For one of our anniversaries back in Canada, we went for a couple’s massage. It was wonderful, luxurious, and expensive, but relaxing. Last year for White Day, Simon planned to have another couple’s massage as a part of his secret. The massage was just as expensive and luxurious, but not wonderful or relaxing at all. It was painful: purely, miserably painful. We thought that perhaps the place we went to was a bad one, so we went to another in hopes of finding a massage that we’ll like, only this time we went for a foot massage. How did it go? Was it any different? Well, check out our video and you’ll find out. If any of you have had similar experiences, or know of a massage place in Korea that gives great massages that won’t hurt like hell, please let us know. And we’re talking about family friendly massages here, so don’t get cute!

  1. question i have extremly ticklish feet like ridiculously ticklish feet and sensitive to the point where i can feel most vibrations in the ground so how do you think i would go with fish nibbling i think i would stomp on them

  2. martina…u look like ur going 2 child birth….o.0

  3. This is funny…because one of my best friends is Korean, and the other day she asked me to massage her back because she had worked out too hard in the gym the day before. Being a good friend, of course, I obliged.  And I thought I did a fairly good job, but she told me it wasn’t strong enough. So she made me turn around so she could show me how to do it better.  Jesus…she almost broke my back!  And she just laughs and says, “That’s how all the Koreans like their massages.  If it isn’t like that, I feel like I wasted my money.”  Hahaha…what??

  4. Well, maybe because I’m Asian…. But I actually prefer the painful mercilessly-attack-the-pressure-points massage to the more relaxing release-all-tension-in-your-body massage more common in the west. It does hurt as they massage you (quite a LOT), but afterwords, all the tension truly IS gone, because they pretty much beat it out of you. And it IS good for the blood circulation, right? The massages don’t hurt nearly as much if your muscles and stuff are not knotted. My personal opinion though :)

  5. My Korean friend gave me a massage because my shoulders were hurting.

    Never again. 

  6. OMG LOVED that you used Aphex Twin lol!! It does look like they want your soul here…

  7. Wow Martina, nice tootsie tatts! I’m a fan of ink myself with three, but I’d love more. I always thought tatts on your foot hurt. Is that true?

  8. Well its common in Korea
    Have you walked on pebbled path?
    We set up pebble path and walk on it for the same purpose to foot massages.
    its equally painful to massages
    its basically shiatsu thing (if I’m spelling it right)
    Its common in China and Japan too, dont really know about other asian countries tho
    actually Chinese massage is more to the extreme
    (of course there are many styles so not all of them hurts like hell)

  9. we get that fish thing here in Scotland lol

  10. ^+^ hihi I experienced this not with Korea but with thailand and indonesia :) but there they’re even creak the bones :) My dad had a massage like that and even he was whimpering in pain… Luckily I was smart enough to say no… but maybe it really is just the way it needs to go :)

  11. Wow. As someone who works in the spa industry here in the US, the techniques used in the massage just seem (I'm choosing my words carefully, here, being sensitive to cultural differences)… odd to me. I've heard that massages in different parts of Asia are more aggressive, but had never really seen evidence of it myself until now.

    What's interesting is that I have always been told that too much pressure can cause the client's body to resist and tighten (as a defense mechanism) and so therefore as a practitioner, you aren't really assisting the body to release tension or relax. True, there are some techniques that use light, percussive motions to increase blood flow and stimulate release, but nothing like the techniques I've seen here. Deep Tissue and other methods of massage can also be uncomfortable as well. Some people prefer those methods, but generally a massage therapist will perform a thorough consultation beforehand, taking into account the client's needs and expectations. A lot of times a client will feel they are *so tense* that Deep Tissue is in order, but in actuality another form of massage is indicated.

    Different Strokes for Different Folks and When In Rome, I suppose. If you're really looking for a more relaxing form of massage in Korea, perhaps you could check into what's offered at local hotels who cater to an international clientele? Ask for a Swedish massage (this tends to translate into "relaxing, gentle massage" in most any language).

    It really is interesting, though, so thank you for the video. If I am ever in Korea, I'd be tempted to try this out just for the experience!

    • Ha! Yes! Finally someone who knows something about massages! I had the lingering suspicion in the back of my mind that we were just sissy babies. Thank you for letting us know that, indeed, these are odd massage techniques :D

  12. haha, I watched We got Married and Sweet potato cuople (Seohyun and Yonghwa) had the same massage! :D

  13. I agree that they're painful, but they are supposedly good for you (if they really know what they are doing)—at least the foot reflexology part >.< They should've handed you a "foot chart" (http://bit.ly/dUd984). I get frequent foot massages and certain parts still hurt and I've cried too :[ Our feet mirror the insides of our body, so the chart should help. Also, if you have a REALLY bad headache/migraine, firmly massage the (soft) area between your forefinger and thumb of either hand (it'll hurt like hell, but it works wonders)—don't forget to breathe when the pain surges through. ^_- Happy massaging—now these you can do with one another, so no need for the "Loner Anthem." :]

  14. Tranquility to torture… maybe a bit insane, but I'd be curious to what extent I'd be able to bear the pain. Or maybe I'll end up unable to walk for the rest of the day (or week – hopefully they don't break my feet). I've only had foot massages in Singapore. Mildly painful at specific pressure points, but nothing too unbearable that would make me want to scream or cry in pain.

  15. When I was in Korea, one day my mum brought me to her favourite massage parlour, kindly transferring one of her coupons to me. I took a foot massage session, in which a lady with extremely strong hands paid lots of attention to my legs as well as feet. I ended up screaming out of severe pain, but the lady kept doing the procedure, saying "you know, it's designed to hurt you because it's good for you! don't act like a baby!"

    I have never revisited the place or any Korean massage parlour since then.

    I asked my mum why the hell she would pay for pain. She said "even though the procedure is somewhat painful, it really helps the energy(chi?) to circulate smoothly through your body, and you know what, after delivering a baby, nothing feels truly painful. such minor pain's simply relaxing to a woman with delivery experience." LOL

  16. I had a "Chinese foot massage" once and it was literally as if I paid a Chinese man $20 to beat the crap out of me for 45 minutes. So I understand this very well. lol! Not fun.

  17. Lol, I know what you mean about it being painful. I had one done about 10 years ago when I went back to visit. It sometimes hurts like hell but afterwards, when you leave the place you start to feel relaxed and loose. The end results are worth it.

  18. Next time just shout 아파요!!!!!!! Haha, I love your videos!

  19. I just got one in MAdrid. Not foot… but BACK! and it was the most painful thing I've been through. It made me yell out loud and also made me moan, which was embarrassing. I would start laughing then -moaning-laughing moaning for the rest of the session. It was just yesterday so now I just feel like a human bruise and hope that I feel like a superhuman after the pain is gone. Otherwise I'd have to say it wasn't worth my while.

  20. Oh, that's look cool ! i want to try it ! >_<
    Awh, your videos are SOOOO helpful ! i'll go to korea in July with a friend and without these videos, i think it'll be so hard. All about korea, food, metro and bus (T-money card), that's really good information for us. Thanks for all :)

  21. Your massages looked soooo painful!! Why don't you try going to Healing Hands in Iteawon… love the place. And the massages are pure bliss… no pain and no bruises!!

  22. I actually just had a foot massage today, so it's funny that I am seeing this video today! Haha I live in Pyeongtaek, and I went to a new place called Nihao Foot Shop that is in the same building as the Hagwon where I teach. I think it's mostly Chinese employees (hence the name of the shop), and while they did do some of the things they were doing in your video, maybe it was not quite as hard because I enjoyed it. It was only $25 and lasted for about 40 minutes (primarily just a foot massage). I definitely plan to go back! :-)

  23. ah that does look painful! >.<
    but you and simon make everything look fun, so when I can save up enough money to go to korea, I may even try this and get back to you on my response haha

    I always watch your video's <3 they always hype me up for one day teaching english in japan!
    I'd love to teach english in korea for a couple years too, but I wouldn't know how to go about doing that.
    my knowledge of the korean language is like 0 D: I only know a couple words because of listening to so much kpop haha

    can't wait to see more amazing videos from you guys! ^ ^

  24. when i visited seoul back in 2008 i went to jim jil bang/bath house twice and had an amazing body scrub and massage. check one out! the admission was cheap, something like 10,000 won and the scrub massage was only 15-20,000 won – definitely worth it! and you dont even have to get a massage – you can just enjoy the pools and saunas.
    here's some info i found thru a quick search: http://www.seoulstyle.com/art_naked.htm

  25. Korean massages are the worse. They hurt, plain and simple. Save your money and to Bali. Great massage for a tenth of the price.

  26. haha.. try a Thai massage, they hurt a bit where are you most stress but feels great after. Goodluck

  27. The first part of your massage experience looked so tranquil and peaceful and then the last half was just painful. I have never been to a Korean foot massage, I had gone to Blind Body Massage places in both China and Taiwan and they were the most painful experiences in my life that resulted in dark bruises that lasted for several days. I'm not sure if they are usually like that or if its because I am meatier and they think they need to use extra strength to give me a decent massage.

  28. i LOVELOVELOVELOVE korean massages! the harder and stronger the better. when someone gets up and walks on my back, digging the corners of their heels into my shoulders…heaven. seriously.

    i sign up for 1.5 korean foot massages on the regular! it really helps me to work out all of the knotted tension in my back. love it!!

  29. I had the same experience with my Korean boyfriend! For my birthday he bought us massages… Sweet idea. Not so sweet experience! It hurt like hell. And even he was tearing up. We were both surprised at the pain, and the terrible welts it left afterward…

  30. I love your blog! You guys remind me of the fun times I had when I was in Korea teaching English. Keep up the good work!

    I went to this Spa when I was in Korea. You might want to check it out!



  31. hey guys, i live in america and i think ur vids r awsum ^_^ do you know if your gonna make a kpop 2010vid yet just wondering, well u guys r fantastic fantastic fantastic elastic elastic elastic haha

  32. I'm liking the foot tattoo :)

  33. …not just the feet massages hurt.
    My girlfriend has bruises all over her shoulders from getting a massage.
    Funny thing was she thanked the girl and told the only that she was a great masseuse because she was so powerful 0.o
    Aphex Twin FTW!

  34. That really sucks… I was just thinking how I really need a massage. This looks like torture… first tickling then beating. NO THANKS! That foot has feet!!!

  35. 마티나 얼굴이 너무이뻐요!!

  36. Haha! Very funny….*Martina sticks her tounge out* those are Simon's manly legs.

  37. WHOA Martina your legs are SUPER hairy!!!

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