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Korean Costco via Bucheon

October 7, 2008


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We were really excited before coming to Bucheon, Korea when we found out that Korea has many Costcos. We finally decided to go to one, and documented the whole thing. Here are a few things you need to know beforehand:

1) The easiest location to go to from Bucheon is the Yangpyung location. You can take Line 1 of the subway to Sindorim, and then transfer to Line 2 and get off at Youngdeungpogu Office station. From Bucheon, you can take the 2300 red bus to the same station. Catch it right in front of the Hyundai Department Store. From Youngdeungpogu Station, the Costco is close. We asked someone for directions and they pointed our way. Here’s the map for more detail.

2) Supposedly, this location isn’t as good as others, according to our friend Sue, who is our leading authority on all things Korean (she’s Korean, by the way). Simon was disappointed because the electronics section was really skimpy. For food, though, this will be more than enough

3) Come to Costco hungry and skip the samples. What you want is the food court. Yes, the food court. It had the most delicious pizza we have ever tasted in Korea. Buy a hulking huge one for 12,000 won and thank us for the advice afterwards.

4) Costco will fill you in on many of your Western Food Needs. It had great bacon, cereal, cheese, and gummy bears, just to name a few awesome things.

5) Be warned! If you have missed out on the comforts of your home for a long time then you might go overboard like we did. Our final bill set us back 270,000 won, and we know there was lots of stuff we could have gone without.

6) Costco is Cash Only: Memberships will cost you 35,000 won, and you will need to bring your Alien Registration Card with you. There are cash machines in the store, so don’t worry if you didn’t bring enough. Just make sure to go soon after you get paid so that you could have more room to play.

Altogether, we really enjoyed the experience, and plan on going there from now on.



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Korean Costco via Bucheon


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  1. I doubt that you guys would notice a new comment this late after the video was posted, but I am in dire need of your help!

    Earlier this year my fiance and her parents were kind enough to have me stay with them during my first adventure in Korea, I wanted to try and repay the kindness with cooking Traditional Italian tomato sauce as well as display a little of my own culture. To my dismay, I could not find Mild Italian Sausage anywhere and had to abandon the project. I will visiting again for another month in November, and was curious if you saw Italian sausage at Costco during one of your trips there, or if anyone else has. I must track it down!

    Thanks in advance!

    6 years ago
  2. There'll be some cheeses you'll still miss, like goat cheese, which is hella hard to come by, and not available in Costco, but Costco will help you out through your Cheese withdrawal…

    9 years ago
  3. Funny how salami can do that to a person :D

    10 years ago