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Korean Food Delivery: FAPFAP

August 17, 2012


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So, the weather wasn’t all too pretty outside due to big rainstorms, and – for some reason – expensive camera equipment isn’t made to be waterproof. So, we came up with a brilliant idea for our FAPFAP: EAT FOOD AT HOME! We did it a while ago when we showed you How to Make Kimbap, but this time we were a lot lazier. Why make food when you can have someone bring you food?! Huzzah!

Yes, we’ve done a bunch of videos about this before, like on ordering Sushi, ordering McDonalds, ordering Pizza, and just ordering Korean Food, but those are OOOOOLD videos, and we’ve got a lot of new viewers. We haven’t done any videos like that for our FAPFAP program, so…it makes sense ok! Don’t ask us to make other Korean food, because we barely cook any Korean food at home. Ha!

Anyhow, we can’t sing the praises of Korean food delivery enough. The delivery guys will deliver to you no matter how terrible the weather, no matter how sunny, how rainy, how snowy, how apocalypse-ey. We’ve ordered food at places past midnight as well. And, from our experience at least, they bring food to your place FAAAST. That whole 30 minutes or it’s free thing that we’re used to from North America doesn’t apply here. We get our stuff oftentimes in, like, 10 minutes.

On top of that, there’s no need to clean anything up or throw anything out. Just dump everything back in the food bucket and leave it outside your apartment door: they’ll come back after a while to pick it up. SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME IS THAT! We paid 11,000 won for two great bowls of soup, plus free side dishes, all to be delivered to us in a handful of minutes, and then to be cleaned up for us as well. Is that not an awesome deal? Seriously, awesome stuff.

We know, though, that some of you might be intimated to try it out if you’re in Korea. Hell, we were intimidated for a long time, too. But now that we’ve tried it out, many many times over, we don’t worry about it anymore. So long as we get across our order, our address, and our area code, we’re fine!

Side note: you’d have thought that filming a food video at home would be easy! We didn’t have to lug our heavy gear around. Ah! We were soooo wrong! Why? Dr. Meemersworth! We should have filmed this as she was napping, not right after she woke up from a massive catnap. Whoa, does she ever have the crazies. You’ll see some of her mad antics in this week’s bloopers, below!



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