This whole week, when we’ve been working on the video, we’ve been eating this stuff. Leigh and Soo Zee watched the rough draft of the video, and then went out and got some, and then we saw the finished version today, and Leigh – right now as we speak – is out getting Hoddeok for all of us. I’m gonna be so happy when this video is uploaded so we never have to think about this again…UNTIL WE DO THINK ABOUT IT! Kinda hard not to think about it since this place is so close to our studio.

Anyhow, I’ll stop talking about how addicted we are to this stuff. Like we mentioned in the video, you don’t need to know directions to get Hoddeok. It’s street food. We see it sometimes in street food stalls, but other times, like in this video, we see small Hoddeok shops that aren’t street food stalls, but it’s still not really a shop. It’s just, like, an open garage. No seats. No doors. You pay in cash. One buck or two bucks. Take your Hoddeok in a sliced paper cup and GTFO. Damn: did we ever tell you how much better street food is than regular food? We often hear about street food not being safe, because of hygienic blablafartsomecrappyreason, but we’ve never gotten sick from street food. The only times we did get sick from food is when we got EXPENSIVE food, like, more than $50 for the bill. It doesn’t happen all the time, of course, but it happens more than it does for street food, which never gets us sick.

Also, don’t make fun of our mispronunciation! All the Korean double-consonant letters are so difficult for us to pronounce. UGH! We listen to explanations of how to pronounce them, but it just becomes us yelling it out, until our teacher’s like “yeah, that’s it!” just because they want us to stop yelling. Saying the letter louder doesn’t make the pronunciation right. DON’T JUDGE US OK!

So, yeah, this video was a bit short. We just wanted to show some Hoddeok off and make you drooool. We’ve got some bloopers this week as well, in which we joke about double G’s. WHOO! WOOH! WOO!


  1. I miss hoddeok so much TT_TT Going around Myeong-dong late at night then biting into these… And burning your tongue off. What do you call that fist-sized bread with a salty hard-boiled egg on top? It’s yellow and always opened up beside the hoddeok stand near Uniqlo last year.

  2. Hihi. Anyone knows where hoddeok king is located at?

  3. Canadian food is salty,like really salty(sometimes) .My Korean friend is always Complains for the food here is to salty or to sweet.So Korean food is bitter?? I know its has some heat spices to it like dukboki ,but i mean like to you was it a problem to get used to it??! thank you.

  4. love your hat !!!!<3 you look tired

  5. Not sure if you’re still in the mood for Hoddeok.. we were walking around the Namdaemun shopping area, and came across a MASSIVE line for something.. it was for Hoddoek! There other Hoddeok-looking vendors in the market, but most people were waiting for this one particular vendor. So we stood in line for about 30 minutes to try one (we’re vacationing in Seoul at the moment, and have only been here for a few days). It was AWESOME!!! Not sure if they are still making it for late season, or if they make it year round.. if you’re interested.. take exit 5 at Hoehyeon and go immediately into the market area.. stay on that little road/walkway all the way down to the major street (Namdaemun-ro), make a right, and the vendor is the 2nd one on the right (technically the first one, as the first “space” was occupied with ply wood).. happy FAPFAP-ing!!!

  6. I think this is the first fap fap where Martina has managed to eat an entire thing without Simon stealing any of it.

  7. Do you have a Korean teacher???

  8. Are there nuts in 호떡? Or is the only crunchy bit the pumpkin seeds?

  9. I’m pretty sure in Infinite’s “Man in Love” Hoya was buying shoes for Seo In Guk ;)

  10. Just made this a couple of hours ago! So delicious :D

  11. Mmmmmm!!! Delicious! I actually have a Korean friend who made these one time, and she gave me one. It was pretty fabulous and amazing…I think I need to go over to her house again sometime soon…

  12. Fapfap’s are going to be the death of me! I’m stuck on vegan diet till I can have surgery and even so afterwards. I’m not hating on a vegan diet, but damn something fried, sweet and greasy crispiness makes my mouth hate my gallbladder and stomach right now!

  13. Hoddeok looks MAJESTIC +____+!! It’s been a while, but I was drooling during this FAPFAP.

  14. OMG THIS IS DELICIOUS!! I have a korean supermarket near where I live, and they sell ggul hoddeok except it also has red beans and no seeds I think. AND OMG IT’S SO GOOD. You basically fry it up whenever you feel like it. But it only comes in packs of 4. This makes me want to try it as street food.

  15. OMG!!! these look sooo delicious!!! I’m drooling!

  16. I heard google came up with google nose so we can smell videos…….

    sike…..that was their evil april fools joke…which I don’t think was very convincing anyways but it would be so cool Martina…both your descriptions fulfill the needs to smell the food.

  17. I had my first experience with those potato noodles a few weeks ago omg they are so good. my mouth started watering so bad :( and because of my meds i cannot eat for another 20 minutes, those things look fabulous!

  18. The editing of this video was ace! I sometimes feel sad and hungry looking at your videos of awesome food but this time I was laughing too hard to care. I really enjoyed this FAPFAP video (:

  19. Simon’s sneaky attempts at eating remind me of my cat trying to bite something when he thinks that we’re not looking. XD

  20. I found a recipe online for hoddeok so we make this at home. everyone loves the sugary filling. I sometimes fill them with other stuff so it’s more like a meal instead of just being dessert. I’ve made taco, BBQ, and a kimchi hamburger ones. The bread part is awesome!!! http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/hoddeok

  21. lol that’s totally what I thought when they said they wanted to share the smell :p

    I sniffed a lot of stuff using Google Smell. ‘success’ was my favourite xD

  22. What??!! Really? Where? I walked all around Auckland city looking for Asian food once, found like taiyaki, bubble tea and stuff, but no hoddeok D:

    • Oh right :/ I kinda stuck to Queen Street, lol. I think I got as far as Sky City Metro and then headed back (to the ferry terminal). Well, if I ever go again, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it :p

  23. hehehehe there’s a club behind you guys called S club….i used to love S Club 7 as a kid!!!! (that’s right i used to be a goat!!)
    i thought you said “i will get fat Onew” hahaha!! i was thinking why on earth are you saying that to him?

    hahah aaawww Simon’s sad face!!!

  24. oooo they look so good! I’m going to have to add this to the list of foods to try when I get to Korea! At this rate I’m definitely going to have to loose a bunch of weight before going to Korea, so that I can try all of these wonderful foods and get fat again hahaha xD

  25. haha, i was watching this and my stomach started to rumble realy loud :O (it is about lunch time though) But I’m in a completely silent room with other students and they were all laughing :p

    Cheers from the Netherlands

  26. When you put out your warning I was like pfff I just had an awesome chocolate cake breakfast no risk for me here..
    But oh boy was I wrong.. I really want some hoddeok right now !! It looks so freaking delicious !!!
    Why don’t they sell it here ?! It’s still perfectly cold outside I see no reason why they shouldn’t..

  27. I swear you guys remind me of me and my boyfriend. He always eats his food so fast and then is sad when he doesn’t have any left and I still have most of mine (but won’t share muahahaha). *sigh* men. They also have permanent hoddeok places in insadong. Super easy to find, just on that main street there. They don’t have the japchae kind though :/ That looks good

  28. oh gosh, martina doesnt know what prince albert is??? LOL there is a reason why a piercing place is called prince albert XD

  29. Poor Simon, he can’t help that he was born to win at rock, paper scissors!
    But that looks like a tasty treat, also one of those things that you have to buy and then run, run far away so you don’t buy up their complete inventory.

  30. Why do I do this to myself :(
    2 important rules in life
    1) Never eat before swimming
    2) Always eat before watching FAPFAPs
    If either are not followed you will feel a mixture of regret and nausea

  31. That looks delicious, especially the savory one. It kind of reminds me of like a combination of a latke and maybe okonomiyaki. Yumy!



  34. I love these i get em everytime im overnight at a netcafe in New Zealand amazing food !! so good !!

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