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Korean Hweh, aka Raw Seafood

June 28, 2013


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Yay! We’re doing a video on Soo Zee’s favorite thing to eat! Soo Zee wasn’t in the video, though, because she went out with friends that night. Pfft! Who doesn’t want to film YouTube vids on a Friday night? Hanging out with friends is overrated! *sobs quietly in the corner*

회, or as we like to spell it, “hweh” isn’t really our favorite Korean food ever. It’s – to understand it basically – Korean sashimi. Raw fish, pulled out of the tanks at the side of the restaurant, chopped and given to you to eat. But it’s very much unlike Japanese Sashimi. They’re using totally different fish with very different textures. While Sashimi is more melt in your mouth buttery scrumptiousness, as you might remember from our Best Sushi in Japan video, Korean raw seafood is a bit more difficult to chew.

Also, 회 is super important to talk about, because it’s such a huge part of Korean corporate culture. It’s, like, THE staff dinner of choice. After work dinners are called 회식 (not necessarily related to the word 회), and very often people go to eat 회 for those dinners. Also, there’s a trend to get ridiculously shitfaced during these after work dinners. We did not do so for this video. Sorry guise! That was for this week’s WANK on Korean Drinking Games. Though, there were a bunch of drunk people around us at the place we went to, like one girl who was trying to reach in the tank herself to pull out a fish.

The place we went to isn’t really a traditional kind of corporate dinner 회 restaurant. It’s in the club district in Hongdae, and all of the tables have chairs. The more corporate 회 restaurants have long tables low to the ground, and people sit on the floor, which – for the life of us – we can’t stand. It’s soooo uncomfortable for us! We’re just not good at it at all! And it’s not good for video, so, err, yeah. That’s why we did the video this way instead.

Also, let’s just talk a bit about the spelling of 회 Supposedly, the Romanization gods have donned their mantles and bequeathed the spelling of “Hoe” for it. Now, does anyone else see a problem with this? English speakers? Do you feel like eating some hoe? Can you imagine writing in your blog afterwards “damn! That hoe was delicious!” How about “my hoe was a bit chewy. Next time I’ll go for it without the sea penis”

Let the endless jokes begin.

So, I refuse to spell 회 as “hoe,” because it doesn’t sound like that in English. “Hweh” or “hweh” would be more appropriate.

Anyhow, for those of you more interested in more info, we translated the menu for you, in case you’re feeling bold and want to go out for 회 on your own. We haven’t tried everything on the menu, but we tried a bunch of things, and talked about our favorite ones in the video. I’m sure, for those of you who tried it, that you have your own preferences, so please share them in the comments and let others know what’s good :D

Squid Menu Translated


Stew Menu Translated

Raw Fish Menu Translated

And, lastly, we’ve got a bunch of scenes that didn’t make the final cut, because WASH YO NAY WASH WASH YO NAY. FO MINIGHS! HWAH!



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