How can we have NOT talked about Blood Types all this time? Seriously! This is important stuff! Well, not really that important, because it’s not necessarily true, but it is shocking how our blood type descriptions do fit us quite well.

What shocks us, though, is that we fit our blood type descriptions better than we fit our Horoscope descriptions. I never really related with the Capricorn/Aquarius characteristics, and the only thing Martina agreed with as a Taurus was in being stubborn. These blood type qualities, though? Yes, I’m antisocial and Martina is a social butterfly. I can be sociable in a social setting, but I don’t put up with much and avoid stuff I don’t like. Also, supposedly I don’t care much for forgiving and forgetting, because I’m never offended, so there’s nothing to forgive or forget. It’s impossible to offend me. IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe that’s why I’m not in any Kpop fandoms? OHHH BURN! No wait don’t go! It was a joke! Ahhhh. There I go again being too blunt.

I wonder if Korea has the equivalent to Big Poppa. “Who they attractin with that line ‘what’s yo name what’s yo sign'”? In Korea it’d be more like “what’s yo name what’s yo blood type?” And instead of Big Poppa it’d be Big Abba. I’d totally listen to that song. On a more serious note, hey you: Kpop Celebrities. I know you read these blog posts (you don’t have to hide anymore). Where’s that club for AB people? I need to know plz.

Soo Zee was telling us how, in first dates, blood types very often come up in conversation. Maybe not to any great depth, but it’s asked, even if just in passing. Have you been asked your Astrological sign on your first dates?

I only know one person who’s really into astrology. I won’t name him, in case he’s reading. We did have a chat with him, once, though, and it was freaky how into it he was. It’s even down to the point where he can say “it’s this day in the Astrological calendar so ______ kind of stuff is supposed to happen today.” I remember he blamed the cracking of his toilet as a result of it, because technology was supposed to act up that day. I wouldn’t consider my pooper technology, really, though I suppose it technically stands up to the definition. You know, I guess that conversation we had was so specific that he probably already knows that it’s him, so there’s no point in us naming him anymore. Ok, fine. You win. His name was G-Dragon. Ha! No.

Also, there’s a fairly popular webtoon on the Korean net about Blood Types. I’m gonna link it here for relevance: BOOYA! Some of them are actually quite hilarious. They’re worth checking out :D

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR. Please let us know if there’s any characteristics we missed out on for the blood types, and also if you’re in any way shocked by our blood types. We’re shocked how much they fit us. Maybe you guise were like “pffft it figures.” I wonder if there’s a common bloodtype amongst commenters here. Maybe it’s only A types that are drawn to commenting? I wonder. There’s only one way to find out: by clicking on this pretty button below right here:

  1. I have the Universal Bloodtype, which is O Negative. This means that I can give my blood to anyone regardless of their Bloodtype. Because of this, and there not being a lot of O Negative blood types here in the USA, I donate blood frequently (about every 56 days for whole blood). So far I’ve donated about 2 gallons. Anywho, I’m not sure if they take the negatives and positives of the specific bloodtype into consideration, or if they are talking about the main bloodtypes in general. Being an O Negative type, I can only agree with hard working/workaholic, which is the same for my zodiac sign (I’m a Capricorn). I actually have a tattoo that I designed which is my zodiac sign symbol with my bloodtype (O -) incorporated into it. I’m actually a mix of all of the bloodtypes, it just depends on my mood/how I’m feeling. Example: It is very easy for me to make friends, IF I want to. Personally, I am not a very social person. Like Simon, I only socialize when I feel that it is worth my time. I keep to myself most of the time, I get bored easily at times, I like organizing things, I’m very adventurous, hardworking, again I can get along with virtually anyone IF I wanted to but I normally don’t tend to be a social butterfly, I’m not very talkative unless I’m having a discussion/debate/rant, etc. I would be like a walking contradiction to people in Korea who believe in these Bloodtype personalities. I can be any of the personalities, as can any other person. Not all of them are spot on, but some of them are close enough I guess.

  2. wow, im blood type O+ and this fits me so well! i have 2 jobs, one im training to be a supervisor for, plus go to uni, i also love planning things, im planning a trip for Thailand and driving my bf crazy over it XD. I am a huge social butterfly, i get in trouble for talking all the time at work, don’t care if they’er strangers i will talk. and i hate been bored and find so many hobbies i immerse myself into. and yes, totally agree, my parents or siblings NEVER wake me in the morning or make a sound because no one wants me to wake up angry because i explode (i like me sleep T^T) and true NEVER forget! and forgiving can be hard too.

  3. Ok, so I Google the blood types to see if there is anything more specific that would nail me down more than this vid did or exhonerate me.

    O+ here. “Those with blood type O are said to be natural leaders – they are outgoing, energetic and optimistic. They speak their minds loud and clear whilst being friendly and easy going. They tend to be expressive and passionate with high self-confidence and are highly ambitious. They have a strong physical presence and are unlikely to be overlooked. They tend to be dramatic which might make others feel uncomfortable. They can be arrogant, insensitive, ruthless and vein. They can be obsessively preoccupied with success. However, they won’t leave someone who is in trouble by themselves and are said to be natural athletes. It is suggested that blood type O’s eat a high protein diet and exercise rigorously.”

    I have to say that last part? Not so much.
    Leader? well… does running your own business count? I thought it just meant I was working for an ass.
    Pieces for zodiac. Kinda fits but not really.
    Chinese zodiac…sheep. Now, that offended me at first until I found out that, basically, It means I prefer my own company….most of the time. I USED to be in the needy part but now I think I’m more along the lines of a blood type AB in that respect.

    And now that I’ve posted all this, it means absolutely nothing.
    Fun way to waste some time though :D.
    Thanx for explaining this guys! I was really starting to kinda wonder why all the people I talk to online from Korea wanted to know my blood type. Now I know. :P

  4. If you ask me Blood Type As seem boring. I don’t know what Blood Type I am but I wouldn’t want to be A. I think I am though, I’m such an introvert and really sensitive. I’d love to be O or AB. Or even B, cos at least I could live my life not giving a fuck about what others think of me.

    Also, about AB; the reason they can be considered confusing is because they seem kind of bipolar. One minute they can be happy and fun loving, next minute they can be all emo. At least that’s what I’ve understood from what I’ve read.

    And lol, I laughed so hard at that Aussie accent. I’m an Aussie and it sounded very British to me. xD

    Lastly, about Zodiac Signs; I’m actually one of the few that believes in them a lot. I know they’re not always going to be true and match up though, and I don’t mind if others don’t believe in it. I just find it really interesting. Same with Blood Types. However I’m not as crazy as your friend, I’m not interested in Horoscopes and like ‘what shit is going to happen today’ kind of thing because I find it utter bullshit. However I match my Zodiac sign very well and that might also be a reason why I believe in them. And I know if you don’t match your Zodiac sign, it can be because your birth chart has a lot of other star signs in it. So Martina might have Gemini or Leo or something in her sign, as she is more outgoing. I think Simon acts a lot like an Aquarius though!

    Anyway, that’s enough nerdiness out of me. Going to shut up now. Great video though, glad I finally got around to watching it! ^^

  5. Can you do more Etude make up vids.. really love etude..

  6. There’s a 4 episode Japanese drama about the way they are perceived in Japan, it’s really instructive since there’s little info bubble now and then about the blood type. It’s called “ketsuekigatabetsu onna ga kekkon suru houhou”. Each episode is about one blood type (and not every episode is good), and each one as a diffenrent main actress. So it’s about four girls with the same name but different blood type. Each story tells a different kind of love story for the girls and how they end up getting married.

  7. I’m blood type O but definitely do not fit the profile. I’m introverted, and get called out often for being too rational, and not emotional enough, lol. I just don’t understand game playing in social roles (although, I’m capable of faking it), if everyone was upfront and honest wouldn’t things be so much easier. It would work out better if I was a guy, because girls don’t seem to have these traits as easily accepted.

  8. Can you talk about funerals in South Korea? And if family members pay fees to store the cremated bodies in a Columbarium?

  9. I couldn’t begin to tell you what my blood type is. But I do know I’m a cancer and from the personality descriptions I’ve read, I match it pretty decently. As for the Chinese zodiac I am a monkey and I’ve read conflicting things regarding that. Some of what I’ve read I match pretty well, others I don’t match except for like one or two things.

    Based off of what you’ve said in the video, my personality seems like a mix of A and AB. Watch, I’ll really be something like O haha.

  10. Scary how all of the A types fit me well considering that I’m blood type A

  11. Hi Simon and Martina.
    Could you do the 2 Truths, 1 Lie Challenge

  12. I am blood type O and that is like the opposite of me. I am much closer to type A or to type AB. Funny, huh? But yeah, my students have asked me a few times here in Korea what my blood type is. According to most of my students, type O is the most desirable? Like as in for a relationship? I don’t really know.

  13. Hi S&M! (I Hope this is in the right place)
    I’m curious about Religion in Korea. GD posted a photo of a cross on Instagram and a lot of people got upset over it. Same with Taeyang and his tattoo, and Minzy and her concerts. What is the most common religion over there, and is it very publicly demonstrated? (Naaaaastay discussion subject)

  14. I’m blood type A, and this sounds 100% accurate. I’m super boisterous but I am kind of shy and I have a really hard time/hate talking to people I don’t know really well. I worry a lot like to the point I’ve made myself physically sick with stress, so that’s accurate. And I mean I do get good grades and I don’t every really get in trouble because I never really break any rules. So I dunno, this makes me sound like a freaking pushover, but I think it’s relatively accurate.

  15. Hey Simon And Martina, I Want To Know If The Government Encourage The Citizens Of Korea To Have Lots Of Children Or Do They Always Stick To One Or Two Babies? Please Make A TLDR On This Please? Lots Of Love From Singapore :)

  16. Along the same vein, can you guys perhaps also discuss if Korean girls are naturally body-hairless or is there a shitload of removal methods involved?

  17. I notice that A LOT of people underrate K-Pop in the U.S., saying that the music is the same thing OVER and OVER again…which can be true…sometimes, but then they start to think that all people in the K-pop industry are talentless. In Korea, do people underrate K-Pop Idols, thinking that they are just groups that are packed with pretty boys/girls in EXTREMELY tight pants? or do they acknowledge that some people actually have this thing called talent? Thanks~

  18. I asked my mother and she tells me I’m blood type O, as are the rest of my family members. In fact, the Red Cross website tells me that the majority of hispanics are blood type O. Which, if we’re using this Korean personality system, totally explains SO much about the culture.
    Of course, I’m not like that at all, so whatevs.

  19. If type B gets all the nookie, then, genetically, Koreans should mostly be type B or AB.
    But Korea is mostly Type A so, either Type B uses condoms or has weak sperm


    Of more interest would be your Briggs Myers Personality Typ I’m betting Simon is ENTP while Martina is ENFJ

  20. I’m an A but I’m nothing like it haha. I’m actually a weird mix of AB, O, and B! (so everything but A :p)

  21. I’m honest introvert with blood type 0. I think that it is funny when description maches you and you share it, but i hate people which take it too seriously and judge others without thinking. I met a person like that (judging by horoscope) and i’m still wondering how it’s possible that we were in the same room longer than 5 minutes.

  22. Wow! Those descriptions nailed me and my wife perfectly. XD I am an AB and she is an O. That was very interesting to watch. And I couldn’t agree more with Simon about never wanting to make an O angry…although that is kinda hard sometimes since they outnumber us ABs by such a large amount.

  23. A here and i rly want to pass drama without commenting but i caaant!

  24. OMG simon at 0:59 really impersonates the dramatic chipmunk to a T
    And all that talk of how much a refrigerator costs makes me wanna play Sims >_<
    Is it just me or did the video end sort of abruptly? It felt kinda weird ^_^'

  25. I’m sad that, with all the vampire jokes, Mordney didn’t make an appearance in this video…

  26. Hey! I’m a new Nasty ^.^ I’ve known about EYK for a while, but never really got into watching the videos till now :P You guys are a great way to relieve stress, and I’m really glad you guys do what you do, because you’re great at it! (BTW You guys make an adorable couple <3)
    ANYWAYS I don't know if this goes under TL;DR or not, but I'm gonna ask anyways, what are your thoughts about kpop companies merging/sharing stocks? Recently, Loen bought over half of Starship's stocks and this past summer, Woollim merged with SM C&C. There have been tons of rumors about the Woollim and SM C&C merge. People are wondering whether or not Woollim merged with SM because of pressure from SM or because they wanted to. I heard of these rumors mainly when the TOHEART promo came out. What do you guys think about this (and the promo :P)?

  27. nice TLDR guys! also, before i forget, i wanted to say that i think it’s cool you are now answering some of the last week’s comments at the end of the video!

    Now, on to the subject at hand! in Japan, it’s pretty much the same. blood type is a big deal and i think the attributes you’ve described are the same as well. people take it very seriously and i remember there was a big scandal a few years ago about several companies that was refusing to hire type B people, like, you had to write what your blood type was on your resume and if you were type B, then your application wasn’t even considered. craziness, right?

    Also, i knew that Martina was gonna be type O, because I’m type O and we are sooo similar, lol. i guess the only think that doesn’t fit me about the stereotype is being a hardworker though… cuz i’m sooo lazy… lol.

    keep up the good work!!

  28. Why did it take me a day to realize that picture is from Trueblood/ The Sookie Stackhouse novels? Lol Slow much? Smh

  29. Okay so my friend who is obsessed with Korea said that people with certain blood types get along or disagree with others who have a certain different blood type. For example, people with blood type AB might get along well with people with blood type O and might not get along with people with blood type A. Could anyone tell me if this is true and if it is what the relations are?

  30. Oh, I also remember that, when I first registered for donating blood, they gave me brochure explaining how common which blood types are in which region of the world.And I think it said that blood type B is most common in Asia.

  31. Well I’m Type B, but act more like your explanation of Type A. ^^

  32. OK, so I dont really know my bloodtype.. when we where suppose to check in school (you know – a lots of many years ago) I didnt dare to put a needle in my finger – because Im afraid of needles… stupid dentists stick you with the needle :(… SO i dont know.. I have thought about checking it up the next time Im visiting the hospital – but it havent happened yet so – I dont really know. Want to know, however :)

  33. What is the stigma towards interracial marriage in Korea? Especially if it is a Korean man and a foreign woman vs. a Korean woman and a foreign man. Also, is it more popular for interracial couples to live within the country or move outside of Korea?

  34. A-type! I actually knew about this before a little and it shocked me too how accurate it was. So I guess that means I have to comment right? ^^

  35. Martina, how in the name of Zeus’ butthole do you get your hair to do that?! I have to know!! P.S. I loved your comment about US Congress…it made my day! :D

  36. Why do you think those characteristics were written by Type A? I’m an A, but in my opinion 0 sounds best! And I’ve heard before that in Korea 0 is considered as the most favorable blood type… You’re so lucky, Martina! ;)

  37. Maybe one point missed out was how in Korean variety shows for K-Pop bans there is a huge focus on what blood type each member of the band is (I’m thinking especially about UKISS Vampire) and they always make it dramatic when a member is AB and make fun of the B’s for being lazy and rude. xD

  38. I heard from my teacher, that the blood type theory started in Germany during the Nazis. A Japanese man living in Germany brought it to Japan and then to Korea. So Korea and Japan are the only country that believe in the blood type theory :)

  39. I can’t tell which blood type I am….I sound like a taurus/blood type A looking at that lol

  40. well… I’m blood-type B but the definition doesn’t quite describe me :/

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