So, Martina’s voice is still not back yet. *Sigh* It’s getting better, at least! She can squeak out a few words here and there, which is a lot better than how she was on Saturday, but she’s still in no shape to speak a lot on camera. We were pretty deeply scolded by the doctor to rest rest rest. No whispering! Looking at you JYP…and Martina. Did you know whispering is harder for your vocal chords to do then normal speaking? You learn something new everyday. So, we would have skipped this week’s FAPFAP, but considering how we skipped it last week because Martina was hung over from her crazy birthday party, we didn’t want to miss out on two weeks in a row. So, this was the best we could think of. A silent movie! Sure, it’s not as informative as our regular FAPFAPs or WANKs, but you can’t really be that informative without talking, you know? Ah! Hopefully you won’t feel totally ripped off at our semi-FAPFAP, we put a lot of thought into making it a little more entertaining then Simon talking for 8 minutes and Martina sadly nodding or miming.

We still had fun filming it, though! It’s quite a break from what we’re used to normally doing. We like being, um, “creative” every once in a while and make something that we’re not used to making. Today, this is one of those movies. Hopefully you’re still semi-entertained, even though it’s not as food-porny as we’re used to making our FAPFAPs.

If it’s information about the stuff we ate you’re looking for, though, this blog post’s the right place for you to look! Today we tried three different things. We’ll talk about them here:

1) Baked eggs: You can grab these at any local convienece store for a great quick snack, and they’re really delicious. They’re baked, not boiled, and often steeped either a soy sauce, or black garlic, or something sauce that gives them a tint when you open them up. Plus, they taste a little bit saltier then usual. Also, supposedly there is no chloresteral in these eggs because it is absorbed or pulled out or something because of the baking. I have no idea if that’s just magical herbal medicine talk, but there you have it. If you head to a jjimhilbang which Martina often does (but I, Simon, do not) you MUST have an egg! Okay, no one will murder you but it’s like tradition. though you’ve been quite a few times.

*Martina here*

2) Shikhye:

Side note: we love Shikhye because it reminds us of Flight of the Conchords. A SHIKAY SHIKAY! A SHIKAY SHIKAY! A SHIKAY SHIKAO! Ten points to whoever remembers what song that’s from. This drink too a while to grow on us. Granted, Shikye in a can isn’t great, it’s a little too sweet for us, but if you get the chance to try homemade shikhye in a local market place or in a jjimjilabng (also a tradition) it’s really really refreshing. It’s made with rice, malt, sugar, and water so it has an almost honey flavour to it. Funny story, the first time we ever made a video about this was way way way long time ago and we mentioned that we didn’t like the flavour and thought the rice was weird floating around. Whoa, the internet did not like that. That was the first time we experience netizen RAGE telling us to leave Korea and go home because we’re horrible people for insulting shikhye. Apparently some very sensitive people out there who realized a fairy dies every time someone confesses to not liking this drink.

3) McCol’s Soda: Do you remember this from that Valentine’s Day Wank Episode? Martina lost the challenge, and then she was supposed to drink McCol’s soda, but then she was sneaky enough to rig it so that someone would accidentally kick it over. Clever girl. UM. I totally didn’t rig that Simon. Anyhow, we just wanted to buy a bottle today to remind you not to drink it. It’s NAYUSTY. OOH MCCOL’S YOU SO NAYUSTY! *McCol’s squeezes its cleavage together*

4) King Watermelon Bar / Ice Cream Red Bean Paste Sandwich Thingy: Yay! Our favourite part of the video! Since we’ve started our diets, we haven’t had any ice cream. This is, like, the first time in over a month (when we used to have it a couple times a week). Anyhow, these King Watermelon Bars were a huge favourite of ours for the summer seasons. For starters, we love their Korean name “Wong Subak Bah!” Secondly, it’s pretty uniquely delicious. It’s made to look like a watermelon slice, and the seeds are made out of chocolate. Brilliant! It is painfully delicious and addictive because it’s not too sweet and not creamy but just refreshing enough for me to want to fill a pool with them and swim around with my mouth open. The other Red Bean ice-cream sandwich thingy is actually based on a Korean street food bread which is shaped like a flower too. It’s filled with red bean and the dough is usually slightly undercooked so that it’s a bit creamy. This ice cream sandwich is actually really delicious (as long as you like red bean which I do, but Simon isn’t totally into) with a thin layer of dduk (chewy rice cake) and red bean surrounded by vanilla ice cream wrapped up in an ice cream cone. That’s totally an ice cream cone, even though I totally thought it would be pastry. Nope. I thought it was lovely but Simon wouldn’t let me eat it all. Sad face. Has anyone else tried this?

Yeah! That’s it for this week. Next week is going to be our last Korean WANK for a month, because we’re gonna be going to California and Canada until June 18th. Sweet! We’ll be doing videos while we’re there, so expect some WANCing and…WANCing…wonderful adventure now Canada and California are the same. DAMN! We’ll have to think of something new! If you see us running around your neighbourhood make sure you jump onto camera and photo bomb!

Also, we’re going to California for Google’s Kpop Concert to do something special. Yay! We’ll tell you more about it in the future once we have everything set in stone. STONE DO YOU HEAR ME KPOP BANDS! NO BACKING AWAY FROM US! But for now, we’ll just be teases. YOOHOO! :D

Anyhow, we’ve got a few bloopers for this video, including a man who was really curious about what we were doing. Hmmm…


Otherwise, we’ve done this topic many times in the past before, but if you’re new, you should check out our Korean Convenience Store Dining and our Korean Convenience Store Raids, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Yeah. We like Convenience Stores here. SO WHAT! They’re awesome!

  1. McCol? Is that way that s*** is called? I remember picking up a bottle a year ago thinking it looked like a cheaper Korean cola. Simon did the right thing slapping it out of Martina’s hand. Fornicate that discordant cacophony!

  2. There is that sort of ice cream bar with red bean at a local Korean Market in a fish shape. It’s my fave

  3. Haha I’d love to live in the same neighborhood as you guys! xD

  4. You guys: bravooo!!! xDDD

  5. Hello guys, well I love this videos about the
    culture, food  -specially the
    food! –  and the other stuff.

    But I really want to know more about Canada, you
    where living in Toronto, why you don’t make a fapfap o WANC  of Canada
    some day.


    I think it will be umm interesting : D



    pd: sorry for my English  e_e”

  6. could you guys do a canada fap fap or wank vid?

  7. LMFAO. Literally :) I died!

  8. I saw some Shikhye in our Korean shop today and was motivated to try it by your video. It tasted, to me, like a cross between ginger and – unsurprisingly – rice pudding. I think I’ll take your advice and wait until I can have it fresh to try some more…

  9. I have a question: why do korean folks crush their boiled eggs on their heads? I’ve seen this in many dramas and it still puzzles me as to why such a strange custom? I mean, can’t you use your hand, a spoon or a hard surface like a table?

  10. LOOOOL i wonder if the neighbourhood ahjumma’s talk behind your backs about how crazy you foreigners are XD

  11. That was awesome! I like your creativity :D

  12. Will you have any Meet-Ups in Southern California in the LA area?  Cuz if so, I’d be so excited!! <3

  13. Simon and Martina, actually I have tried that ice cream with red bean paste thingy. It’s so good! We bought it in a Korean Convenient Store here in the Philippines. But it’s not a flower cone, it’s a fish cone. We loved it very much and enjoyed eating it. Hope you’ll reply! So here’s a picture of it! :D


  14. You guys should do a FAPFAP or WANK in  Disneyland when you’re in Cali!!

  15. I loved Evil Martina and Snaggletooth. I hope we get to see them in the future. 

    .sorry :( you guys that have to pass by this comment hope you will understand one day.

  17. why not make a silent fapfap after all look at the popularity of “The Artist” film :) 

  18. You guys are coming to CALI?! Woo Hoo! hope to see you! ><

  19. //lives in San Francisco, but can’t go to the Google concert, yet you two are crossing the ocean and are going. D:
    Curse you finals!

  20. You guys and that super-bottle should have appeared in EXO’s MAMA MVs with Kai/Xiumin/Kris hahahahaha

  21. OMGeeee M C S N A G G L E T O O T H !!!!!

    so weird to see a Chevy passing in the background.

  22. A Canadian/Californian FAPFAP could be fun.  

  23. I think that is the first time a wife has ever punched her husband for not looking at a woman in her knickers hahaha

  24. Is Gukwah-bbang like Taiyaki? 

    • Yes, they all all similiar to each other in terms of ingredients and taste (sweet red bean paste inside) , but just different shapes. Taiyaki (Japanese word which means baked porgy ) is Bung-o-bbang in Korean. But both Gukwah-bbang and Bung-o-ppang originated from Japan, but got more popular here in Korea.

  25. I remember having the watermelon slice bar when I was in China! OH MY COW they’re wonderful!

  26. I stayed up until 1am watching all your videos on Korean snacks. lol I would definitely try these but you did one a while back that had…fish sausage in it ( cheese or corn flavored). Yea I’d pass on that one.

    Random thought-  In some of your videos Martina reminds me of JiYoon from 4 minute. lol I don’t know why! lol

  27. Wow you guise weight loss is really starting to show. 

  28. I LOVE the ice cream thingy that looks like a flower (only the ones that I get here from the Korean markets in the states are shaped like a fishy) 

    Have you had the “ice cream cones” that come premade and frozen? It tastes NOTHING like ice cream, more like frozen cool whip in a cone.


  29. You two are such dorks:) You make me smile!!!

  30. You’re so amazing for doing this even if you’re sick, thank you so so much ^^

    Lots of love ^^

  31. You guys are so creative. What a great way to work around Martina’s voice fail. I have a question – if McCol’s Soda is so heinous then WHO drinks it? Why haven’t they gone out of business? I can’t sleep because I have to know!

  32. oh my gosh hahahaha!!!! the subs for Simon’s swears!!!!!!
    hahahahah aaawww at Spudgy!!!
    man that has got to be the nerdiest song i’ve ever read……even if it wasn’t all nerd like…..

    and i wonder what you both looked like dancing on the streets from a passer-by point of view!!

  33. Dude…you should put your songs on iTunes. I’ll buy them lol

  34. omgomgomgomg. haha you guys will be in canada before i dip for seoul! :) 

  35. During a full body view of your backs, I noticed you guys looked thinner. (This was before knowing you were on a diet.) So, good job!

  36. I did know that whispering was harder on the vocal cords than just talking, because there is a lot of air that is being expelled but isn’t being used to produce sound, with the vocal cords still doing the word to produce sound. It isn’t healthy. Also, I was told by a professional singer (she taught me how to place my voice when acting, and how to take care of it) that if you’re sore and can’t talk normally, or have a cold and get that characteristic sick voice, you should speak in a higher pitch (don’t exaggerate, it’s supposed to sound normal) so that the cords work on a different zone that they normally do (when one is not sore) so that it doesn’t aggravate the condition.
    Though it is not Martina’s case, but I think it’s another useful information for you guys since your work depends on your voice and you should know how to work it well, since it is an instrument. :) You should, when you get better, see a doctor about voice in general or talk to someone that sings for a living, and ask them how to take care of your voice. Or research about it. Personally, it really helped the advice I got from the singer. I can now yell for a while without getting my voice hurt or losing it. (some plays are just hard on the voice. =_=)

    Hope you guys get better! :)

  37. Poor Martina. Have you tried steam inhalations? They’re really good for your vocal cords. Hope you’re better soon, although you do make a very dashing villain. 

  38. This is just BRILLIANT. Your evil guy music will totally be stuck in my head now. As well as the image of Martina’s oiled mustache.

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