It’s election time in Korea, and we really really dread it. We don’t like how noisy the campaigns are, they’re really noisy. Like, really really noisy. It’s actually baffling to us, since every candidate is yelling on a loudspeaker at the same time (which happens often) it becomes totally ineffective as an attention grabbing technique. To make matters worse, they don’t just campaign in one sectioned off area, they drive around on flatbed trucks where real live people stand on the back waving and screaming into a microphone all over the neighbourhood. The mall, the subway, the park, even residential neighbourhoods! Here’s a small example of what life in Korea is like during election campaigning.

Now, we did a video way back when we first arrived in Korea and didn’t understand WHY this was happening, first Election Truck video and it’s not uploaded to YouTube anymore because we offended some Korean people which caused angry netizen death threats and blahblahblah, internet anonymity blahblahblah…which is funny because EVER SINGLE KOREAN FRIEND WE KNOW HATES THESE TRUCKS. Seriously, who’s like,”Oh those noisy campaign trucks are awesome, I just love hearing them repeat their name and number, and to vote for them, over and over again! My sleeping baby especially loves it! YAY!”

Anyhow, the elections are tomorrow, which means that we won’t have to suffer this anymore! Huzzah!

Also, we’re rescheduling our shows a bit, so that some segments will be on other days. We’re not dropping any: we’re just trying to arrange them in a more practical order. Check out the info on our video schedule here!

  1. Wasn’t there some guy on the internet who wanted to run his cat for Senator? Spudgy for pres!

  2. So, the speakers on those trucks reminds me of Dr. Seuss and also the truck used for announcements in The Nightmare Before Christmas, the one driven by the mayor dude who can switch faces. Is it just me who thinks that?

  3. you’re very lucky it’s ending for you. The week before the presidential primaries in my state, I got recorded calls every every day telling me how evil one candidate was. The worst day I got 5 of these calls. Now my state is in the middle of a recall election, and there are primaries for that coming up and everyone is throwing mud for all they are worth. The presidential elections aren’t until November. It’s going to be a long year…

  4. Thank goodness our country is too big for this to actually work. *Shudders*

  5. While I am sure that this is anoying. Any place where such large numbers of political supporters of different candidates can stand that close together while loudly proclaiming their respective points of views without it degenerating into fisticuffs or other altercations is more civilized than most…

  6. So by your reasoning, I guess Korean people should really hate the comment you just made?

  7. I love your glasses and raincoat Martina! Where did you get them? 

  8. is there i candidate called Yoo Jae Suk cos i’m pretty sure i heard that name!!!
    holy crap they are some LARGE speakers, like whoa!!!!when you guys were showing us out your window all i could think was DON’T DROP THE CAMERA!!!!!

    i never thought there would be a reason to NOT wanna live in Korea!!!! 
    ah well!! i still wanna live there!!

    • man i wouldn’t be surprised if he won!!!!

    • yeah he is!! (which is exactly why i found it odd hearing his name!) oh gosh don’t get me started on RM!!!! i freakin’ LOVE that show!!!!!!!

      • aaawwww yeah!!!!! he stopped doing that!!! *sad face* 
        and no more monday couple!! 

      • I LOVE IC TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
        the latest episode i loved so much!! it was so creative and cool!! but i do get what you mean!! sometimes i want them to do the old format of games! i really miss them!! 
        but i like how they try and create new games and things for the show cos if it was forever the same thing then i think i’d get bored!! 

        and i BADLY miss seeing Spartakook!!! seriously when i watched those episodes i would be on the edge of my seats scared thinking when is he going to come out!! those were some exciting episodes to watch!! and so hilarious!!!

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