This whole week, when we’ve been working on the video, we’ve been eating this stuff. Leigh and Soo Zee watched the rough draft of the video, and then went out and got some, and then we saw the finished version today, and Leigh – right now as we speak – is out getting Hoddeok for all of us. I’m gonna be so happy when this video is uploaded so we never have to think about this again…UNTIL WE DO THINK ABOUT IT! Kinda hard not to think about it since this place is so close to our studio.

Anyhow, I’ll stop talking about how addicted we are to this stuff. Like we mentioned in the video, you don’t need to know directions to get Hoddeok. It’s street food. We see it sometimes in street food stalls, but other times, like in this video, we see small Hoddeok shops that aren’t street food stalls, but it’s still not really a shop. It’s just, like, an open garage. No seats. No doors. You pay in cash. One buck or two bucks. Take your Hoddeok in a sliced paper cup and GTFO. Damn: did we ever tell you how much better street food is than regular food? We often hear about street food not being safe, because of hygienic blablafartsomecrappyreason, but we’ve never gotten sick from street food. The only times we did get sick from food is when we got EXPENSIVE food, like, more than $50 for the bill. It doesn’t happen all the time, of course, but it happens more than it does for street food, which never gets us sick.

Also, don’t make fun of our mispronunciation! All the Korean double-consonant letters are so difficult for us to pronounce. UGH! We listen to explanations of how to pronounce them, but it just becomes us yelling it out, until our teacher’s like “yeah, that’s it!” just because they want us to stop yelling. Saying the letter louder doesn’t make the pronunciation right. DON’T JUDGE US OK!

So, yeah, this video was a bit short. We just wanted to show some Hoddeok off and make you drooool. We’ve got some bloopers this week as well, in which we joke about double G’s. WHOO! WOOH! WOO!


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