It’s election time in Korea, and we really really dread it. We don’t like how noisy the campaigns are, they’re really noisy. Like, really really noisy. It’s actually baffling to us, since every candidate is yelling on a loudspeaker at the same time (which happens often) it becomes totally ineffective as an attention grabbing technique. To make matters worse, they don’t just campaign in one sectioned off area, they drive around on flatbed trucks where real live people stand on the back waving and screaming into a microphone all over the neighbourhood. The mall, the subway, the park, even residential neighbourhoods! Here’s a small example of what life in Korea is like during election campaigning.

Now, we did a video way back when we first arrived in Korea and didn’t understand WHY this was happening, first Election Truck video and it’s not uploaded to YouTube anymore because we offended some Korean people which caused angry netizen death threats and blahblahblah, internet anonymity blahblahblah…which is funny because EVER SINGLE KOREAN FRIEND WE KNOW HATES THESE TRUCKS. Seriously, who’s like,”Oh those noisy campaign trucks are awesome, I just love hearing them repeat their name and number, and to vote for them, over and over again! My sleeping baby especially loves it! YAY!”

Anyhow, the elections are tomorrow, which means that we won’t have to suffer this anymore! Huzzah!

Also, we’re rescheduling our shows a bit, so that some segments will be on other days. We’re not dropping any: we’re just trying to arrange them in a more practical order. Check out the info on our video schedule here!

  1. who did you vote to?kkkkkk

  2. I don’t understand if people know how simonandmartina already feel about the elections why watch the video?

  3. Oh gosh I watched this and at the start Martina pointed and I sort of flinched . I was like noooo, isn’t that wrong, but they were new so hopefully people understood that. And oh my gosh I don’t know how I could handle that, and an adorable ahjimma waved at the camera as they went down the stairs ^.^. I want to be a teacher in Korea so badly.

  4. Ahaha, it’s sort of similar in Ireland – I remember the vans being parked outside of the school and driving around the town, playing music and then shouting over the music to vote for the candidate. However, it’s not as loud, and it doesn’t happen early in the morning/late at night. And I live in a rural area – I don’t know if it’s the same in the cities.

  5. Oh gosh, exactly like in Dominican Republic. Like seriously, it’s so bad in D.R. Like traffic jams everywhere and loud annoying campaigning. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME! So trust me, I feel your pain. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I LIVED THROUGH IT!

  6. Not sure if I’m the first person to say this, but T.O.P. for prez! :3

  7. Wow. I feel sorry for all the people who have to deal with the noise that day :( Some korean MMOs who had their updates scheduled on 19th December have them re-scheduled too. Pretty weird.

  8. Lol get a life. Korean’s have a different culture ok? if you dont like it, just fucken leave..

  9. I absolutely agree with you guys. How annoying! This may reveal some clues as to why North and South Korea are still separate. Shouting matches never yield positive results. I can half-heartedly say this since I’m only half Korean.

  10. om my god….unbelievable…but I’m not someone who likes to judge

  11. ahhhhh.. i can see why you had to take that second video down. im not korean but even i know i would have been offended if i was. i know you guys didnt mean any harm or malice, but it kinda came off that you were taunting the man around the beginning since you were talking to him in English when it clearly seemed he didnt understand.. @_@

  12. I know this has nothing to do with the video, but OMGG I love it when you guys make videos of you just walking around Korea so we can see what it is like on the streets there. I love ya’lls videos!!!

  13. During the day, I think it’s OK, but they should limit the noise level at night. Maybe there’s no law against noise pollution at night like they do where I live…

  14. This video is awesome!  I lived in Korea for 2 years and never had any idea what those loud trucks were talking about – at 8am on Saturday morning.  Thanks for the info.  It’ll serve me well when I get back there.

  15. Even though I am Korean, I understand how foreign people feel.
    Maybe some people are offended by this criticism.(Especially, Korean people)
    However, it is true those election days gave us headache.
    Election truck turned on songs almost all day long.
    They are everywhere, the mall, the subway, the park, even residential neighborhoods shouting on the microphone, talking about their will.
    Noisy campaign trucks keep repeating their name and number.
    We have to suffer from the noise throughout the election time and just hope it ends as soon as possible. Some thing needs to done for this situation.
    Their is up coming president election. I hope these situation(noisy campaign) get ripped out in our life.

  16. just like in the philippines… i guess every asian culture campaigns are like this…

  17. Wow This is hilarious!! but goodness !!!….wait there must be some subliminal message in that music to work on peoples mind as they sleep …lol if you can sleep

  18. I hated those things. The trucks especially. They were especially distracting to my students during class time which did not make things easy on me.

    unfortunately they also have similar things for night clubs…also for electronics repair… that go around quite often in my neighborhood… Koreans really like to make noise when they advertise.

  19. all Singapore does is put up posters of the candidates and if they did this,someone would throw water down from their apartment lol 

  20. YIKES!! and I complain about all the crazyness during US Presidential Election.

  21. Yeah <.< Sounds about right even when I was in India….o.o do they come to the house also like the whole party just comes there dancing around with their loud ass speakers XD

  22. this happens all over the world 

  23. idk if this is relevant, but i just wanted to ask if anybody knows of korea allows dual citizenship.
    like im taiwanese, and i can be a citizen of both the u.s. and taiwan. but i dont know about korea… hahha just wondering cause i want to live there when i grow older!

  24. I think elections like this is an Asian thing not sure about other Asian countries but in the Philippines this is the norm. Well actually this is pretty mild, They have these parades and rallies in the Philippines when election season starts. Its pretty crappy and annoying as well. At least here in Canada its not like that, it’s more personal and up close campaign which is goes since you get to ask in-depth questions before signing your vote away.  

  25. bigbangfosho

    Wasn’t there some guy on the internet who wanted to run his cat for Senator? Spudgy for pres!

  26. It was like that last year in Incheon for me.  Now I’m in Osan which is soooo better.  Get a little out of Seoul and it is not quite as annoying.  ^^

  27. Oh God. I thought the title was KOREAN ERECTIONS LOL

  28. as i am korean, i feel sorry for Simon and Martina…
    but there is another election at December, 2012 in s. korea and it is even bigger election, the presidential election…. maybe simon and martina can start a peitition to stop the music for the next election… or maybe not…

    •  as a Korean I wish Koreans would stop apologizing for something that isn’t necessarily their fault, but it’s the way things are. 사과할게 뭐가 있다고 사과를 하는지…

  29. reminds me slightly of Vancouver during playoffs, when you cant sleep because of all the honking and cheering on the streets at night, and the dread of going on busy public transit routes (because of insane/drunk hockey “fans”, not loud politicians, lol)

  30. Differences in election campaign was something I’d never thought about being different between countries, of course I know it IS, but I’d just never thought how or why it was different. I think I would find this style rather annoying, I get irritated with regular flyers or charity collections outside tube stations!

  31. I think you guys are great but found this video to be a bit disrespectful.  Saying shut the F* Simon was pushing it a little.  You are living in a foreign country.  This is how they they vote, it may be different from what you’re used to but you don’t need to be disrespectful.  It really comes as a surprise considering you two have been living there for so long it seems you would be more open and not ignorant to differnt cultures…remember, if you don’t like it…Leave.  Just a thought if you respect your fan base. 

    •  agreed. and even if you keep saying that “but our Korean friends hate the noise too!” that doesn’t mean your Korean friends represent all of Korea

    • This is not how they vote, this is how they campaign. 

      Besides, In every country election time is one of the most obnoxious times of the year. How is it disrespectful? Its not like theyre offending the people campaigning but the noise itself, all though saying Shut The F* Up was a bit much it was to themselves. I find it annoying as hell when those obnoxious advertising trucks come by my house at like 7am and drive around until the afternoon. Im not offending the person but the noise itself is irritating. Ignorant to different cultures? wow didnt know being annoyed by a truck would make someone ignorant to another culture. -.-

    • Saying “If you don’t like it leave” is the hallmark of a racist or xenophobe. I’m not even going to go into all of the reasons your argument is wrong, because from your point of view you would never understand.

      • You have no clue what you’re even talking about…and to Lauren Grass’s comment below…the only “WOW” here is that Korea has gotten way too lenient with screening idiot teachers like you if that’s what you do.  These are OPINIONS Alex, why don’t you pick up a book and read one…if you can

  32. Maybe it’s just me, but I swell up with a little pride every time I see Democracy/Voters/Whatever political system Korea has since I don’t really know hehe hard at work. Better to have people clogging the subways than to see countries where it seems most don’t even care in my opinion :)

  33. So, the speakers on those trucks reminds me of Dr. Seuss and also the truck used for announcements in The Nightmare Before Christmas, the one driven by the mayor dude who can switch faces. Is it just me who thinks that?

  34. you’re very lucky it’s ending for you. The week before the presidential primaries in my state, I got recorded calls every every day telling me how evil one candidate was. The worst day I got 5 of these calls. Now my state is in the middle of a recall election, and there are primaries for that coming up and everyone is throwing mud for all they are worth. The presidential elections aren’t until November. It’s going to be a long year…

  35. Guys. you should be more careful about posting something about other country’s political situations..(I love your videos i’ve watched them since like 2yrs but you guys really should careful)I hate the truck and the annoying advertisement song too BUT I understand this one…many crazy things happened just before the election and many parties had split up into pieces and pieces.THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is, since Korean citizens were deeply mad about this government, the number of opposition parties hugely increased so they probably had to advertise themselves a lot more than the usual elections.

  36. This is not nearly as intrusive as American elections. Election season in Korea is only ONE month, not a year and a half of constant hate on the news networks and TV ads. Actually I find it refreshing to see people going out to get others excited about electing. Considering Korea was a dictatorship almost 20 years ago, this is only one small annoyance that lasts a very short time. Now the fruit trucks passing by my house at 7am blasting their ads or the public service announcements in apartments. Well, let’s talk about those another time. :P

    Oh at least Korea is still a democracy, unlike Canada :P *Burn* 

  37. (From http://www.facebook.com/choitaehoon)(I WANNA BE one of YOU GUYS’S korean friends.)
    ^^ so interesting movie. it would be weird for someone especially foreigner.
    so do i . but, i thought i would be one of korean ‘Culture’ kk
    by thinking this way, it will helpful for everyone’s mind. won’t it? kk

  38. It’s like that here in Manila as well. And Martina, you hit the nail on the head. My dad, when deciding whom to vote for, takes note of every politician who yells with a setup like that, or who blocks traffic because of setups like that, and WON’T vote for them. He’ll vote for whoever is left, lol. 

  39. It’s almost as annoying as partisan bitching in the USA. Almost.

  40. Wooow..and I thought campaign ads on tv in America were annoying..lol

  41. this has always bugged me… martina, the way you were holding the umbrella while walking down the stairs makes me worried for the person behind you. what if someone trips and has the tip of the umbrella jammed right in his/her eye? omg ><

  42. I feel your pain. I’m so glad it’s over. However, I can’t complain. I got the day off work because of the elections! Yay!

  43. My country is just the same… Or even worse. Yesterday I spent 2 hours on a traffic jam thanks to one of the presidential candidates campaign. At least Korea does not make a bunch of sexy ladies wearing spandex to yell at everybody…

  44. it reminds me of the war propaganda scene in taeguki

  45. i have trouble finding past videos of yours 
    there is no previous page here
    and the videos in the archives are not in time order 

  46. Big speakers !! saw one in japan before , lol  

  47. Every country has their quirks. It’s what makes them unique! Sure, it might be (really) obnoxious (trust me, I was baffled by this, too. Things like this just don’t happen in the States. It was just kind of shocking), but it’s still just the way things are done in Korea. I laughed when you guys were like, “I’ll vote for the person that tells us to vote for them without yelling at us”, and I too agree. Most definitely. It’s unfortunate that it’s so loud, though. :/ Sorry you guys. Are elections every year? I don’t really know that much about Korean politics other than they are a democracy. If they’re EVERY YEAR, I would avoid big cities like the plague for as long as elections are going on. =_=

  48. wow that’s some hardcore spamming

  49. I don’t think I’ll ever complain about election ads here again xD

  50. Are they crazy? Why are thy doing this? There will be elections in my country too soon. And I get annoyed even by political ad. But when I look at this, this looks like hell

  51. Oh haha this is really funny when I think about the fact that french elections are in like 10 days and people aren’t involved at all :p They’re just like “eh, I might vote, I might not, I might just vote blank cuz I don’t know who to vote for” Where is the world going?

  52. If I was there I’d be tempted to yell out the window “STOP WAKING THE SPUDGY!”

  53. tell me it’s the first time it happens to you since you have been there

  54. no offense but even after a few yrs you guys still don’t know what part of your previous Election video might have offended some of the Korean viewers? I’m sorry you guys got threats but seriously?

    •  What part was offensive? They were just complaining about how the music is blasting right next to their apartment for the whole video.

      •  i mean their past election video.

        • I was also referring to the past one.

        • complaining about noise wasn’t really that offensive. it was the part where they were being all friendly with the politician guys, speaking in English about stopping the music. some people thought they were mocking the older campaigning men. After all, the video is about complaining about the election campaign, so being friendly with the campaigners seemed a bit off. That’s not my opinion though, but it’s something that they should have anticipated people to not be happy about.

        •  Ah I see. Well how I see it is, they were being rude by blasting music, so being rude by kinda mocking them in English isn’t any worse. xD

  55. Soundproof your windows?

  56. WOW… i would be in such a bad mood during election time in S.korea gawd those trucks.

  57. It looks like people don’t have an excuse not to know the candidates!! Especially when they yell their names at all hours of the day

  58. I’ve been in Korea now for almost 3 months and only the past couple days have I noticed the loud trucks. I had no idea that there was an election day until the maintenance office for our building made an announcement that their office would be closed today.   Now everything makes sense. Thank goodness for no more loud trucks.

  59. I am a Korean and I really hate this. Actually, whenever I go near a subway station, I try to avoid them bowing and stretching their hands towards me. It’s annoying when after all this show they seem to satisfy no one they shook hands. Hopefully something will change when I actually get to vote.

  60. We have these things called noise ordinances (differs city to city), basically so the police can shut down your party if you’re too loud. But those gigantic speakers would DEFINITELY not be allowed. I mean we’re all for political expression, but not disturbing the peace! 

  61. OMG. I hate it too. When I’m in Asia, people use those for advertisements and stuff and I’m just like “GOO AWAYYY” 

  62. This is the kind of thing that would definitely not work in USA or Canada.. People would end up yelling back at them to shut up and complain about it..

  63. Wow and I thought that watching those stupid ads on tv were annoying

  64. i was afraid their cameras gonna drop all the time when Martina stucked it out the window

  65. wow. that is so intense!! You apartment is so high up! wow! :)

  66. …Singapore’s election period is one of those times I don’t like…the candidates posters are EVERYWHERE! but I think I’ll be swearing like hell like simon if they do yell at my face

  67. ok remind me when i get to Korea not to go during elections,….how often does this happen. 

  68. This seems like a good way to get commoners to hate politicians, and for politicians to hate commoners. Wearing huge sign and bowing to hoards of people who ignore you seems a bit… humiliating?

  69. they do the same thing in Japan.  Not sure about the other asian countries though.

  70. WELL, free goodies, that more like it!

  71. i would actually have to like run away to the country or smth. those would give me intense headaches. Just go to a spa place there and chill, hopefully they dont do it as much there :P

  72. can you guys PLEASE stand next to them and hold up a sign saying “VOTE FOR SPUDGY” ???

  73. One of the things I enjoyed missing in the countryside. No campaigning out there.

  74. THAT is a violation of public decency, pure and simple.

    I don’t believe this kind of behaviour necessarily means that Koreans are more passionate or even aware of political matters compared to other countries.

    Just like everywhere else, there are those who care (kudos to them, really) and those who couldn’t care less.

    This just happens to be very loud, obnoxious, and in-your-face, which could give you an impression that people are more passionate; but no, they just happened to have chosen the most tactless method that I could ever imagine.

  75. While I am sure that this is anoying. Any place where such large numbers of political supporters of different candidates can stand that close together while loudly proclaiming their respective points of views without it degenerating into fisticuffs or other altercations is more civilized than most…

  76. I’m glad that there are public disturbance laws where I live. I’ll never have to deal with this! I feel sorry that you do though… :O

  77. -sorry double post-

    i can’t delete messages?

  78. Thats annoying but at least the people of Korea actually care about their government and politics. Here in the U.S, barely anyone cares about politics unless the economy is bad, and when it comes to foreign relations, they don’t give a crap. The majority of college students and adults don’t even know how many members of the Senate or House of Representatives there are. So at least be happy your country cares :D

  79. it’s very cool to see, and by cool i mean interesting, not like ‘cooool dudee!’ ..LOLOL. but it is extremely extremely loud and i would definitely get annoyed to. one of those culture shocks that is neat to watch but not fun to live with -_-

  80. Oh my god, that is F-ing crazy! I would have shot myself ages ago ;)

  81. all these for WHAT!!!? >:O I know it’s for the election but for what? please some one tell me TT_TT

  82. Just because they are out there screaming about their campaign doesn’t mean the Korean people care more about the democratic process or that politicians in Korea are any less crooked. It’s a different type of campaigning style. And fuck that, I’m glad American politicians don’t do this. I don’t want to hear all that stupid shit that Rick Santorum or the other republicans believe shouted in my face every time I get off the subway.

    • Thank goodness our country is too big for this to actually work. *Shudders*

      • Seriously you guys are being a little too generous with these comments. Maybe they don’t do this exact, same thing but campaigning in the USA is the most irritating, ball-busting, back-stabbing, stupifying, fear-mongering -ish that for whatever reason, Americans always play off like it’s natural. I don’t want this junk being blared at me from the TV, the radio, the newspapers, my neighbors, my parents, Joe Blow’s blog…it’s just as pervasive as the Korean way shown here, just more…. brainwash-y. Think 1984. 

        And don’t worry xenophobes, I’m American. Very American in fact…the Native kind. And also apologies to Simon and Martina (and Spudgy) if this convo is considered hacking.

  83. It’s nice that these candidates are actually meeting the commoners in the streets, and you can go speak with any of them if you wanted to. If it works for akb48 and maid cafes, why not political candidates too?

    These people who bow and dance, are they volunteers or hired hands? Why is this position is filled with middle aged women?

  84. same thing happens in India, but with a lot more people and lots more free goodies they give  out, for example; sweets(mostly neslte chocolate) , shirts( with the campaigners face on it or name or symbol or whteva) and flags. 

  85. ok, I would buy nice ear stoppers [or something like that] because this noise is awful! wow! how could you survive something like this!?

  86. Loud, quiet, I don’t know which is better, but all I know is that they’re both meaningless if the public doesn’t care about politics. See Japan, whose election campaigns are really loud, and the low voting rates they have.

    That being said, it’s important for the Korean public to care about politics right now. Not that you’d guys know since these things don’t really affect you, but many believe things have gotten backwards and unfair due to the current political regime. The only way to change that is actually caring about politics and voting for the right person.

  87. I just noticed one thing. Korean men in their business suits are such eye candies. Made me swoon! 

  88. Those trucks remind me of the trucks that would pass by in Mexico………….but they were selling sweet bread, ice cream, or water…..we would run up to buy some sweets lol but seeing these trucks I would want to run away! XD

    • gas trucks are the worst, especially from Gas-Express-Nieto. gotta love them at 7:00 am even on weekends xD

      • Or those guys selling tamales at 6 in the morning on a Sunday. Those are the worst!

        • hahahaha “those guys selling tamales”  oh… my dear Mexico i completly forgot about that!!!  i wouldn’t mind waking up with that sound …. i want tamales!!!!! ^_^

        • Kisa YuffYuff

           That’s the FIRST THING I thought of when I saw this video xD I remember when I stayed in Mexico I would wake up every morning to the tamale man walking down the streets with his megaphone XD

      • haha that’s funny. I also think they are annoying. All I hear in the morning is EL GAS!!!! Which wakes me up.  But I only go on vacation to Mexico in the summer so I am A lazy bum here in Texas, i wake up really, really late. lol

  89. LOOL! Im my hometown we have something similiar to that… During election time there are several cars running around with loud music asking people to vote for them xD, And the serveral parties make rallies and usually those rallies have music where people can eat and drink (well, they have to buy it, nothing is for free xD)…

  90. Very Interesting I never knew about that! BTW Do you get to vote since you live there or are you not citizens?

  91. what positions are getting is this election for?

  92. I wish people in US were that passionate

  93. I’m Korean, and even I have to agree with this. Koreans are very serious when it comes down to voting. That’s why my dad runs a blog, mainly based on Korean politics. He’s very biased on one side of the government (more of the democracy side, I think) and my dad voted the other day, too. So did my mom. Not sure if you guys can read Korean, but if you can, this is my dad’s blog: http://barryspost.net

  94. I don’t know how it is in Korea, but the reason we don’t care (for the most part) in America, is because we have already come to the realization that all politicians are crooks and liars, and America will pretty much run the same as it has no matter which party is in the big seat.

  95. Omg thats terrible O.O Lukily in finland elections arent so noisy, only bilboards and some ads. I member when I visited in japan there were some kind of elections going on and there where cars with big speakers too and it was really anoying listen that loud sound allday long. But it wasnt as noisy as this, thank god :D

  96. I actually really love this!!
    People in Korea seem to really care about their democracy…unlike many european countries do!
    (fyi:I`m from Austria) – Our politicians would never (ever) do something like that!!

    • consider that a blessing in disguise!  The goal is to inform the voter of your stances and why they are superior.  not annoy them by blaring your speeches at them at all hours of the day.  however, i am very glad that you appreciate peoples’ dedication to democracy.

  97. Heck. Freakin. Epic.  I know it may be annoying, but this is pretty much like my fifth grade student body election campaign on DRUGS.  And I liked my fifth grade election.  Choose a nice color, make sure people have memorized your name and where you are on the ballot, yell a lot about your campaign… all they need to do is promise to put chocolate milk in all the drinking fountains, and it’d be exactly the same as the elementary school election wars that happen across America every school year.
    I want elections to be like this in America.  PPLLLLEEEEEEAAAASE, somebody, make it happen.  It would be so great.

  98. OMG, YES! They are sooooo totally annoying & freakin’ LOUD! There were trucks blaring “Roly-Poly” & “Mister”, but with changed lyrics using the candidates names…it was pretty hilarious!

  99. I thought election season in the U.S. was bad. We just have constant commercials of politicians badmouthing each other for months on end. But at least I can mute the tv if I don’t want to hear the nonsense. How long does this go on? Is it just the days before the election? Or does it last longer than that?

  100. I love your glasses and raincoat Martina! Where did you get them? 

  101. punkyprincess92

    is there i candidate called Yoo Jae Suk cos i’m pretty sure i heard that name!!!
    holy crap they are some LARGE speakers, like whoa!!!!when you guys were showing us out your window all i could think was DON’T DROP THE CAMERA!!!!!

    i never thought there would be a reason to NOT wanna live in Korea!!!! 
    ah well!! i still wanna live there!!

    • Isn’t Yoo Jae Suk a comedian?? He’s on running man! (which is really good! >_<)

      • If Yoo Jae Suk ran, he would win hands down Then he’d probably celebrate with the grasshopper dance.

      • punkyprincess92

        yeah he is!! (which is exactly why i found it odd hearing his name!) oh gosh don’t get me started on RM!!!! i freakin’ LOVE that show!!!!!!!

        • Marlon Manasan

          RM seems to be gettin a bit boring lately, and because of that I started watching Infinity Challenge as well. YJS is in it as well, and is as good if not better than RM in one way or another.  ^_^

        •  I miss Kwangsoo framing all the members.

        • punkyprincess92

          aaawwww yeah!!!!! he stopped doing that!!! *sad face* 
          and no more monday couple!! 

        • punkyprincess92

          I LOVE IC TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
          the latest episode i loved so much!! it was so creative and cool!! but i do get what you mean!! sometimes i want them to do the old format of games! i really miss them!! 
          but i like how they try and create new games and things for the show cos if it was forever the same thing then i think i’d get bored!! 

          and i BADLY miss seeing Spartakook!!! seriously when i watched those episodes i would be on the edge of my seats scared thinking when is he going to come out!! those were some exciting episodes to watch!! and so hilarious!!!

  102. Korea seems like such a lovely place right now…..O________O Don’t people get crazy, if they keep hearing that all day long? No one died yet?

  103. Koreans might all hate it, but they dislike when non-Koreans criticize their culture even more. They’re a very prideful and xenophobic people, it takes a special type of caution to deal with them.


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