Have you ever seen those coin-operated machines, in which you stick in a dollar, move a claw around via joystick, drop it down, and hope that the claw will pick up and bring you back the stuffed teddy bear? In Korea they’ve perfected these machines, and put Canadian claw machines to shame. What makes these machines so seductive is not the prizes that are nearly impossible to win, but the way the currency works around here. Cash is king around here, so people mostly pay in cash. unfortunately, this leads to copious amounts of change dangling in your pockets. Instead of gathering all this change, it’s best to disburden yourself on these machines.

  1. Ooo, I just came back home from a holiday in Japan and noticed there are claw machines in every single game centre or arcade. And it’s not just one or two, there are HEAPS. Atsugi-shi has one gaming arcade that has like 25 different claw machines. NSW, Australia has claw machines too, but not like Japan has haha. We maybe have like 3 in any one place, and one of those is bound to be one solely for chocolate bars haha.
    We definitely don’t have ones with scotch whisky in them haha, shame. I would prob play them if they did. We have a lot to learn from Korea :p

  2. Korean claw machines have the weirdest stuff in them. I once saw one with puppies in it. Not real puppies, of course, but it was like little picture frames with a picture and information of a real puppy, so that if you grabbed it, you could call the number on the paper and they’d give you a free puppy.

  3. Tough choice, lol! I would choose scotch whisky if I were you!

  4. 인형뽑기 사랑해요!

  5. Oh, my goodness! I cannot wait to try that machine. . . .I love to play the skill crane here, and my daughter always begs me to win stuff for her. If I can win something out of there I'll be her hero all over again. LoL

    What's the best thing you've won out of there?

  6. Hahaha Simon, how drunk were you at the end of that video?

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