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Korean Convenience Store Raid: Part 1

February 17, 2009


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We remember our first few days in Korea: we were confused, cold, alone. The wolves were howling at us, we were scared and hungry. We didn’t know what to eat or where to go. So – for the first few days – we ate convenience store food.

If you too find yourself in this situation, fear no more, for we at Eatyourkimchi.com put together a mini-taste test of the good, the bad, and the weird foods you can find at your local corner store. We went to a GS 25, the omnipresent convenience store in Korea, and raided it for all its worth. We grabbed anything and everything new to us, came home, ate it or drank it, and recorded our reactions.

The result is this four-course video special. We’d post it all as one video, but it’s just too huge. OMG!

Part 1:
We review some of the bagged goods, including chips and other snacks. Some things come in odd boxes rather than bags, but are located in the same section of the store.

Part 2:
We’ll review the more lunch-foody stuff. What? Lunch-foody is totally a word. This will include food that’s heartier than bagged stuff.

Part 3:
The deserts. You’ll need to balance out all that salt.

Part 4:
We’ll wrap up with a (sometimes) refreshing drink review.

For today’s special, we reviewed six bagged snacks:
Jollypong, Egg Cookies, Goguma Gang, Homerun Ball, Corn Cho, and some generic Dried Squid.

If there’s one thing we learned it’s that you can’t judge a food by its packaging. What we expected to be delicious was disappointing, and what we expected to be awful was amazing.

Please be warned: we have opinions! If we happen to have a negative reaction to something this does not mean – as some people seem to believe – that we are insulting Korea altogether and should be deported for our hatred. We tried to be as politically correct as possible, but – for the love of freedom – we have the right to not like some foods!



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Food Adventure


Korean Convenience Store Raid: Part 1


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  1. oh my, i soooo love jollypong!
    hope you make one about korean ice cream *cough* binggrae *cough* t'was love at first bite for me.

    i looove your videos! just found out about eatyourkimchi yesterday. and hey, you got one more subscriber here hehe
    God bless! :)

    9 years ago
  2. We did try them after this video. MUUUUUCH better!

    10 years ago
  3. It's very similar to Sugar Crisps, which is a cereal, and is delicious with milk. Makes me want to know which one came first…

    10 years ago