This is a super fantastic K-Indie playlist if i do say so myself. But it does put you on a rollercoaster of emotions taking you from upbeat rock to funky disco to dreamy wind down music.

24Hours 째깍째깍

First up is a punkrockbritrock band called 24Hours and their song “Tick Tock Tick Tock”. Okay so question about genres. Can you call a band that is not from Britain brit-rock? Is that its own genre now because i want to call these guys brit rock. Just from my feels. Now I mentioned in the video that I got their album from their label who swung by the studio and dropped off some CDs (which I’ll talk more about in another indie playlist) and these guys were amongst the CDs. First off, so cool that they even know about us! We didn’t contact them, they just put this package in our mailbox with a letter! Lately a lot of Korean indie bands and labels are starting to see the views from the Nasties heading over and discovering their music, so I feel like this is a really positive step to getting more Korean music out there. But…the biggest problem we faced: no CD players anywhere! Simon order his macbook with no CD drive and we removed the CD drive from the other to make room for another hard drive, no boom box, no stereo…but then we remembered that I had a cd drive on my old crusty macbook! Yaaaaa! It was all like, “ughhhh why are you awakening me…” Anyhoo, I was seriously impressed with their album. I was so impressed I let it to Ryan to listen to, who was all like, “OH I know these guys cause I’m so indierific” but I let him borrow the album to listen to and he was happy. I’ll have to ask Ryan to add his review of it in the comment section. Also, I noticed there is the official video I linked you guise to and also another official video on the CJ entertainment youtube site, but I’d rather send you guise to TripperSound since they were the ones that reached out and gave us the album to begin with.

Common Ground – Shake it!

Next up is Common Ground with “Shake It”. It came out on April 29th 2013 but these guys have been around since 2004. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them until now. I mean, when I checked out their other stuff there was a huge mix of things including solo work as members of jazz groups or making appearances in orchestras and stuff so these guys are more like a big band, but NOW they are the SNL Korea band! How cool is that??!! If you look up Jay Park’s “Joah” on SNL you can see them playing in the back! WHOO!!! I just, I just have big feels for disco. I began my addiction with the Beegees at a young age, my dad and I had their best of album in the car and we’d listen to it driving between science fair competitions…yes, I was in a lot of science fair competitions SHUT UP OKAY!!?? Point being, disco has a special place in my heart. YEAAaaaa…we just need some Disco metal and my life would be complete. Someone please make this happen. – Pacific

Last up was a couple requests from Miriam but we could only pick one, so we went with the strangest named band I’ve come across in a while. I’m just gonna call them Byul, which I’m pretty sure means Star in Korean, unless this is some other Byul. Byul is an electronica/dreampop kind of band and Simon really got into shoe gaze and dream pop and chill wave stuff in university and never went back. Since then he’s introduced me to lots of cool bands, like Junior Boys, M83, My Bloody Valentine, Neon Indian, BlackbirdBlackbird, Toro Y Moi, Purity Ring to name a few, but we’ve listened to those bands SO SO much we were really looking forward to finding new bands. Byul is really matching that urge for a new band. It’s always difficult to explain how a dream pop song sounds, because it’s usually an emotion all mashed up into an arm waving kind of song with a buzzy blurry hum that permeates the whole thing, but the video, oh the video, is so lovely. They really captured a young group of people having fun together in such an artistic way, but not so artsy that you wanted to rub your eyes out of your skull. I’m not into that kind of of “YEAAHH MANNNNN N THIS NON-MOVING FAKE GREEN SNAIL REPRESENTS LIFE AND GREED MANNNNNNN”. I studied enough symbolism in Univeristy and listened to enough spoken poetry to smell stinky art spit-up. *flashback shivers* ANyhoo, this is not that video. It’s great. I especially love that I can’t quite pinpoint people’s ages. I mean I know they’re not 12 but they look 18 – 24. I just can’t tell. Oh! And their album is on iTunes called “Secret Stories Heard From A Girl In An Opium Den”. Oh. So artsy fartsy.

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