Ok, so, yes, we did a Samgyeopsal video a while ago. Yes, we know, so you might have already seen something like this…but…but…this is special!

Confession: we go to this place far too often. It’s close to our studio, and it’s freaking delicious. Every time we have dinner after a business meeting we take them here. It’s so good! So, we figured, why not share this awesome place with you guise? Yes, you’ve seen us grill meat before, but this place is really different.

Well, not really THAT different. It’s just the aesthetic and idea that’s cool. It’s supposed to recreate a camping experience. You don’t drink soju out of glass shot glasses, but out of plastic cups. You use wooden chopsticks. You sit in tiny foldable chairs, and when it’s cold outside, you stay close to the fire and wrap yourself in blankets. And you use real charcoal under a grill. Booya! And there’s something about the meat here that we love. The samgyeopsal has a different layer of fat up top. It get’s a lot crispier than other places. Not sure why. Is it, like, pig skin that’s crisping up? Who knows, but that extra bit of crunchiness with every bite is just BOOYAKA!

We also never really had a grilling experience in which we had to care for the meat so thoroughly. Once the flames start licking, you gotta move your meat away quickly, or else it’ll burn. We rarely see fire go up so high in grilling places. We like it! Makes it feel more, cavemanly, you know? Also, there’ve been some times in which we went with a big group of people and ordered a lot of meat. They owners were nice enough to cook the meat on another grill while we were cooking our own, so that, when we were done, they gave us already prepared meat. SO NICE OF THEM! Maybe because we’re there all the time and they see us burning our meat because we suck and they took pity on us.

We took a friend here once who served in the Korean army, and he was totally waxing nostalgic here. The metal trays, supposedly, are standard in the Korean army, and how soldiers often eat their lunches (or ate lunches, back in his time). Another thing about Outdoor Factory: it blares a lot of old Kpop. Sometimes it has a new song in there or two, like Jay Park’s “Joah”, which you see Martina singing in the Bloopers. They also smuggle in some Sistar from time to time, but it’s mostly old stuff that we don’t know the words to, but our older Korean friends happen to know (if you’re reading this, older Korean friends of ours, we don’t mean OLD old. Just old-er, you know? As in, older than what’s out there in Kpop recently!)

Anyhow, we’d like to give you directions to this place, but it’s really so complicated. I’ve got no idea how to express it. It’s on the side street of a side street off Parking Lot Street in Hongdae, closer to the Sangsu end of Parking Lot Street. How do we describe it otherwise? Damn. We need to make an app with a map of the places we’ve been! We asked the place if they had a website, but they didn’t, so we don’t even know how to link them. Ah well. It’s one of those special secrets…though it’s not really a secret, because a pretty famous Korean food show went there, Tasty Road. We didn’t see that episode, though, but we heard about it.

Extra side note: we have a GoPro camera, and we’re surprised we haven’t been using it more often. We really had fun with those chopstick shots. We think they’re cool looking, and having a second camera switches things up from time to time. We’re really happy with how this video turned out, and we hope you like it, too!

Another cool thing here: you might have noticed that we used different music here. Story behind it all: The band is called 후후 (aka WHOwho). Ryan, who you saw in our Board Game Wank, introduced us to them a while ago. We really liked their music. We kept on waiting for a YouTube video of theirs to go up, so we could talk about it for our Korean Indie segment on Sundays, but they still don’t have one up. But we really wanted to share their music! So, we contacted their label, and asked if we could use their music in our video. BOOYA! They agreed. And so, since we can’t show the music in our Indie segment, we can at least share it here in our FAPFAP. We hope you dig it as much as we do, and hopefully you could check them out live here in Hongdae one of these days :D Or, you can check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Cyworld, and check out a live video of them here, from which – come to think of it, I think we were there at this show.


And, lastly, we’ve got some extra scenes in the bloopers, namely, Martina singing along to Jay Park, and me talking about meat. MEAT!


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