In case you’re new to this and wondering why our title is so crass, we usually take a word from each of the three videos we’re talking about in the playlist. In this case, we have Love Songs, 10cm, and Dickpunks. It’s so…perfect!

Also, if you’re wondering why we’re doing the playlist not in our homes, but with other people, here’s the story: we were at SeoulTube this weekend as speakers and workshop presenters. We did a workshop on playlists. Part of the workshop was to actually create one there. So…that’s what we did!

Well, we didn’t do it FULLY. We filmed the videos there, and showed everyone all of the boring stuff that goes on in the background, like the editing, uploading, annotating, info-box filling, etc. That stuff takes forever, a lot longer than the actual workshop would have been, so we told everyone that we’d edit it ourselves at home and then upload it later. Well, now it’s later! So here’s the playlist!

We wanted to include other people’s opinions, rather than just our own. So, hopefully you like this odd, slightly different Korean Indie Playlist. It’s different than our regular ones, since it’s other people’s opinions rather than our own, so we’re not really gonna make a blog post similar to the ones we usually do. But, we’ll post all of the videos people requested here so you can check them out!

10cm “Americano”


Dickpunks “After the Play”


J Rabbit “Love Songs”


Ok ok ok I knew we weren’t supposed to talk about the videos in this blog post, but I can’t hold back. WTF IS DICKPUNKS?!?!? That’s the…oddest name ever. I was expecting a heavy metal band, or a punk band at least. I was expecting leather jackets with spikes on them, and some angst/angry songs about the suckiness of the political system. But…this is like, gospel music. WTF yo? And supposedly older Korean women love this band, and they have shirts saying “I LOVE DICKPUNKS” But Dickpunks, on their shirts, is in two different lines, so the first thing you think of when you see an older woman with a T-Shirt reading “I LOVE DICK…PUNKS” is not gospel music. Someone please explain their name to us!

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