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Korean Car Greeters

November 13, 2008


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Customer service in Korea has its ups and downs. One major annoyance is that, everywhere you walk in a store, the employees shadow you like you’re going to steal something. They’re not being suspicious – not at all. Turn around and you’ll find them smiling and waiting to help. It’s just annoying to not have any personal space. One super awesome thing about Korean Customer service, though, is that it starts long before you get to the store. Drive up to any department store and you’ll find a thwack of people, men and women, in matching suits and outfits, bowing to your car and greeting you through a microphone (but we can’t understand what they’re saying, because we don’t speak Korean).

So here we have a video of these greetings in action. You’ll see the greeters and the traffic directors in matching attire, but this time you won’t see any Dancing Traffic Directors. If you’re not from Korea you really need to see this.



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Korean Car Greeters


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  1. I want to almost say kdramas ruined me, but i can’t.

    5 years ago
  2. mmm, the link to the video isn’t working anymore…
    It should be this one, right?

    6 years ago
  3. mmm kind of creepy
    did anyone notice at 1.46 the guy is chewing gum! lol

    8 years ago