In case you’re new to this and wondering why our title is so crass, we usually take a word from each of the three videos we’re talking about in the playlist. In this case, we have Love Songs, 10cm, and Dickpunks. It’s so…perfect!

Also, if you’re wondering why we’re doing the playlist not in our homes, but with other people, here’s the story: we were at SeoulTube this weekend as speakers and workshop presenters. We did a workshop on playlists. Part of the workshop was to actually create one there. So…that’s what we did!

Well, we didn’t do it FULLY. We filmed the videos there, and showed everyone all of the boring stuff that goes on in the background, like the editing, uploading, annotating, info-box filling, etc. That stuff takes forever, a lot longer than the actual workshop would have been, so we told everyone that we’d edit it ourselves at home and then upload it later. Well, now it’s later! So here’s the playlist!

We wanted to include other people’s opinions, rather than just our own. So, hopefully you like this odd, slightly different Korean Indie Playlist. It’s different than our regular ones, since it’s other people’s opinions rather than our own, so we’re not really gonna make a blog post similar to the ones we usually do. But, we’ll post all of the videos people requested here so you can check them out!

10cm “Americano”


Dickpunks “After the Play”


J Rabbit “Love Songs”


Ok ok ok I knew we weren’t supposed to talk about the videos in this blog post, but I can’t hold back. WTF IS DICKPUNKS?!?!? That’s the…oddest name ever. I was expecting a heavy metal band, or a punk band at least. I was expecting leather jackets with spikes on them, and some angst/angry songs about the suckiness of the political system. But…this is like, gospel music. WTF yo? And supposedly older Korean women love this band, and they have shirts saying “I LOVE DICKPUNKS” But Dickpunks, on their shirts, is in two different lines, so the first thing you think of when you see an older woman with a T-Shirt reading “I LOVE DICK…PUNKS” is not gospel music. Someone please explain their name to us!

  1. OMG I always wished you guys would interview dickpunks or just mention them but i never thought that you guys actually DID ahhhh so happy>< great video^^

  2. ok can someone forward me a message and ask J Rabbit if she will marry me! so awesome and amazing artist!

  3. I keep hearing about these fan cafe things for different music groups, but idk what it means. What are these cafe things? Can someone help? >.<

  4. I just recently heard about 10 cm, and so far, I really enjoy their music. I hope you guys are doing OK, your family is in my prayers.

  5. This is probably my favorite Indie Playlist yet. I loved the input from everyone else. More videos with more interaction from more people! Dig it.

  6. Thanks for sharing the love of indie with us as well. I really enjoyed this music. With no exaggeration I feel like my life is happier because of this new music. Thanks so much ;A;

  7. If you guys could you should totally cover these guys on a k crunch indie playlist. They got a good sound and do an awesome job at the whole post rock/electro thing. I don’t know much about them but this sound is off the chain.


  8. Ok already just gone and bought 2 albums

  9. Instant J-Rabbit fan, that voice is amazing!

  10. I wanted to leave somewhat comical comment (that might have rhymed this time) on Google+. To my surprise.. you guise.. ehmm.. forgot to post?!
    *scratching behind ear
    OK.. I guess It’ll be your way..

  11. well, well, well, you guys should check this label out if you really wanna know about K-Indie music. ‘Pastel Music’ http://www.facebook.com/pastelmusic

  12. Americano seeps into your subconsciousness. I listened and was like “what? I know I’ve heard this many times before but I don’t actually remember ever consciously playing it.” Turns out, according to my husband, I probably heard it over and over when we were in Korea for 2 weeks earlier this year.

  13. Holy crap I’m addicted to Americano. Many thanks for introducing me to 10cm *Runs off to YouTube for more music*

  14. 10 Cm sounds rather a lot like Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls. I enjoyed them.

  15. Me gusto mucho esta lista! ^^ las canciones y los comentaristas ^^

    I like me very much this list! ^^ the songs and the commentators ^^

  16. IT’S RYAN!!! Hey Ryan!! *waves excitedly* :D

    Wow, this playlist is seriously so cool. I love it when other people are in your videos (not that I don’t love you two, you’re amazing, but it makes it more varied y’know? xD)!!

    Americano is their old hit, isn’t it? Although I do like this version. And it really seems as if their faces are 10cm away from the camera :p

    Dickpunks…is really not what I expected :/ I think I would have much rather heard punk rock or any rockish genre over what they sang, but that’s probably just a matter a personal preference. I see what they’re saying about the main leader looking ‘sexy’ or whatever – but I still prefer Guckkasten’s singer :p Btw what was that picture that appeared next to Ryan’s face at the end? A chubby Asian One Direction? -_-

    I only recognised BEG’s Abracadabra from J-Rabbit’s song (thanks Carla for the whole list!!) They really do have lovely voices :) And I’m sure I’ve seen that room before from their other videos lol.

    Overall that Seoultube thing looked really, really fun~ *O* Any Nasties here who were there? (other than Ryan?)

    • HEEEEY!! *Ryan waves back until his arm falls off*

      it was a really cool conference and Simon & Martizzle were their usual goofy selves. Their workshop they ran was very informative on the detailed and constructive part of making videos and how important it is to make everything as accessible to their fans (old and new) as they possibly can.

      I was really impressed by the amount of thought and work that is put into each video from beginning to end. S&M really do care about their fans and seeing the behind the scene work REALLY shows that. *Ryan claps with his one remaining arm*

      Maybe ive been living under a rock but Ive never heard this Americano song before. Even though its not my favourite genre I found myself singing or humming the song for the next two days. I even sang a bit while I was teaching and all my kids knew the song and instantly started singing along. haha!

      anyways…… FINISHEEEEE

  17. Ooft, hot lead singer indeed

  18. Man that J Rabbit song got IU’s Marshmallow song stuck in my head ….guess i surrender ..time to go listen to that song….yay adorable marshmallow man!!

  19. Wait….so at first when I heard J Rabbit’s love song I thought it sounded like Minnie Rep..tons (?) “loving you” song and then it went into a different melody…but then Yung Jup (?)s “Nothing Better” than IU’s “Marshmellow” than Secret’s “Magic”? so it was just a mix. it was so cleverly put together! I loved it! (Ok so I missed the one after Nothing Better because I forgot the name but I love that song. And sorry if I messed up any of the names) (I’m not very good with names lol)

  20. Where can I get an “I love Dick punks” T-shirt?!!!

  21. Great playlist! It’s my birthday today (TOP is exactly two weeks older than me) and it was nice to have some new great songs to listen to. Loved the group introduction to the videos. They were all funny. Especially the blond haired guy with the 10 cm and DickPunks comments.

  22. Americano!!!!!!!! Yay 10cm!!!!!!

  23. i kept feeling 10cm was familiar then i remember they had made a song with Haha and they were so cute still are :) . I”m so happy you reviewed them

  24. The format of this week’s Indie Playlist is really fun. Please do this more often. <3 10cm's "Americano! The only other coffee related song I love is "Java Jive" by the Ink Spots. Check it out!

  25. This playlist is the best I’ve seen so far. I love all songs especially Americano and it’s really cool to see more people opinions.
    Still hope to see Tarus Orange blossom someday on your playlist.

  26. this playlist was really really nice and fun to watch!!!!!! and the songs were nice too ˆˆ

  27. This format is great, I hope you’ll get other people involved more often.
    Americano is a nice song to chill to. I’ve heard about 10cm a lot, i’ll have to check out their other songs.
    Dickpunks. Dickpunks. Dickpunks. I still think nothing can beat Super Hero Idol Team, Block B’s U-Kwon’s high school band. Guess what the abbreviation was.
    The girl from J Rabbit has impossibly sweet voice, but in a pleasant way. Definitelly heard Abracadabra, Marshmallow and Lovin’ You. I’m proud of myself.

  28. “PLAYLIST MODE!” – I almost spit coffee on my laptop. The sad thing is I should’ve been ready for it. You guys are awesome.

  29. This was an amazing playlist not just because it was live at SeoulTube and you had all those lovely individuals introducing the tracks and talking about why they liked them but the songs themselves were brilliant. I adore 10cm i have both their albums and i frequently blast them whilst i am on the bus from college. Americano was the first song i ever heard from them and what made me HAVE to check them out so its great to see it up there :D I also loved how RYAN GOT OWNED that woman about the origin of their name, though i am not sure i should love it because Ryan is awesome and suggests amazing songs hmmmmm right i change my mind SHE WAS OUT OF LINE (she wasn’t, she was brilliant *wags finger*)

    I loved Dickpunks, i simply was not expecting that sound from them but it was wonderful. I hope they have more tracks on youtube for me to listen to otherwise i am just going to be stuck with only one (thats not necessarily a bad thing i guess)

    J-RABBIT MY GOD!!! Like 10cm i have been a fan of them for awhile soooooo not much else to say other than i think they are amazing and its great to see another song by them on the Indie Playlist :D

  30. i loved this playlist! everything about it was so, reachable! the first one was peppy, the second was surprising! it was so upbeat and wonderful, i didn’t expect that from a band called Dickpunks *snickers and hides in corner. the last one was sweet and nice and made me want to take a nap. i love how this was live! it felt even more reachable, not that you guys arent, but i’m sure you know what i’m saying. and if i’m not mistaken, J Rabbit was sampling a song from the 70’s i believe, Loving You? amazing :D

  31. I feel stupid that by the end of J Rabbit’s Love Songs that I figured out that they were using popular song chorus references…thingymabobbers…sigh. :3

  32. what I found in the J Rabbit’s video
    0:00-0:28 > J Rabbit 0:29-0:38 > M.Y.M.P – Say You Love Me 0:39-0:44 > minnie riperton – loving you 0:45-1:03 >유리상자 (Yoo Ri Sang Jah) – 사랑해도될까요 (May I love you?) 1:04-1:11 > 아이유(IU) – 마시멜로(Marshmallow)1:12-1:29 > J Rabbit 1:30-1:37 > 일기예보(Weather Cast) – 좋아좋아1:38-1:46 > 정엽(Jeong Yeop) – Nothing better 1:47-2:03 > Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra 2:04-2:11 > 아이유(IU) – 마시멜로(Marshmallow) _again!2:12-2:20 > 시크릿(Secret) – Magic 2:21 – > J Rabbit

  33. Americano ! II Love love love This Song !

  34. I love all of these songs. Americano had alot of singalongability. I loved the video for Dick Punks but I cracked up at the ad for MAMA at the end. They did have a lot of Keyboard in it which I guess contributed to the “gospel sound, but they were far more eclectic than that. At some points it felt a lot more Elton John-ish. And J Rabbit sampled a bit from “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton. She has a similar pure tone to Minnie, just not the whistle register.

    It was also great having these different people offering their opinions and views. It was a nice change and some of them were really hilarious.

  35. I’m actually surprised you guys didn’t know about Dickpunks!

    Though, I only know about them because their keyboardist was in the Ok Punk project group and naturally I had to know more about them because their band name is so… intriguing…?

  36. You guys have “Americano” on this playlist. That just made my darn day. :)

  37. I love your regular K crunches, but this one had a fun feel too. Maybe you should add a new segment to your repertoire. Where you pick a fan, maybe via their video that implores you to pick their favorite indie band, or maybe a friend or acquaintance who had some great opinions about a song, and feature them in the segment. I think this would be a great way to interact with your fans, and hear some other opinions as well. I could even visualize a funny web cam skit to involve your overseas fans.

    anyways.. just an idea!

    ooo I’d love to hear your family members opinions of some of the songs too! bwahahaha.. my dad gets more than a little agitated whenever he hears rap, he’s not what you’d call a fan of it, which means 99% of the kpop videos are banned from his hearing range, but when he DOES hear one, the reaction is hilarious.

  38. Ah! Love Americano!
    My mind broke listening to J Rabbit’s Love Songs when she started singing Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. I did not see that coming!

  39. Awesome derp face from the blond guy after he got corrected by the cute girl ^^

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