Simon’s sick of shopping for clothes in Korea. They never fit, EVER! Korea’s got a great sense of fashion, but none of it fits him. To buy clothes, he’d wait until he went back to Canada over the summer and filled his suitcase there, but not anymore. We’ve discovered something much better. If you’re a big guy and need to get some good looking, professional attire, something you can wear to school as a teacher and looked damned snazzy, then should your shirts made proper, and all for a really reasonable price. For the full run down on getting your shirts custom made check out this video. By the way, the place Simon gets his shirts done is Dainty in Garosu-Gil. Here’s their business card, and here are directions to their store. Also, if you know of any other tailors that you swear by, please let us know!

  1. Do you still get things made there? Do you know if they make things for women as well? Thank you!

  2. I like your video based on getting custom made shirts. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Rainy Sach
    Best tailor in Phuket</a

  3. I wonder if they would be willing to make a few ladies vests as well?

  4. What was the store you mentioned in this video where you can get bigger sized clothing?

  5. Oh mah gawd!!! Simon! Your hair! >.<

  6. Anyone know of any custom tailors in Daegu?

  7. i wished they got online shop so i can have it and bring it here in canada @__@ 

  8. I’m only 5’8 and I can’t get clothes. I tried size 34 pants the other day and it didn’t fit :( I have to get XL shirts at hang ten and who AU. I have never had an XL shirt in my life until Korea lol. I always wondered what simon does since I’m not tall or fat but I have to get XL. Not saying simon is fat….just ya know super tall

  9. soooo cool. I wish I had money to get custom made clothes.

  10. This is so damn cool. Now I wish I was a guy so I could go there! LOL

  11. Simon You are my hero duude!! Custom made suit FTW!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m a woman standing at 180 cm. That’s 5’11 in american standards I suppose. I also weigh 72 kg, which is 159 pounds. Will I be able to find clothes in Korea ? Thanks, love ur blog. ;]

  13. I was wondering how you found the quality of the clothes after one year of wear? Are you still satisfied with what you purchased?

  14. do I need to bring a ton of professional looking clothes to teach in or can I wear pretty casual clothes?

    • We think it's better to side with caution and dress professionally. It's great if you can get away with casual after you're with your school for a bit, but looking professional at first is highly advised.

  15. It's says "men's custom" I wonder if they would freak out if I tried to get a tailored shirt and vest???

    • Ha! Yes, I think they would, since the proportions would be off…but I'd love to hear what happens if you try :D

      • Down in Songtan (south of Suwon, where the big American Military base is) I got measured at a shop that does both men and women's custom made clothes. I go for the fitting next weekend. I'm getting a two piece skirt suit. It's supposed to be black with red trim. I'll see how it goes and let you know. The guy also told me that I could bring in any picture and get anything made. I'm excited… but skeptical.

        • Hello, can you tell me please what is the name of your tailor and wow did you like the shops in Songtan for tailored women’s suits? Thank you.

  16. Ooooh, I love the Shazzaaaam!!! Here's a question…can women get custom made shirts too!???!?!?? (!?!?)

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