For those of you that have already watched the video you’ll notice that we are trying out a new video format for our K-Indie segment. The reasons why, a lot of people are watching our videos via their mobile device (around 40%) and it’s a lot harder to watch a long playlist on them. So we’re trying to put all our opinions into one video followed by the three videos + the one requestor video. We originally divided the videos this way to give it a kind of VJ feel so I’m not sure if you guise will like the change, not like it, or feel neutral to it. Either way, we are still talking about Korean Indie music and linking you to the original videos! YAY!

Crying Nut “Give Me the Money”


Starting with PUNK ROCK with the return of Crying Nut’s “Give Me The Money”. This is their 7th album, whoa 7TH ALBUM! They took a break after going to mandatory military service, but once they were all out, they continued making music. We’ve talked about them before but for those of you that don’t know, Crying Nut is like Korean Punk Royalty, they’ve been around for a looooong time and they were part of the first Korean Punk movement. Their older stuff was a lot more like traditional punk, but they’ve always maintained being hilarious. One of my favourite songs is “비둘기” aka Pigeon, and it’s only 2 minutes long, but it combines old school sounding Korean trot with punk. Anyhoo, the only reason I mention their older stuff is because it’s just surprising to hear this sound coming from them at first, but it still fits in the punk rock genre and has the great energy I expect from them. Please check it out and stick around long enough to hear the rocking chorus!

Litter “Breakers”


Next up is a band that is new to us, but actually isn’t new in Korea, it’s Litter with their song “Breakers”. Whoa. How was I living without this band for so long? Seriously?!! I’ve been listening to Glen Check so often and on loop and I was wondering when I would find another similar band. This band is similar in the heavy use of synth + band combo, but otherwise they’re different as Litter has more of a rock band feel to them. I’m really a sucker for all kindofs of rock+synth combos, it maintains the heaviness of a rock band while also peppering the music with a light bouncy feel. Litter tends to keep that clean electric guitar feel blasting almost as loudly as the vocals and then surprising you with even louder BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPEBEEEPS from the synth ten seconds later. Glorious! GLORIOUS! Anyways, I had to look them on iTunes and right now it seems they only have two singles available, this song “Breaker” and also “Sync” so if you like them as much as I do, support them and buy those singles! Been dancing around the house all day to them. *shakes booty*

Lee Yu Rim “Call My Name”


Holy smokes, was this ever an impressive song. It’s not a masterpiece that’ll sit in my heart forever, but it’s so very different than what we usually hear in Kpop/K-Indie. Both genres can, at times, follow a formula, but this just sounds like someone made it who’s never listened to Korean music at all. The chorus is so unique sounding. I don’t even know what genre to classify it as apart from “made in Korea.” It sounds almost like video game music, perfect for a side-scrolling video game starring cupcakes. Almost like Katamari, except not as quirky. Just great, fun stuff. Thank you, Will Freaking Smith, for recommending the song!

Also, don’t forget to click on this shiny button here. It makes your video watching experience smoother. I heard that it loads videos faster as well! Well, that’s a lie, but click it anyways :D

  1. Simon! Martina! Have you guys heard of Googoplex? Check out their song “Somewhere We Belong” here! :D https://vimeo.com/36075439

  2. Hey Simon,hey Martina. Have you heared this song?? It’s amazing and I’d really like to know your opinion on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha42JKPRfOE

  3. I’ve a hard time watching this. By the time you guys finishing your thoughts, I don’t remember what you said after I watch the video. So, I’ve to rewatch it a few time for each video and pause and go back to the MV itself.

    Can’t you just put the music in your video, like combine it instead of two kind?

    **Trickster :P I thought it was really Will Smith from Hollywood. At first, I thought you said K. Will then hehe**

  4. I really liked the last song! ~~

  5. Hello Simon and Martina!

    This song is couple of months old BUT I hope you can review it..

    Double K Ft. Michelle Lee – Rewind


  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to BUY K-Indie? I would love to get that Litter song.

    • While it isn’t a guaranteed solution, due to various companies having different licensing arrangements, I buy as much of my k-indie (and k-idol) digital as I can from kpop.soribada.com — that’s the soribada foreigner entrance (and purchases there count towards the korean charts, if you are into that kind of thing). There is a lot of k-indie stuff that is on iTunes instead. Or on CD from yesasia.com.

      Oh, and sometimes if you grab the hangul from the video, things turn up in soribada/itunes that don’t show up if you look for the english version of the name.

    OR 10 CM

    love from chile <3

  8. I really like all these songs! Good picks :]

  9. I liked this format much better!! The last one had too many videos that were also very short! I hope you keep this format!! :))

  10. The new format is GREAT! :D Good changes, guys!

  11. Pretty awesome indie playlist this week guise!Thank you! :)

    Out of the three songs… my favorite would be “Give me the money”(… not that it would be an instant addiction just that it sounds better to my ears than the other ones …. “Breakers” really awesome instrumental music… nice vocals…just that the lyrics are a bit awkward… curious to hear what their other song “sync” sounds like, though. …and third song… it’s not really my type).

    The new format seems a lot more easier to access but I kind of miss the thorough analysis as well. :)

    Either way great job!! :D


  12. much better guise! i feel like with Korean indie it’s hit or miss sometimes so this format makes it easier to process.

  13. What I felt when listening to Crying Nut:

  14. Ahhhhh! Lee Yu Rim Fan like right now! that was awesome so so awesome. I love this format by the way.

    and I like it like that

  16. Thank you for showing the playlist this way ^U^ I love how I can expand my love with music and my culture awareness at the same time ^v^
    Now if I can only get rid of this annoying ad on my IPad (which I had already patiently looked and watched and even open there’Find out more’ button grr)
    Any tips? It’s impeding my viewing/reading pleasure of your website *whine* >~<'

  17. I like the new format. Loving all the changes to EYK lately :DD

  18. I love the new format. I thinks its a lot easier to watch, and plus it gives us the option of not watching a particular song If we aren’t interested in that kind of music.

    Also… you should let leigh host K-indie playlist again cos I like her taste in music like KOREAN HIP HOP!!!
    just throwing it out there. You should let her host it like every once in a while ^^

  19. I love the new format. I watch your videos from the website so I watch the other videos from within the blog post. Much easier! Love it~

  20. I like the new format! It makes my life easier. :)

  21. This is perfect! This format is so much better :(

  22. I like both formats, I think if you include a bit more of what the song sounds like it would be better. They were all awesome songs. Though maybe you should try to take your time with it, Martina sounded like she was out of breath! XD it was a lot to say!

  23. maybe it would help if you’d put the link to the music video right after you spoke about it, too. Then ppl could choose to just pause your segment and jump to the music video and go back when its over.

  24. Hey Simon & Martina! You should check out Lim Kim! Her EP is available on iTunes & the music video just came out recently.


  25. I like this new format as well. Although I always watch youtube on my laptop, lugging it with me before I go to sleep, hehe. I tried to watch youtube on my mobile but it’s still not very user friendly…

  26. 비둘기 is probably my favourite song of all times, it just… it’s pure epic awesomeness! Therefore Crying Nut will always have a place in my heart.

  27. How about put some k-pop songs in the indie.. and make it just weekly update/chart/what ever.. really.. we all miss the chart updates :<

    • I agree!!!! Don’t kill me but I’m not a big fan of the k-indie segments. You guys are still awesome but they just aren’t usually my thing. BUT, I would watch them if combined with some k-pop. It could maybe be more like the k-crunch cocktails used to be, with you guys just talking about whatever good music you want to that week, old/new/k-pop/indie/whatever.

      • I’m a fan of K-Indie, but I think you’re onto something. Maybe S&M could talk about their favorite musics of the week in PLAYLIST MODE. Regardless of whether it’s K-Pop or K-Indie.

  28. Is this where I make requests??? I would love to hear you review
    Postino (포스티노) – I Love It

  29. More British people should make requests so all of us can listen to their awesome accents! I could listen to a British person talk all day.

  30. I like the new format. The songs picked this week were great, going shopping. Hopefully the itunes US site will have everything.

  31. On the topic of improving the site for mobilers (if that’s a word), I remember you saying something in an interview about a mobile site (or maybe I dreamed that up). Anyway, I know you guise are really freaking busy, but have you ever thought of it? I can read the blog on my iPod because it’s all written on one side of the screen, so I can zoom in, but reading the comments is a squintfest, and Safari crashes every time I try to write one. (I actually tried to send this comment with my iPod but had to switch to a computer.)

    • Actually, we were working on a moblie app forever, and the company we were working with fell through. SO disappointed. So now we have to look for a new company all over again. *sigh* Sorry, but it will happen one day!!!

    • I think that a mobile website would be awesome ^^ If they could find the appropriate WordPress plugin (that is what you guys use, right?), then it shouldn’t be too hard. Disqus also has a mobile version, but that is rather hit or miss (I’ve used it quite a few times on my phone and iPod).

  32. I must say that I didn’t really watch before because for some reason the playlists always messed up my internet. So now having all your comments in one video is perfect. I’ll watch it from now on, great idea guys!

  33. I much prefer the old format over this one. I never watch videos on a mobile device so I probably don’t understand the pain playlist mode brings upon those, but I really loved hearing you guys talk about the song and then hearing it directly afterwards. With all the talking in one video I found I lost interest before it was done, not because you guys are boring, but when I hear you talking about the song, I get excited and want to listen to it. So when you guys start talking about the second song, my brain is stuck on the first song going “Noooo I want to listen to that first song already, I don’t want to hear more talking yet” and I didn’t finish your video and went to watch the MV. Then the playlist takes me to the next MVs and I didn’t get back to finishing your video and instead only read the blog post to see what you thought about the last song while I was listening to it.

  34. i am really happy that y’all chose to talk about Litter’s Breakers. When I first heard it, I fell in love with the lead singers raspy voice. Which is something I am missing in music so if anyone knows anymore bands with raspy voiced lead singers, let me know.

    Now, My comment about the new format. I kind of liked it, and I am glad you formatted it while thinking of your mobile device viewers, but I think it still needs some work. To me, this is kind of like when you reformatted the KMM with that long discussion, that kind of made most people turn something else. Perhaps make it in to two videos on one playlist, like the first and second song, and then a music video, then the requester song and sign off, and then the last two mv’s and the requester video.

    • I like this idea of maybe doing it in two chunks or something like this. So that way it still makes the playlist a little shorter but still helps break up the song discussion.

  35. I like the new format! It keeps my interest much better than the old format! I often didn’t finish watching videos with the old format since I would just get bored. The music videos made everything so much longer.

  36. I’m not a fan of the new format. You recently said you wanted to make KMMs shorter because casual viewers’ attention drop at some point, well it will drop way faster here! I find it frustrating not to see the video straight away after you talk about it, and I guess it’ll discourage your “casual viewers”.

    I don’t know about the phone issue since I don’t use a smartphone, but how come there’s no app to read playlists? I heard there were apps for everything! FALSE ADVERTISING!

  37. I doesn’t happen a lot but that moment when you realize that you have listened to a song before it was on EYK! I am very happy to see Litter “Breakers” they didn’t have enough view with their song considering how awesome they are!!!

  38. I love this new format! It helps a lot, since I love watching your playlists, but it gets hard sometimes when i’m on my itouch or whatever. YAY!!

  39. Hey guys =D ! I love this new format , soooo much easier to watch and enjoy all the songs in one time ! Amazing playlist by the way !

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