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Korean Indie Playlist: Her Real Reggae

September 2, 2013


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So, we’ve got another mishmash for this week’s Indie Playlist. This time it’s Ryan and I, and by “I” I mean Simon. Martina and Leigh played together for last week’s Indie, so this week we’re trying something different as well. On to the videos!

WHOwho “Her”

So, Ryan insisted on talking about WHOwho because he’s their biggest fan. Well, I’m not sure about that anymore. I know he’s probably one of their first fans. He introduced us to them when they were playing at a small venue with, like, 10 people watching. It was a great show and they were good fun. Now they’re a lot more popular, and they’ve got a line of fangirls in the front row at their shows. We saw them two Saturday’s ago playing at Club FF, and – funny story – it was hot as hell down there. SO HOT. The air conditioner wasn’t working, and there were far too many people in the audience, and we were dripping with sweat. The girls in front of us, though, waiting for WHOwho, were putting on their makeup before WHOwho came on stage. SERIOUSLY?! There’s no way they could put on makeup in a place so sweaty! It’d be like putting on makeup in the shower. And will the band even notice? Crazy. And when Glen Check came on afterwards the fangirls were in full force.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Just doing some storytelling about WHOwho. Point is, Ryan’s not the biggest fan anymore. Kpop has its fangirls, but so does K-Indie.

Swings “A Real Lady”

Time for another story: we had two friends living with us for a while as they were transitioning from one job to another. Yesterday was their last day at our place, so we went to celebrate at a noraebang. They put on a song that I heard a couple of times before that I hate with much of my heart and soul.

Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch.

Anyone know that song? I don’t even know who it is, but it’s horrendously awful, and – though I know not all Western hip-hop/rap is like that, hearing stuff like that really makes me lose faith in the genre, THOUGH I KNOW THERE’S GOOD STUFF OUT THERE. It’s just the bad stuff that’s getting more airplay.

The point of this all, I feel like, when I listen to Korean hip hop, it sounds like hip hop’s glory days, in a way. More boom-bap, soulful stuff. Fun and playful, not hunnids hunnids. Soo Zee and Leigh said that the lyrics aren’t the best for this song, though, but I still don’t think that it’s the Korean version of rack city bitch. And if it is I’ll be sad.

Windy City “Sweet Reggae Music”

I feel like I need a story for this song as well. I had stories for the other two videos…but I really can’t. Reggae’s not really my thing. But, I will say how surprised I am that the Korean language sounds like it suits reggae quite nicely. There are some languages I can’t imagine reggae going over very well with, like Polish, for example. Oh God: what if there’s a big reggae movement happening in Poland now and I’ve offended a lot of people? Ah! I’m sorry! I just can’t imagine it. Oh oh: I just googled “Polish Reggae” and it seems like it’s a thing. Ohhh. Umm. Errr. LOOK BEHIND YOU NOW! *runs for the bushes*

Point is, I didn’t hear laid back reggae like this in Korean before, and it works. Check it out if that’s your thing :D

Lastly, we’re not going to have a chance to do our Indie segment next week because we’re going to be in Australia. WOOHOO! We’re flying out on Wednesday, and our filming schedule is a bit off…but we’ll still be posting adventure videos while we’re there! Make sure you’ve clicked on the button below so you can see when our Indie segment will be back. YAY!



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