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How to Get Your Hair Styled in Korea

February 25, 2011


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Getting your hair cut in Korea is a scary thing. Seriously scary. Luckily, we found a salon that we fell in love with. We’ve had lots of bad experiences at hair salons here, where they’ve styled our hair terribly, didn’t understand what we wanted, and left us really disappointed, and – from what we’ve been reading – it seems that other people are upset with getting their hair cut in Korea as well. Today that should change. Juno Hair Salon is where you need to go to get your hair styled in Korea. No joke. They know what they’re doing.

If you’ve never received a hair cut in Korea, maybe you don’t know why we’re so excited about this place. See, problem is, Korean hair is different than non-Korean hair. It’s thicker, and is handled at salons differently than our non-Korean hair. We’re not knocking it or saying it’s bad or anything! It’s beautiful, and Korean Hair Styles are really cool sometimes. Problem is, as a result of Koran hair being thicker, the same practices for cutting hair doesn’t really apply to us non-Koreans. For us, since our hair is thinner, we don’t need our hair to be thinned out at the salon so much as a Korean person would. There have been times in which our hair was overly thinned out and looked terrible. Also, since there aren’t as many foreigners in Korea as there are Koreans (obviously), a lot of salons don’t have a lot of experience with cutting non-Korean hair, which results in some bad, bad haircuts for us non-Koreans.

Anyhow, long story short, we’ve gotten our hair butchered a few times, so we were really happy when we finally found a place that knows how to handle our hair. We first found Juno Hair Salon in Hongdae, and we were really impressed with what they did for us. Afterwards, we found another Juno Hair Salon in Bucheon, right beside the Home Plus we go to, and they were just as awesome. We’ve been recommending them ever since to our friends, who were also impressed, so we’re trying to spread the word about them as much as we can.

What’s also really cool about them is that they have a small coffee shop inside, which serves FREE DRINKS. We go in to get our hair cut and styled, and we get a free latte with cookies and nuts. That’s not all. Prices in Korea for hair salons are really, really cheap. Really cheap. After your free latte, you also get a free scalp massage, which can be utterly painful, like Korean Foot Massages often are, but sometimes the scalp massages can be really relaxing. Altogether, hair cut and style, plus free latte, plus free scalp massage, comes out to roughly 22,000 won. No tax, no tip. SERIOUSLY! That’s awesome, totally awesome. Think about it this way: if you were going to get a latte at a coffee shop for 5,000 won, pay an extra 17,000 and you’ll get a rocking haircut along with it. BAM!

Also, a while ago you might remember Martina’s Korean Magic Perm, which she also got at Juno Hair Salon. It set her back 300,000 won, which might seem steep here, but when we spoke with one of our hair stylist friends back in Canada, they told us that the same procedure would cost more than double in Canada, if not triple. Man, the cost of living here can be so wonderfully cheap sometimes.

And so, after going to them for a couple of years, and getting our new red hair styles from them, we decided it’s time to make a video to share them with the rest of you. So go! Here’s the map for the location in Bucheon:

View 준오헤어 in a larger map

And if you search for 준오헤어 in Google Maps you’ll be able to find the locations of the many other branches as well. Check it out! For those of you interested in going to the Bucheon location, the number is 032-323-9605. Ask for Cheri. She’s great :D

Thanks again to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the subs into Korean. Yeah! One last thing: if you haven’t seen it by now, check out our article in the Dong A. We were totally lucky to be in it, because the Dong A’s one of the biggest news publication in Korea. Score! We can’t read Korean very well, so we can’t tell you entirely what it’s about, but checking it out in Google Translate is a hoot. Supposedly we’re mad at an artist, or something like that.



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How to Get Your Hair Styled in Korea


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  1. First i want to say. i think u guys are great! I watch your video about things should know before you go to korea and it was sooo helpful!

    But this is my story about this weeks hair experience at juno hair at 3floor in myedong

    Worst experience ever in Juno Hair salon!

    So we read about how good they are on internet and all the blogs that recommend them. So me and my friends went to one of there salons , the one in Myeong- dong. We went with high expectation and ofcourse ready to get a real korean hair makeover.
    The place was nice, seems professional and great service. So we meet up with one of the head stylist Name KO EUN. Seem really nice and ask us what we wanted. My friend wanted a short hair cut with perm so it would look like all the korean Kpop male singer. Me I wanted cut my hair little bit shorter like chest length and perm that are big wawes/curls. So she asked us if we wanted the perm with extra treatment for the hair wich would cost some extra so we did.
    For my firend who had a male cut and perm it costed 240 000 won
    And for me chest lenght cut and perm with big waves 360 000 won

    It was really pricy I thought but then again you will have the most beautiful hair like all the korean actress/singers so we thuoght it would be worth it and also because this place is so famous and had such good reviews! But oh so wrong we had!!!

    The stylist( same Ko Eun ) cut both me and my firends hait, then she starts helping my friend with the perm, and for me she let one of the traine(!) works with the perm, I didn’t realize it first because I thuoght she would do the perm and the traine was only there to help her, but then she did came to me for about 5 minutes and then leave the rest to the trainee again. And when it all was done 2 traniees blow dry my hair and wel itt looks nice I guess, not really super nice like I hoped but ok. I had better with so much less the price.
    But still I was ok with it and my firends hair was really nice and she was really happy with her hair,
    We paid the money total 600 000 won( = 530 usd maybe)

    So this was on saturday and they told us not to wash the hair until the day after.
    So on monday I was my hair and blow dry it and BAM! It was Straight!! Like my natural hair which is always straight like that. No curls or any Waves at all!
    I new that something was not right, I had done perms before couple of times both with big waves and smal curls and never has it disappear like this just after 1 shower? Just like when using a regular curlmashine and when u whashed it it will disapear.
    I was really disapointed and wanted to go to them right away but couldn’t becoz I was going to have a surgery on that day and after the surgery I had to rest couple of days.
    And about my friend it was the same the waves was gone after one shower and she couldn’t go to them right away neither coz she had surgery too. So on friday we went to the salon again and meet the stylist Ko EUn .
    This is when the service went from 5star to zero!
    She regonize us and I told her about the problem. And this is what her excuse was my hair was yo dry and I shouldn’t blow dry it becoz the curls will be straighten out she told me to let it airdry!? I told her i don’t have time for that, Im a busy woman who wants to do the perm so I will have nice hair after the shower, do a little blow dry and then go to work. i dont have time to do any styling or put any wax on to make the curls be curl? I mean i had have perms before and ofcourse it will look nicer if you put some effort and time to it when blow dry your hair but if you only blow dry it it will still be curly not straight! She had tons of excuses and told me its not god if i would do the perm again and when i wanted my money for the perm back she suddenly couldn’t understand me and then have her phone to me so I could speak to one of her own costumer who could speak a little bit english. The costumer of course said same thing as the stylist and also told me that te stylist would do the perm for me again for free but. I have to pay the extra treatment so i wouldn’t damaged my hair! I refused and also when I told about my friends hair ( she was there to but was to tired after the surgery to argue) and she just had bad excuse that my friends hair was to thin?? Like first she had excuse for my hair was damaged and now my friends hair is to thin? And the she just didnt mention anthing more about my friends hair. And didn’t talk to me and just went to work with her costumer. and I even let then was my hair and they said it is waves anf curls when the hair is wet! But not when its het dry! The saw it with their own eyes yet they refused to pay us back! Or even wanted us yo pay extra if we wanted a treatment! It feels like the thuoght we where tourist and wanted to ripped us of and let the trainee do the job and then charged us overprice!

    So now Im really mad and don’t know what I should. Do , coz if. I do the free perm but no treatment then my hair will be so dry and if I don’t i feeel like im being ripped off!!

    I m really mad and just want to let you guys know before you chose a saloon like this!!

    5 years ago
  2. h

    Sharing another awful experience. Salon De Michele in Itaewon. Michele, the owner used to work out of Green Turtle and now has his own place up the hill claiming that he specializes in western hair.

    I walked out with the worst dye job since Junior High. I am blonde and went in for highlights and a cut. 85,000 all up. However, I came out looking like a cheerleader circa 1996.

    Michele was so hungover when he did my hair, rushed through it, watched TV while he did my hideous chunky, yellow foils and although I said no layers he cut them in the back and goes “oh sorry I already cut them in”. He is rude and inexperienced (he developed one side of my hair longer than the other so my left side is bright yellow and my right is a dull yellow, and straightened my hair when it was wet until it sizzled).

    I now have to spend $$$$ to get it fixed in my home country. An expensive and unpleasant experience. Blondes – please stay away.

    6 years ago
  3. its more like after she went to korea. i found an old video of martina’s hair when simon and martina started the eat your kimchi videos. martina’s hair in that old video was just her natural hair

    7 years ago
  4. I got my hair done there. almost 300,000 won and my hair ended up like crap. I cried so much when I went home. My permed hair wasn’t permed. It became straight as I got home. I felt out of placed, as i was seated in the waiting area, no one helped or offer me any drinks. they offer customers that came after me drinks instead. All they did was just stare at me. I just wanted to leave. I wanted to give them a chance when they did the service on my hair. really disappointing :(
    I do not recommend Juno Hair Salon in Gangnam. Worst customer service ever and way too expensive.

    7 years ago
    • Your story is exacly like mine! Omg how they cant threated people like this?? And charged with such high price!

      5 years ago
  5. I didn’t have experience about hair cut of Korea. But you saying your problem, so I trust you.

    7 years ago
  6. What haircut/style were you rocking out in this video? I just love it! <3 is there a specific name to it? what did you ask for?

    8 years ago
  7. …….. i have to cut my own hair, I’m chinese so my hair is different then
    “american”, “canadian”ect hair. currently in Fraser Valley outside of vancover. They cut it so it sticks up like bed head…..as well if i wanted to get it done in vancover…well it was like $190, “umm still student don’t have that much” i think haha T^T

    9 years ago
  8. C

    Do you kno of any salons that cater to african-american hair??

    9 years ago
    • JC

      P.s. They’re a little pricier, but I think worth it. I got my hair done at Juno’s in Wangsimni, and it was HORRIBLE. They weren’t used to doing foreign hair and it turned out terribly. If you want to do Juno, I suggest going to a place that gets a lot of foreign traffic like Gangnam or Hongdae.

      6 years ago
  9. do they do black afroish hair?

    9 years ago
  10. Hey Martina in Juno Hair Salon do they put hair extensions??

    9 years ago
  11. i was just wondering, or hoping that maybe you guys can make us a video on why are all the young girls in korea had the same look, same black-shiny-with-thick-bangs hairstyle, same milky skin tone, sometimes even same face stucture, or maybe same style? i dont know.. there’s just something so initial about all of them. the glasses, the aegyos , heights?….:) 

    9 years ago
  12. Hmm. I don't know. I didn't know Cheri didn't work those days! I don't know what to tell you, otherwise. Maybe try the Hongdae location on the weekend, then?

    9 years ago
    • Can't say. We didn't go to the Hongdae location in almost two years, I think. We went on a whim and were happy, and when we found Juno in Bucheon we never went back to Hongdae.

      9 years ago
  13. That's fantastic! I'm glad it worked out for you. Cheri's great :D

    9 years ago
  14. Haha that's really cute. They'd get a kick out of mine then too. Mine is naturally curly and super thick at times. I bet that was a humorous adventure. :) How is the English at regular shops?

    9 years ago
  15. Looks like an awesome place and I'm sure it's nice that it's a chain so no matter where you are in Korea if you need a hair cut you know where to go if your Korean language skills are lacking. I love the price too wow. That's about what I pay, with a good tip, at my salon here in the States and that doesn't include free espresso (although I do think they have coffee available in the winter for people).

    9 years ago
  16. Okay, so perms are REALLY expensive but last really long. They do charge according to length. I had my hair "magic" permed when it was longer and it cost me W300,000 = $260 (I almost puked because I didn't ask the price before I got it..I thought, like, $100 max.)
    BUT I will say, my hair stayed PIN STRAIGHT until it totally grew out. It was AMAZING, so I guess it paid off.

    Digital perms are a little tiny bit cheaper, but I used to get mine on one side only, and when I had short hair.
    Colouring, I have no idea!

    Hope this helps a bit!

    9 years ago
  17. Usually the receptionist doesn't speak English, and you don't have to book for an appointment. If you just walk in, they'll do a little panic dance, and find the one English speaker in the salon (if they're working that day) but if not, they're really good at flailing hand signals. Hahahha! :D

    9 years ago
  18. Actually, Juno paid us and offered us nothing. We made this video after going to Juno for a long time, and for having our hair butchered for a long time before that. We approached them in Bucheon and asked for permission to make a video for them, because people have been asking for it, as can be seen in the comments to our http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/korean-floor-heating video.

    9 years ago
  19. "Luckily, we found a salon that we’re fell in love with." ??

    English isn't my first language but shouldn't it be "that we fell in love with" instead ?

    9 years ago
  20. Depends on the salad dressing. We talking about the good stuff here?

    9 years ago
  21. Hmm. Thanks for the heads up. We just tried a new embed code that works with iPhone, while before it didn't work on the iPhone. I'll look into it. Thanks!

    9 years ago
  22. Thanks for the compliment! Martina did a lot of the shots as well (apart from when she was in the chair, of course). And, ha! We'd love you to ask them about how they do it. That'd be sweet!

    9 years ago
  23. I was wondering about Afro Caribbean hair. Do they deal with it?. I'm a black female and I've been just cutting my hair really low for the past 18 months or so, all the way down to a level 1 or 2. So, it's not a lot of hassle; still to this day every Asian city that I've lived in I have had trouble finding someone willing to cut it for me. Penang Malaysia being the only exception.

    In Japan I had to travel for 2 hours to find a barber to cut (all one level nothing tricky) my hair at a decent price. I'm contemplating a move to Korea and was wondering if it'd be the same rigmarole there too.

    9 years ago
  24. i tend to point this out to people mainly because i find it funny…..

    the terms "coarse" and "fine" should be used when talking about the actual hair shaft.
    "thick" and "thin" would be used to define the amount of hair.
    when you say that non-korean hair is "thin" it makes it sound like non-korean people are blading. :D
    you can have fine yet thick hair or coarse yet thin hair or, if you're me, coarse thick hair that is difficult to style (i'd probably benefit from a hair cut/style in korea!)

    anyways, love you guys and love your videos!! so great!!! o/ YAY

    9 years ago
  25. That would be a very easy video, five seconds tops:

    "Here in Korea, you don't tip!"

    And then we dance as a celebration.

    9 years ago
  26. That article translation is the best!
    Thanks for the tip, we are moving to Jeollanam-do in April and I have been wondering about that as much as how to bring our pets.
    Unfortunately, Remi weighs 40 lbs and will have to go under the plane.

    9 years ago
  27. I'm going to have to make the actual information contained in the video a secondary thing — even though I don't live in SK, I appreciate how specific, straightforward and personal you're being –, but I have to commend you on the editing, the lighting, the sound and the filming angles for this piece. I read in one article on you that Simon had quit his job as a teacher to focus more on the EYK videos, and watching this one and some of the latest MM vids, I'm very happy to say (from the point of view of a humble EYK subscriber) that it's absolutely worth it.

    Simartina, your hard work is already paying off creatively and visually; since I'm someone in my mid-20s and can somehow relate to you in that sense, I hope that you get to establish your brand further and that it pays off financially (mwahaha). Kudos, guys!

    9 years ago
    • Wow. Thanks for the super, super nice comment. Wow. Comments like this, honestly, make us feel…great :D

      Thank you :D

      9 years ago
  28. I don't know about highlights, but I know their dying is pretty good. Another thing that's interesting (we didn't mention this in the post) is that when we mentioned that we wanted our hair dyed, they took a sample of our hair from our hair cut and said they'd test it to see what's the right dye amount. Ha!

    9 years ago
  29. Ah no, that's the OTHER Homeplus in Bucheon. You gotta go walk towards City Hall and keep on walking. You'll pass Kim's Club, then Home Plus. At that intersection, turn left. It's above the Angelinus from there :D

    9 years ago
    • Cheri is awesome. We both get our hair cut with her. You should do the same. Tell her Simon and Martina told you she's the best :D

      9 years ago
  30. I love that you guys do this. It makes me want to go there when I visit!

    9 years ago