As some of you may know (if you’ve subscribed to our newsletter), Simon’s helping out over at KoreaTaste.org. It’s a site run by Korea Tourism that’s trying to promote Korean food. We both love Korean food, and it’s a shame that it’s not immensely popular. They’re trying to encourage more people to blog about their Korean food experiences, which is something we in fact wish we did more of as well. So, as incentive to get people to blog more about Korean food, they’re hosting a contest. Sign up to be a blogger with KoreaTaste.org and post an entry or two (or ten) about your Korean food experiences. Got a Korean food restaurant in your area you like? Just discovered Yang Nyam Chicken? Make a video, or shoot some pictures, or just write about it. Grand prize for the contest is a trip to Korea. Yes. A freaking trip to Korea! They’ll fly you here and give you an awesome Korean food experience :D Second prize is the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is supposed to rock, and third prize is a really good camera. Honorary prizes are given out as well.

Anyhow, we hope some of you would be interested in this. Find more about the rules of the contest here. If you’re new to WordPress, find out how to put up your blog posts here, or, if you’re really bad with WordPress, you can email your posts to [email protected]

  1. I know I am too late but I thought you could check this out anyway.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. You can put anything you want there. Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, or even http://www.idonthaveasite.com. Yeah!

  3. oh, forgot to write my username. It's julija :>

  4. I don't think you'll get a confirmation email. You should just try logging in and seeing if your account is active. If it isn't active, let me know and I'll ask them if they got your application.

  5. Not at all! You can be of any nationality, Korean, American, Brazilian, whatever!

  6. Please make a video about it! I'd love to see it :D

  7. Do I have to use wordpress or can I use tumblr?

    • You have to put in posts into their system. So, if you have a tumblr account already with some posts about Korean food, you can just copy them into KoreaTaste's system to enter the contest. That's all :D

  8. Ha! Yes, that would be acceptable as well!

  9. I have a question. Is this trip for one person or 2 because I wouldn't want to be by myself. Want my Bestfriend to go with me.

  10. Does it necessary have to be a blog on wordpress? Is it possible to use blogger? Cause I am kind of used to it, so it makes things easier ;]

    and btw, I am truly grateful that you promoted the event heret! Without you I wouldn't have had a clue! Big thanks!^^

  11. Is it true you have to be 18+ to go because I am only 16 aswell but L.O.V.E korean food

  12. This sounds so cool! I know a korean restaurant near my place. But when I tried to Join it says my username has illegal characters.. But its just letters in the alphabet.. And do you have to do a video? My throat is sore and I sound horrible right now because it's getting cold outside. So I don't really like doing videos during winter times..

  13. Sounds great, is there a closing date?

  14. Uuu I wanted to write a blog but I never received my confirmation e-mail.

  15. That's awesome! Hope to see your posts there soon! Huzzah!

  16. Sure does :D Anything about a Korean food experience, be it past or present (or future?). Yeah!

  17. Ha! Yes it does. I've had some great Korean food by Chinese people in Windsor.

  18. is it about COOKING Korean food or eating Korean food?

  19. Question!

    What if you just arrived in Korea, do you know if those who enter must be outside of the country? My fiance and I would LOVE to make a food blog about our new experiences here (we've been here 20 days).

  20. Damn! No grocery stores close by with kimchi?

  21. Oh man! Why doesn't Nova Scotia have more Korean food!?! WHYYYYYY??

  22. do i have to own a blog or is twitter accunt enough??? (please say yes! please say yes! please say yes!!!) =D

  23. Do you have to be outside of Korea to do this? I run the Korean expat Blogosphere's most important blog about fine dining in Jinju's Geumsan Myun. I have a lot of things to say about Korean food. I don't think I would win the contest because my writing is full of comma splices and I can't take a picture to save my life, but I'm down with the cause.

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