What Women Want “Curious”


You know when you try to describe the sound of a song using another song as an example and no one knows what you’re talking about? Well I just totally had that happen with this song. I have no idea how to explain what genre of music this is, but I love it! It’s like funky groovy sexy music which I’m pretty sure isn’t a genre. From a musicians’ perspective, I’m not sure if it’s an insult, compliment, or totally neutral feeling to be compared to another musicians song. Any musicians out there care to answer this question? Of course not in a, “you copied them” kindof way, but in a “it reminds me of…” kindof way. As for the band What Women Want, this is their first single and I’m very excited to hear more from them! GO GO GO!

BIZNIZ “Get Wet”


Ok, I gushed over this song in our talk about it, so I don’t need to say that much more here. It’s an awesome song. Doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the playlist, but it seems like we talk about it in every Indie Music Playlist that we do. If anyone’s got any more suggestions for awesome K Hip Hop like this, send it here! We’re really into jazzy, boom-bap kinda hip hop, if you can’t tell by now. Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of jazzy hip hop on Sunday mornings while we cook breakfast, but it’s been mostly old school hip hop and R&B like Tribe Called Quest and D’Angelo. It’s nice to update our music with some new music and even cooler that it’s from Korean artists. WOOHOO!

Lim Kim “Rain”


We actually like this so much that we bought the album. In fact, we bought two of her albums. It’s great background afternoon music. Not too uppity, perfect for lazing about, but still upbeat. We listened to Lim Kim this week (since we overdid our hip hop selection) and it was totally lovely cooking music. She has another song I like just as much as “Rain”, it’s called “Alright” and although it isn’t a slow song it’s really freakin catchy and the video is super cool. I pretty much went on a Lim Kim binge and looked up all her stuff and watched all her videos and they’re all awesome. I think you’ll be hearing more of her on our playlists soon! Thanks for the request Maria!

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  1. Oh my God YES! The Ghibli feels! I love that scene from Spirited Away.
    “Curious” What a lovely song! And that video rhaaaa, at the end I was like “Go with him! Walk him there damnit!”
    “Get Wet” Hum that title. Enjoyable, but I would get tired of it pretty quick.
    “Rain” Oooh that song’s so cute! I listened to “All Right” as well and I loved it. Thank you!

  2. they need to make a list with i11evn he sounds so cool.

  3. This song by Julian Salt(Jae-Hyoun Bae) and the video by the Busan Youth Film Club are so intricate. The story in the video seems quite daring. I will try to make this a video request also, but I don’t have the time at the moment. I hope you’ll enjoy this video never the less :]

  4. You guys should check out Vanilla Acoustic if you haven’t yet!! :) Their song Need to Talk (대화가 필요해) is so great^^

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mROYaBkStU

    Here’s my indie request since YT is stupid.
    (I swear I had this shirt before you guys did.)

  6. Get it Wet was the first K Hip Hop song I’ve actually enjoyed. I’m going to go in search of more Bizniz songs!

  7. Was Lim Kim in Shut Up Flower Boy Band? If not her voice sounds a lot like the person who sang the songs for the female idol in that show… I really like this kind of voice, don’t know what to call it….?

  8. And another song you need to listen to: (I’m trapped in a K-INDIE vortex! HELP ME!)


  9. You should check Dumbfoundead – Clear video. He an Korean American artists but he shot the video in South Korea.


  10. How do we request? I found awesome k indie songs, unfortunately I don’t know of any official MV :( I like Misty Blue! Can any one direct to me to an MV? Here’s the song I like


  11. “when the train goes through the meadow in Spirited Away” Oh god, I thought I was the only one who got feels over that!

  12. Lim Kim’s voice immediately reminded me of Norah Jones. Very similar styles too.

  13. Guys!!!!! You need to listen to this song. It’s so awesome! “Zoo”- Primary


  14. I love the sound of that Bizniz song! I would download it right now except…Son of a Monkey Nut! It is not on iTunes! *facedesk* Some of their other songs are, so I guess there is hope it will be up there at some point. Never know though since iTunes in the US is still missing several Girl’s Generation songs. :(

  15. “Rain” is nice & comforting when it’s raining & when I’m sad, but not for anything else. So, this song isn’t going to be an everyday thing. It also sounds jazzy. Bizniz “Get Wet” is a bit much; mad blunt lol. The way they speak that truth, but personally I would accept the music without the words hahaha. Just to keep my sanity. “Curious” was very sweet and low key’d than the other romance songs I’ve seen. It was sort of comforting. The singer has a nice voice & the acting was cool.

  16. i actually really liked rain. it kind of reminds be of 1950s american films,the sort of song that audrey hepburn would sing while she strums a guitar on her balcony. but that being said, did anyone else notice she’s wearing a fricking pure white dress in the rain?!

  17. Simon & Martina, I just noticed the K-Indie segments have a much higher percentage male response than Kpop stuff xD Maybe you could expand into an actual K-underground playlist/review? :D :D :D (just putting it out there ><…i'd love to discover more underground hip hop songs from you guise because it's so hard to find!) As a side note: awww yeeaaah Tribe Called Quest! I discovered them through Scrubs with their song Electric Relaxation :D

  18. I’m a huge fan of Lim Kim <3 I'm so happy you reviewed her song! I've been obsessed with her album A Voice for a while now<3

  19. Woohoo K Hip Hop!! Can you guys talk about Untouchable’s Jiggy Get Down or basically anything by Zion.T or Beenzino? :D

  20. Hey K-indie lovers!

    I found something amazing for ya’ll. Sadly there is no MV but the song still kicks ass ^__^


  21. I love “Rain”, wasn’t so big on “Alright”, but I did love “Voice”. Lim Kim has great songs, but just so you guys know, she’s actually just one half of the band Two Months. Her male co-member is currently completing his studies in the States, so when he gets back make sure to look out for the two of them as well.

  22. Also, I agree with Simon. The more I get into K-Indie and other types of Korean music, KPOP doesn’t fascinate me as much,. Maybe because it’s becoming normal for me now? I don’t know! *confuzzedpuddle*

  23. I feel really special because this week I actually know 2 out of the 3 songs already!!! *spazzbragdance*. I really love the video for “Curious” and “Rain” and I really, really love Lim Kim’s voice (was she on Shut Up Flower Boyband??). BIZNIZ is awesome. That is all.

  24. just downloaded lim kim’s albums and I do like songs that aren’t so bubbly all the time unless it is soshi or some song I really like (GD’s songs from his recent album are good ^_^)

  25. Oh man, “Alright” has been on a loop since FOREVER for me. I don’t know why, but I fell in love with this song. Catchy as all hell and that dude’s voice in the background is sexy.

  26. The playlist’s title made me think of wet Rain (비) dancing to SHINee’s Sherlock… And then Martina talks about the same Rain. Thanks Kpop for altering our views of weather phenomena. And I like rain, too! Unless it gets in the way of my plans. And I liked Lim Kim’s song and MV. It was so pretty! When I’m walking under an umbrella and I’m in a good mood (and the rain isn’t too heavy), I feel like dancing as I walk, just like she did in the video. And I really liked her outfit :)

    Agreed about acting in the first MV and I couldn’t agree more about the Ghibli feels :D Their movies are just magical.

    Hmmm, if you’re into jazzy style in music then you might like BToB’s When I Was Your Man. Or not. But why not giving it a try? youtu.be/-WUZYewLvxM (and there’s one English line in that song that is, uhm, special)

  27. Aww yeah lim kim.
    She’s totally awesome. I really like her song “All right”, which is totally alternative-genre sounding and “Colorring”, which is totally folksy and happy.
    The video for rain was gorgeous though.

  28. Omg I love Lim Kim I found her out through Running man :D And the other two songs were awesome as well~

  29. OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME!!! I freaking LOVE Lim Kim (you guys should check out the two mini albums she’s put out, and her last title track, All Right); her voice is so husky and sexy, and it just makes me wanna sing along in my lower range (something I actually really hate doing, because I’m a high singer XD). Like seriously, she’s so awesome and her music is so awesome and it’s just awesome :D

    *ahem* Anyway, I rather enjoyed this playlist. Lim Kim fanboi’ing aside, I’m happy you guys are back to making these (the last one seemed so long ago XD). What Women Want’s Curious is a rather nice listening experience and Bizniz’s Get it Wet is total dance floor crack (which I happen to enjoy, btw :3).

  30. K-indie time! Yay!
    The ”Rain” song by Lim Kim is so beautiful, she has a great voice and it feels just like a rainy day when you stay inside your house, feeling cosy, and watching the rain falling outside… Plus the video has a lot of umbrellas… and dancing feet… Ah this video was really so cute!

  31. 100 points for “Lip cramp”

  32. HIIII I have a request! I don’t want to do a video so I hope you take requests here too! It’s for the song From Me to You by Joo Young, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgBHJHLfQro It’s his only MV so far and I discovered it randomly when it came out and was totally blown away by his voice. It’s the softest, smoothest, nicest voice I have ever heard, and the song just matches it perfectly. I’ve been obsessing over this guy since this came out and I and all other Joo Young fans are desperately awaiting his comeback. I assure you you won’t be disappointed by this guy. (If you want to check out his other stuff, he has a single called Same as You and an EP called From Me to You.)

    • I bought the whole EP off of iTunes right after I heard From Me To You months ago (way back in December). His voice is so smooth.

      • Hey, we’ve talked about him before! Back when I had him as my user pic. You suggested we do a request for him, and I’ve been thinking about it since then… but I don’t wanna do a video (because my channel name is my real name and I don’t want that to pop up anywhere) so I finally decided to just make this simple comment request. It’s been a long time coming, but here it is :) I hope they include him in their Indie segment sometime!

  33. First, I know exactly which Lenny Kravitz song you’re talking about. Second, I’d call that What Women Want song Jazzy Soul. I just keep running into songs in that vein this week. Like this one that I’ve been playing on repeat non-stop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOKz_Qo94Lk

    Yes that was my not so slick method of promoting it. That kind of jazzy cool, soulful music is perfect for beautiful clear blue skies, cool Fall weather.

  34. Couldn’t we have a k.-indie chart, or a k-hiphop chart? Anyone agree? :)

  35. I love Lim Kim but why is she considered Indie?

  36. Hey guise :)

    Lovely playlist! (except for the second song… not so lovely…)

    “…jazzy hip hop on Sunday mornings while we cook breakfast…” don’t think this is jazzy… but I think it would be awesome for morning :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGPQn1RJfuk

    I actually found about Lim Kim in “Shut Up Flower Boy Drama” and loved her since Two Months (투개월).I’m pretty sure they’re still around, just that her singing partner went abroad study (I think).

    Good night (for later) >:D:D< :-* (this is my good night song recommendation :D … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGKZDSdhFrk )


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