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Korean Dunkin Donuts

March 13, 2011


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Korean Dunkin Donuts raid time! Let’s see what they’ve got to offer.

See, we often hear about Korean fusion food, and we’d like to think of a Korean Dunkin Donuts as falling under that category, but it’s more just like a Koreanized version of the donuts we’re used to. I don’t know: what’s the difference between Fusion and something-ized? Anyhow, whenever we go to a Dunkin Donuts in Korea, they seem to have some really interesting twists on conventional donuts, and so, similar to what we did in our Korean Convenience Store Raids, we decided to just grab a bunch of Donuts and see what they’re like. Some were surprisingly good. Some were surprisingly bad. Either way, we didn’t get what we expected out of this, but we got it all on camera at least!.

The biggest surprise was the Glutinous Rice Cream Cheese Donut. To begin with, it didn’t even look like a donut as much as it looked like a ball. Kinda weird for it to be in a Dunkin Donuts if it’s not…doughnutty. Also, biting into it would just deflate the ball entirely. The outside crust was tough as well. To be honest, it just flat out doesn’t look good on the outside. The taste though: another story. It was the best tasting thing we had that day. The cream cheese was delicious with the chewy rice. Really! It didn’t sound good in theory, especially in name, but it was a shocker.

Dunkin Donuts Korea

The front of a Dunkin Donuts in Korea

We had different opinions on the worst ones. Martina didn’t like the caramel macchiato donut because she really hates the taste of fake coffee stuff. She loves coffee, yes, as we’ve mentioned in one of our Korean Coffee Shop videos, but she’s more of a purist. The fake stuff…just isn’t up her alley. On the other hand, Simon hated the banana donut because the banana tasted so fake, but he was alright with the coffee donut. In both cases, though, we didn’t like the donuts that tried to be conventional donuts. The weird offshoots of donuts, made out of rice and tofu and sweet potato, were all really quite good. Seems like a Korean Dunkin Donuts is better at making its own Korean donuts rather than the donuts we’re used to from back home.

Also, we couldn’t fit in all of our footage into this video without making it feel too long, so we posted some of our extra footage on our Bonus Channel. Here it is:

Korean Dunkin Donuts Drinks

Anyhow, there are a couple of donuts that we didn’t get to review because they were sold out at the time but definitely deserve attention, namely the Garlic Glazed Donut. Tried it once on a whim for a sense of adventure, and totally loved it. Yeah! If there are any donuts here we missed, let us know! We’re always looking to try new stuff.



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