Yay! We’re doing a video on Soo Zee’s favorite thing to eat! Soo Zee wasn’t in the video, though, because she went out with friends that night. Pfft! Who doesn’t want to film YouTube vids on a Friday night? Hanging out with friends is overrated! *sobs quietly in the corner*

회, or as we like to spell it, “hweh” isn’t really our favorite Korean food ever. It’s – to understand it basically – Korean sashimi. Raw fish, pulled out of the tanks at the side of the restaurant, chopped and given to you to eat. But it’s very much unlike Japanese Sashimi. They’re using totally different fish with very different textures. While Sashimi is more melt in your mouth buttery scrumptiousness, as you might remember from our Best Sushi in Japan video, Korean raw seafood is a bit more difficult to chew.

Also, 회 is super important to talk about, because it’s such a huge part of Korean corporate culture. It’s, like, THE staff dinner of choice. After work dinners are called 회식 (not necessarily related to the word 회), and very often people go to eat 회 for those dinners. Also, there’s a trend to get ridiculously shitfaced during these after work dinners. We did not do so for this video. Sorry guise! That was for this week’s WANK on Korean Drinking Games. Though, there were a bunch of drunk people around us at the place we went to, like one girl who was trying to reach in the tank herself to pull out a fish.

The place we went to isn’t really a traditional kind of corporate dinner 회 restaurant. It’s in the club district in Hongdae, and all of the tables have chairs. The more corporate 회 restaurants have long tables low to the ground, and people sit on the floor, which – for the life of us – we can’t stand. It’s soooo uncomfortable for us! We’re just not good at it at all! And it’s not good for video, so, err, yeah. That’s why we did the video this way instead.

Also, let’s just talk a bit about the spelling of 회 Supposedly, the Romanization gods have donned their mantles and bequeathed the spelling of “Hoe” for it. Now, does anyone else see a problem with this? English speakers? Do you feel like eating some hoe? Can you imagine writing in your blog afterwards “damn! That hoe was delicious!” How about “my hoe was a bit chewy. Next time I’ll go for it without the sea penis”

Let the endless jokes begin.

So, I refuse to spell 회 as “hoe,” because it doesn’t sound like that in English. “Hweh” or “hweh” would be more appropriate.

Anyhow, for those of you more interested in more info, we translated the menu for you, in case you’re feeling bold and want to go out for 회 on your own. We haven’t tried everything on the menu, but we tried a bunch of things, and talked about our favorite ones in the video. I’m sure, for those of you who tried it, that you have your own preferences, so please share them in the comments and let others know what’s good :D

Squid Menu Translated


Stew Menu Translated

Raw Fish Menu Translated

And, lastly, we’ve got a bunch of scenes that didn’t make the final cut, because WASH YO NAY WASH WASH YO NAY. FO MINIGHS! HWAH!


  1. what the restaurant name called? Wish to visit this place when I´m in Korea ^^

  2. Considering that ammonia is a poisonous household chemical/industrial fertilizer ingredient, I had no idea what you meant when you mentioned it in the context of fish. Did you perchance mean “anemone”(uh-NEM-a-Knee)?

  3. Okay now… in this translated menu, which ones are the bad, suspicious, lewd fishes ?

  4. Cristina Campos

    I don’t know if trust you two since you hated my favorite lollipops when you were in México. However, you made me drool all over my keyboard and I want hweh so bad.

  5. Did you notice the drunk guy behind you XD ?

  6. Andara Tisnadisastra

    may i know where is this?

  7. Where is this place?? Does anyone know??

  8. Ellie Kwok

    gurl u forgot 2ne1?!

  9. Matt Clayton

    Finally, you guys get back to what you do best: Food. Great video.

  10. Rachel Tse


  11. Si Ning Ng

    How do we get there from Hongdae station? I wanna try it this week! :)

  12. ChocoPandaa

    Those penis-looking like (LOL) seafood are called echiuras or spoon worms :D

  13. GoldenAngelFeather

    how could you forget shinee when saying the boy bands with more than three members xD

  14. Yvonne Gomez

    Ammonia? Don’t you mean anemone?

  15. Edilberto Durano

    I’ve always wanted to try one of those live squids but the moment I look at them moving on my dish, I just can’t help but back out.
    Ed of AlaskasHealthySeafood.com

  16. kpopfan123

    “Also, 회 is super important to talk about, because it’s such a huge part of Korean corporate culture. It’s, like, THE staff dinner of choice. After work dinners are called 회식 (not necessarily related to the word 회), and very often people go to eat 회 for those dinners. Also, there’s a trend to get ridiculously shitfaced during these after work dinners.” If I ever get to work in a company in Korea… I’ll just say I’m sick everytime they want to go to such restaurant XD *nice idea huh?*

    “회” to me it sounds like “hwe”(when you pronounce it… you barely hear the “o”)…. like a duck trying to sound like a vampire XDD *sorry I couldn’t think of anything else*

    Great job!! :D


  17. arent the anatomy-shaped fish-things geoyduk? (pronouced gooey duck)

  18. The “sea penises” lmfao are actually “sea cucumbers”
    I hate them but my mom keeps on making it because they’re actually really good for you because they’re high is protein. But after watching the video and reading the post, SIMON. I CAN’T EVEN BEAR TO LOOK AT THEM ANYMORE WITHOUT BURSTING INTO LAUGHTER.
    Sigh. Deep fried seafood sounds yummy, I want to go to Korea solely for the purpose of food now.

    • 코알라

      개불 are different from sea cucumbers. 개불 basically look like severed penises and sea cucumbers are different colors and have pricklys and such that stick out of its body. I wouldn’t want to eat either of them…

  19. JohnJackson

    The “Hwe” in “Hwe Shik (회식)” is not the same Hwe as in the you’re eating. The Hwe in Hwe Shik is for “company / gathering”.


    Also – the fish you mention that are native to Korea are actually universal. The Ocean doesn’t have borders =). The fish you ordered for instance is a Flounder in English.

    • gillyruless

      They are actually closer to fluke, or summer flounder, which is common in the east coast of North America.

      reason why Korean-style hwoeh is chewy is because the fish is fresh. If
      you age the fish, 광어 even for several hours, the flesh becomes tender.

      are lots of Japanese style sushi restaurants in Seoul by the way. If
      you don’t like hwoeh, 활어회, there’s no reason to stick with it.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard David Chang (The guy from Momo Fuku) talk about the age of raw fish. He thinks that the best time to eat raw fish is after a few hours – not immediately. The thing about good tasting raw fish = super fresh is a myth. The method of killing the fish is also a factor in the quality of taste.

  20. I’m not sure i understand everything you said ! i was distracted by the couple on your left side behind you.
    Thank you for this FAPFAP even though i’m not really into raw fish (at all)

  21. What’s with the guy in the background with his head down at 6:15?

  22. UP UP AND U-HWEH? OK SORRY FOR THAT. @simonandmartina:disqus I just had to…

  23. AAAND Martina totally swears on camera :))

  24. dammit… indie music and pop music are Not mutually exclusive.

  25. ZIAHCO productions

    ugh, now i’m super hungry for fish and i live no where near oceans so the sushi isn’t that great.

  26. dekonmaru

    lol “you want some hoe with that?” xD
    Haha hweh sounds cool anyways.
    Thank you for the translated menu! I know a few Korean restaurants so perhaps I will be adventurous sometime~

  27. msladybusiness

    Martina missed the perfect opportunity to “Hweh Hweh, Hweh Hweh” T-ara N4 style…

  28. i was watching the bloopers.. at 3:22, i got so distracted by the song that was playing in the background that I didn’t hear what Martina was saying. :'( Gu Family Book OST. Rewind.. selective listening on Martina!

  29. urbzak1018

    hey it’s your fanmail necklace! :D
    side note those scallops look sosososo yummy (~*_*)~

  30. Andrew Kirkland

    I’d love to know where this place is. I’m heading to Seoul in 2 months and the last time I was there I tried the local sashimi, yucks! This looks rather good though :)

  31. Awesome! You guys made my mouth to water. :) I’ve never been to a Korean raw seafood restaurant even though I’m a Korean and lived in Korea for over 20 years! lol I would love to try grilled scallop and pen shell! They look really tasty!

  32. thisisjustforfunval

    This was a great FapFap. I was yelling names of groups at you guys during your drinking game.

    I can’t lie though, I couldn’t help but watch that couple behind you guys. Especially when the girl starts rubbing up on the guys arm. I’m easily distracted.

  33. Megan Yoder


    *fan girl*

  34. AZNLife(a.k.a Wendy)

    If my sister and I went, I think we would end up spending around $100 or more. LOL we eat a lot.

  35. Alexandra Huang

    I can’t get over this… Is it seriously called “ammonia”??? Or are you guys actually talking about “anemone”? Either way… as a huge sushi/sashimi fan I HAVE to try this someday. Oh, you guys should take it to the next level and do a wank on eating “live” seafood =P

  36. irritablevowel

    I wasn’t very happy with the hweh I picked for dinner.
    I wasn’t very happy with the hoe I picked for dinner.
    Yes, I think it is very important to go with Simon and Martina’s spelling in order to maintain your reputation in polite company.

  37. when martina was talking about something in the bloopers i wasn’t listening i was just singing along to Gu Family Book OST playing in the BG

  38. anybody else find themselves watching the couple behind Martina at random moments throughout the video?

  39. noseefood

    seeing the menu it’s not that cheap. avg item is like 15000 won = $14.

  40. kinkinbooo

    Hello . Can you tell me how much it cost you for the Hweh :) thanks

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