So, we’ve got another mishmash for this week’s Indie Playlist. This time it’s Ryan and I, and by “I” I mean Simon. Martina and Leigh played together for last week’s Indie, so this week we’re trying something different as well. On to the videos!

WHOwho “Her”


So, Ryan insisted on talking about WHOwho because he’s their biggest fan. Well, I’m not sure about that anymore. I know he’s probably one of their first fans. He introduced us to them when they were playing at a small venue with, like, 10 people watching. It was a great show and they were good fun. Now they’re a lot more popular, and they’ve got a line of fangirls in the front row at their shows. We saw them two Saturday’s ago playing at Club FF, and – funny story – it was hot as hell down there. SO HOT. The air conditioner wasn’t working, and there were far too many people in the audience, and we were dripping with sweat. The girls in front of us, though, waiting for WHOwho, were putting on their makeup before WHOwho came on stage. SERIOUSLY?! There’s no way they could put on makeup in a place so sweaty! It’d be like putting on makeup in the shower. And will the band even notice? Crazy. And when Glen Check came on afterwards the fangirls were in full force.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Just doing some storytelling about WHOwho. Point is, Ryan’s not the biggest fan anymore. Kpop has its fangirls, but so does K-Indie.

Swings “A Real Lady”


Time for another story: we had two friends living with us for a while as they were transitioning from one job to another. Yesterday was their last day at our place, so we went to celebrate at a noraebang. They put on a song that I heard a couple of times before that I hate with much of my heart and soul.

Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch.

Anyone know that song? I don’t even know who it is, but it’s horrendously awful, and – though I know not all Western hip-hop/rap is like that, hearing stuff like that really makes me lose faith in the genre, THOUGH I KNOW THERE’S GOOD STUFF OUT THERE. It’s just the bad stuff that’s getting more airplay.

The point of this all, I feel like, when I listen to Korean hip hop, it sounds like hip hop’s glory days, in a way. More boom-bap, soulful stuff. Fun and playful, not hunnids hunnids. Soo Zee and Leigh said that the lyrics aren’t the best for this song, though, but I still don’t think that it’s the Korean version of rack city bitch. And if it is I’ll be sad.

Windy City “Sweet Reggae Music”


I feel like I need a story for this song as well. I had stories for the other two videos…but I really can’t. Reggae’s not really my thing. But, I will say how surprised I am that the Korean language sounds like it suits reggae quite nicely. There are some languages I can’t imagine reggae going over very well with, like Polish, for example. Oh God: what if there’s a big reggae movement happening in Poland now and I’ve offended a lot of people? Ah! I’m sorry! I just can’t imagine it. Oh oh: I just googled “Polish Reggae” and it seems like it’s a thing. Ohhh. Umm. Errr. LOOK BEHIND YOU NOW! *runs for the bushes*

Point is, I didn’t hear laid back reggae like this in Korean before, and it works. Check it out if that’s your thing :D

Lastly, we’re not going to have a chance to do our Indie segment next week because we’re going to be in Australia. WOOHOO! We’re flying out on Wednesday, and our filming schedule is a bit off…but we’ll still be posting adventure videos while we’re there! Make sure you’ve clicked on the button below so you can see when our Indie segment will be back. YAY!

  1. Can Ryan take over the K-indie playlists?

  2. Korean hip hop is one of the worst things that has ever been invented. There’s a lot of awful Western hip hop. But, honestly, you can count on one hand the number of the good Korean hip hop songs/artists.

  3. Hey Simon and Martina, I have loved this group for a while now and I thought I should share it. They are called “Aziatix” and they are three Korean guys that speak English but they also sing in Korea?? I don’t know but I’m just a huge fan of them. My favorite songs by them are “Go”, “A Game”, “Slippin Away”, “Be With You”, and “Cold.” Please check them out! :)


    • Fellow Aziaddict here :) I’ve mentioned Aziatix to Simon & Martina before (I think when Flowsik featured on Junsu’s Tarantallegra), and I got nothing. I don’t know if they could be considered “K-indie” though now that they’ve signed with YMCMB and going to be making it in the Western music market…

  4. Ok so… Ryan reminds me of Enigma of Batman. In a good way of course.

  5. Simon and Martina, have you guys ever heard of koreanindie.com? If you guys haven’t already, check it out, maybe you’ll find new indie groups to blog about. Thanks again for another great video! :)

  6. Lovehollic has a beautiful voice o.o if she hasnt been featured please feature her!!!!!!!!

  7. Looooooove Beenzino, talk more about him in the other korean indie playlists

  8. I am completely in love with WHOwho; their musical style is exactly the type of sound I adore. I’ve watched a lot of there live stuff on Youtube, but is there anyway to get my hands on an album release? I live in the States, so it’s a bit difficult to run down to Hongdae to pick up a cd–Scottie’s dealing with Tribbles right now and can’t beam me over to Korea. Seriously, I would love to listen to more of their stuff.

  9. When you said it was unusual to see dreads in Korea I wasn’t expecting what I saw. Those weren’t dreads lowercase, those are DREADS capitalized! For real!

  10. I’m loving Whowho….its as simple as that.

    I think one can marry a band, afterall, Dennis Rodman proved you can marry oneself, so why not a band…anything is possible…lol…..actually that logic could go bad places so I take it all back…hahaha.

  11. Holy blue balls (I’m stuck on this phrase at present) this was fun. Leigh, Soo Zee and Ryan compliment you two like peanut butter and jelly. Ryan has been in a few videos prior to this but great job to him for seeming so chill about it all. =)

    Every time you mention WHOwho, I can’t help but think of the theme song to one of the CSI show/versions. It’s been a handful of years since I watched any of them, so I can’t tell you the specific one. It’s a show from the US, so if you don’t know it, ’tis cool bro. Aaand that’s my small story.

  12. I really liked Real Lady the first time I heard it, hopefully if you don’t get to my request soon then you’ll also mention Attraction by Bumkey because that is another song I really liked right away. (and seems tobe charting really well)

  13. I think that I finally did my video response correctly on Youtube now. I think you guys have to approve it before it shows up on the Youtube responses? Not sure. Anyway, here is the link again, just in case. http://youtu.be/2s3XEvZY3CU

  14. I haven’t watched the K-indie playlist like in a month! I really needed this thank you so much. Now I’m going to go check out the other ones I’ve missed

  15. Hah! This was a great Korean Indie Playlist! You guise were all great (even Martina – k-i-s-s-i-n-g!)….although I was almost a little freaked out at Ryan’s taking out Simon – those eyes! makes it _almost_ seem like he really means it – LOL! I’m sorry Ryan, but you just have that rare type of blue eyes (like Dan Stevens in Downton Abbey) that just look extra freaky (in a good way?) no matter what (my second favourite kind). My husband has blue eyes but his are a warmer turquoise, which are obviously my favourite ;) Anyways……….great take down scene and super funny all around ^_^v

    I still miss the old format but I’m getting used to this one, it does help that you play like, a second more of the songs in your intro bits. I think it’s great to mix it up with Leigh or Ryan or your other friends that can play off of you and act naturally like they are having fun/ hamming it up for the camera. The songs this week were definitely all right up my alley, more WHOwho for my phone playlist – yay!

    Even if you don’t have time to film videos for K-Indie while you are away, I think it might be something to put up a blog post anyways with the suggestions (NOOOOOOOOOOOo tumblr! such a negative environment ;_; don’t make me join…..), even if it’s Ryan putting them up. While I enjoy your videos the most, a blog post will temporarily assuage my S&M fix for a week or two from time to time ;) Participating in the discussion is part of why people are here too.

    • Stay away from Tumblr. It’s lovely in many parts, but the festering poopy parts make it not for the faint of heart :D

      And, side note, as for Ryan’s crazy eyes, he actually isn’t trained in doing sleeper holds, so he crushed my throat a bit too hard and I was coughing pretty bad afterwards. Ha!

      • Well……we’re not ALL trained in sleeper hold 6_6……….. When in doubt, a good judo chop or Vulcan nerve pinch will do but they are more likely to accidentally hurt people with big necks – LOL! ;) For the love of Pete though, don’t do more neck exercises, nothing weirder than guys with no neck (creeeeepy)…..except maybe girls with no necks?

      • I thought that method acting would be best for the situation. Maybe you should do more neck excersises

        • You did a great job today Ryan! But the reggae being only a happy thing? Oh dear. http://learni.st/users/dawncasey/boards/4810-protest-music-reggae

        • touche friend, touche

        • I thought you did great Ryan (I meant to be complimentary about your eyes, I started watching Downton Abbey just because of Dan Stevens and now that his character is dead, well…..) and I am glad that you are getting more “air time”. You must know a lot about the K-Indie scene considering the ridiculous number of concerts you go to and I am interested in hearing more about them from you. I just hope you don’t proportionally gain too many internet stalkers (I heard that relationship comment Martina!), although with those looks you must already have some real life ones so……perfect that sleeper hold! ;)

  16. What…noooo, Ryan didnt scare me as he was taking Simon out…ok maybe a little…or a lot….Also, Ryan never make that face again 3< it sctartled me.

    S&M Can you just make Ryan Intern Ryan now?

  17. Awesome playlist! Misogyny in hiphop and rap is one of my biggest gripes. I LOVED Childish Gambino’s Camp (if you don’t know Childish Gambino, aka Troy from Community, look him up he’s so good) but he has some lyrics that I hate. And Ryan, you have such blue eyes!

  18. I love WHOwho, they’re awesome! Got to check more their stuff. As for hip-hop I love Korean hip-hop for its funkness (do I spell t right? have no idea) I love everything funky.

    As for Polish reggae (since I’m Polish) I’m not a big fan of it, especially for newer stuff like Vavamuffin or Kamil Bednarek (he has awesome voice, though) But I’m totally digging some oldies like Daab. Actually reggae type that totally love is roots reggae like Israel Vibration (but it’s not Polish stuff, I actually never came across Polish roots reggae)

    I feel like Ryan is slowly sneaking into EYK crew. He’s cool. He should sneak in more often. Like when you will be in Europe and totally won’t have time to film KMM he can take over? I think it would be a funny alternative.


  19. Gotta be my most favoritestestestest playlist ever. You guys talked about my three favorite genres/types of music.

    Really guys, you don’t know how much I liked this playlist. And about West hip-hop/rap, for anyone that likes that type of music, please check out Majestic Casual: http://www.youtube.com/user/majesticcasual?feature=watch

    There are a lot of genres there, but a good chunk is hip-hop and rap and it’s really good. I can almost bet Simon and Martina are going to enjoy this channel a lot. It has many types of music, music that I bet it’s to your liking.

    I had never seen Ryan before! You seem like a really, really cool guy :)

  20. Ok new rule, Simon and Ryan don’t get expresso before a shoot. Also, was Ryan fangirling over WhoWho?

  21. Here is a video request I made. Not sure if you guys saw that I posted it last week. http://youtu.be/qHlWmQRJ964

  22. “The point of this all, I feel like, when I listen to Korean hip hop, it sounds like hip hop’s glory days, in a way. More boom-bap, soulful stuff.” hmm… did hip hop ever had those glory days? I don’t know.. but listening to the 90’s hip-hop has a better quality in the regard that is has less swearing… other than that.. the message is pretty much the same, power, women, money… those who have skills shouldn’t rap/sing just to look cool. …anyway if I want to listen to some good western rapping I can always turn to P.O.D and Linkin Park…..it might not be pure hip-hop but their skills are awesome and moreover they have a message… and that’s what some hip-hop Korean groups nowadays have….. Sorry I’m a bit sensitive I guess when western hip-hop comes into discussion…

    If you want some good Korean rappers, you’ve got Verbal Jint, Yoon MiRae, TigerJK, Beenzino, Block B, BTS, MIB, are still rather new to me… (need to listen more of their songs), Delight (are new in the scene… they’re not bad…but their next album should be more solid) and there’s this indie/rock music artist that has embedded rap in some of his songs….. all of his music sounds amazing but these songs would probably remain my favorites http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2ZO_he8ud0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h8pTgQp77E&list=PLF4E2QsZOPOII6Qe0KbKSGA5YexlsfhBI (which I’m pretty sure Martina will love). If you like these songs please also check his new title song “ICU” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3I5wCWkY1c .

    I have to admit the first song is the nicest in the playlist… reggae isn’t my thing and I agree with Soo Zee and Leigh-선뱀님 with the Swings song, “the lyrics aren’t the best for this song”.

    Nevertheless great job guise!


    • I think that 90s hip hop was “better” not just because it had less swearing (which it certainly did) but because it was more fun. Yeah, it petered out there in the end to the Boobs’n’Bling thing where it is still stuck but to me, what I liked originally about it back then was it always sounded/felt like you were at a party where everyone was having fun and trying to be clever with their words while dancing and bopping along. It was “elevated”? This one isn’t old or new or maybe even proper hiphop, but I’ll leave this here just for kicks and giggles because I like “The Sugar Hill Gang” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB1RutFp0Cc

      Cyber_3 – Y’all get off my lawn, Because I party ’til dawn! ;)

      • I see your point… I don’t know if hip-hop was originally …like in the very very beginning supposed to be “party fun times” and just a cool way to show off but I got used to it actually having a message and I find it cool that way and can’t manage to like it’s “fun” side… reading your comment it’s like I already had the answer to my questions just didn’t know it was there…

        • Hah! Sweet! I both like when that happens to me but feel a little bit like “doh! why didn’t I see it before” ;)

          BTW, don’t get me wrong, I like the hiphop tunes with a message but did hiphop originate to deliver the message or was it a popular and convenient vehicle for the message? I’m not sure which one came first but both work for me. I think that part of what I liked about music in the 80s was that artists tried to make it cool (and easy by making it fun) to be a protestor and/or on the front lines of making social changes.

          In some ways though it makes me sad to listen to those tunes with a message now because it’s been over 20 years and the problems they talk about still exist…..

          Cyber_3 – still argues that Martha and the Muffins “Black Stations White Stations” is early hiphop

        • I don’t deny it completely though… if it wasn’t for late hip-hop, the early hip-hop wouldn’t even exist… so in the end… it had some contribution… little … but still there…

          Snap with “I’ve got the power” I still like that song. I’m not sure how much influence it had to the evolution of hip-hop but that was a great song (and actually the initial role of the genre was to reflect the social, economic and political realities and through that to try and bring a change in the world…maybe they didn’t succeed because of the angry way some of the messages was carried… don’t know)…
          Anyway… I get your point.

  23. “Rack City” – Tyga. Though, if we’re gonna talk about modern hip hop & how shitty it is, I place “Mercy” from Kanye West in front of you. Good god that song gives me rage at HOW OBNOXIOUS it is.

  24. I didn’t whowho and i’m seriously in love with this music. Thank you guise for making me discover it

  25. It’s funny that you mentioned Polish reggae – I’m no expert but I know there was a huge boom after Kamil Bednarek appeared in polish ‘Got Talent’ show (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEV-j2xKyqE ) and suddenly listening to reggae became so super cool.
    If you want to check out polish reggae here are some songs I enjoyed listening to:
    Jamal – Policeman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el0prDXwxQI (okay this isn’t ‘classic reggae’ but everyone in Poland knows it and yeah)
    EastWest Rockers – Dotknąć cię http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu1PQ4spCiM
    Junior Stress – Znam Ten Stan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2aRGzpin7o
    Grubson – Na szczycie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BnT_wkuMBA
    Vavamuffin – Bless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGYwCcq9EwI

    Again – I don’t really listen to reggae, so it’s my amateur point of view ^^
    (I hope it’s okay to paste the links here…?)

  26. I seriously want to see Leigh (before she leaves for school), Sozee, and Ryan takeover KMM! One day I hope…. >w<

  27. I feel like if one could marry a band, there would be a lot of marriage licenses being forged by teenage girls. Illegal band polygamy and polyandry would plague countries all around the world.

    I would count myself in the hypothetical mass of underage criminals. I’m not proud

  28. Swings ans Beenzino together, aaaaah great ^.^

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