive. I’d love to be O or AB. Or even B, cos at least I could live my life not giving a fuck about what others think of me.

    Also, about AB; the reason they can be considered confusing is because they seem kind of bipolar. One minute they can be happy and fun loving, next minute they can be all emo. At least that’s what I’ve understood from what I’ve read.

    And lol, I laughed so hard at that Aussie accent. I’m an Aussie and it sounded very British to me. xD

    Lastly, about Zodiac Signs; I’m actually one of the few that believes in them a lot. I know they’re not always going to be true and match up though, and I don’t mind if others don’t believe in it. I just find it really interesting. Same with Blood Types. However I’m not as crazy as your friend, I’m not interested in Horoscopes and like ‘what shit is going to happen today’ kind of thing because I find it utter bullshit. However I match my Zodiac sign very well and that might also be a reason why I believe in them. And I know if you don’t match your Zodiac sign, it can be because your birth chart has a lot of other star signs in it. So Martina might have Gemini or Leo or something in her sign, as she is more outgoing. I think Simon acts a lot like an Aquarius though!

    Anyway, that’s enough nerdiness out of me. Going to shut up now. Great video though, glad I finally got around to watching it! ^^

  4. Can you do more Etude make up vids.. really love etude..

  5. i am blood type B for a women and wow.. that isnt me at all.. i lke to stay in my dorm all the time and when i do go out i talk alittle to people..

  6. I’m a blood type B, yet the characteristics that I have are more similar to that of a Blood Type O. But hey, isn’t Blood Type.B the wilder side of Blood Type O?? HAHA. In Singapore, when babies are born, there’s this booklet called the Health Booklet which will state the child’s blood group! I was kinda shocked at how Koreans relate one’s blood group to if they’re a desirable friend or lover because no one that I know of chooses their friends from their blood types. Even if people do ask about your blood type, it’s like more of just a passing remark?

  7. There’s a 4 episode Japanese drama about the way they are perceived in Japan, it’s really instructive since there’s little info bubble now and then about the blood type. It’s called “ketsuekigatabetsu onna ga kekkon suru houhou”. Each episode is about one blood type (and not every episode is good), and each one as a diffenrent main actress. So it’s about four girls with the same name but different blood type. Each story tells a different kind of love story for the girls and how they end up getting married.

  8. I’m blood type O but definitely do not fit the profile. I’m introverted, and get called out often for being too rational, and not emotional enough, lol. I just don’t understand game playing in social roles (although, I’m capable of faking it), if everyone was upfront and honest wouldn’t things be so much easier. It would work out better if I was a guy, because girls don’t seem to have these traits as easily accepted.

  9. Can you talk about funerals in South Korea? And if family members pay fees to store the cremated bodies in a Columbarium?

  10. I’m O simply because both my parents are O. That being said I’m not extroverted or anything related to O types except the ‘don’t piss me off’ thing and the forgive but never forget.

  11. can you do a tl;dr on acupuncture in korea? i’ve seen procedures with acupuncture for losing fat, getting more moisture in the skin, anti-aging, etc.

  12. I’m an O blood type stuck in an A blood type’s body. So nope not agreeing with this blood-type phenomenon.

  13. isn’t Suzy an AB?

  14. I couldn’t begin to tell you what my blood type is. But I do know I’m a cancer and from the personality descriptions I’ve read, I match it pretty decently. As for the Chinese zodiac I am a monkey and I’ve read conflicting things regarding that. Some of what I’ve read I match pretty well, others I don’t match except for like one or two things.

    Based off of what you’ve said in the video, my personality seems like a mix of A and AB. Watch, I’ll really be something like O haha.

  15. Scary how all of the A types fit me well considering that I’m blood type A

  16. Well, since I was a little, my mom always said that my bloodtype is O, just like my dad’s. So i grew up knowing i’m an O, i was extrovert, happy, talked so much, well everything O type is described in every articles about blood type that i read. I was totally an O person. I even did a special diet for blood type O (yes, every blood type has it own diet). But when i was 17, i had to tested my own blood type in biology class. You know, with needle, blood type card, testing liquid, and everything. And the result is…..my blood type is actually A. So i asked my mom and she’s like, “oh i thought you were O since you look like your dad.” -__- then i went to the doctor and check it again in case i made mistake at my biology class, it turned out that my blood type is really A. I don’t really know when exactly this happened, but now I’m really introverted. I shy, i overthinking and overanalyzing everything, i worry a lot, well, totally an A that you’ve described in this video. I don’t know how this all blood type thingy works, how come my personality changed after i knew my real blood type? Or maybe my blood type was really changed from O to A?? Can it happened??? Nah, yeah now I’m overthinking it again…..

  17. Hi Simon and Martina.
    Could you do the 2 Truths, 1 Lie Challenge

  18. Hi Simon and Martina.
    Could you do the 2 Truths, 1 Lie Challenge

  19. When you guys mentioned U.S. congress… Oh gosh. The shut down the government because they couldn’t freaking agree. That burned a bit.

  20. Sandra Darling

    I am blood type O and that is like the opposite of me. I am much closer to type A or to type AB. Funny, huh? But yeah, my students have asked me a few times here in Korea what my blood type is. According to most of my students, type O is the most desirable? Like as in for a relationship? I don’t really know.

  21. Hi S&M! (I Hope this is in the right place)
    I’m curious about Religion in Korea. GD posted a photo of a cross on Instagram and a lot of people got upset over it. Same with Taeyang and his tattoo, and Minzy and her concerts. What is the most common religion over there, and is it very publicly demonstrated? (Naaaaastay discussion subject)

  22. Aidan Walker

    I’m blood type A, and this sounds 100% accurate. I’m super boisterous but I am kind of shy and I have a really hard time/hate talking to people I don’t know really well. I worry a lot like to the point I’ve made myself physically sick with stress, so that’s accurate. And I mean I do get good grades and I don’t every really get in trouble because I never really break any rules. So I dunno, this makes me sound like a freaking pushover, but I think it’s relatively accurate.

  23. Kaitlyn Rae Avery Hematyar

    I can’t believe I don’t know my blood type. I’m sure I did at some point, but apparently it’s not that important to me, so I have forgotten. I’ll have to find out so I can see if my personality matches. Now I understand why all the dramawiki pages have the actors blood types. Thought it was weird before. :) I love your videos Simon and Martina. Thanks for sharing.

  24. i know this blood type-based-personality through a famous web comic in Korea.. have you guys seen it? and the writer also branched out to making astrology-based-personality web comic as well.. well, the thing with this blood type thing is why doesn’t any rhesus has effect on it? supposedly you can’t mix AB (+) with AB (-).. how that reflects in personality? O___o”

  25. Hey Simon And Martina, I Want To Know If The Government Encourage The Citizens Of Korea To Have Lots Of Children Or Do They Always Stick To One Or Two Babies? Please Make A TLDR On This Please? Lots Of Love From Singapore :)

  26. I love how you guys match your blood types so much really funny and cool. I give blood so that’s how I found out about my blood type, I’m not like an O though – more of an A + AB, I think- but I feel pretty cool to share the same blood type as Martina :D

  27. Sarah Kim

    I notice that A LOT of people underrate K-Pop in the U.S., saying that the music is the same thing OVER and OVER again…which can be true…sometimes, but then they start to think that all people in the K-pop industry are talentless. In Korea, do people underrate K-Pop Idols, thinking that they are just groups that are packed with pretty boys/girls in EXTREMELY tight pants? or do they acknowledge that some people actually have this thing called talent? Thanks~

  28. irritablevowel

    I asked my mother and she tells me I’m blood type O, as are the rest of my family members. In fact, the Red Cross website tells me that the majority of hispanics are blood type O. Which, if we’re using this Korean personality system, totally explains SO much about the culture.
    Of course, I’m not like that at all, so whatevs.

  29. If type B gets all the nookie, then, genetically, Koreans should mostly be type B or AB.
    But Korea is mostly Type A so, either Type B uses condoms or has weak sperm


    Of more interest would be your Briggs Myers Personality Typ I’m betting Simon is ENTP while Martina is ENFJ

  30. pierrotinlove

    I’m an A but I’m nothing like it haha. I’m actually a weird mix of AB, O, and B! (so everything but A :p)

  31. I’m honest introvert with blood type 0. I think that it is funny when description maches you and you share it, but i hate people which take it too seriously and judge others without thinking. I met a person like that (judging by horoscope) and i’m still wondering how it’s possible that we were in the same room longer than 5 minutes.

  32. I always thought I was type A because (supposedly) my mother got me tested as a baby. Two years ago I went to a hospital to donate blood and the nurse told me I was O. Back then I knew about this korean thing for blood types and I wondered how a korean would feel about what happened to me, maybe like I found out I wasn’t who I thouth I was or something like that LOL I felt I had characteristics from A and from O so I don’t know…

  33. LongClawTiger

    Wow! Those descriptions nailed me and my wife perfectly. XD I am an AB and she is an O. That was very interesting to watch. And I couldn’t agree more with Simon about never wanting to make an O angry…although that is kinda hard sometimes since they outnumber us ABs by such a large amount.

  34. I was wondering about celebrity divorces and infidelity in Korea? I’m from the US and you always hear something about this actor/actress/celebrity getting a divorce three months in or a few years later into their marriage, and more often than not it’s because of cheating and having an affair. Is getting a divorce common in Korea? And do people who have affairs really go to jail? (I saw that happen in a drama…) Please answer in TLDR.

  35. A here and i rly want to pass drama without commenting but i caaant!

  36. YukiRed

    OMG simon at 0:59 really impersonates the dramatic chipmunk to a T
    And all that talk of how much a refrigerator costs makes me wanna play Sims >_<
    Is it just me or did the video end sort of abruptly? It felt kinda weird ^_^'

  37. Bryony

    I’m sad that, with all the vampire jokes, Mordney didn’t make an appearance in this video…

  38. Hey! I’m a new Nasty ^.^ I’ve known about EYK for a while, but never really got into watching the videos till now :P You guys are a great way to relieve stress, and I’m really glad you guys do what you do, because you’re great at it! (BTW You guys make an adorable couple <3)
    ANYWAYS I don't know if this goes under TL;DR or not, but I'm gonna ask anyways, what are your thoughts about kpop companies merging/sharing stocks? Recently, Loen bought over half of Starship's stocks and this past summer, Woollim merged with SM C&C. There have been tons of rumors about the Woollim and SM C&C merge. People are wondering whether or not Woollim merged with SM because of pressure from SM or because they wanted to. I heard of these rumors mainly when the TOHEART promo came out. What do you guys think about this (and the promo :P)?

  39. kawaii_candie

    nice TLDR guys! also, before i forget, i wanted to say that i think it’s cool you are now answering some of the last week’s comments at the end of the video!

    Now, on to the subject at hand! in Japan, it’s pretty much the same. blood type is a big deal and i think the attributes you’ve described are the same as well. people take it very seriously and i remember there was a big scandal a few years ago about several companies that was refusing to hire type B people, like, you had to write what your blood type was on your resume and if you were type B, then your application wasn’t even considered. craziness, right?

    Also, i knew that Martina was gonna be type O, because I’m type O and we are sooo similar, lol. i guess the only think that doesn’t fit me about the stereotype is being a hardworker though… cuz i’m sooo lazy… lol.

    keep up the good work!!

  40. Why did it take me a day to realize that picture is from Trueblood/ The Sookie Stackhouse novels? Lol Slow much? Smh

  41. There is a song about blood types. It’s a Japanese band called NEWS and the song title is Koi No ABO ;)

  42. Isn’t the AB type celebrity club chocoball (with heechul, hongki,jaejong…)

  43. Lula

    Okay so my friend who is obsessed with Korea said that people with certain blood types get along or disagree with others who have a certain different blood type. For example, people with blood type AB might get along well with people with blood type O and might not get along with people with blood type A. Could anyone tell me if this is true and if it is what the relations are?

  44. Oh, I also remember that, when I first registered for donating blood, they gave me brochure explaining how common which blood types are in which region of the world.And I think it said that blood type B is most common in Asia.

  45. Well I’m Type B, but act more like your explanation of Type A. ^^

  46. OK, so I dont really know my bloodtype.. when we where suppose to check in school (you know – a lots of many years ago) I didnt dare to put a needle in my finger – because Im afraid of needles… stupid dentists stick you with the needle :(… SO i dont know.. I have thought about checking it up the next time Im visiting the hospital – but it havent happened yet so – I dont really know. Want to know, however :)

  47. Alex May

    What is the stigma towards interracial marriage in Korea? Especially if it is a Korean man and a foreign woman vs. a Korean woman and a foreign man. Also, is it more popular for interracial couples to live within the country or move outside of Korea?

  48. Hannah

    A-type! I actually knew about this before a little and it shocked me too how accurate it was. So I guess that means I have to comment right? ^^

  49. Martina, how in the name of Zeus’ butthole do you get your hair to do that?! I have to know!! P.S. I loved your comment about US Congress…it made my day! :D

  50. Why do you think those characteristics were written by Type A? I’m an A, but in my opinion 0 sounds best! And I’ve heard before that in Korea 0 is considered as the most favorable blood type… You’re so lucky, Martina! ;)

  51. Roo

    Maybe one point missed out was how in Korean variety shows for K-Pop bans there is a huge focus on what blood type each member of the band is (I’m thinking especially about UKISS Vampire) and they always make it dramatic when a member is AB and make fun of the B’s for being lazy and rude. xD

  52. I heard from my teacher, that the blood type theory started in Germany during the Nazis. A Japanese man living in Germany brought it to Japan and then to Korea. So Korea and Japan are the only country that believe in the blood type theory :)

  53. Shegotthatsomething

    I can’t tell which blood type I am….I sound like a taurus/blood type A looking at that lol

  54. NeeKay Lie | 최승현 부인

    well… I’m blood-type B but the definition doesn’t quite describe me :/

  55. Yay Simon, AB types unite!
    It’s amazing though, everything you described is true about me. Except for the forgive part. I get offended quite easily.

  56. I have no idea what my blood type. I feel left out.

  57. Dania 가희 Syuhaida

    I wonder if koreans do really care about heights when it comes to relationships coz at the very beginning the date because of blood types and looks.That’s so weird.

  58. What I want to know is are there any blood types that are compatible with each other? You know, like how in North America they’ll say that this sign can find good friends in this sign or a romantic relationship in this other sign.

  59. The only reason I knew my bloodtype is because both my parents are Oneg, so me and my 3 siblings are as well :)
    We are like a blood-donating goldmine family, hahaha

  60. Blood type O here, and total total introvert. People are fascinating, but exhausting. Planning events? Oh my gosh. Uh-uh. Nope. No way. That would involve talking to others, and there ain’t no way that’s happening. I’d probably have to ATTEND said event, too. Good gravy, that’s a terrifying thought. I’m thinking this blood-type thing might not be accurate.

  61. I recently had a look at my blood type info and it actually fits me pretty well.

    Relevant to this topic, do they pay any attention to negative blood types? Or do they just sit in with positive types? (I’ve got a negative blood type; I’m A-.)

    Also nobody believes in horoscopes! My parents think astrology is a scam. It’s “all rubbish” apparently.

  62. My blood type is B. I guess I’m pretty bad not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good ya know? :P

  63. Yo Simon! Capricorn/Aquarius, AB type here as well. I’m EXACTLY as described too! The dead-on accuracy really surprised me. I, too, think life is too short to waste on people i don’t appreciate, or be offended and the like. I’m kind of a computer too, in the sense i tend to carefully choose where to invest my emotions. On the other hand i do dive head first in friendships and such (when i like someone, i reaaaally like them) and am kind of a workaholic. Can’t sit on my ass for the life of me. Soo, true AB type but what about the O type hints? How does the blood type system explain those things? Are there some exceptions to the rules?
    Also, guys, i almost choked on my pasta because of all the laughing. Please go easy on us. XDDD (no don’t, i really enjoy your cheerfulness)

  64. I have to agree with Simon about the AB description.. I am AB + and I feel exactly the way he describes that blood type. I have been following blood types for a while and they seem pretty spot on.

  65. i don even know my blood type… :L

  66. haruchi

    I don’t know if there’s any k-pop song about blood types but there is a j-pop song by NEWS that’s called “Koi no ABO”, “Love’s ABO” that is. (it was the first thing that comes to my mind when talking about blood types) The video is pretty funny and the dance is awesome so you might want to check that out! :D

  67. mihuru

    I don’t know my blood type but from your descriptions A fits my personality the best. I’d be freaky if I actually am A. Hmm.
    As for horoscopes, I’m a Gemini and only some of the traits fit me, mostly the negative ones. Gemini’s are supposed to be really talkative, eloquent and make friends easily, but I’m not like that at all. In Chinese zodiac I’m a sheep and I think that fits me more than Gemini does.

    • You sound just like me! I too am Gemini, and always hated the fact that I only seemed to have the negative traits, and always wished I was less socially awkward… as for eloquence, in writing I don’t think I’m too bad, but try to get me to voice an opinion, or anything else vocally, and that’s a whole other story (though I like to blame it on my farmer-sounding accent) :P
      As for my blood type… wouldn’t have a clue, but I think type A seems to fit me too. I don’t know enough about the chinese zodiac to comment, except for I think I’m a horse… whatever that means lol.

      • mihuru

        I’ve come to terms with my social awkwardness and being an introvert, but I do still in some situations wish I was more extroverted. I think I’d make friends more easily :’D
        I think I’m quite eloquent in writing as well though sometimes it takes a long time to write what I want to say. Even with short answers. But out there in the real world I stumble on my words, can’t find the right words or just end sentences abruptly etc etc. This happens especially when I’m nervous. With my best friend who I’ve known for over 16 years I can be quite witty and eloquent tho. So my eloquentness depends on the situation and company I’m with I guess.

        Your chinese zodiac is determined by the year you were born, it’s quite easy to look up. :)

        (Sorry for the late reply btw, I don’t check the comment sections much.)

  68. I’m bloodtype A and yes all those characteristics fit me. So yes, I’ll be a candidate in the next elections. Kika for president! Free cats and hugs for everyone!

  69. I’m also AB! Woohoo! But regarding horoscopes, I came across an old Chinese book on personalities that combined the western and eastern horoscope with bloodtypes to predict your personality. There were always a few pages going into detail on each possible combination, and it surprised me just how absolutely accurate it was! I mean, the book could describe aspects of my personality that no one else knows. And I showed it my friends/family, and they said the same thing. I just that that was interesting. Has anyone else ever encountered a combination of horoscope/blood type too?

    I LOLed out loud at the ABOOB part XD That was genius.

  71. I am o- and wow I fit the o description with freaky accuracy. Like I literally said wow out loud when I found out I was o
    Good job guys

  72. I can see some characteristics of B type in myself but more importantly I would love to calculate Simon’s natal chart (I have to say I slightly screamed when Simon told he was a cusp baby)! I love astrology and I practise with k-pop idols’ natal charts if I happen to find enough information to calculate them. I usually focus on sun, moon and rising sign and moon phase to see the main personality that the person reflects to the world in a daily life before I delve deeper.

  73. I think i fit my horoscope more than my blood type hehehe xD i’m a blood type A, but i don’t think i’m very introverted? i fit some parts but i’m really different from others as well o.o
    which reminds me, blood type Os are usually social, but VIXX’s Leo isn’t. haha. dk if that’s just an image or he’s really like that though o.o

  74. Angella Cho

    I dont know if anyone said this or not but AB is also seen as you are either a genius or suppper stupid.

  75. Most (90%?) of Koreans have blood type A, while most (70%?) of Han Chinese have blood type B. I think North Americans have it all mixed up because of immigration from many nationalities.

  76. Gosh I’m curious about my blood type now. for whatever reason I thought it would be on birth certificate …… but I guess not

  77. María José Alejandra Valencia

    I didn’t fit my blood type description! i’m O like Martina, but tend to be rather antisocial, although i do put up with more than i want to. I find that i fit my horoscope personality more, as i’m in a aries-taurus cusp… It’s all rather curious

  78. I am B+ blood type. I’m like you Simon, reserved but I do get offended from time to time ;-).

  79. Okay…so I am freakily like my supposed blood type category. Like really freakily…crap, maybe there is something to this after all ;)

  80. I actually did identify with most of the characteristics for my blood type. I’m going to assume the pics of idols under “Blood Type _” had that blood type because that makes sense (In that case, I have the same blood type as one of my biases!! :D )

    Anyway. You mentioned that blood types come up as a topic in first dates. Is it because most people have memorized the blood type and want to know how you act normally (if they believe in it, that is) or is there some sort of thing where it’s like blood type _ matches with blood type _ so if you don’t match with them, then you’re done? I noticed that some of the characteristics for AB and O were opposites (or at least mostly different) so it helps the theory of “opposites attract” lol

  81. I’m blood type O!! We are the same Martina!! Lol when ou guys were explaining blood type O I was like OMG Its meeee!! Everything you said was the same!! lol. I think some of the charicataristics are simalar with others blood type but they are definetly not the same with everyone. I don’t have a clue. Anyways, ME AND MARTINA ARE THE SAME!! WOOOHOOOO

  82. Daaamn I want to know what my blood type is O.O I have no idea.

  83. I’m blood type A, but I’m very not cautious and not very much an upstanding citizen… I make decisions very quickly usually and while I’m slightly (very) socially awkward I wouldn’t really refer to myself as an introvert

  84. Where be my type Bs?

  85. shel263

    Blood type O! What, what! Party over here!! *dances*

    Also, I have a question for the next TL;DR but I can’t remember if you have done something like this already.

    You guys have lived in a few different apartments during you time in Korea and I am curious about what apartment hunting is like in S.Korea and how it differs from that of North America. What are good things it keep in mind will searching and what are the red flags?

  86. Cchocoball is the club! Heechul, Simon D, Jang Geunsuk, Batoost Junhyung, FT Island’s Hongki, Miss A Jia and Lee Dahae are a few of the members. Actually, there is an exception, Trax Jungmo is blood type 0 and he’s supposedly the only sane one in the whole group. They’re all friends so it’s never awkward.

    I’m blood type A but I wouldn’t want to be with a guy with the same blood type. Two worrywarts don’t get anything done.

  87. I’m type A and it’s pretty true! Although I can be adventurous too and not always obeying the rules haha.
    SIMON!!! The AB blood type club is called chocoball which was originally formed by Heechul from Super Junior. Apparently, all they do is talk over each other (cuz they’re too fabulous to listen to anybody else) during the get together :P

  88. I’m blood O- and i’ve been dying to donate blood but I am not allowed since i’m very underweight ;-;
    Whats the point of being a universal donor if you can’t donate blood? I read somewhere that there isn’t enough blood to give around but only a handful of people don’t qualify to give it. So give! GIVE!
    I find that I don’t really fit into my blood type description and fit into the Scorpio one exactly. (I’m extremely jealous and protective over those I love)

    I think its awful that the Nazi’s used this for bad instead of good.
    They thought B types were most likely criminals
    They even had the blood donor and the receiver in the same room hooked up to each other.

    • That’s lovely! I have the same problem, I’ve tried to give my blood three times, but I only succeeded once. And that was because I was on holiday with my ex-boyfriend’s Italian grandmother and I was VERY well fed. And I was very weak afterwards. Otherwise they wouldn’t have my blood.
      I tend to be anemic and my weight is barely over 50kg, so in the end, I gave up on trying to give it…
      But it’s amazing that you are so keen on it, so do insist that your friends and family give their blood!!

  89. I’m blood type O just like Martina *mental high-five to Martina* but I can say that I’m kind of like my blood type. I’m really not the most out-going person at all. Making friends isn’t hard to do for me it’s just that I’m not the person to go up to someone and randomly say hi. However, when I’m comfortable around the people I’m in, I’m definitely out there. I am a hard worker but not all the time, but I will have to say that I’m the happiest when I’m the busiest. From hearing the descriptions of the blood types I would probably be mostly like blood type A which strangely my whole family is type A and I’m the only type O lol

  90. I’m 99.9% sure I’m O+ (I’ve never had my blood formally checked as far as I know) because my entire immediate family is O+. I’m really interested in the fact that there isn’t sub categories for positive and negative blood types. I wonder who invented this idea and then decided to ignore the blood markers. (PS O, especially O- should be super positive because it’s the universal donor)

  91. Omg true, why haven’t you done this video sooner XD (Probably too busy huehue) You guys have been releasing a lot of videos lately, and i love it!! Remember to take frequent breaks if you aren’t feeling up to posting videos though <3

  92. I’m type is O+ and much of what Martina said is the exact opposite of my personality.

  93. Simon as AB makes total, complete sense.

    I’m an O, but I think I’m closer to a B – the laid-back Japanese version obviously, not the playboy Korean one! Haha. I wouldn’t say I’m super-social or anything but I like meeting new people and changing things up, and I’m a bit impatient and impulsive.

    When I was younger I was very athletic and worked very hard all the time, so perhaps there’s some truth to the stereotyping… I probably only became more B-like (where you annoyingly rely on other people) because my O-type plans wouldn’t work out anyway due to poor focus. Perhaps my true O colors will re-emerge when (if) I manage to settle into a stable career.

    Incidentally, that’s why I’ll never believe in blood types – where’s the acknowledgement that people’s personalities are constructed based on their experiences, and can change over time???

  94. I find this so funny. I have no idea what my sign is. I am type O negative (I wonder if the positive/negative has any effect?) and everything they said was spot on except I am not the life of the party. I’m more like Simon at a party. I actually don’t really like people very much. (my friends say I’m not prejudice, I hate everyone.) Everyone in my family (my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and my husband) are all type O negative and we are all exceptionally different lol

  95. Is this normal xD i was trying to see it in the tablet and the sound was like this o.o

  96. I’m blood type O too Martina! (And I’m also a Taurus! What a coincidence!) But that description is like the complete opposite of my personality lol I’m not outgoing at all and have never once in my life been referred to as the life of the party. I actually don’t even particularly like going to parties. And as for liking to organize events, I was my sister’s maid of honor at her wedding and I actually felt guilty for how unexcited I was about it (bc I’d have to organize her wedding shower, bachelorette party, etc, and also give a speech).

  97. So I know you claim that Type A’s negatives aren’t that negative, but the lack of motivation is a serious problem. I am honestly talented but I just don’t ever want to do anything with it. It takes other people to take us and make us successful.

  98. Still don’t know my blood type, much to the horror of every Korean I meet….

    My husband is B…………………. yup. To which he says “It’s the best one!”

  99. ABs represent!! Hey Simon, if you ever hear anything back about the AB club let me knows! I’ll be your +1 (even if there is no +1)!!

  100. I’m A positive. I found that out when I was a freshman in college and banking blood for my upcoming surgery. That’s when I found out my dad has the same blood type as I do, and he donated, too.So instead of my having to give four units, we each gave two. Then we’d have juice and split a package of cookies afterwards, Because we have the same blood type, I could donate an organ, should he need one. Now, when I know I’ve slightly annoyed my dad, I’d (jokingly) be like, “I’m sorry, Daddy. Want a kidney?”

  101. Karina Shum

    AB for the win~ I’m also a Leo, but I’m definitely lean towards being antisocial [not wanting to spend time with people I don't like side] than a natural born leader with heaps of charisma haha

  102. Cecilia Avila

    I’ve always wanted to know what my blood type was. As you said, most people don’t know something like this. I got interested in it when I started watching anime way back when. Like K Dramas and such I would always hear it mentioned in anime and never really understood why. When I heard it was a characteristic thing my reaction was, “Ooooooh, so like zodiac signs!”

    I feel like my zodiac sign really fits my personality, I’m a Cancer. Till this day I have not found out my blood type, I guess its been laziness. I would say my personality leans more towards the A type though. I really want to know what it is now.

  103. kaward

    its funny that you did this topic because me and my mom where talking about blood types because of a radio commercial asking for people with O type to donate. This just makes me wonder more what my blood type is, although I am to scared of needles to go to the hospital to get it checked out. :)

  104. I am a blood type O but I act literally halfway in-between an O and a AB. I really am quite mean about my opinions and tend to not give a Honey Badger about offending people and I don’t care for superfluous conversing, but i also love organizing things and am a total workaholic and I always throw myself into things and I never forget. So I am the NU ABO, but that’s not possible for a legit blood type. Plus, if you ever have kids, they won’t have the same blood type as either of you. They will be A or B.

  105. I’m blood type O, and the only thing I can say is different is that i’m introverted and I actually don’t really get angry. I honestly have this “whatever” attitude towards people; that I don’t get angry and offended by, what others would consider, rude remarks. I enjoy making new friends, even though I don’t talk a lot, it’s still fun hearing about their life. Lastly, I do forgive waaay to easily. I have tried being mad at people, but I just have better things to do with my life than worry about how people have upset me.

  106. I’m so glad you guys answered this question! It’s something I’ve been wondering forever but never thought to ask. Very interesting…now I feel like I must know my blood type…

    I have a question for Martina…where do you get your nails done? In all of your videos you always have gorgeous manicures and it makes me jealous…are you just naturally that talented or do you go to salons? Where? How much does it cost? What’s it like? I want!!!

  107. i absolutely HATE saying having a certain bloodtype means you have a certain personality!! argh!!!!
    sometime long ago a korean dude got 1000 random people and studied their personalities and was like
    “whoa this bloodtype has this personality and nada nada nada”
    us korean and japanese are the ONLY people in the world that believe this shit.
    i do think that sometimes someones personality are similar to what they’re supposed to be according to their bloodtype fortune.
    but i HATE it even more when it is used as an EXCUSE to not do anything.
    especially blood type A people who are like “oh i couldnt say anything because i’m a worrywart blood type A….”

    there was a movie “달콤살벌한연인” and the main character dude was a very nerdy person and when his girlfriend was like “you’re probably blood type A because you always blame me!!”
    and he went into a lecture that i think i’m giving the comment section right now… oh.

    when i went on a field trip in korea we had a bonfire party thing and the teacher was like
    “worry wart type A’s!!! get up and dance!!!” “mysterious(??) type B! get up and dance!” and so on.
    when all the B’s were dancing i just stayed down and was like i cant believe this bullshit is happening
    so i think almost everyone belives in this stuff…

    anyways i go around giving lectures like these whenever someone mentions bloodtypes.
    they probably whisper to eachother “she’s probably blood type B she’s so obnoxious!”
    i actually AM bloodtype B so…. my point has vanished…

    i’m also suprised no one knows their blood type!
    in korea knowing your own blood type is considered as common sense
    and when i lived in canada i just assumed it was the same but was glad no one talked about it.
    i guess they didnt mention it because they didnt know.. oh.
    now that i think about it only the asian people asked me my blood type in canada.

  108. RiddleThemWithBrillance

    Simon and Martina, I actually know people who do believe in their horoscopes. They tell me all the time that they can hang out with a person or go to an event because of what their horoscope says. Its complete weird!

  109. Funny thing is, I am blood type O but my personality is the complete opposite.. more like A.

  110. Woah, that is totally inaccurate. I am O, but from the descriptions, I should probably have type A or possibly type AB blood.

  111. does simon have BB cream on in this video or does his skin look a LEEEEEETLE odd? o.0

  112. Reading the comments, it seems that most of us -Blood type O- share more qualities with the blood type AB personality. Interesting fact?!

  113. I’m just kinda amazed that you guys didn’t know your blood-type, I mean, it’s medical history and if you’ve ever given blood they ask then. o.O

    • Cecilia Avila

      To be fair not everyone gives blood. I personally never have. And even as medical history, I’ve never had to know it and/or its never really come up. :/

      • I don’t give blood, I’m too skinny, but I’ve heard the horror stories of people who were given the wrong blood transfusions (from the like, five people who’ve actually survived it) so I’ve made sure to know mine. ><

    • Blood type doesn’t matter at all unless you have major trauma and are bleeding out. Then you would get type o- until a sample of your blood returned from the lab stat (minutes) and then you could get more options with the matching blood type. Checking blood type is not routine medical history where I was trained (CA, USA).

  114. i guess i am an mix of everything. I am Blood type A, i personally don’t care about this type of stuff.

  115. I have blood type O+ (I am an avid donor). In North America O+ is the most common blood type! I agree with the diving into work/etc, and defiantly the forgive but never forget bit. But, given what I know about genetics I think there should be subcategories for A and B. ‘Cause they could carry an O allele, like my Mum. Oh, I be nerdy <3 Also, I couldn't find the whole song (Japanese artists/companies seem to have an aversion to youtube), but this Zoom In [NEWS Koi no ABO] is a song about News blood type too! Haha my friend sings it every time we go to karaoke

  116. I’m pretty sure the AB club you’re talking about is Chocoball, which the members say means, ‘Although we’re a bit psychotic, the more you see us the more charming you’ll find (about us)’.

    Members are Lee Hong Gi, Simon D, Sangchu, Heechul, Jang Geun Suk, Jonghun, Jo Sungmo, Natsun and Mithra.

    So, hey… I told you about the club, Simon. It just so happens that I am in fact AB. I think you know where I’m going with this AB logic. You know I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Hit me up, son!

  117. I donated blood and the Red Cross told me after what my blood type was. O!

  118. I’m blood type O but my characteristics all matched what you said about type AB – with the exception of “forgives, but never forgets” and “scary when angry”.LOL

  119. haha i fit all of those blood types though, takes a long time to do things, mumbles alot, strong beliefs, easy to convince people, adventrous, rational, only hangs out with people I like, honest, blunt, out going, lokes organizing events, fully throws myself into friendship, and is scary when angry. haha

  120. I was born in Korea and definitely blood types are a big part of society and media in general. It’s not as big of a deal in North America because you’re not told your blood type when you’re born here (I heard it’s for patient privacy and like if you had an affair and the baby is not the daddy’s or something LOL it would become really obvious with blood types). In Korea a baby’s blood type is given when its born or you find out in elementary school through health checkups I think. I remember when I went to 1st grade in Korea we all had to do health checkups at school.

  121. Amyaco

    You might already know this, but the reason that MBLAQ’s fan club is called A+ is because all of the members have A+ blood type. Crazy stuff, huh?


  123. It’s so funny because I’m blood type B and I have all the “characteristics” of…… blood type A !! I really like to analyse every possibility or solution before making a decision and I don’t really enjoy being a leader, I’m introvert, etc.
    Maybe I’m the living proof that blood types theories as FALSE MWAHAHA ! :D (or maybe it’s because I’m a girl, so no Playboy DNA :P)

    However, you said that blood types theories matched you more than horoscopes. For me it’s the contrary : I’m a Taurus and every Taurus characteristic :)

  124. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    Interesting! I’m blood type O+ (though I know the positive or negative isn’t really a factor). I always found my type to be fairly accurate. Though I pegged myself for more of a A blood type. I find horoscopes and stuff like that interesting, though I don’t put much stock in it. Still fun to know! :D

  125. You should try and interview Korean people and ask their blood types:)

  126. Aww man! I’m blood type B (B+ to be exact) and now I the mystery is solved as to why I suffer from random bouts of a-hole-ishness! Haha!! I kid. I agree with most of the things you said about B’s. I do get bored VERY easily and am always looking for challenging things to do! I was actually reading about this a few months ago, because I had some Korean penpals that would ask my blood type (which, at the time, I thought was VERY WEIRD) and after i told them, they basically stopped talking to me! I was taken aback!

    After some research, (why all the B hate??!!) I found this online and bookmarked it to knock out some of the dings to my Blood type self-esteem: “Blood type B’s are said to enjoy life and are passionate, wild and active. They can be creative and optimistic and have a ‘let’s go’ attitude. They love animals and are passionate about the people and things that they hold dear. They can have an individual and independent nature and don’t care about what others think of them. They can laugh in failure’s face and have a bright and liberal way of living – however this can cause them to have enemies.” There were some negatives to this, too, but I’m not even going to talk about those, hahaha!

    In western culture, I’m a cusp baby (Libra/Scorpio) and I fit a lot of those qualities too. And in the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the Pig (a Water Pig to be exact). When I was younger I used to think it was lame to be a pig? Why couldn’t I be a tiger, or a bear, or leopluradon or something?? But I take pride in being a pig, now. Oink freakin’ oink oink man! It’s amazing how there is a bit of truth in everything!

    Keep ya head up, B’s!

  127. My blood type is A and I have always known it… I don’t even remember not knowing it :P All of my family is type A (like seriously EVERYONE, on both sides of the family). I used to joke around and say that it’s because we are smart (As in school) and royalty :P The description you gave fits me pretty good: I’m in introvert, I like rules and guidelines, model citizen, I am very polite (Canadian ><) and don't like conflict. I'm very cerebral and "brain-centered", but I can take decisions. Also, I have some characteristics from the other blood types (a little bit of AB for being antisocial ^^'). That was an interesting video :)

  128. irritablevowel

    I’d have to call my mother to find out my blood type, but then I’d be wrangled into a conversation about god knows what, so I’m willing to remain ignorant.

  129. What’s really interesting is when you try applying both your blood type and your astrological sign…I am O (I know because I was born overseas to a military dad) and a Virgo….Talk about two very different personality characteristics (with some overlapping)!! And yet given certain situations I am both. I think I tend show of my “Virgo-ness” when I’m dealing with new people and new situations, but the O blood type comes out when I am comfortable…

  130. …no clue what my blood type is, though I was talking about blood type earlier today. In a biological/genetics sense unfortunately, no fun stuff for me….evar…
    I find it interesting that you feel you fit blood type more than astrological-ness. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that the astrological chart is about 3k years out of whack so all signs need to be adjusted three to four weeks to the right (ie I, a Libra, should actually be a cusp Scorpio). Doesn’t that make you want to stroke your imaginary beard while you check to see if that fits better?

  131. AppleCider ChocolateCinnamon-b

    In the U.S they don’t tell you your blood type unless you’re donating.

  132. A- here! Only found out after donating and yep the descriptions I’ve read are pretty accurate. Although there are times when I definitely don’t over analysis.
    Fun fact: apparently a women’s blood type can change after giving birth!!

  133. I am blood type B+ through and through. Actually, I pretty much fit everything to a “T”. Like I am a Leo in the Western zodiac, a Pig/Boar in the Chinese zodiac, and an INFP on the Meyer’s Briggs, and everything they say about all of those is absolutely true about me. I am like the text book version or something, especially when it comes to my blood type. In fact, when I was studying abroad in Japan I used to get a lot of sh*t about being a blood type B. Most of my classmates were able to guess which blood type I was after 5 minutes of talking to me, since I am such an obvious case (or so they said), but half of them didn’t want anything to do with me after they found out T_T I even got picked on by the teachers on occasion, along with the other type B’s in my grade. I mean, not badly, but enough to notice at any rate. It’s true that they really stereotype over there. It’s a sad fate being a B. /cry cry cry Only not really! xD Because honestly being a B rocks, especially when I’m around other B’s. That’s just like a recipe for trouble… or disaster. Or disastrous trouble… In a fun way xD. Regardless of the stereotypes I faced when I was in Japan, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, aside from getting bored really easily and being an adventurous charismatic asshole (which I totally agree with btw xDDD), I think Blood type B’s are pretty stubborn and opinionated. Or maybe that’s just the Leo in me…

  134. Since you reference vampires, I was wondering if you have seen the new Sunmi MV “Full Moon”? When I was watching it, I wondered what you all would think about it. Anyway, I am type A, and the description fits my personality pretty well.

  135. Paulina Falubaz Kaczmarek

    Omo! I just noticed that I don’t read Soo Zee’s name in a normal way. there is Simon’s and Martina’s voice in my head shouting Soooooooo Zeeeeeeeeee!!!!! that’s creppy… anywayy, I honestly have no idea what my blood type is, but I seem to own many AB features and some A features. I shall find out my blood type…

  136. I am off to ask my mom for my blood type but I don’t even think she knows, lol. It just has no bearing whatsoever here. I sound like all the personality traits except the player type.

  137. I’m seriously really surprised to see so many people here that knows their blood type! o.O I am like you and I totally won’t know unless I go ask my doctor about it specifically. I’m curious as to how old is a Korean baby when they first find their blood type in average hehe.

  138. LOL the comic strip is actually also made into a Japanese Anime too. Also another characteristic about Type A people is that they usually very stubborn. Like if something bothers them, they will also think about it or talk about it. (I am Blood Type A— I also know I am A positive)

    Also Blood O types are very generous because they can give blood to anyone but can only receive the same blood type blood, while AB people are supposedly selfish because they can receive anyone’s blood but can only give blood to AB people.

  139. Mainy Åkerman

    I’m blood type AB. It actually fits me quite well, although people say I’m actually very approachable looking, though my personality seems distant. I suppose that’s true. But I am very honest, and in turn, trustworthy. I don’t like a lot of people, but those who I do like and are my friends know that I’ll ALWAYS be there for them. I’m super loyal. I might call them assholes (as they do to me) but they can rest assured knowing if they’re stuck in the next country over at 4am, I’ll be driving there and back to get them home.

  140. I am Blood type A :D we must know our blood type in my country if we want a driver’s license. It’s part of the process, the blood type is specify in the license in case of an accident the hospital will know what type of blood to get us. Oh and I am from Costa Rica. :)

  141. interesting ^^

  142. This is funny… I am B+, and back in school I was one of the few top student from grade 1-6, and among the top half year 7-9. I went to one of the better upper secondary schools and on the contrary to what B is supposed to be, was very awkwardly social for most of my childhood… hmm… since I am born Korea, did someone, or some mysterious vampire, drain me of my blood and replace it with B before I did my first blood test when I was 17?

  143. The club for the AB blood type is called Chocoball! It was started by Super Junior’s Heechul I believe.

  144. hapagirl

    I would really like to know my blood type now. I do actually match up with my horoscope fairly well. I actually wonder if people actually lie about their blood types, I mean they seem to lie about other parts of them. I gotta agree with Simon about the type AB description, it’s just plain and simple. if they like it you awesome, if not your problem, not theirs.

  145. OMG !! D: I’m actually a blood type A and I fit the description PERFECTLY !! I mean I don’t believe in horoscope or anything, but it’s actually scary how well my blood type defines me ._. I’m always the best at school, I overanalyse everything, I just think soooooo much all the time, i’m the perfectionnist kind of girl, I always think carefully before making a decision….
    But I’m surprised to learn that you didn’t know about your blood type ô_O I know mine since forever, it’s written in my baby-book and if you go give some blood, they actually tell you what is your type. But I guess it makes sense if you don’t know about it, especially if you’ve never been really ill before and never had to go to the hospital, or if your parents were so excited when you were born and they didn’t give a sh** about your blood type x)
    (I come from Quebec by the way :D TEAM CANADA!!!)

  146. Cyber_3

    Personally, I’ve never really understood the whole blood type astrology but I guess that it’s got as much basis as any other astrology. I think that it is really over used in j- and k-dramas as a character definition though.

    Interesting TL;DR, I think that you have settled into a good rhythm now. I even got it early on Tuesday! ^_^v

    BTW Simon, if you were born on, or before 10:21am (local time in London Ontario on your birth date), you are a Capricorn, afterwards would make you an Aquarius. I’m gonna guess Aquarius, mainly because they make their rules and then stick to them. Greek astrology is really complicated with all the planet positions and what not and it can really affect your personality etc. more than just your sun sign. And no, I’m not into this but my Mom TOTALLY is so I have seen all the books, etc. to look stuff up.

    Cyber_3 – tying with Simon for #1 and……Blood Type O+ represent Martina!

    • I am into astrology and I would also pick Simon as an Aquarius. Some of the things you related to about the AB blood type are typical Aquarius traits. But really, you need to have your birth chart done in order for astrology to make sense. Your sun sign alone doesn’t cut it for most people. Oh and it sounds like your friend was talking about mercury retrograde :)

  147. My blood type is O+ but my personality fits literally with AB. I’m just like Simon. I don’t like talking to people if i dont like them and my brother says I’m brutally honest.

  148. hello~ I think it would be interesting for the crew to talk about celebrities dating in korea. (not only idols but actors and variety people, etc.) because in the majority of countries this is something pretty normal, sure there’s always gossips and stuff, but in S.K. sometimes it seems like they are fine with it and other times it turns to be a completely scandal. I guess I’m curious about what conditions make it a scandal? :s thank you!!

    P.s: Eat your Kimchi is amazing`~~~~~ I love you guys!

  149. I’m type O but I behave A LOT like a type A, could it have something to do with the fact that I was raised by a type A mother?

  150. Idk my blood type, but from you guys’ description, it seems like I could be type A :o

  151. My mom is A she is very worried she’ll offend people, she was a straight A student, etc though she is fast thinking on her feet.

    My sisters and I are AB…though my younger sister and I are quite like the AB you guys said….older sister is an anomaly she seems to be more B but doctors said shes AB….I think they made a mistake haha.

    I found out my blood type so I could go overseas xD

  152. I’m blood type O and Virgo and Im so different from their characteristics!! I’m lazy, not so organized and don’t really know what to do with my life. does anybody have this too? :(

  153. I’m O, but I love Simon’s AB pride!

  154. OOooo, I felt that burn on the US Congress. So true, guys. So true it hurts.

    I’m AB+ and unfortunately/FORTUNATELY I am just like Simon. At my friend’s last party I sat on the couch and ate apples from his fridge (because he ran out of popcorn, which I also ate) while my better half played social butterfly. The irony in a type AB-only club…I hate clubbing so much.

  155. I´m from Czech Republic and I honestly never heard about this. I think it´s similar to Canada – people barely know their blood types (and if they do, it´s something like “well my mum is this and my dad is this so I guess I am this or this…” very specific I know). Everyone knows their sign though, it´s not that hard considering it´s based on the day you were born… I´ve never encountered horoscopes in a media before though, not in TV or radio, sometimes in a magazine (the really girly ones) and even then it was just a bunch of vague nonsence… We generally lack any kind of distributing people into categories given something they were born with, now that I think of it…

  156. Oh, I remember Hong ki talking about the AB blood type club on weekly idol! he talked about how they all carry on conversations by themselves lol if you go to 7:50, they talk about it

  157. Melody Strmel

    Does having a recessive O allele in your blood type affect blood type personality in Korea?

    For example if your father was blood type O and your mother was blood type B and you were blood type B you would have one allele for B (the dominant) and one for O (recessive). Would someone who has a BO genetic expression differ in their blood type personality than someone who has a homogeneous BB expression?


    • Mariam Watt

      Genetically- having a recessive O doesn’t make your blood cells any different from someone who has two B alleles- your cells will have the same antigen. So, if we assume the blood voodoo is being driven by the antigens, then no, there would be no difference. All having an O does is give your child a 50% chance of not inheriting the B allele from you.

  158. Are foreigners able to become backup dancers for idols in the Kpop world? I’m not saying it because I love Kpop, but I originally had taken up dancing for 8 years, and I still love dancing, and maybe want to pursue it as a career, but are there going to be some issues being a foreigner?

    • Starsania

      I can’t say anything about living in another country and assimilating but if you have the talent and really really want to go for it you just have to try. Ballet dancers all over the world have thrown themselves into Russian or French companies and I’m sure they have had issues with assimilation and language and such as well but they do it. Show business is always a tough go of it though. Junsu has had foreign dancers in his videos before there are probably others as well. A long time ago I wanted to be a dancer too but now it’s just for fun for me. Work hard and good luck!

      • Thanks. I started to take ballet back up again, but then my dance teacher was trying to make me give up everything in life and just focus on ballet, and nothing else. I prefer dancing to kpop because it’s much more fun. Also ballerinas are known to have a lot of hip problems, back problems, etc. because of all of the stretching they have to do.

  159. I honestly don’t know my blood type but i kinda wanna know… from the sounds of this i’m ether an A or AB…

  160. Cosmic Cat

    Listening to the characteristics of O blood types makes me think I’m not O. I’m the complete opposite of all the O characteristics! I’m more of the A type, but I’m O+ blood! I wonder if the positive and negative come into play as well or is it just the letter?

  161. Are foreigners able to become backup dancers for idols in the Kpop world? I’m not saying it because I love Kpop, but I originally had taken up dancing for 8 years, and I still love dancing, and maybe want to pursue it as a career, but are there going to be some issues being a foreigner?

  162. martina’s mocha voice kinda reminds me of vanellope from wreck it ralph!

  163. AzureShade

    This always confused me. What about negative and positives? Do they have any pros and cons, or is it only A,AB,B,O that are important?
    I suppose I’m wondering because I’m O- and I go through spurts of feeling social and spurts of feeling introverted and standoffish.
    When I was in college, I did find myself the head of group projects a lot, but it was always because no one else would pick up the reigns and organize the project. (I was older by about 8 years and impatient to get things over with so after about 30 minutes of waiting for someone to lead, I’d step in and mom everyone) but other than that, I prefer to stand back and let someone else be in the limelight.

    • Mariam Watt

      Virtually all Koreans are positives, so there was no point in creating alternate personalities for the negatives.

      • AzureShade

        I’m totally using that as my get out of jail free card. “oh you want to know my blood type? Well I’m a negative blood type so that makes me exempt from all that type casting.” ahahaha!

  164. tiff_mash

    Martina!!! You and I have the same blood type :D I told my friend the personality type for O and she totally agreed that it fit me :) which is weird, but funny too :D

  165. I am blood type O and I feel like it didn’t really fit me, but I suppose the same might go for Horoscopes and personalities based on astrological signs, for some I bet it fits perfectly, while for others it’s completely wrong.

  166. I know my blood type, yay Anatomy class! I’m type B, but my personality fits type A; unless I mixed up the solutions and the typing got switched. :P

  167. Mariam Watt

    Thank you for solving the mystery for me. On the website where I watch my dramas they always include blood type in the actor profiles and it seemed too personal a detail. Are they also going to put their vision test scores? Cholesterol levels (0 of course)?
    I am nothing like O, at all. (I’m more like A, but I think that just makes me sound boring. Accurate. But Boring) But when you think about it, O neg’s should be the most loved- everyone can receive our blood. Of course, in the interest of self-preservation, that means we also ought to put our supposed workaholic skills to use by donating more often than everyone else because ours is the type of blood that gets run through the fastest! (Seriously, you donate once- the Red Cross will never stop contacting you. But- yay cookies!)

  168. The user Chai beat me to the question. I would also like to know about korean skin. Especially the whitening part. I have been noticing it a lot lately. Actors/actresses,singers that were not so light skinned all of a sudden are. Is is the lighting, makeup diet??? please TL;DR.

  169. LinZi

    I’m type A+ (I am pretty sure) and I fit the stereotype… good student.. over analyzer..I’m kind of introverted but not in the “shy” sense… I am indecisive about unimportant decisions (ermagawd which entre should I order for dinner?) But I don’t think being A sounds all that good… haha… sounds boring! :P

  170. Im O ….Well I dont know if I can fit in the description for O at all XD. Im somone who is really shy. If I dont know the person I wont talk much …or then I will overtalk to hide the fact that Im shy lol. I dont like party. Im pretty calm. Im not a workholic person but Im quite passionate in what I love. ( Talk me about Japan or my favorite Jpop duet group and I can speak no stop for hours ). I also have the ”I forgive but I dont forget” side XD. So I guess I only have the ‘bad side’ of the O ???

    Anyway, my favorite jpop group made a song about bloodtype years ago. I remember finding it so strange XD ….( Koi no ABO ).

  171. Hector Ahmed Hernandez

    what about blood types like B+ does that matter at all??

  172. hhmm.. I’ve always found it interesting how some they belive so much in the blood types.. (well or in horoscopes for that matter). But I gotta say I’m more keen to belive in what the astrological signs tell about a person than that what blood type you are. I mean in relation to blood types there are only 4 types (or more if we have to include whether it is positive or negative.. but in other words 4 in general) soooooo does that mean that all those countless people around the world are divided into only 4 cathegories… I’m not saying that 12 cathegories is much either but still.. if I had to choose, I’d prefer the Astrological signs
    Anyways, I’m also AB- and I can see myself fitting some of the charasteristics you guys mentioned but regarding others I’m not so sure really, the same goes for my sign though, I agree only about some of the stuff they say about it.. although, of course there wouldn’t be such a thing that grasps all you personality.. I mean that’s what makes us different ;P

  173. I’m blood type O and this sounds so contradicting but I’m an outgoing, extroverted-like person with introverted characteristics. I hate small talks and don’t like people but I’m outgoing and loud. Not too sure about the workaholic part because I love to work but hate it.. major procrastinator.

  174. Blood types makes me remember U-kiss… a long time ago, when Alexander and Kibum were still part of the group, they did a show called “U-kiss Vampire” based on their blood types and it was HILARIOUS! Also, Mblaq’s fans are called A+ because all the Mblaq members are blood type A… this stuff is really part of korean culture….
    although I’m blood type O, I’m introverted but I really like organizing events and I always give my all in everything I do (actually only if I like what I do…)and I don’t get angry easily but when I do… even the devil gets scared, lol joking (or not), :/

    • Cosmic Cat

      I always wondered why mblaq’s fans are called A+. I thought it was because their fans are the best? Kinda like mfbty

      • I thought it was weird when I found out why we were called A+, but the birth of our fan club name is pretty hilarious all thanks to Joon, who wanted to change his blood type the second he found out everyone in the group was type A

        (but we are the best XD)

        • Lais Almeida

          I wonder if their company did it on purpose or if it was a coincidence?

        • It seemed like a coincidence, because they all genuinely looked shocked to find out they were all type A, especially Joon, but maybe the company chose the MBLAQ members based on blood type? That must have been some audition. Dancing? Singing? Rapping? Who cares. What’s your blood type? A? you’re in! xDDD

  175. I find it interesting that my blood type O and my zodiac sign (Leo) seem to fit perfectly with one another, however I’m like the complete opposite, I’m very passive and introverted (also very lazy and like to procrastinate) more of a follower than a leader. though I can be very unforgiving and apparently scary when angered so maybe there is a tiny truth in all of that stuff.

  176. Haha I wonder what blood types meemers and spudgy are.

  177. I’m a blood type B+. Does the +/- have anything to say for koreans? I think a lot of what I have heard about blood type B matches me, but there will always be some differences.

  178. Madeleine Stråhle

    I’ve known my blood type since I got my tonsils removed and I’m blodd type AB. Which is really obvious because I’m clearly the smartest and the most unique one *cough* oops hi.

    Let me tell you man, Simon…you and I are THE BEST. Plus, we don’t have to donate our blood because it doesn’t match MWAHAHA! (okay, a lot of my friends want to donate but man I hate that shit, no me gusta)

  179. Hmm I definitely think I match my blood type (O) – extroverted, organized, workaholic, but definitely also ruthless and vengeful when I’m wronged haha. I think my boyfriend also matches his blood type (A) – introverted and over-analyzing.

  180. I’m B+… but the traits couldn’t be further from my personality. On the other hand, AB fits me perfectly >.< Oh well… :)

  181. So Simon as a cusp, are you Capriquarius??

  182. KATHyphenTUN

    I really want to know my blood type! However, i know my father is blood type O and that describes him perfectly!!!!
    I told myself that i would go donate my blood to gind out. But i’m afraid of needles so it’s like my carrot on the end of a stick. I reeeeally want to know now!!

  183. GoldenAngelFeather

    I knew my blood type… I had to get my blood drawn once and they just gave me a card with my bloodtype on it. Guess it’s also something you need to have in your wallet if something happens, they don’t have to draw blood anymore to know which blood type you have, but can see it on the card and get the blood needed for you if you have blood loss.
    Did you know that there is a I think it’s a Korean comic strip? RealCrazyMan’s blood types comic.
    It’s about the blooddtypes. They give situations like when it’s Christmas and they explain on a very funny way how the different bloodtypes would react on that situation.
    Gotta say AB is awesome in those xD
    Go Simon! xD

    I’m blood type B and I’m proud of it xD

  184. I have O blood type too ! ^-^ but I think that what you’ve talked about is just one enormous superstition :D coz I’m more like AB…
    btw did you know Martina that we’re the best potential blood donors ? ^u^

  185. I’m O- and I’m so introverted, and I don’t agree with being a workaholic as I’m not super lazy, but I’m not that hard-working either. I’m more like in-between or I am when I need to be. :P Here in the U.K if you’re O- you get a gold blood donation card, and everyone else get the same generic cards haha. Always thought it was unfair we can only receive O- and everyone else can take our blood, you vampires!

  186. Also, to comment on your comments on Western v. Eastern, I will confirm
    that pretty much everyone in America knows their astrological sign, but
    no one I know actually believes in any of it. For example, I know that
    I’m a Scorpio, but that means absolutely nothing to me. One of my
    friends always used to say things like, “I dunno! I’m a Gemini! I can’t
    decide!” when we were in high school, but it was always jokingly. I also
    had a teacher that would use star signs as an icebreaker/conversation
    starter. None of us actually put any kind of trust in horoscopes,
    though. I tend to roll my eyes at people that actually read horoscopes
    for real — they’re just generic statements that you can MAKE true if
    you want to badly enough. You know, self-fulfilling prophecy.

    the other hand, I have a chronic illness and have to have my blood drawn
    at least every six months, and it’s been this way for several years. I
    still have no idea what my blood type is. When I went to Japan, everyone
    asked me what my blood type is, and I just shrugged and said, “I don’t
    know!” which was always met with shocked faces.

  187. Don’t know my blood type ;~; But I AM a Taurus! :D And year of the ssssssssnake!~ Thhhh~

  188. So Vulcans are all AB? LoL

  189. I’m blood type O, but AB literally described me. I am nothing like O….well maybe the “I’LL FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET!”

  190. The webtoon is in Korean. Are there any websites that translate it into English ?

  191. Simon & Martina can u talk about Pollution in Korea and china , I know u haven’t gone to china but I read on the news somewhere that china pollution gonna affect neighboring country like Korea and japan , and from what I read the pollution in china is really bad so how is it in Korea air & water . etc

  192. Wow, if Simon is an AB, that just boosts my favoring to ABs. They seem like my type XD

  193. It’s also interesting to me to compare/contrast the bloodtype stereotypes with those that exist in Japan. For example, ABs are INCREDIBLY stigmatized in Japan because they’re seen as “unpredictable,” “eccentric,” and “opinionated,” which are disagreeable traits in Japanese society. You guys mentioned that Bs are stigmatized in Korea, whereas in Japan, they’re seen as very laid back, go with the flow kind of people that tend to be charismatic and make good leaders — which is good in Japanese culture.

    But the one thing I’d really like to point out is the irony of Asia’s obsession with bloodtype personality traits. Did you know that the original research done into bloodtyping was actually a racist effort to prove, biologically, that Asians were all of a certain bloodtype, and thus inherently inferior to Europeans? Yup. True story. So actually, yes, the descriptions were all completely biased. Now, from the original researcher’s point of view, they were biased toward his particular race. Now it’s interesting that they’ve taken on a life of their own and completely different bloodtypes are viewed as favorable/unfavorable based on the culture of the viewer.

    • Side note: Did you ever watch that “U-KISS Vampire” show? Hilarious. They would divide the group up by blood-type and put them in weird situations and analyze how they reacted. Of course, I’m sure the editors skewed it to make them all perfectly match their blood-type descriptions, but it was still entertaining, nevertheless.

      • I watched that a while back. It was really entertaining. Like you said, I’m sure they were told to play up their O traits or A traits or whatever. Dong-ho even hinted at that (I don’t remember if it was in the show or somewhere else), I think, cuz he got some backlash for being such an obnoxious B type, and he was like “guise, you know this is a variety show, right?”

    • LinZi

      Interesting Lynnette… can you recommend anything further to read on it?

      • Okay, so I mixed it up a bit, haha. Blood-typing was originally used by Nazi Germany to perpetuate ideals of “pure blood” and racial supremacy. It was also used in Japan to racially stereotype Taiwanese people during Japan’s occupation of China. Once blood types were medically discovered, they were immediately hijacked by people trying to make it into a racist comment on personalities/violent tendencies. You can read more about it by Googling “Blood Eugenics,” or simply “Origins of blood type stereotypes.”

        Here’s an interesting article from a German website: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/how-german-blood-purity-research-advanced-medical-knowledge-a-902865.html

        And here’s an interesting article about blood type culture in Japan: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20170787

        And also an article on a Korean blog about blood-type stereotype: http://blog.korea.net/?p=5911

        Ultimately, all books that have been published regarding “personality traits” based on blood-typing were ALL written by people with absolutely NO medical background.

  194. thisisjustforfunval

    Why am I so mind blown that blood type is the meaning behind B1A4′s name? It’s one of those things I was always curious about but constantly forget to look up.

    Martina I love your hamster voice! You should do cartoon voices!

    I have no clue what my blood type is, which is a tad odd considering I’ve had surgery hmmm. Based on your descriptions though, it sounds like I may be blood type A.

  195. Isabel Ruby

    hmmm Japan also puts a lot of stock in blood types for fortune telling etc and the run down is largely similar, but with A being more of a negative thing [too straight-laced, serious, kind of OCD, a total glasses character in a way] and B being less negative [creative, go at their own pace]. i think that AB is still quirky and O is well-liked, but… i’m not super familiar with this stuff.
    btw, how awesome would a nasty avengers be? with spudgy as thor and meemers as loki. “why don’t you love me brother?” “you’re a dick.” yup. perfect.

  196. I’m a bloodtype B(+), so I’m a douche. Yup. But I’ll twist it around. I have a clear opinion on the aspects of my day-to-day life and what is happening, I also like to debate, and have people agree with my, so I tend to want to convince them of my thinking, but would not forcefeed it.

    I literally have the attention-span of a burning match-stick, so yeah I get bored easily, and tend to search for things to keep me busy. Which also means that I AM busy a lot, I work a lot and will be doing multiple things at once.

    On a side-note, for your previous Music Monday! Rainbow Blaxx has the double XX to represent the female chromosome. Thought you might wanna know :’)

  197. That’s interesting! I think that my personality matches my horoscope (Pisces) extremely well, if not precisely. But I have never really looked into blood type before. I don’t know which blood type I am so I asked my parents for theirs; who aren’t entirely sure themselves but think they’re O. Does this mean I am an O for certain?

    My friend (who introduced me) and I have been watching your videos for a while now, and enjoy laughing and learning from them. Thank you Simon and Martina (and Spudgy)! ^^

  198. Are there any interesting rumors about 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang ? Are there any information about volunteering ?

  199. *High five for type AB!* Sadly, some of the stuff for AB actually makes sense and fits me xD

  200. I am blood type 0 and that is totally like me. Like its so scary that it fits me this much

  201. I swear it’s the positive/negative signs!!! >:U Check your blood types and see if they’re negative or positive because it seems like the one’s with negative signs are the ones that aren’t agreeing with what their blood type description says

  202. Ok, I´ve read in some horoscopes that different signs go well with some signs, and some not. There were also like, recommendations on which signs that were good to date and what signs wouldn´t match you. Is it the same with bloodtypes? For example AB matches well with O but not with B? :) Just curious!

  203. Heya! Great video guys, I enjoyed watching it. TL;DR’s always make my tuesday night economics lectures enjoyable (^_^). On a side note, I found this really disturbing Tumblr stuff and wanted to leave a message. Do not let yourself be bothered by it and take it too seriously!!!!!!!! Fighting!!! You do a great job and I, for my part, love your video’s, jokes, style and clothing, reviews, spudgy, memer’s, stories, website, bloopers, THE INDIE CHARTS <3 <3 <3 and so forth and so forth!!! …. Maaaan, I guess I behave like a bloodtype O (o.O)…

  204. Eryn Moragin

    Biased on the descriptions I’m ether A or O… I’ve had my blood tested before but that was always for like- am I anemic or am I low in ‘this’ vitamin/ mineral. And so I’ve never actually been told what my blood type is. I know my dad it o negative and my friend is the rarest- o positive so… -shrug- IDK?

  205. MORE LIKE A WORDBANK. like if you got the joke xD

  206. The page suddenly started acting up :
    I’m type A+ and whoa, I really fit the description. I’m an introvert, I overanalyze things, I’m horribly cautious, I usually stick to the rules and yes, I am a good student but only because I learn new things easily (if I wasn’t so lazy, I could have been an extremely good student but I don’t care). And sadly, yes, opportunities do pass me by all the time and it’s one of the things I hate about myself the most… Oh, and I mumble or sing to myself quite often too. Hi 5, Soo Zee!

  207. My blood type is 0+, but it really doesn’t match my personality, I’m much closer to AB. I doubt the antigens on my erythrocytes have any effect on my personality, though xD

  208. I am type A, and I totally agree with the descriptions I’ve seen. And the weird thing is that I’m always attracted to guys who are type B and they end up being total jerks…

  209. Danya

    I’m blood type A, though my personality matches to type B a lot more. I honestly thought for years that I was bloodtype B, mainly because of the characteristics type B has are so me, unlike type A. I do have some similarities with type O as well, since I’m really out-going person, but I do get bored very easily and frankly, I am a big asshole. :D Of course in Finland it’s also more about the horoscopes than blood types, I found out my blood type only in last September when I was in hospital (when I got diagnosed for Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and when I went to get a blood test I asked them to check my blood type as well. A+ not bad, so to say.

  210. Maybe type A? That was the tentative answer I got from my parents, but they weren’t exactly sure. And analytical + shy really does describe me just about perfectly. Hmm. Interesting.

  211. Marzia Matalone

    I knew about the blood type thing but as I can see, a lot of O types don’t seem to fit the description…I’d rather fit the AB description more, and even the A one, but not the O (and I’m an O)…on the other hand I do fit greatly in my Pisces sign characteristics…and I’m able to find a lot of similarities between people with the same horoscope…for example, a lot of idols of the sagittarius are extrovert, energetic and easygoing (I’m thinking about Chaenyol from EXO and Seungrie from BIGBANG, )…Scorpio are generally a bit twisted, clever and cool outside but really soft and a bit of fools inside (I think about TOP and Kris)…and so on…but well, of course personality is not something you can explain so easly…

    • I seem to fit both in some ways, and not others.. but If I had to choose which fit me better, I’d probably say the blood type, since some of my Leo traits aren’t as strong or aren’t acted on loudly (I’m type A; I don’t voice my opinion much)

      • Marzia Matalone

        you know, stubborness doesn’t necessary show loudly…for example my aunt is a Leo and she doesn’t talk much…but she is indeed so so stubborn when it comes to judgement and beliefs…Leo are often silently firm in their opinion…calm, strong and immersed in their own world when they find the thing they want to do…at least this is my experience with the leo sign…XD

        • Seems about right lol.. A lot of the signs I can see in myself, but people who don’t know me wouldn’t think I had them >.<"

  212. vilija

    My blood type is 2nd positive, so if I’m right, it should be A(+) in Korea.
    And that Totally matches the description… The introverted perfectionist I am. (I’ve even worried myself to such extend that I had to take a break from my uni studies twice. Worrying grew into anxiety and anxiety into depression *sigh*. Had to learn to take things less seriously…)

  213. I have no idea what’s my blood type :D I do know what my horoscope is, but that’s pretty much all. In Finland we really don’t give a sh*t about our horoscopes, blood types or anything like that. Your personality comes from home and the environment modifies it, not some stars tell you who you are or how you should behave. Kind of boring, seems like we Finnish can’t believe in anything that isn’t scientifically certified.

  214. I’m blood type A- :D I found out after going to my first blood drive. It’s a pretty fun experience and you get snacks at the end. (^o^)/ I don’t feel like I fit my blood type, though. ; w ; I usually come up short when it comes to all the amazing, super sparkly qualities that they list. If anything it feels like the person I used to be back in high school :0

  215. Woah, totally different theories than what I was told growing up (but that could be because I got them from my parents, who aren’t exactly up to date with everything in Korea). I can’t say anything definite about O type (because no one in my family has O type blood), but I have AB (ayooo), and my mom always told me that it was b/c of my blood type that I work very hard and am very smart (which I guess is similar to being fairly rational, but I think of myself as anything but). However, my dad and sister, who are both A type, don’t really overanalyze things. Instead, they tend to be very stubborn in their choices and aren’t fond of seeing things from different perspectives. They’re also more people-persons. I think my brother has B type blood, and I can say that he’s fairly antisocial unless he’s around people he knows, but I haven’t heard my mom comment on him too much. But like I said, my parents could be wrong. Anyhow, thanks so much for doing the TL;DR! :D love the tag

  216. My boyfriend is B+ and he fits perfectly in the description, I’m O+ but I’m all the opposite of the O description, and that’s funny because I like read the horoscope, we’re Leo and the horoscope of each day fits with him, the irony is … he don’t believe in nothing ._.

  217. Haven’t got a clue what my blood type is but I am intrigued to find out.

    As you said, in Western cultures, horoscopes are said to influence your personality and boy do I live up to mine.

    I’m a Leo :D Our positive traits are we’re loyal, optimistic and kind/big-hearted. Our negative traits are that we tend to be headstrong, impatient, possessive and dominating.

    My parents and younger sister are also Leo’s so judging from our negative traits, you can imagine how tense disagreements are in our house lol. Nobody wants to back down and someone always wants to have the last word. Pretty funny at times though :D

  218. Ash3070

    Does positive or negative blood type count? Also I’ve been hearing about yellow dust lately. Could you please tell us some more about this? Maybe it’s because I’ve just heard about but it seems really dangerous and kinda makes me nervous, as someone with weaker lungs, to visit Korea :/ x x x

  219. i dont know my blood type! the last time i asked my doctor didnt tell me but the next time i go i am determined to find out since i will be going to korea this summer!

  220. Desiko

    Does it matter whether you are negative or positive? Well, i don’t think that the O description fits me and i’m an O negative :D However, i happen to like the blood type thing more than signs – it’s your own blood after all, not just star dust.

    By the way, is there an english version of the webtoon?

    • maybe the negative sign means a bit less of a correlation between you and your blood type? e.e Idk I’m just guessing here but I’m blood type A- and I don’t quite fit the description lol

      • Desiko

        Well, I’ve heard that the negative blood types are more rare than the positive ones, so maybe the desriptions are based mostly on positives, sooo :D

        • ApeirosTamashi

          omg really? :0 That’s it then! lol The negatives must get their own description >A< I did not know that negative blood types were more rare though. Thanks for sharing that :D

    • Mariam Watt

      It means that if you are Rh-negative and your partner is Rh-positive and you make a baby- you will probably need to get shots at some point in the pregnancy so you don’t develop antibodies against your potentially Rh-positive child.

      Odd really, that this is the only antigen that would have an actual, physical bearing on a couple’s “compatibility”, and it isn’t included in the “blood astrology”. It might be that it is just really rare in Korea to be Rh-negative. It is more common in some other populations.

  221. I’m blood-type A.. basically what was said was generally true about me, though it’s not 100% obviously..
    I speak my opinion a lot in my head, but I don’t really speak my opinion freely unless I’m prodded >.<"

    When someone mentions AB, I always remember the 'chocoball' group, which had Kim Heechul, Jang Geunsuk, Lee Hongki, & others.. and their name's meaning was something like "Although we’re a bit psychotic, the more you see us, the more charming you’ll find us" …Was that the club thing you were talking about? lol

  222. I’m bloodtype A! I only got to know this from biology class in high school, I had to prick my finger with a sharp object for blood :’( so painful and scary, I’m not gonna do that again… As far how the discription goes, quite recognizable

  223. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaha i was totally waiting for you guys to sing NU ABO!!!

    blood type O instantly reminded me of Monica from Friends!

    seriously love your comments on comments at the end of videos!!

  224. We go for the Oooooo`s! Oreos, onigiris, oh and that`s all xD

  225. What really surprises me about blood types being a popular topic is… That negative and positive never comes into it!! I’m B- and my sister is B+ and of course we have a lot in common (being sisters, I guess), but we are also very different. VERY different. Do Koreans just ignore the + and – of their blood types?? Seems such a great opportunity to go into more depth of character! Darn it, Korean Blood Type Personality Creators!

    Also, isn’t it true that you’ll inherit certain blood types depending on what your parents are? So therefore… COULDN’T KOREANS (and other countries believing in blood type personalities!) MANUFACTURE THEIR IDEAL BABY… By getting a mate who will create said blood type when matched with them?? That would make an interesting k-drama… O_o

    • Mariam Watt

      It makes sense because in Korea the Rh-negative phenotype is rarer than in almost any other country on earth. Less than 1% of the population of Korea is Rh-negative. Compared to, say, Canada, where it is just less than 15% of the population is Rh-negative.

    • That would be an interesting kdrama.. However, like Simon and Martina said, some people don’t believe in the blood type stuff. There’s also always the possibility that the person may not get all the traits that are associated with their blood type. I only identify with most of the ones for my blood type.

    • On inheriting blood types, yes you inherit, so it should be possible. But if your parents are positive blood type, there’s a chance the child will be negative blood, and a negative blood type parent can ONLY give birth to a negative type child. If you or I (I’m A-) get pregnant with a positive blood type baby, our bodies will attack it and either it will kill us or we will miscarry. A negative blood type cannot give birth to a positive blood type baby.

      • Sorry but i would like to add something here. It is ENTIRELY possible for a negative type to give birth to a positive type. My mom is O- and my dad is B+ and i’m like my dad B+. It’s true her body was trying to fight me developing and tried to abort me but doctors caught on really early. My mom had to take medication to stop her blood from attacking me and had to take them everyday. She tells me it was a daunting task and there were chances it still might not work but she decided it was worth it. So i’m am good proof that it is very possible if you have good doctors.

        I just wanted to share this to show it was possible ^^;;

        • vilija

          Same here. My mom is O-, while my dad is A+ and I am A+ as well.
          And even though the pregnancy period was really difficult and my mom spent most of it in hospitals I still saw daylight and have been living for more than 22 years ^w^

      • I am a bit late, but as a Mom I thought I would add something. I am O- and when I was carrying my son (16 years ago) the doctors spoke to me about the problems that COULD happen if I didn’t have 3 shots of what is called RhoGAM. You get a shot when you are typed as soon as possible in your pregnancy, then another in the middle. The last one is when you give birth, but ONLY if the baby is a positive blood type. If the child is negative then no shot is needed. The fist two shots protect the child inside the womb from your negative blood, the last one is to protect future children because any antibodies made from “red blood cell spill over” will affect a positive baby in later pregnancies. Hope that helps!

  226. OMG guuuuuuuyyyyyys you used my comment in your video! I’m so ♪ “happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” ♪.
    You made my day!
    By the way I’m Team Martina type O but I from what you described I feel like OA! Yes I just created a new blood type.

  227. I’m O+, but my personality is a mix of A and AB with the angry side of O.

  228. I’m blood type AB!! :D I always loved my blood type cause we are the universal recipients!! Cause we can receive blood from A, B, AB and O!! But we can only donate blood to AB!!

  229. Blood Type AB baby!!

  230. Lyra

    I´m blood type A :D Please don´t hate me… :D

  231. miau_koszka

    I’m type 0 and personally think my personality match AB type more. I don’t think things like blood type, horoscope or eye color (I’ve seen sth like if you have blue eyes you’re like blablabla…) or your hands shape and this line thingies. Personality is something much more complex thing and there are many different things that have influence on us, especially during childhood.

    And come on judging people by blood type is a rude thing!
    O my god! you’re *insert blood type”! Go away!

    It’s silly!


  232. Maybe that AB club for Kpop celebrities is Choco Balls? Heechul, Hongki, Simon D and others…

    • i thought of heechul immediately when simon mentioned the AB club LOL

    • LOL forever! That was the first thing I thought of! I love the chocoball group of oddball ABers I think even actor Jang Geun Suk is part of it as well as Trax’s Jungmo ( I think he’s the only not AB member). Heechul collects weird people and makes them hang out with him… hahahaha I love his 4D-ness

    • I loved watching Oh! My School !! I watched and re-watched it twice. It’s so funny!

  233. I have absolutely no idea what my blood type is. It’s either A or O, but based on what you guys said I think I fit AB best in the “not giving a shit about what people think.” But then again it might be A because I don’t share my opinions for the same reason i.e If I don’t care what people think, why would they care what I think? Agh, I’d like to find out though~~ In school the blood bank told us “Once you hit 18 you can’t find out your blood type unless you donate blood.” so I was like “Screw you!” but that’s probably not true lol (I’m not eligible to give blood anyway I don’t think)
    I was born on a cusp too! But of Libra and Scorpio and to be fair after reading about those personality traits they fit me to a T but I don’t really believe a star sign dictates how a person is. Interesting tl;dr! I enjoyed it a lot :D

  234. I found out my blood type when I donated (I found out I was + then, since both my parents are O, so it would be unlikely for me not to be). I am blood type O and nothing like the description. I share more with A and AB than I do O. Like, I am super introvert, so more like A, but I can be an asshole too. But yes, no one ever would call me extrovert or the life of a party. Unless that life is growing wallflowers.

  235. I’ve wanted to know my blood type for years (I might get hurt) but my parents doesn’t know what I have and they neatly evade getting through the troubles of looking in to it. (Not that I should throw all the blame at them. I could probably figure it out somehow if I really needed to.)

  236. All the online tests say i’m AB but I never found out for sure. I don’t really care lol I like the myers jung personality test. I’m an ISFJ ^_^

  237. “More like a wordbank” – I understood that reference! :D

  238. lol. I’m a blood type B and I’m a guy. . . xD
    Does that mean my life is messed up? XDD
    I can’t see myself in the characeristics of the stereotype Blood Type B anyways, like I’m totally the opposite.

  239. I’m type B+ but I soooo don’t fit the description.

  240. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    Does positive or negative have any bearing? I’m O+!

    • From what I’ve read on blogs about this topic no it doesn’t play into it at all. The +/- comes from the Rhesus(Rh) blood group system which is just a series of antigens. One of things it decides is what blood you can receive if you required a blood transfusion. AB+ is the universal receiver, o- is the universal donor.( I’m A-)

    • Brielle Christina Beaver

      The only real time it is important is for pregnant women giving birth. If the mother is rh- and the baby is rh+ and the mother doesn’t take a certain shot during her pregnancy and gives birth to the child, her body will develop a natural immunity to growing a baby and her body will self-abort every pregnancy thereafter. There area few more specifics for it but I am o- and had to get the shot, which was a good thing because my daughter ended up being o+. When it comes to donating blood it doesn’t matter because when the blood is run through a super fast spinny thing (obviously i can’t remember the name) it detaches the rh enzyme from the red blood cells so all donated blood comes rh-… that way someone who is rh- isn’t accidentally infused with rh+ which would most likely kill them.

      • Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
        Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

        Really I meant in terms of Korean society, but it’s always nice to learn something new! :)
        I’m surprised Koreans don’t factor in the -/+ deal.

    • I’m O+ too! ^^ But according to the blood type personality types, I think I should really be an A. Top-notch over-analyzer, right here.

  241. I really identify a little with all of these. I’m A positive, and I do make slower decisions, but only when they are super big decisions that costs lots of money.
    Other than that, I really identify with O mostly, and a little with AB.

    I wonder. Does being positive or negative have any influence on this. Such as A positive, or O negitive? =]

  242. In Romania, before being able to get married, you have to get a medical certificate, and one of the mandatory check-ups is blood type. I guess that is not the same in Canada

    • Whoa! No, not at all. That’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

      • in america the blood test thing used to be mandatory as well. there is a building in my home town that still has “marriage blood tests done here” painted on the wall. the tests were to check for blood type compatability and Rh factor compatability because these incompatability can cause complications with pregnancy. today though these tests arent required b/c these issues can be addressed medically.

        • RiddleThemWithBrillance

          What is interesting, Colorado (a U.S state for those of you who don’t know) is actually making it mandatory again, it’s basically a test for AIDS. Another thing that they require for that is that if it is your first time getting married you have to take a mandatory marriage counseling class. (this also applies if you are on your third marriage)

      • I guess it’s done because parents should know their Rhesus – it could be dangereous if Rhesus of a baby conflicts with its’ mom’s Rh.
        I dunno if it’s mandatory in my country tho (med. certificate, I mean)

        • LinZi

          In the U.S. they check the mother’s blood type when pregnant (If they don’t already know it) and the baby when it’s born. If the mom is Rh negative they usually get the medicine they need once when they are pregnant, and then when the baby is born, if the baby has a Rh positive blood type, they get another dose.

    • In Mexico we need a medical certificate before marriage too

    • Cyber_3

      Actually, blood tests used to be required in Canada to get a marriage license but that stopped sometime in the 1980s I think? Other people here have said that it was to protect against “blue baby syndrome” (my husband was a blue baby but he survived – lucky for him because they didn’t have a treatment for it back in the 70s but his mom couldn’t have any more babies for this reason) but the MAIN reason was actually to protect against (accidental?) inbreeding/incest. I mean, if you have to get a bloodtest, there has to be a reason to fail and not be permitted to get married, right? The reason was inbreeding. I don’t think that it was so much a “oh noes! we must keep our genetics strong!” kind of thing, more that so many kids were displaced and moved around during the 2 world wars that you might lose track of, or never know, of siblings/cousins/parents/children you had out there and since genetic sexual attraction (look it up, it’s a thing) is really difficult to resist, well, it was more likely than you think back in the day. People felt more reassured than intimidated by the testing I think.

  243. Oh yay High-five for blood type O!!

  244. I find it hilarious that like you guys, I find it weird that the description seems to fit me so well – or, maybe not necessarily my perception of me, but that which I’ve heard comments about from other people. That being said – I’m type A and I’m a GIANT hermit. I’m doing my MA so I must be a pretty decent student, and my friends often tell me I’m too nice and passive. Oh, and I’m TERRIBLE at making decisions… so yeah? As for whether that means I only seem to have good qualities… I’m not so sure. While I can’t speak about their blood types, just about everybody I know that doesn’t like to upset people and over-analyze things tend to have a lot of anxiety and a super self-critical. I guess what I’m trying to get at is maybe even though it seems like they’re traits aren’t negative from an outward perspective, they can be negative when viewed inwardly? I dunno… that’s probably bull but yeah.

  245. I don’t know my bloodtype, but judging from the descriptions, it seems I’m type A lol

  246. I don’t know my blood type.. and I can’t really put my finger on what I am tbh.. o,o

  247. I was always curios ever since B1A4 came out lol

  248. I’m O+ but my personality is definitely like A. I am the least extroverted person.

  249. I totally agree with you Simon. Possibly because I’m blood type AB too :))

  250. I Still don’t know my blood type..guess I’m screwed if I need an emergency blood transfer…I think I’m O though since both my parents are.

  251. do most koreans that have nice skin go to dermatologists? or do they just naturally have good skin… and how far does skin whitening go in korea? tldr please.

    • Great question. Soo Zee told us some interesting stuff about her dermatologist and how her friends go to dermatologists. Hmm. Sounds like a good topic :D

      • Can you guys talk about the obsession of whitening? How do they do to keep their skin that pale? tl;dr please please!!!

        • Super agree – there’s a couple of guys in certain groups for example, Kai from EXO and Maru from C-Clown that people point out as being dark-skinned and often make fun of them.

          Kai’s even said that he’ll try to become paler (which broke my heart as someone who is naturally dark-skinned Mexican)
          Maru’s said that his dark skin is beautiful tho and he intends to stay dark because he is super handsome so why should he change? (go, go maru!) But there was comment from one of his own band members that when they first met him, they felt like maybe they couldn’t trust him or they were apprehensive around him just for being dark-skinned.

          So what’s up with this point of view?
          We all know the old way of thinking that to be light-skinned meant one was rich and could afford to stay out of the sun but dark-skinned people had to work under the sun and tan, so they were poor but why does this white-skin-is-beautiful idea still persist?

        • Korea went from a third world country to a first world country about thirty years ago so traditional views are still very relevant. No one goes through the thought process of ‘oh their white skin makes them look like they have the luxury to stay inside,’ but that is (one of the) the subconscious reason.

        • yeah, i mean, i know /most/ people don’t consciously think that sort of thing but they do insist that white skin is more beautiful or attractive than dark skin.
          This leads many to see themselves as ugly or unattractive to others, leads to low self esteem.

          Like I said there was even comment that people feel apprehensive around dark skinned people who /are/ Korean. Do they feel similarly around dark-skinned people who are of a different race/nationality?
          Would Koreans trust a white person more than they would a Mexican? A black person?

          This sort of thing makes me really sad that they aren’t even comfortable in their own skin (and I’m just talking about skin-color, aside from all the dieting and plastic surgery)

          All skin-colors are beautiful~

        • Hahah self-esteem is definitely an issue in Korea especially for youths, but they handle it differently. If you have a problem with your appearance you fix it rather than accept it. Not saying that that is right or healthy, but it’s different than how westerners see the issue.
          As harsh as it is, Koreans do feel a bit more uncomfortable around those with darker skin. Most of the country is made up of the same ethnicity and when Koreans were exposed to foreigners they were usually white American troops. But this is changing thanks to the web and globalization.

        • You explain things very well, thanks :3

      • If you do do a TL;DR on this, can you add in what the dermatologists suggested people use (product-wise) and the most effective/easiest face-cleansing routine you know?

      • I would love to see a TL;DR. I noticed that in dramas EVERYONE seems to be obsessed with facials. Even the men and “tomboy” girls will still put on those disposable face masks. I always wondered if it was product placement or pretty everyone and their Dad are super conscious about how their skin looks.

        • On the same note, what are the most popular Korean facial products/brands? I recently just purchased what I’m guessing are department store quality Korean skin care products while I was in Japan (Korea town). However, I’m curious what are the most common/trusted brands for Koreans. I’m told Koreans (men & women) wear on average 10-20 products on their face every day. Also, any mention of natural skin/hair care products would be appreciated. For instance, so and so’s great grandmother swears by washing your face with coconut oil, or ___ is a popular organic product. Thanks!

      • Yes! I agree with this topic! Cause Ive read few things about plastic surgery/dermatologist in korea where they put different charges for foreigners. I remember that Ive read somewhere, i dont remember whats the website is, but basically it says that when you go to do a plastic surgery in korea, you have to pay more expensive rather than locals and then, its not the famous doctor who’ll do the plastic surgery for u, it’ll be someone else. i was really freaked out when i read those! i would sue the doctor if thats happened to me tho. Anyway, does that apply to dermatologist as well? Its kinda … i dont know whats the right word to put in, but, do koreans generally have good skin or its just that their dermatologist are really good? or maybe their lifestyle-like what they eat and blabla. haha, im writing an essay now!

    • I think its the culture, they don’t eat a lot of fried food, and they don’t like tanning so sunscreen is always on their face.

      • Not tanning is true, but the not eating fried foods isn’t. There is fried chicken everywhere in Korea, plus a lot of street food or easy to make food is fried, like dumplings or any sort of on-a-stick food you buy from a street vendor.

      • Koreans eat SOOOO much fried food. Fried chicken especially is really popular, often there are multiple fried chicken places in just one building. Fried food is really rich for me so I didn’t eat it too often in America but in Korea I don’t have much of a choice. If my coteachers or boss want to go somewhere after work it’s usually a fried chicken and beer place.

        I do see plenty of Koreans with skin problems as well, one of the Korean teachers at my school had lots of skin trouble… she recently got her face lazered though, face was really red when she came to work but it’s starting to look normal again.

    • all koreans go to the dermatologist… most of koreans do have really good skin but if one pimple appears they pretty much go as soon as it appears. For other koreans who dont have that nice skin they probably go on a regular basis. Also a lot of koreans get freckles ( some more than others ) and in korean standards thats a no no. So for that reasons they go to the dermatologist to get ipl lasers. And going to the dermatologist in korea is much cheaper then the U.S..

    • Along the same vein, can you guys perhaps also discuss if Korean girls are naturally body-hairless or is there a shitload of removal methods involved?

  252. Hahaha love the wordbank/walrus reference Simon!

  253. so how do you all know your blood type? :/

    • tatiana lopes

      when you have a blood exam/test/(whatever you call it) you can ask for it. That’s what I did anyway. Now I have a card saying my blood type.

      • ahhh :( you cant do that here, even if you are a blood donor, they do not tell you your blood type, and it isnt held on your medical records either. unless you are a haemophiliac. :( Maybe Ill read the descriptions an tell people Im the one I think is the best ^_^

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          but why not? Do they have something against it? Besides it’s a useful thing to know, in terms of donation and stuff.

        • elizabeth mefford

          I am O+ (the + is the Rh factor). When I was pregnant they checked to make sure that I was compatible with my child because differing Rh can cause health risks-I was able to ask my blood type then. When my son was born, they taped a card to his hospital crib that listed his blood type with his name and parents, etc. He is A+.

    • From getting tested at the hospital :D

    • I used to donate blood at lot. After the first time I did it, they sent me out a card that listed my blood type. One of those save in your wallet in case you’re in an accident or something kinda deal.

  254. heeehhehehehehhehe

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