First off, yes, I know the audio quality sucks today. Our mic didn’t record, for some reason. Bargh! So please don’t make fun of us! Our next Indie segment will have the audio double and triple checked…

3rd Line Butterfly “Smoke Hot Coffee Refill”

So this song really grew on me. I think the first time I listened to it I might have been not in the mood for artsy buildup kind of music, but then I listened to it months and months later and I was like, “AW YEAH THIS ROCKS!” It’s weird how your mood can change what you want to listen to. I think this would be an awesome driving song when you are alone, even though it’s kind of a sad yet not sad song. Maybe it makes me feel contemplative? That kind of feeling I also get from Sigur Ros, it’s not melancholy but it’s also not happy or sad, it’s kind of a weird in-between feeling. Anyone know what I’m saying here? It makes me feel like I’d enjoying watching the green scenery whip past while the windows are down and my hair is being blown all over the place on a warm evening as I drive alone on the open road. Oh! I actually have a great memory of driving in Korea; when the EYK Crew went on our first road trip we got stuck in a horrific rainstorm that was just awful to drive in (especially while winding around a mountain). I was so stressed out and tense, but after the rainstorm cleared it was gorgeous puffy white juicy looking clouds just resting in a blue sky that was rapidly fading to pink and orange. As we drove along the winding green mountain, we rolled down our sexy windows and let the clean air just blow through the car. We blasted Blackbird Blackbird and Tori Y Moi, and it was SUCH an amazing moment. No one said anything, we all just enjoyed the smells and sounds and the vivid greens that were just glistening with fresh rain.

Beenzino “Aquaman”

I gotta say, I’m totally digging these On Stage videos. Just set up a decent room with some moody lighting and let artists sing their songs. Cut between a few different camera angles, and it seems like a great way to share music on YouTube, especially since non-Kpop artists aren’t really using YouTube as thoroughly as their Kpop counterparts. And there’s something about this song that totally suits the live session vibe. Korean Hip Hop is very soulful, and seems like it’s better for small clubs than big stadiums, which is what this video feels like. We were bouncing that idea around for a while as well: getting Korean Indie artists in the studio playing some songs, but I don’t think our studio’s good for that. Or is it? How big is this place here? I don’t know. All I can say is that I like the song and how the video matches it, and I’d like to be able to do something like that ourselves.

Story Seller “Absolute Optical Illusion”

This was a totally awesome request and video choice but seriously now, doesn’t this feel like j-rock somehow? I don’t know how to pinpoint it, and no, it wasn’t the video…even though it did have that gothic kind of feel lot it. There is something else. Maybe it’s the opera like power vocals that do it. The music scene in Korea seems to really lack those epic kind of voices, but I feel like Japan is more into that kind of dramatic singing. When Jaejoong released his single “Mine” I also felt like I was listening to J-rock, so it must have something to do with the long drawn-out power vocals. I’d like to see Lee Hi join a rock band, that’d be great. I guess Story Seller also remind me of System of a Down since the lead singer was a trained opera singer, but is now an awesome heavy metal singer. All the j-rock fans out there, you gotta watch this video and help me understand while I feel like this is j-rocky. Let me know. Together, we can solve my j-rock identity crisis.

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  1. irritablevowel

    You guys could do something like NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts! They make it work (especially in their old office) and you guys have more space than that!


  2. Ariadne Locket
    Ariadne Locket

    Leigh, MOAR hip hop, please! Beenzino is freaking amazing!

  3. kpopfan123

    “So this song really grew on me. I think the first time I listened to it I might have been not in the mood for artsy buildup kind of music, but then I listened to it months and months later and I was like, “AW YEAH THIS ROCKS!” It’s weird how your mood can change what you want to listen to.” — Actually … when I first heard the song on itunes I thought ..this song would fit you on those night chilling moods.

    “Cut between a few different camera angles, and it seems like a great way to share music on YouTube, especially since non-Kpop artists aren’t really using YouTube as thoroughly as their Kpop counterparts.” — …they do have live performances… to which I can’t go… ;__;

    “We were bouncing that idea around for a while as well: getting Korean Indie artists in the studio playing some songs, but I don’t think our studio’s good for that. Or is it? How big is this place here? I don’t know. All I can say is that I like the song and how the video matches it, and I’d like to be able to do something like that ourselves.” — I don’t know … for me your studio should’ve been a bit more bigger for that… but that’s just me…some artists might like smaller places to perform.

    Both “Aquaman” and “Absolute Optical Illusion” are nice songs. I heard the first song a while ago but I didn’t get that drawn to it… can’t say that I do so now either but Beenzino has a nice flow (he also featured in D-Unit’s “Thank You” and his part fit the song very well). “Absolute Optical Illusion” I think has that J-rock feel to it because of the raspy female singer’s vocals. It reminds me of Anna Inspi’ (Anna Tsuchiya) “Kuroi Namida”… I wonder if the song had been sung in Japanese it would sound differently…

    Nice playlist guise! Great work!


  4. dunno if that was already mentioned…
    story tellers song has some sequences that remind me of phantom of the opera. Purpose?

  5. Amy Brennan

    I’ve been listening to these 2 songs for a while now and I’m still in love with them. I’m not to sure if you guy have heard them, or reviewed them, or if they would be even considered as Indie Playlist but here they are..

    Verbal Jint – Walking in the rain ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C-yY_Vx6Jk )
    Bumkey – Attraction ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytelLXvjWBw )
    Also me and my sister are loving are EYK t-shirts and my Taeman t-shirt :)
    Lots of love from ON, Canada <3
    Keep doing what you guys are doing cause I'm loving it (opps copy rights, haha)
    Ill be going to College in Cinematography next year, so if you could wish me luck that would mean so much to me!!
    Thanks again :D

  6. Tanja Quaijtaal

    I totally get the J-rock vibe from the last song. It’s just the Korean that makes it more, not Japanese? XD

  7. As far as Story Seller is concerned – I’m agreeing with you – totally J-Pop sound. But it isn’t just the power vocal sound, it is the “flat” vibrato which is giving it that flavor. Ailee, for example, belts it out, but doesn’t pull her notes flat with her vibrato. It’s all in technique, and I, for one, don’t get the J-Pop style which occasionally pops up in Korean music. Hongki from FT Island almost goes there….

  8. shel263

    All of these songs have that driving into a sunset solo-style kinda vibe to them

  9. Loved the playlist this week. Story Seller was my favourite.

    Hope you would include this in next weeks playlist:


  10. Cyrel Vestil

    wow..amazing..i like it

  11. Lily Snape

    Oh gosh, I think I have a fangirl crush on Story Seller. I’m going to have to check out All of their videos now. O.O Also, Leigh quoting stuff at the end, hot! :P (I don’t know what she was quoting, I stupid…)

  12. Laisha Baez

    I request Royal Pirates Shout Out!!. They officially debut on 8/25/13 with Shout Out video.

  13. ☆pallavi☆

    I absolutely loved Smoke Hot Coffee Refill! It totally suits my mood right now (: And the ever fabulous Zino’s aquaman was nice to listen to again~ The third song was good but I wasnt really feeling it? idk…

    Oh I had a question for all the k-indie folks. Do any of y’all know any korean bands that sound like the xx? Cause i would love to hear more music like that :D

  14. Gracie グレイス

    Epic playlist this week guys! I really like every song~ Where’s Simon though?

  15. Alicia Fisher

    I love that you put 3rd Line Butterfly on here! I have been such a big fan of theirs for a while!

  16. I liked the buildup in Smoke Hot Coffee Refill but I didn’t really like the vocals because that pause between hot and coffee kept bugging me for some reason.
    Story Seller’s song is my absolute favorite of this week’s playlist. Thanks for the request, Valerija! But Martina, I’m afraid I can’t help you solve your J-rock identity crisis because it didn’t really sound like J-rock to me… Wait, it makes me think of Anna Tsuchiya but I’m not sure if she’s more J-rock or J-pop. *kuroi naaaamida* aaah I need to listen to that song!

    PS. Dear Intern Leigh, please try to slow down a little bit ^^

  17. Cyber_3

    I don’t know, all the songs were okay but nothing really grabbed me. Perhaps I’m just distracted because I miss the old playlist mode. Now when I get to the music videos I’ve completely forgotten any comments about the first one, by the time I get to watching the third one, I’ve then forgotten most of the comments about that one too. If the first 2 songs are not my thing, I don’t really have the energy to stick around for the third one, especially since I’ve now forgotten what it was about. Before, if I couldn’t get into a ballad I could just skip through and on to the next EYK segment and that would hold my interest enough to at least get further in the m/v. I guess that I find that all this remember-ating is making my patience for the actual m/vs shorter. But maybe that’s just me.

    I think that Leigh and Martina did a great job with the intros to the m/vs, at least I remember that much about them? You’re getting less awkward Leigh, good job! ^_^v

  18. wanderingdreamer

    Slightly off-topic but I loved Martina’s eye-make-up today, any chance of seeing a tutorial for it or is it super basic and doesn’t need one?

  19. Does the singer’s voice in Story Seller remind anyone else of Linda Perry from 4 non blondes?? :]

  20. TurnUptheAC

    Yay!!!! K-Indie Playlist time….it’s great this week too! 3rd Line Butterfly has really grown on me over the months…I’m still bummed I missed them live because of work….poo. The repetitive lyrics remind me of when you get into routines and time seem to fly by, and to get through the routines you need to refill the daily coffee cup, signaling the start of the repeated routine….kinda heavy if you think about it. Leigh and SooZee continue to educate on Korean Hip Hop….because it full of awesomeness. Love Beenzino’s track….makes me wanna drift in the ocean. Story Stellar was lovely/rockin too…yay all girl rock bands!!!

    Awesome Awesome K-Indie Playlist this week!!!

  21. Great playlist guys !
    Hope you can include Bjorn – Empty Desire to next week’s playlist!


  22. Here is a video that I made with a few requests! I tried saying hello in Korean and Polish, though I think pronounced the Polish incorrectly. I tried just for you Simon! http://youtu.be/qHlWmQRJ964

  23. unicornsgalaxy

    His sweater looks more brown to me… XD

  24. Daryl Stephenson

    Wow, I almost forgot the indie playlist existed!

  25. hagar ahmad

    simon and martina have you heard about the on going korean hiphop fued / battle ? jay park tweeted about it just a few days ago . what do you think about that ?

  26. thats when you throw a pillow at here and put it in slow motion :P

  27. NaToTheWak

    I love this 3rd Line Butterfly song. It’s not as sexy gwenchana as the last one you introduced us to, but it’s cool!

    And thank you very much Valeria for requesting Story Seller, because I’ve wanted to request them for months but without wanting to film myself nor record myself nor start to do an animated video that I would have never finished. Thank you. Well, I would have requested Shupa Girl, but it would have been frustrating since the video for Shupa Girl deserves more a KPop Music Mondays with skits and all than a 1′ comment.

    One more thing about Absolute Optical Illusion: the French at the end is actual correct French, not Baby-Good-Night-style awkward French. Yeay!

  28. Beenzino is without a doubt the Hottest hip hop ‘star’ this year
    It helps a lot that hes freakin handsome, and that the Korean hip hop scene has seen a shift from sweaty dudes to include a surprisingly high percentage of young women. His songs are great, as are the ones he made during Jazzyfact. Although there have been some claims that his lives aren’t up to scratch…

    Plus, the Korean hip hop crowd has been dissing each other like crazy the last few days, so grab your popcorn haha

    • unicornsgalaxy

      ahahahaha. I started following it on the fringes and then yesterday immersed myself in it but now am totally overwhelmed so going back to following it on the fringes again. There’s like over 30 diss tracks already just in the space of like 2-3 days. LOL. I don’t think we have enough popcorn for all this!

      • Honestly there’s too much, and I’ve only heard about a dozen or so, by the biggest names.
        The only real opinion I have is that I thought Esens was just a rapping pothead, but now I know he’s one sick rapping pothead.

    • Dude… I already finished eating my first bucket and am in the midst of popping another batch.

      * is entertained*

      • Cyber_3

        Hey Natz! I was watching Mission Catwalk and I realized that your avatar is also on the Barbados flag, not just on the Cover Drive label – totally had me fooled. Thanks for tolerating my lack of flag knowledge! I’ll totally be tuning in to the live chat next week to see what you sent to the EYK studio because I know it will be awesome ;)

      • Swings is just spewing the F word. I would be eating popcorn but i have braces D:

        • I don’t care for the self-proclaimed “punch-line king”,
          he’s too fixated on getting clever rhymes and lyrics,
          he even mentioned the names of children who had lost their mother, just so he could use her name as a punchline.
          Tablo is the best when it comes to that sort of wordplay, IMO.

        • At first i though he was ok but then i read his lyrics. And then I heard him actually talk.

  29. Sascha_Wong

    Oooh love Imogen Heap’s (never knew how to pronounce it for the longest time) live version of “Just for Now!” When I heard her sing it live, I definitely liked it more than the album version. It’s always neat when artists perform a song and show off the building blocks (for lack of a better term) that make it such a great tune. Great playlist! :D

  30. Karyu Kurubi

    oohh Story Seller *-* I only knew their Song SuperGirl and that was awesome. And yep this sounds really J-Rockish although Supergirl didn´t sound like that. And I agree that it can be because of this power-vocals and the long notes and because it´s rock.

    And I totally like smoke hot coffee refill :D

  31. Totally diggin’ Aquaman!

  32. Smoke hot coffee refill reminds me of songs that children chant while they play games. Maybe a jump rope chant?

    Also, yay Beenzino! I heard a couple of his tracks off of Hot Clip. I got introduced to him by a cover from Chanyeol of EXO, but Beenzino is super awesome. I really like his flow, it seems laid back.

    Story Seller’s mv reminds me of Charlotte by Kittie with the soft singing and harder parts minus the death screaming. But they remind me even more of Garbage with the instrumentals. I think the loud parts remind you of Jrock because they are more theatrical like Jrock.

    Also…Where did Simon go?

  33. montana10

    I agree, I think it is the power vocals of Story Seller, but also the rocking power of the guitar that gives it that J-rock feel. I really like it!

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