So, we feel kinda unsure about this video now that we filmed and edited it. Similar to how we, long time ago, did a video about banana milk and sausagee (I add the extra e because it’s pronounced “sausage-ee”, and it’s not like a sausage so we won’t call it a sausage), and we didn’t like them. After a while, though, we did change our minds and start to like the very same thing we denounced. Maybe this might be the case for the food we talked about that we didn’t like; maybe in a few years we’ll start liking writhing squid legs, pig anus, and Mer-MAN. Or…maybe not. Side note: if you’re looking for that really old video in which we talked about not liking different Korean drinks, we deleted it. Too many angry Korean netizens were offended by it and we weren’t thick skinned enough back then to not let it affect us. We don’t delete videos anymore! But we do have the old Korean Convince Store raid videos up online! That’s where we complained about Banana milk and other foods we didn’t like, but now like.

Anyhow, one thing we noticed as a major difference between Korean and Western food: I think Western Food likes its food tender, while Korean meat can sometimes be very chewy and rubbery. And when we talk about Korean meat being chewy, we’re not referring to typical cuts of beef, pork, or chicken. We’re talking about different kinds of seafood, or different organs. I remember going to a seafood place in Busan and asking for good sashimi. The fish that they gave me they said was top notch. When I bit into it, my teeth couldn’t go through it. After my teeth bounced off the fish on the third attempt, I decided to fake an emergency phone call and ran out of there. Oh don’t look at me like that! I’m sure you did the same thing before. You put your phone to your ear and say “Hello? What? Really? Oh snap! I’ll be there as fast as I can!” and tell the restaurant/teacher/family member that you have to leave, all the while you hope that they didn’t see the front of your phone and notice that it’s been off the whole time. DON’T TELL ME YOU DIDN’T DO THAT BEFORE!

Back to the point: I’ve never had tough seafood in North America. Every fish I’ve had is ultra tender, soft, flakey, boneless. Just soft, delicious, clean fish-meat. In Korea, I’ve had things that require lots of chewing, and that’s not something I’m that much into, you know? Some people love it, though! We know people who love going out for hway-shick (Korean after-work seafood eating party) and think the seafood there is great. We personally don’t agree. But, give it a few years, and we just might change our minds :D Well, maybe not, because Hway-Shick is something done in Korean companies, which we don’t work for. Though, we technically are a company in Korea now: we won’t be taking our staff out to seafood and soju. More like, convenience store ramen. HEY WE’RE A YOUNG STARTUP WE CAN’T BE ALL LUXURIOUS AT STAFF MEETINGS!

Also, I’d like to say that these experiences of the different food we didn’t like that we mentioned in this video isn’t something you really should worry about it you come to Korea. All of the regular, canonical Korean food is safe and delicious. The two of us, though, are experimental, and always want to try to find new restaurants and order new things to eat. Just today, in fact, we wandered into a restaurant we’ve never been to before and BAM ordered grilled salmon head.

Salmon Head

See this? WE ATE THAT, YO!

Seriously! If this was us pre-Korea days, we wouldn’t have touched that. Now we’re at a restaurant, looking at a menu like “Salmon head? LET’S DO THIS!” Some people might not be as adventurous as us, and if they’re faced with … a fish face, or something else that’s unfamiliar, they might be traumatized. Again: salmon head isn’t something that’s all over the place in Korea, so you don’t have to worry about it. But, if you’re adventurous, you can try something new, and you might just like it. (Side note: we didn’t like it)

Yeah! So, TL;DR about Korean Food We Didn’t Like But Now Like
1) Your tastes change over time, and you might like things you initially didn’t like
2) Don’t be afraid to try new things more than once
3) We ate something that we think might be pig anus

Ok we don’t know what it is. All we know is that it was small, tubular, really really chewy, and smelled something fierce. Our guess is that it was anus. If anyone knows what it actually might have been, please let us know.

Another side note: not really related to the TL;DR, but we were recently referenced in Dazed and Confused. So cool! We talk about Neon Bunny there, which is who the article’s about. But we’re there, in the magazine. Shazaam!

  1. I’m living in Poland for 9 months, and the times when I’ve been to a restaurant and ordered fish, You get the whole thing too. Except there’s no guts thank goodness! I’m glad I was prepared for that. *past experiences as a little kid when visiting Poland!*
    But yes, it is completely true about how a lot of North Americans can’t tolerate the whole animal. I can just imagine how some of my friends would cringe at the thought!

  2. If you guys ever come to California again, please please please try The Boiling Crab! Maybe it’s just me but I feel like you guys would have a great time there <3

  3. Thank you for another great video! :D (too bad I can only watch it in 240 p (;_;) ) P.S: I can’t believe you could eat pig anus > . .)


  4. Huh… those round things… Are they intestine? I’m not Korean, but we eat intestine that look like that. It’s a long piece cut into small round little circles. They do smell pretty horrendous….

  5. Simon, why do you look off to your left so much? Is something very interesting there?

  6. I just read a really interesting article in the Washington Post about how the overwhelming influence of Samsung has been a key issue in the South Korean presidential campaigns. There have apparently been many corporate shenanigans. I know you guys dislike the campaigning itself (“Who doesn’t?” – Bronco Bama girl) but do you keep up with Korean politics? If you do, as foreigners do you feel comfortable sharing your opinions on Korean current affairs with Koreans, or do you feel like that’s not your business?

  7. Simon and Martina, what do you think about the dog and cat meat industry in not only south korea, but in many counties? Have you ever seen one of these dog/cat market places?

  8. Actually when I visit one of your post. The first thing I do is to read your blog, then read the whole lot comments until I gasping for air (because much of them are sooo funny AND NASTY; it’s hard not to clutch my tummy and roll on the floor), after that I go back to watch the video. O my cookies! You always made my day, Simon and Martina. Oh, and of course all of the Nasties too… Heck, because I’m one of them. XD

  9. fyi, perhaps you can give moving squids and octopus another try if you order a plate of just tentacles? The ones without heads are dead. :) Their movement is just random twitching from the stored energy in their muscles, which can be amplified by adding salt. I’d be interested to see your reactions to it since I never tried moving seafood. :DDD

    The ‘anus’ meat is large intestine, and depending on which section of the large intestine, it could have been soaking in more liquidy-sour poop or more solid-bitter poop before it came to your plate. Not really any better than anus other than that its not anus, horray!

  10. questionn!
    what are your thoughts on the supposed illuminati symbolism in kpop and american music? do you think the illuminati and freemason stuff really exist and if the singers are actually a part of the illuminati?

  11. TL;DR Are there s lot of anti-fans in South Korea and are they as bad as the internet makes them out to be?

  12. Okay this is a question for the tl:dr. U m what were your opinions on the mama performances such as Sistar’s Nasty Alone dance or Super Junior’s Spy performance, compared to their music videos?

  13. yup! those are pig intestines!!its actually very nice to me, but maybe cos our tastes are different?

  14. Oh, and something else… and this is like a basic rule for me and my relationship with food.

    Don’t tell me what it is (liver, heart, tongue *yes, tongue* etc), just give it to me. Or else, I won’t eat it.

  15. “3) We ate something that we think might be pig anus

    Ok we don’t know what it is. All we know is that it was small,
    tubular, really really chewy, and smelled something fierce. Our guess is
    that it was anus.”

    *falls off the chair laughing* Oh, guys… you really cheer up my day xD

    Anyways, yeah… I’ve tried different things food-like and yes, it’s weird and different… sometimes scary but if It’s bad, there’s always a good story to tell when you’re drunk with your friends “Hey, remember the time I ate…?” :D

    It never fails, trust me.

  16. TLDR question: what’s your general life philosophy? You guys seem so happy and positive about everything, what kind of thoughts lay beyond this sparkling, dazzling joy and crazy creativity? Could you form some kind of 10 EYK Commandments or sth like this and share it with us?^__^

  17. I got a TL;DR question!

    The main plot of Pasta starts with all the female staff being fired. My first reaction to this was LAWSUITS! But how much legal equality do women have in Korea? I have read a few articles in business magazines that mention how women are payed less, have lower positions in businesses, etc. Do women have the right to sue for being fired/not promoted for their sex?

  18. I laughed so much lmao I never thought that eating a fish was that hard for someone who never had it whole? In Montenegro we also eat pretty much everything from the fist and you learn to eat around the bones, remove the smaller ones and we don’t really get alarmed by a fish bone lol I remember when my parents were teaching me how to eat catfish and I actually kinda choked and since then never again. Liver is pretty custom here, and a delicacy from both cow and chicken, we also eat sheep meat and tongue and brain, skin of pig and like dried salted pig meat from the him it’s called pershutto (i also spelled that wrong) and hand made meat tubes usually from pig( pig intestines are filled with pig meat) also eel. Oh and when pig fat is melted down for use in cooking, what’s left are čvarci it’s pig fat only fried-looking a bit hard and I personally don’t like it.

  19. LOL @ pig anus :-P I think it’s supposed to be intestines chopped up tho…. which leads to anus in the end I guess…

  20. I’was wondering for a Long time …. Did you meet you’re fans sometimes in Korea ? ;) (Even if I don’t live in Korea Bouhouhou…)
    And whatch This ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAy4L7qvhW4

  21. I was pleasantly eating a Subway sandwich when Simon said “We haven’t had any animal d****”. Suddenly I almost choked on my sub. Cough cough! Nice one.

  22. I guess it depends where in north america you live. In Seattle, we love our seafood. There are plenty of restaurants that serve you whole fish and shellfish. I think the same is true for any coastal city or town.

  23. I can’t agree more with the 물냉면(Mul-naengmyeon). First time I tried it I was a bit weirded out at the concept of cold noodles. And I wasn’t really okay with the taste on the first try. Soon after I was craving it like none other. I LOVE it now it’s so delicious <3

  24. oh those round thingy is pig’s large intestine not anus :)

    i love how you guys try to eat new stuff :) very adventurous when it comes to food :D

  25. Congrats on becoming officially a company :)

  26. Hahaha, I read “Simon” too and I just assumed it was an engrish-y comment. Then I got to the “mmmm” part and realized I MUST have read it wrong. Or you have one NASTY fan…

  27. If you use tampons though you may have trouble finding them :) At least in China they are basically impossible to find (except perhaps in Shanghai or Beijing?), and if you do they’ll look stupidly expensive next to everything else~ I would imaaagine South Korea it may be similar, anyone know? In any case you’re best to switch to pads if you dont already use them, the amount of different brands they have is astounding… Another famous foreigner problem over here is the lack of deodorant, so I’d stock up before coming~

  28. You guys talk about things you use to not like, but like now. When I was little I remember eating pickled pork skin but I am not so much a meat eater now. Your video made me squirm just thinking about some of the food. When I was little I also saw a pig be beheaded and cut, then saw people eat it (cooked). Ever since then it traumatized me :( Anyways good video you guys :) I should try being more experimental like you guys there’s probably a lot of food I’m missing out on.

  29. Wew, in Indonesia we actually really have dish from d**k, called satay torpedo… basically satay is meat skewers (usually from bit of chicken meat or mutton/goat meat) serve with peanut sauce or sweet soy sauce… almost similar with yakitori from japan although kinda different in shape and taste… cause it’s a “skewer” so satay “torpedo” literally is a testicle in a skewer, and usually it is not cut into tiny bit, it serve whole!!! T_T… they said that it worked as strong medicine/aphrodisiac…

    I think the name based on torpedo as the thingy usually shoots form a submarine… kinda creepy and coz of that i cannot think about submarine the same like when i was still a child (and submarine is like one of the coolest thing for 6 y’o me T_T)…… Anyway don’t know about the taste coz i never eat it and i don’t think i will eat it in the future >.<…

  30. i’m an exchange student in thailand and i’ve had a similar umm.. emotion, feelings idk towards thai food. at first i couldn’t stomach anything and everything was too spicy but now i love it all. EXCEPT OUR VERSION OF THAT SAUSAGEE THING!! We have fish balls we put in the noodles and once at lunch i thought it was a pork ball but oh how wrong i was. the minute i put it in my mouth i spit out my noodles and fish ball everywhere…probably my most embarrasing experiance here! oh and often times when you get certain fried chicken or duck they take the entire animal and just chop it up, cook it, and serve it. so you will be casually eating your bird and suddenly you are holding its head in your hands eyes, beak and all. oh and i got pretty good at eating bones, and putting entire pieces of meat in my mouth and spitting out the bone. thais eat everything from bugs to liver to chicken feet and joints to the best fruit in the universe y’all should come to thailand and try the food!! hmm? hmm? okay mai? great see you soon!! ;)

  31. actually here in México it is pretty common to eat a lot of parts of the cow or pig in tacos.. Like, tongue, or intestins, or liver, or eyes, or ears, or the esophagus, the pancreas, the heart, the skin, or a mixed between meet and skin, and even THE UTERUS! .. but i actually can’t remember is the penis too! MAYBE!

  32. I like eating Kimchi with rice and a cut up hot dog. I don’t know why, but I think hot dogs and Kimchi taste really good together.

  33. SNOW!? I live in Illinois and It has barly snowed in 3 years!!! I miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I miss banana milk so much! In Sydney it’s really easy to get Korean food and a lot of the Korean snack foods are in the Korean grocery stores, but never banana milk!! It makes me sad.

    I do try a lot of things but I can’t manage things like intestines. Luckily my husband usually saves me in the situations when like a plate of intestines is put in front of me.

  35. Haha yeah, it seems Asia in general likes to make use of everything. I’m from the US, but I live in an area with a LOT of Asians so I’ve been to plenty of restaurants that serve pig intestines or cow penis. I find chicken feet particularly delicious. Of course, whenever I tell my non-Asian friends things like that they’re like, “That’s disgusting! Why would you eat that?!”

    I always find the videos involving your North-American-meets-Asian experiences really interesting. I find myself relating to both since my parents are immigrants so I have that Asian influence but I also grew up in America, so yeah. I will eat organs, tough meat, seafood that stares into your soul, but I still like my shrimp shelled and fish deboned (mostly because it’s more convenient) and…I really don’t think I’ll ever eat pig anus or live octopus/squid. XD

  36. If there’s anything I still can’t eat, no matter how many times I’ve tried since childhood, it’s sundae. When my mom, sister, and I would go shopping when we were kids, we’d always stop at this meat shop and get this meat platter that included sundae. My sister loved (still loves) it so she’d get to eat most of it while I nom’d on the ham hock. I hated sundae back then, and I still can’t bring myself to eat it now. D:

  37. Ahahaha just to tell you, that small, tubular thing you probably ate at a meat-grilling restaurant is the small (or large) intestines. ^^ They taste pretty good if you cook them right. You have to cook it for a long time after it like shrivels up…. yeah… not what you guys thought it was XD

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