Korean Dunkin Donuts raid time! Let’s see what they’ve got to offer.

See, we often hear about Korean fusion food, and we’d like to think of a Korean Dunkin Donuts as falling under that category, but it’s more just like a Koreanized version of the donuts we’re used to. I don’t know: what’s the difference between Fusion and something-ized? Anyhow, whenever we go to a Dunkin Donuts in Korea, they seem to have some really interesting twists on conventional donuts, and so, similar to what we did in our Korean Convenience Store Raids, we decided to just grab a bunch of Donuts and see what they’re like. Some were surprisingly good. Some were surprisingly bad. Either way, we didn’t get what we expected out of this, but we got it all on camera at least!.

The biggest surprise was the Glutinous Rice Cream Cheese Donut. To begin with, it didn’t even look like a donut as much as it looked like a ball. Kinda weird for it to be in a Dunkin Donuts if it’s not…doughnutty. Also, biting into it would just deflate the ball entirely. The outside crust was tough as well. To be honest, it just flat out doesn’t look good on the outside. The taste though: another story. It was the best tasting thing we had that day. The cream cheese was delicious with the chewy rice. Really! It didn’t sound good in theory, especially in name, but it was a shocker.

Dunkin Donuts Korea

The front of a Dunkin Donuts in Korea

We had different opinions on the worst ones. Martina didn’t like the caramel macchiato donut because she really hates the taste of fake coffee stuff. She loves coffee, yes, as we’ve mentioned in one of our Korean Coffee Shop videos, but she’s more of a purist. The fake stuff…just isn’t up her alley. On the other hand, Simon hated the banana donut because the banana tasted so fake, but he was alright with the coffee donut. In both cases, though, we didn’t like the donuts that tried to be conventional donuts. The weird offshoots of donuts, made out of rice and tofu and sweet potato, were all really quite good. Seems like a Korean Dunkin Donuts is better at making its own Korean donuts rather than the donuts we’re used to from back home.

Also, we couldn’t fit in all of our footage into this video without making it feel too long, so we posted some of our extra footage on our Bonus Channel. Here it is:

Korean Dunkin Donuts Drinks

Anyhow, there are a couple of donuts that we didn’t get to review because they were sold out at the time but definitely deserve attention, namely the Garlic Glazed Donut. Tried it once on a whim for a sense of adventure, and totally loved it. Yeah! If there are any donuts here we missed, let us know! We’re always looking to try new stuff.

  1. I agree with you about the olive oil flavor. Each time I went to Seoul, I’d have one – two donuts a day! It’s that good! Mister Donut also has them. Their sometimes called Pon De Ring. :) Here’s the list of chewisty donuts I had in Seoul – http://simplydolicious.com/chewisty-donuts/

    I also tried making some at home using tofu! http://simplydolicious.com/pondering/

  2. Simon and Martina, when I saw this video and I was hit with a huge flashback to my time in Korea in May of 2013. I stayed at a guesthouse in Shinchon that was about 200ft away from a Dunkin Donuts and that was the only place I knew to get breakfast because apparently Korean’s don’t eat breakfast like North Americans do. Anyway I loved the glutenous rice donuts, the kimchi burrito, banana milk, and I ate probably 8 different kinds of chewisty. Iv’e missed eating there ever sense. I was incredibly happy to see this video from you guys because it brought back a lot of fond memories. I plan on coming back to teach English once I get my bachelors so hopefully ill run into you guys once because you’ve had a really positive influence on my life as far as trying new things and taking risks.

  3. I was in Korea and I really wanted to try the tofu donuts but in every dunkin donuts we couldn’t find it. I even asked it but they had only tofu chips things, no donuts :( That was 2 weeks ago, maybe they stopped making those?

  4. pretty sure those bubbles are tapioca pearls.

  5. which is more popular in korea? krispy kremes or dunkin donuts?

  6. That looks so good. I gotta remeber to eat some, BTW- Was that tofu donut chewy? Im really interested in that one.

  7. The sweet potato is probably ube, or purple yam. It’s big in the Phillippines, I love all that is ube. Sweet and purple? FTW! Maybe this wasn’t a good example, but do give it a chance. It’s good!

  8. um, you guys are amazig, but especially when you blog about FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! i actually went out and tried 4 donuts after watching your video because you made them look soooooooooo good. thanks simon and martina!

  9. um, you guys are amazig, but especially when you blog about FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! i actually went out and tried 4 donuts after watching your video because you made them look soooooooooo good. thanks simon and martina!

  10. um, you guys are amazig, but especially when you blog about FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! i actually went out and tried 4 donuts after watching your video because you made them look soooooooooo good. thanks simon and martina!

  11. um, you guys are amazig, but especially when you blog about FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! i actually went out and tried 4 donuts after watching your video because you made them look soooooooooo good. thanks simon and martina!

  12. do they have mc donalds there? i wonder what sort of food they serve? i wonder if they serve rice and grilled beef. :)

  13. I wonder if they have MCDONALDS in korea. i’m just curious because i know that every time mcdonalds put a franchise at a certain country they always serve food that will suit the taste of the people living there. Like in my country they serve rice. 

  14. Lee Min HO should do another commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts in korea!!! the last one he did was awesome!!!

  15. Awesome videos!! I loved the Dunkin Donuts in Korea.  I just wrote a whole post about how great I think tofu donuts are and how much I wish I could Sweet Potato Bubble Tea or Bubble Lattes in America: http://downhomefoodie.blogspot.com/2011/06/on-road-korea-foreign-food.html

  16. Thanks for making this video!!!! My parents OWN a donut shop in the U.S and I really don’t get to eat dunkin donuts donuts??? And im going to Korea in a week so I really want to eat “Korean” donuts!

  17. thanks, haven’t try tofu donut, but I need to try .

  18. Taro Bubble TEA!!! Taro is actually purple.

  19. Taro Bubble TEA!!! Taro is actually purple.

  20. Lol i only add dduk(ë–¡), Dumplings(만두) nd eggs :) nvr tried chees…

  21. Awesome video! I used to live in Japan and loved Mister Donuts (they have that same “olive twisty donut” but it’s called “Pon de Ringu” instead). So it was really cool to see that Korea has some unique donuts too. Wish I had visited Dunkin Donuts while I as in Seoul! Arghhh! Maybe next time…

  22. Jeepers, I visited in there yesterday :D haha

  23. you can drink tap water in Korea.
    But many people don’t.
    Because many people have a water purifier.

  24. I enjoy your videos so much ♥

  25. Wow. They have some pretty awesome and interesting donuts there. Dunkin Donuts here in the Philippines have really crappy donuts with really conventional and boring flavors (bavarian, strawberry… bleh). I wanna try the tofu and glutinous rice donuts! ^_^

  26. Theres no such kimchi doughnut in Korea I think I've never seen it before I live in Korea an I'm Korean by the way

    Back to the point I love snatching ur videos a loooooooot

    P.S If I had to choose between any dounuts and chocolate tim bits and Tim horton's hot choc I would definitely choose tim bits god I just can't forget that taste LMFAO XD


  27. PLEASE try the kimchi doughnut! I keep seeing it but am too afraid to try it ^^

  28. Wow this video totally made me miss awesome korean food only found in Korea. Can you guys do a clip on korean pizza ? i love thier sweet potato pizza.. yumm

  29. OMG now I'm getting starving !!!!! T_T

  30. I can't eat anything made from wheat :( so the glutenous rice flour donut sounds like the only one I COULD eat there…as long as rice flour was the only flour used. Something to look at, thanks for the info!!

  31. I just ate yesterday Glutinous Rice Cream Cheese Donut because of you, I just trusted you! it was realy small – but it was freaking delicious!

  32. So, this isn't about donuts, but it's about food in general. I found these videos where a women teaches her viewers how to cook Korean food and she's amazing! Her website is http://www.maangchi.com and I'm guessing that's she's Korean judging by her accent. I'm not quite sure, though. Anyways, she's great at explaining everything.

  33. That was really nice! The donuts here aren't special like these (there are just the regular flavors =/…)
    There are many brazilian cakes, cookies and swetties with yellow and purple sweet potato! The taste is very good, but is the strong "purple/yellow" color that make these swetties specials =D
    But…I've never DRINK anything with sweet potatos…that's seems strange! ahahaha! And I really don't know what is a "bubble tea"… so sad!
    ps: I would like macchiato in my donut =P!

  34. Have you seen the ads for their new vegetable donuts?! They seem pretty awesome. And by awesome, I mean really, really questionable……

  35. I loved the videos. I'm stationed in Seoul. You guys should do a video like this on Korean style Pizza where you taste test all the different strange toppings they like to use like corn and beans and others.

    Thanks, Mark

  36. I've never actually been to a Dunkin' Donuts' shop before – I don't think we have them in England.
    Mhm, I really can't wait for my holiday next August, hah. I'm for sure going to try there. Are the donuts expensive?

    Also, is that a picture of Kim Beom at 02:25? I've watched Boys Over Flowers (it's great and I'm trying to improve my Korean vocab, hah) and it looks a lot like him.

  37. Sounds interesting with the different flavors. I guess they have regular flavors too right? As long as I could have my donut with strawberry frosting and sprinkles I'm happy. So love Dunkin Donuts. :-p The shop looks sooo cute.

  38. You have a point. We went to a Dunkin Donuts in Singpore and my husband orded a Boston Cream pie donut. It was the nastiest donut Jeff ever tasted. The "cream" center was just confectioner's sugar and water, rather than a traditional custard. I got the basic donut with glaze and it was just fine.

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