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Korean Indie Playlist: The New Format Edition!

August 4, 2013


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For those of you that have already watched the video you’ll notice that we are trying out a new video format for our K-Indie segment. The reasons why, a lot of people are watching our videos via their mobile device (around 40%) and it’s a lot harder to watch a long playlist on them. So we’re trying to put all our opinions into one video followed by the three videos + the one requestor video. We originally divided the videos this way to give it a kind of VJ feel so I’m not sure if you guise will like the change, not like it, or feel neutral to it. Either way, we are still talking about Korean Indie music and linking you to the original videos! YAY!

Crying Nut “Give Me the Money”

Starting with PUNK ROCK with the return of Crying Nut’s “Give Me The Money”. This is their 7th album, whoa 7TH ALBUM! They took a break after going to mandatory military service, but once they were all out, they continued making music. We’ve talked about them before but for those of you that don’t know, Crying Nut is like Korean Punk Royalty, they’ve been around for a looooong time and they were part of the first Korean Punk movement. Their older stuff was a lot more like traditional punk, but they’ve always maintained being hilarious. One of my favourite songs is “비둘기” aka Pigeon, and it’s only 2 minutes long, but it combines old school sounding Korean trot with punk. Anyhoo, the only reason I mention their older stuff is because it’s just surprising to hear this sound coming from them at first, but it still fits in the punk rock genre and has the great energy I expect from them. Please check it out and stick around long enough to hear the rocking chorus!

Litter “Breakers”

Next up is a band that is new to us, but actually isn’t new in Korea, it’s Litter with their song “Breakers”. Whoa. How was I living without this band for so long? Seriously?!! I’ve been listening to Glen Check so often and on loop and I was wondering when I would find another similar band. This band is similar in the heavy use of synth + band combo, but otherwise they’re different as Litter has more of a rock band feel to them. I’m really a sucker for all kindofs of rock+synth combos, it maintains the heaviness of a rock band while also peppering the music with a light bouncy feel. Litter tends to keep that clean electric guitar feel blasting almost as loudly as the vocals and then surprising you with even louder BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPEBEEEPS from the synth ten seconds later. Glorious! GLORIOUS! Anyways, I had to look them on iTunes and right now it seems they only have two singles available, this song “Breaker” and also “Sync” so if you like them as much as I do, support them and buy those singles! Been dancing around the house all day to them. *shakes booty*

Lee Yu Rim “Call My Name”

Holy smokes, was this ever an impressive song. It’s not a masterpiece that’ll sit in my heart forever, but it’s so very different than what we usually hear in Kpop/K-Indie. Both genres can, at times, follow a formula, but this just sounds like someone made it who’s never listened to Korean music at all. The chorus is so unique sounding. I don’t even know what genre to classify it as apart from “made in Korea.” It sounds almost like video game music, perfect for a side-scrolling video game starring cupcakes. Almost like Katamari, except not as quirky. Just great, fun stuff. Thank you, Will Freaking Smith, for recommending the song!

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