Getting your hair cut in Korea is a scary thing. Seriously scary. Luckily, we found a salon that we fell in love with. We’ve had lots of bad experiences at hair salons here, where they’ve styled our hair terribly, didn’t understand what we wanted, and left us really disappointed, and – from what we’ve been reading – it seems that other people are upset with getting their hair cut in Korea as well. Today that should change. Juno Hair Salon is where you need to go to get your hair styled in Korea. No joke. They know what they’re doing.

If you’ve never received a hair cut in Korea, maybe you don’t know why we’re so excited about this place. See, problem is, Korean hair is different than non-Korean hair. It’s thicker, and is handled at salons differently than our non-Korean hair. We’re not knocking it or saying it’s bad or anything! It’s beautiful, and Korean Hair Styles are really cool sometimes. Problem is, as a result of Koran hair being thicker, the same practices for cutting hair doesn’t really apply to us non-Koreans. For us, since our hair is thinner, we don’t need our hair to be thinned out at the salon so much as a Korean person would. There have been times in which our hair was overly thinned out and looked terrible. Also, since there aren’t as many foreigners in Korea as there are Koreans (obviously), a lot of salons don’t have a lot of experience with cutting non-Korean hair, which results in some bad, bad haircuts for us non-Koreans.

Anyhow, long story short, we’ve gotten our hair butchered a few times, so we were really happy when we finally found a place that knows how to handle our hair. We first found Juno Hair Salon in Hongdae, and we were really impressed with what they did for us. Afterwards, we found another Juno Hair Salon in Bucheon, right beside the Home Plus we go to, and they were just as awesome. We’ve been recommending them ever since to our friends, who were also impressed, so we’re trying to spread the word about them as much as we can.

What’s also really cool about them is that they have a small coffee shop inside, which serves FREE DRINKS. We go in to get our hair cut and styled, and we get a free latte with cookies and nuts. That’s not all. Prices in Korea for hair salons are really, really cheap. Really cheap. After your free latte, you also get a free scalp massage, which can be utterly painful, like Korean Foot Massages often are, but sometimes the scalp massages can be really relaxing. Altogether, hair cut and style, plus free latte, plus free scalp massage, comes out to roughly 22,000 won. No tax, no tip. SERIOUSLY! That’s awesome, totally awesome. Think about it this way: if you were going to get a latte at a coffee shop for 5,000 won, pay an extra 17,000 and you’ll get a rocking haircut along with it. BAM!

Also, a while ago you might remember Martina’s Korean Magic Perm, which she also got at Juno Hair Salon. It set her back 300,000 won, which might seem steep here, but when we spoke with one of our hair stylist friends back in Canada, they told us that the same procedure would cost more than double in Canada, if not triple. Man, the cost of living here can be so wonderfully cheap sometimes.

And so, after going to them for a couple of years, and getting our new red hair styles from them, we decided it’s time to make a video to share them with the rest of you. So go! Here’s the map for the location in Bucheon:

View 준오헤어 in a larger map

And if you search for 준오헤어 in Google Maps you’ll be able to find the locations of the many other branches as well. Check it out! For those of you interested in going to the Bucheon location, the number is 032-323-9605. Ask for Cheri. She’s great :D

Thanks again to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the subs into Korean. Yeah! One last thing: if you haven’t seen it by now, check out our article in the Dong A. We were totally lucky to be in it, because the Dong A’s one of the biggest news publication in Korea. Score! We can’t read Korean very well, so we can’t tell you entirely what it’s about, but checking it out in Google Translate is a hoot. Supposedly we’re mad at an artist, or something like that.

  1. h

    Sharing another awful experience. Salon De Michele in Itaewon. Michele, the owner used to work out of Green Turtle and now has his own place up the hill claiming that he specializes in western hair.

    I walked out with the worst dye job since Junior High. I am blonde and went in for highlights and a cut. 85,000 all up. However, I came out looking like a cheerleader circa 1996.

    Michele was so hungover when he did my hair, rushed through it, watched TV while he did my hideous chunky, yellow foils and although I said no layers he cut them in the back and goes “oh sorry I already cut them in”. He is rude and inexperienced (he developed one side of my hair longer than the other so my left side is bright yellow and my right is a dull yellow, and straightened my hair when it was wet until it sizzled).

    I now have to spend $$$$ to get it fixed in my home country. An expensive and unpleasant experience. Blondes – please stay away.

  2. Hi,
    I just wanted to warn anyone reading this about going to a salon in Myeongdong called Marshall Salon I just got my roots done there and they have completely ruined my hair and my scalp. I have had my hair blonde for two years and never have I experienced anything close to this. I now have burns on my head from the amount of bleach that they used and all over my hair, which didn’t need to be done but I thought I would let them do their job because they’re supposed to be professionals, my hair was then unnecessarily an ugly yellow blonde. I complained so then they dyed my hair to a grey green colour, which is supposed to fade when I wash it to a nice blonde, like a girl that worked there. All up they charged me 290,000 won, when they first quoted me 170,000 won. I also had to put a deposit down when I made the appointment of 50,000 won.

    After going home, my boyfriend looked at my head and scalp and realised that I had spots of red and pus. We decided to go back and complain. The hairdresser there did not see it as her fault and said it was natural because I had dandruff, after ridiculing me and laughing at me while I cried. We eventually got half of our money back but it wasn’t worth the trauma. I am now looking for a doctor for treatment.

    I hope this helps others that may have been thinking about that salon.

  3. Hi there.. I will be in Seoul in the early of March for a 10days Holiday with a girlfriend of mine.. We r thinking of getting a haircut
    or getting our hair styled over in Seoul and came across ur site recommending Juno Hair..
    So we are wondering if the salon wld need us to make a reservation in advance with the stylist like an appointment or do they
    accept walk-in customer? Cause we can’t decide which day of the trip will we could slot this “Haircut Adventure in Seoul”
    program in our itinerary.. hehehehe.. Hope you could advise us on this.. Thanks ^_^

  4. how close is this place to the osan air base?

  5. Could you talk about getting a job as foreign hairstylist in Korea. Thank you!

  6. I’m a hairstylist and i’ve consider moving to korea so could you talk about getting a job as forgein hairstylist.

  7. I went today to a location near Ewha. Great service, and even received a student discount, so ended up being 20,000W :D Thanks for the tip you guys!

  8. I got my hair done there. almost 300,000 won and my hair ended up like crap. I cried so much when I went home. My permed hair wasn’t permed. It became straight as I got home. I felt out of placed, as i was seated in the waiting area, no one helped or offer me any drinks. they offer customers that came after me drinks instead. All they did was just stare at me. I just wanted to leave. I wanted to give them a chance when they did the service on my hair. really disappointing :(
    I do not recommend Juno Hair Salon in Gangnam. Worst customer service ever and way too expensive.

  9. Moving to Seoul in the next few weeks. Debating cutting my hair into a long-ish pixie cut, but worried how schools/culture take women with short hair? Anything? Anybody? #nervous #wanttokeepmyjob I know it’s a ridiculous question.. :)

  10. I didn’t have experience about hair cut of Korea. But you saying your problem, so I trust you.

  11. I went to Juno and they charged me 44,000. I dunno if they were just charging me twice to fuck with me, but I was pretty pissed off :(

  12. so how would you be able to get the discount card? becouse without it wont it be like $200?

  13. hello love you segments by the way umm i was wondering about my hair because i dont know yes if im moving or not but umm i was wondering umm how would my hair because i have black people hair and my hair is like really thick it have tangles and it just get poofy when it get wet or you might say when it rains but anyway im trying to get my hair really straight i dont want it poofy no more i dont wanna be lik a poofy poodle haha XD sorry if i sound so shy hehe so if i go to juno’s i dont wanna be really paranoid or scared about my hair thanks you guys

  14. I’m going to Korea this coming spring for a semester. I usually have to get my haircut at least once during a semester. I’m Brazilian, so my hair is a mix of so many things. I can’t even find anyone in the US who can cut it well. It’s also very curly, and I honestly haven’t seen or met anyone with similar hair type. It’s really frustrating. I’ve always wanted straight hair, but so far everything’s been way too expensive here. I reckon it would be expensive there, too. I just hope that I don’t end up with an awful haircut..again.

  15. thats awesome and really good to know because i will diff do that if i go to korea and need a hair cut. By the way is there any place to go now that you are in souel can you ler us know if there is a Juno in seoul or something simaller

  16. watch your videos i realize how spoiled i was to live on yongson; i really didnt have to worry about hair cuts etc because it was all on the base.

  17. Would you recommend getting highlights at Juno too? Or does anyone know of a good salon to get blonde highlights? Thanks ~~^^

  18. Did anyone ever find a place that’s good with touching up blonde highlights? I’m unfortunately kind of a high maintenance girl compared to my other Western friends in Korea, so I haven’t found any recommendations yet…

  19. good to know for my trip next november

  20. not just Korean, Asian hair is different ^^

  21. Hey!

    I was just wondering that do they do mens hair as well? I could be blind but I don’t think I saw any men getting their hair done in the video… I’m asking because I’m going to Korea in a bit over a month and I’ve been thinking of getting my hair cut there to get some nice korean look to freshen up my dull image.. :D

  22. I usually dye my hair with L’Oreal excellence cream. I did right before I cam to Korea, but it really needs to be done again. Do you have any suggestions on the bottle dye that they sell here?

  23. Does Juno know how to do African American hair?

  24. What I wanna know is why it is so cheap. Is the cost of living that low or do salons have to be competitive because of the plethora of competition?  I would imagine if the majority of people got their hair done more than once a month then people would really shop around which would drive down the prices. Do Korean people get their hair done very often kinda like my black family does?

  25. Hey Simon and Martina! I love your show. I recently discovered it.

    I noticed alot of people asked about african-american hair in Korea but you guys answered none of those questions. Now I know you wouldnt really know because you yourselves are not of that ethnicity.  What I would like to know is if you perhaps saw an afro-american in the Juno Hair Salon at some point in time or if you have any friends who would know about this hair in Korea.

    I myself speak zero Korean and never got a phone as a student in Korea, so would it be possible that if you do not have the answer to this question, that you could ask the people in Juno, perhaps, Cheri, when you return there again?

    I would really really appreciate it!

    Thank you guys!

    Concern Citizen (lol)

  26. What haircut/style were you rocking out in this video? I just love it! <3 is there a specific name to it? what did you ask for?

  27. I think you are my savior. Thank you So much Martina! Do they do your coloring too or do you do it yourself?

  28. …….. i have to cut my own hair, I’m chinese so my hair is different then
    “american”, “canadian”ect hair. currently in Fraser Valley outside of vancover. They cut it so it sticks up like bed head…..as well if i wanted to get it done in vancover…well it was like $190, “umm still student don’t have that much” i think haha T^T

    • Hey, I live in Vancouver. My ethnicity is Korean so I guess I have “asian” ish hair, haha (: You may want to try Japanese hair salons, there are also Chinese and Korean Hair salons in Vancouver. I got mine cut today at Chura for $30 which includes shampoo and ..mini massage (sorta). Pretty good deal anyway, give it a shot ^^

  29. Do you kno of any salons that cater to african-american hair??

    • I know this is a really old thread, but my hairstylist Pete Kang works at Lee Ka Ja (이가자) salon in Apgujeong-Rodeo and he is a hair GOD. He used to work in New York and London, and now at this salon they do a lot of YG entertainment’s hair. (Always hot guys up in that salon! ;) ) Anyway, he just knows what will go best with your face and he does amazing work. We were talking yesterday while he was cutting my hair and he said he really missed working with African-American hair. I would definitely check him out!!!

      • P.s. They’re a little pricier, but I think worth it. I got my hair done at Juno’s in Wangsimni, and it was HORRIBLE. They weren’t used to doing foreign hair and it turned out terribly. If you want to do Juno, I suggest going to a place that gets a lot of foreign traffic like Gangnam or Hongdae.

  30. i’m actually Korean by birth but I had lived in NZ my whole life (+ 2 years of college in America)

    I stepped into sharon’s hair salon (a local salon in daegeon) to get my hair cut… I really should have stepped out when they just started on me without asking me what I wanted to get done D’: i ended up walking out with a haircut which was very much “like a dog” (as koreans would put it)now i’m searching up the closest juno chain in daejeon.. I really wish i had seen this!! i’ll keep my eyes posted on this site…

    thanks a lot!

    just as a side note, caucasian hair is about 1/4 in diameter of asian hair. 
    so when me and my gf started going out I just couldnt leave her hair alone because it was so fluffy and soft :-]

  31. WHAT?!!! Noway…. $20??? for hair cut or perm?
    I paid about $200 for my hair perm in Seoul

  32. do they do black afroish hair?

  33. Hello Martina,
    I was wondering if you could tell me where I could see simular hair style to one you have in the video along with Korean ones?  I am half Korean and due to my round face and tempermental hair (i.e. my hair takes perms oddly) I am tyring to find some thing that works for me but is fun loving and total different. 
    I so need a change in my life and hey why not start with the hair and go from there!

  34. Dear Martina – Did you dye your hair pink before you went to Korea, or after? 

    • its more like after she went to korea. i found an old video of martina’s hair when simon and martina started the eat your kimchi videos. martina’s hair in that old video was just her natural hair

  35. Ooooooh my gosh! I’m a Korean, and I also usually go JUNO HAIR. However, the service is always extreamly expensive! well, is there any discount service for foreigner? ;(

  36. Ooooooh my gosh! I’m a Korean, and I also usually go JUNO HAIR. However, the service is always extreamly expensive! well, is there any discount service for foreigner? ;(

  37. So, Korean hair is different from other Asian hair (like Vietnamese, Chinese hair, etc) as well, right? o.o

  38. 20 bucks? holy crap!! I wish hair salons here in Canada had deals like that

  39. Hey Martina in Juno Hair Salon do they put hair extensions??

  40. Is Juno Hair Salon the same as Avenue Juno? I was just wondering?

  41. i was just wondering, or hoping that maybe you guys can make us a video on why are all the young girls in korea had the same look, same black-shiny-with-thick-bangs hairstyle, same milky skin tone, sometimes even same face stucture, or maybe same style? i dont know.. there’s just something so initial about all of them. the glasses, the aegyos , heights?….:) 

  42. hi, im going to be in korea this august and thinking about getting a digital perm. i was just wondering how much would that cost do you think? im not sure i can afford a 300 dollar perm :) thanks for your time ! :3

  43. Thanks for the recommendation. My wife was wanting to try a different place in Seoul and she was very happy with the results. We went to the one in Jung-gu and everyone there was very nice. English not so much, but that’s alright because there was enough communication to get what she wanted, and I didn’t really expect English to be a requirement for styling hair. We also got a haircut for our 5 year old daughter and they were great with her. They danced around and made funny faces for her entertainment. Great bargain.

  44. i just want to thank you a lot for this tips… i was afraid to go to the hairdresser here in Korea, but thanks to you i have found a good adress. That’s right, the way to color the hair, wash and cut it are totally different in my country… Finaly i come back happy with my new hair style, new color and some new korean’s friends that i met there !!

  45. dear martina simon n spudgy,
    i love every videos and post that you guys made… especially music monday… i’ve tried to watch all videos starts from 2008 and the latest and still catching up… my first visit is when i watch about u – kiss 0330 review…. i would say it hurts(your review) but that is somewhat a very good review… keep up your good work and stay healthy…. love to wait for more videos from u guys… fighting

  46. I was super excited that you found a great salon in Bucheon, so first off thanks for doing all the leg work!
    However, I should have taken your advice literally when you recommended Cheri. I went to the salon yesterday to get my blonde roots touched up. Cheri wasnt in but I knew that Juno held some pretty decent standards with all of their stylists, as my friends had also recommended the Juno chain to me. Anyways, I went with another stylist who spoke very good english. I showed her pictures of what type of colour I was looking for just to make sure I wasnt being to vague by saying, “I would like to touch up my blonde roots.” Long story short, I got ORANGE roots. I was mortified, never in my life has this ever happened. So when she asked how I liked it, I politely asked her how come my hair looked orange? This caused a serious stir in the Salon- an employee who was getting his hair cut at the time, got up, came over to me- and basically tried to say it was my fault. Then he said, that if I wanted it ‘fixed’ I would have to pay for it. Something I found extremely shocking and a little unnerving.
    Anyways, I went back today to get it fixed-nope it did not happen . My roots arent orange anymore, this is true, they are YELLOW…and not the nice, lovely golden blonde yellow, I mean like Burnt, bleach your hair until its fried yellow. Not a good look at all.
    As a bonus, she did it for free this time!
    In all fairness, I could tell she felt pretty bad… it doesnt really fix the fact that I look like a lemon but it helps a little, I guess…maybe…not really.

  47. Do you guys know how much it costs to get a digital perm? :O

  48. Martina totally looks like Scarlett Johansson :D

  49. what do you recommend for people who have coursed hair?

  50. hello!! im concerned i have semi-coursed hair, so should i go there? is there a place for me?

  51. So I called Juno at Bucheon, and then I had a Korean friend call. They claim that Cheri doesn't work on Sat, Sun, or Mon. I'm coming from Incheon, so It will be hard to go during the week. Any suggestions for a stylist anywhere in Seoul who works weekends? I already had my hair cut at Green Turtle in Itaewon, and I don't want a repeat of the sloppy, boring cut I got there. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  52. Great recommended, but I'm asian so I think I don't have so much trouble, and I'll come to Korea in the end of this year and it's great advice since I don't know where to get my hair done in Korea yet :) Ah, bcuz I'll come to Korea, i hope I could see you guys there, cuz you're just awesome :)

    P/s: by the way, how can u get the discount card?

  53. Just wanted to say that this was the best recommendation! I live in Bucheon for 4 months and have been scared to get my haircut in Korea because I am a freak when it come to my hair… I went to Juno tonight and asked for Cheri and I couldnt be happier. Thank you so much!

  54. I wish they had locations in the US! Sounds awesome ^^

  55. omg.. its wayyy better than America… but i dont think im gonna pay like a thousand to get on an airplane for my haircut lol

  56. Looks like an awesome place and I'm sure it's nice that it's a chain so no matter where you are in Korea if you need a hair cut you know where to go if your Korean language skills are lacking. I love the price too wow. That's about what I pay, with a good tip, at my salon here in the States and that doesn't include free espresso (although I do think they have coffee available in the winter for people).

  57. This video reminded me of my own brush with Korean hair stylists. When I studied abroad last summer, I got my hair cut somewhere in Idae. Since I just wanted a basic layer cut, it wasn't too scary. The reason I remember it so much, though, is that the stylist who cut it was astonished when he found out that my hair was naturally curly. He asked me where I got my perm, and when I said I'd never had one, he thought maybe I hadn't understood the question. He asked me again and I told him the same thing. He was so surprised that he went over to the stylist who was working on my friend's hair and they jabbered excitedly about how astonishing it was for someone to have curly hair without having to get a perm. Going to a salon in Korea is definitely a unique experience XD

    • Haha that's really cute. They'd get a kick out of mine then too. Mine is naturally curly and super thick at times. I bet that was a humorous adventure. :) How is the English at regular shops?

  58. I live up North in Dongducheon….where can i find a close Juno?

  59. wow, that's reeeeally cheap. i'm a guy and it costs me 18,000 won just for a haircut in another chain, leechul.

  60. wooowwww beats hair salons in vancouver. normally its around $40-60 …and no free coffee.. sometimes shampoo and hairdry aren't even included ..plus tax and tip .. I'd love to live in korea someday. :) stay strong and keep smiling martina!! and simon! and spudgy!!! <3

  61. There is a Juno Hair near Migeum Station for all you Bundang-ians. My wife gets her hair cut there and has been really happy with her stylist. I also got a free fruit smoothie while I waited for her in the lobby. woo hoo!

  62. LOVE IT! As a stylist, different hair textures require different skills. JUNO sounds like a wonderful salon for the local or traveler alike!

  63. This post looks like an advertising for JunHo hair. How much they paid you to make this video? I mean "you only recommend JunHo Hair" I am so sorry I tried others hair saloon such as Lee Kaja and JunHo and franly speaking it is pretty much the same. I was thinking a pretty much the same about the post Ramen but this one is actually pretty funny. So please people do not trust too much on internet. Junho Hair is ok but there are many others valid hair saloon. But I like your blog in overall ^^. Just don't loose your style to make any small profit

  64. "Luckily, we found a salon that we’re fell in love with." ??

    English isn't my first language but shouldn't it be "that we fell in love with" instead ?

  65. Depends on the salad dressing. We talking about the good stuff here?

  66. Martina your hair cuts are always so darn sassy and cute! Great video!

  67. Oh, man – this is just in time! I have been growing out my last bad haircut under hats and headbands since January. I was wondering what the heck I was gonna do. Now I know. You guys rock!

  68. Nice :D Thanks for the video! Been watching everything and really enjoying all the entertainment they bring (esp music mondays…boy do mondays sound horrible ): ) Just wondering, how much does it cost to colour your hair/digital perm your hair and do they charge according to hair length? (both are rather expensive in my country )): )

    • Okay, so perms are REALLY expensive but last really long. They do charge according to length. I had my hair "magic" permed when it was longer and it cost me W300,000 = $260 (I almost puked because I didn't ask the price before I got it..I thought, like, $100 max.)
      BUT I will say, my hair stayed PIN STRAIGHT until it totally grew out. It was AMAZING, so I guess it paid off.

      Digital perms are a little tiny bit cheaper, but I used to get mine on one side only, and when I had short hair.
      Colouring, I have no idea!

      Hope this helps a bit!

      • This was posted ages ago, but I thought I might as well ask. After the 3 months (for a magic perm) does the straightness slowly fade away, or do your roots grow out wavy/curly with the rest of your hair staying straight? That was asked in very poor English. My bad… >.>

  69. Yeah asian, western and black hair has a looooooooooot of deferenses -.-
    My Mum isn´t in business anymore, but she still cuts my korean friends hair, because it’s hard to find someone how can cut it right.

    I would be scared to get Martina hairstyle, but it looks pretty cool on her! =))

  70. Hi~ Simon and Martina~.

    Wow~ Your hair looks so cute. :-)

    I've heard that American hair salon's service cost is more expensive than Koera.

    But,,, I'm sad

    I think Korean hair salon doesn't like boy costomers,
    because Korean boys usually want to have their hair cut only. (me too)

    Maybe, famous hair salons don't do that (their service costs are little expansive)

    so I think that if I want to get good service, I should go to dye my hair or have my hair permed.

    How about other countries?

  71. Agh, I wish I had seen this two weeks ago, before my first Korean haircut…luckily it's not terrible, but even bringing a translator with me resulted in something I can only describe as "Korean bangs"…as in, cut really far back…ah well, it'll grow, and now I have a new place to try! :)

  72. It's been bugging me what to do with my hair, and what you've done is perfect.

    To bad I don't live in Korea because that's not only an amazing price, but free coffee?! Holy crap!

  73. Oh, to think I was about to venture out this weekend and make the terrible mistake of going to some random decent-looking salon to get my haircut. But no more! I'm definitely checking out this place.
    I live in Busan – do you know if ALL the Juno Hair locations have stylists trained to cut non-Korean hair? I called up all 3 Busan locations, but no one spoke English, and I don't speak Korean :(

    • Usually the receptionist doesn't speak English, and you don't have to book for an appointment. If you just walk in, they'll do a little panic dance, and find the one English speaker in the salon (if they're working that day) but if not, they're really good at flailing hand signals. Hahahha! :D

  74. What about naturally curly hair? I have thick but fine hair that is super curly; like spiral curls. It is hard enough finding someone here in Canada who can cut it right, so I worry about when I travel to SK.

  75. Can't see video in iPad version site with my iPad. I could, with my iphone though.
    I used to be able to watch your videos on my iPad with normal website version before, but not now.

  76. Wow, you're so lucky to find someone who can style your hair. I tried doing that here when my mom wanted me to donate for Locks of love. The stylist said she had curly hair, so I thought she would understand how to deal with my hair, which is thick and curly-wavy. But she made me choose my hair style on my own even though I'd never done this before, and then she was trying to style it for someone who had straight hair. Seriously, if I don't use special serum or hair lotion, my hair looks like a picked apart cotton ball =.=''.
    And Martina, I love your hair style choices. The video was great. Daebak <3!

  77. Simon, another AMAZING job with the videography! Absolutely gorgeous… is this what you went to school for, or teaching? Either way, you have a real talent there. I emailed y'all some time back re: folk I know who get comp'd by tourist bureaus of foreign countries to visit and blog about their food scene. Seriously, if you want me to ask them how they go about doing it, lemme know…

    Martina, your hair is always beautiful. And Simon… well, keep up with the great videography! :)

  78. hehe now you know how hard it can be for an ethnically korean girl to get a good haircut in the west. i can also recommend juno hair salon #3 in myeongdong to those in seoul. service is top notch, but prices are probably steeper than in bucheon. it is 7,000 won just to get your bangs trimmed at any juno in seoul.

  79. I was wondering about Afro Caribbean hair. Do they deal with it?. I'm a black female and I've been just cutting my hair really low for the past 18 months or so, all the way down to a level 1 or 2. So, it's not a lot of hassle; still to this day every Asian city that I've lived in I have had trouble finding someone willing to cut it for me. Penang Malaysia being the only exception.

    In Japan I had to travel for 2 hours to find a barber to cut (all one level nothing tricky) my hair at a decent price. I'm contemplating a move to Korea and was wondering if it'd be the same rigmarole there too.

  80. Do you know if they can handle african american style hair?

  81. Hey guys! Thanks for making these videos! I'm going to study at Yonsei Uni over the summer, hopefully I can find this place to get my hair cut!

    How did you get your discount card? o:

  82. i tend to point this out to people mainly because i find it funny…..

    the terms "coarse" and "fine" should be used when talking about the actual hair shaft.
    "thick" and "thin" would be used to define the amount of hair.
    when you say that non-korean hair is "thin" it makes it sound like non-korean people are blading. :D
    you can have fine yet thick hair or coarse yet thin hair or, if you're me, coarse thick hair that is difficult to style (i'd probably benefit from a hair cut/style in korea!)

    anyways, love you guys and love your videos!! so great!!! o/ YAY

  83. You guys should do a video on tipping..

  84. That article translation is the best!
    Thanks for the tip, we are moving to Jeollanam-do in April and I have been wondering about that as much as how to bring our pets.
    Unfortunately, Remi weighs 40 lbs and will have to go under the plane.

  85. I'm going to have to make the actual information contained in the video a secondary thing — even though I don't live in SK, I appreciate how specific, straightforward and personal you're being –, but I have to commend you on the editing, the lighting, the sound and the filming angles for this piece. I read in one article on you that Simon had quit his job as a teacher to focus more on the EYK videos, and watching this one and some of the latest MM vids, I'm very happy to say (from the point of view of a humble EYK subscriber) that it's absolutely worth it.

    Simartina, your hard work is already paying off creatively and visually; since I'm someone in my mid-20s and can somehow relate to you in that sense, I hope that you get to establish your brand further and that it pays off financially (mwahaha). Kudos, guys!

  86. Really great to get a recommendation for a good hair salon here! I've had my hair cut twice in Korea and both experiences were frustrating and disappointing! I'll definitely try Juno next time :)

  87. Guys~~~…. after i looked at the map.. I still dont get how to go there… I live in front of LOTTE department store in BUCHEON and they have HOMEPLUS right in front of LOTTE dept. store, Its not that one is it?

    • Ah no, that's the OTHER Homeplus in Bucheon. You gotta go walk towards City Hall and keep on walking. You'll pass Kim's Club, then Home Plus. At that intersection, turn left. It's above the Angelinus from there :D

      • ahhhhh!! the one next to the kim's club! okay i got it now… thank you so much guys :) and somebody can speak english there, right? do u have anyone there that u would reccomend to cut hair?

  88. If I had hair, I'd go there. But for the life of me, I couldn't justify paying W22k for a haircut. Hell, I had a hard time paying $8 back in my University days. It's one of the reasons I started shaving my head back in 1996. But you're right, Juno has a great reputation.

  89. Oh I LOVE Juno! A Korean friend recommended Juno to me after I was disappointed with another salon I went to. I'm ethnically Korean but I just wasn't satisfied with how there was no wash and I just didn't get that "hair salon" treatment. I go to one of the several Junos in Ehwa and though my original stylist is gone I've been happy with my new stylist. The salon is clean and professional and you really do get a lot for your money there. Don't forget to get the stamp card so you can get discount coupons!

    I got a perm and color there and mentioned to my stylist that when I previously got a perm it came loose quickly and she gave me a free conditioning treatment coupon to bring in with me in 2 weeks when she would check the condition of my perm. I agree the massage can be painful but the person who gave me the massage said that if the pain is bearable that means that my scalp and roots are in good condition but that if it was too painful that I couldn't stand it that means my scalp is not healthy. I don't know anything about hair so I'll trust the professional on that :P

  90. SO glad to see you guys doing more videos like this~ They're the reason I started following you guys! As always super helpful,and your hair looks really cute! :)

  91. Can anyone comment on their ability to do blonde highlights? I've been going to hair and joy (which i like) but the price is pretty steep……I'm a little nervous of ever coming out looking like a orange pumpkin! (or yellow squash for that matter)

    • I don't know about highlights, but I know their dying is pretty good. Another thing that's interesting (we didn't mention this in the post) is that when we mentioned that we wanted our hair dyed, they took a sample of our hair from our hair cut and said they'd test it to see what's the right dye amount. Ha!

    • I went to the Juno salon in Myeong Dong in Seoul a few times. The people were very sweet, but there wasn't an English speaker there any time I went. I'm naturally a dark blonde, and I got highlights twice. The first time was great– my hair looked awesome, but the second time was pretty bad. The third time, I went for red dye, and it looked terrible. They invited me to come back the next day to be touched up for free, but I still didn't like the result. I felt bad because the people were really sweet, but I don't trust them to do a consistent job with my coloring. Next time, I'm going to try Hair and Joy. I've heard great things about them.

  92. awesome post!! i'm gonna try them in daejeon~!

    do you mean korean hair is thicker in terms of volume, or the actual strands of hair?

  93. I love that you guys do this. It makes me want to go there when I visit!

  94. Martina you always have the cutest hair styles and those little bows x) Like the new hair do~ :D
    The first time I got anything done to my hair in Korea it was just a Magic Perm and that was REALLY well done :) though I heard people usually have trouble getting their hair cut the way they want it done. I do not go for any style just straight cut so no problems there. The last time I got a hair cut I went to a different place :/ the lady said I had too much hair and she was tired working with on my hair -_- she didn't straighten it well enough and she refused to cut a fringe for me so I was rather irritated and she took 30,000 won but at least it wasn't WAY more than that :) (usually 70,000 or so for a perm…)

  95. I love your hair style… The curls looks really cute and the little black bow… You have such cute hair pins and headbands, I'm jealous… anyway, wish my hair could look like that, I'll show a picture to my hairstylist next time maybe I can get something similair.. atleast the cut, I already have the curls.

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