Yukari “Marginal Man”


Holy flipping boats! We freaking love Yukari! This music is sooooOOOOOoooo SSOOOOO our kind of thing. It’s not music we’d listen to everyday, or at all times of the day (not really good morning music, in my opinion) but when you’re in the mood for a background vibe, this is definitely it. It’s almost aggressively background music. I don’t know what that means, but I just came up with it now. I’m trying to describe the feeling I get when I set up music to play in the background while I do stuff, and then I do the stuff, but once in a while I’ll hear the music and be like “UHHH THIS SOOO GOOOOOD” and then focus on that instead of what I’m supposed to do. It’s bad at doing its job of being background music. So…yep. That’s what I meant to say. I’m sure you have had similar experiences too, right?

Love X Stereo “Seoul City”


One thing we didn’t mention in our video for Love X Stereo: we actually know the girl. For those of you Nasties who have been around with us for a very long time, well, a VERRRY long time ago we were on the cover of Seoul Magazine. It was our first magazine cover. It was the first time we were featured in a magazine altogether. It wasn’t necessarily an article on us, the way the Groove Magazine article featured us in depth; it was just us on the cover as models, so to speak. Anyhow, the whole point of this is that the photoshoot was arranged by Annie, who is a member of Love X Stereo. We ran into her a short while ago in the Hongdae Club Strip after one of her shows. So…this is her band! We like featuring people we know.

Achime “02시무지개”


And, since we’re clearly exceptionally biased this link, we’re partial to Klinton’s request because we know him as well. How freaky was it that we ran into him in Korea AND Japan at the same time? That’s nuts man. Just nuts.

But we won’t talk about Klinton as much as we’ll talk about the song. I think I might have seemed unfair when talking about the song. I made it seem as if the song was just mediocre, and the computer sounds are what redeemed it, but that’s totally not true. The song’s great all around, but I’m just tooootally into 8bit stuff. Take it away from this song, though, and it’d still be great. It sounds similar to Spoon, if you’re fans of Spoon, and we are fans. So…yeah! We’d love to hear more stuff from Achime, and hope it sounds like this – with or without 8bit – though we’d prefer if 8bit was in there :D

Also, congrats to the winners of the MFBTY Signed CDs! You can see if you won in the last video on our playlist, which I’ll embed here to make it easier for you to check out. Huzzah!


  1. Okay, I don’t what it is, but the playlist isn’t working. It plays the first video, then the 3rd then 5th and so on. Even if I click on the video from the playlist bar that shows up on the bottom, it skips it. Do you guys think this is a problem with the embedding or YouTube itself? (And it’s not just my computer! It’s been like this for a few weeks and it’s on all my family’s computers. I believe someone else mentioned it, too.)

  2. question .. do I leave indie suggestions here? (fiddling with fingers and looking shy)
    some time ago I discovered Raspberry Field, it’s lovely guitary/baladdy music and the girl has such a sweet voice!

  3. might want to check this out. it isn’t korean, but i liked it so just wanna share


  4. Yukari, bought the album last month .. awesome …

    LoveXstereo and Achime … awesome …

    Best indie playlist from start to finish in a longtime ..

  5. I’ve always wondered why you guys tell us to click on the link to watch it in playlist mode when it will play that way anyway minus the commercials. :P

  6. Another great K Crunch Indie playlist….totally a fan of Love X Stereo now (her voice is so ethereal for me and I quite enjoyed the rest of their songs) and I also enjoyed the concept of their MV…makes me want to jump on my bike and videotape my city. I also quite enjoyed Yukari and Achime too, especially the video game 8bit quality you mentioned…what a great request Klinton and request video!

  7. dat pikachu tank XD wow the people who request songs are so creative… and often the requests are the songs i like best on kcrunch indie playlists….. hooray for eyk expanding my musical world!!

  8. I started to get motion sickness from watching Love x Stereo :(

  9. Love x Stereo definitely reminds me of oldschool Puffy AmiYumi, before all they did was release covers XD

    Puffy superfans, don’t kill me; that was a joke. I love Puffy AmiYumi (I have since I first heard the Teen Titans theme song :D). Their music is pretty much responsible for my love of Japanese (and consequently, Korean) pop culture.

  10. MMMMM… delicious K Crunch Indie time…. *munch munch crunch munch*

    lets see…
    Yukari – Ive been falling in ear-love with this girl ever since I heard her song “Hang On” a few weeks back. ever since then ive heard many of her songs on Youtube, but I have YET to see her live and frankly I’m getting antsy to see her perform more than anyone recently. Secretly its been a dream of mine to buy looper pedals and do stuff like this just for fun in my home… maybe one day I’ll find out the best type of gear to buy and just do it.

    LoveXstereo – Great band… seen them live a number of times and they don’t dissapoint. Even though they are not my very favourite style of music I always enjoy seeing them live as they are quite entertaining and fun. I got a chance to talk shortly with Annie the lead singer after a show and she is a really cool chick not to mention she has great vocals. Speaks perfect English so Im pretty sure she is American-Korean… either that or she had the best English lessons/teachers in the world.

    Achime – First time for me to hear this band. Something about auto-tuning that really bothers me, even when its done purposly as an effet…. annoying as hell for me. I do love the 8-bit sounding stuff like S&M but it wasnt enough to take away from the vocals. Maybe i’d take a look at some of their other songs but so far its just not my cup of tea. one part I laughed though it the random part they throw in “RAINBOW” at 1:55 haha

    Also, great request by our fellow Nasty. I really encourage everyone who watched these playlists to continue watching till the end and support the people who put the time in to make a video to share with the rest of us (being a fellow requester myself). Remember, we are all one big Nasty family. EYK 4 Life!

  11. I love Yukari. I’m very tired and sleepy right now, though, and her music isn’t helping ;(

    Wait, I’ve heard that Soul City song before. It didn’t have an MV at the time. I think last year another Nasty introduced Love X Stereo to me, and I loved them so much I checked out all their songs. Alyn Clay, was it you?

    *lol I found the old video – it even has my comment on it from 2 months ago xD

    I want to run into you on the streets too ._.

    This week is super electronic again huh :p Y U SO ELECTRONICA BIASED xD

    Gosh I need to request some hip-hop ballads to put in your lists. And rock. And trot, omg trot is awesome.

    Not that I mind electronica – it’s cool stuff bruh ;D

    The blog embedded playlists have been skipping around for a while now. Dunno who’s at fault here – probably WordPress.

    lol Klinton. Oh boy, the requests are getting awesomer and awesomer – I better get my next request in quick, before the bar is too high xD

  12. “I play synth… *dadadadada* We all play synth!” Martina’s little keyboard is so cool, I suddenly want to have one.
    Again I enjoyed all 3 songs. When you introduced Yukari few weeks ago, I checked out her music and I’m tempted to purchase her mini album (it’s on Yesasia).
    And yay for another awesome request video! Moreover, Klinton mentioned Panic! At The Disco and I love P!ATD :D May I hug you, Klinton?

  13. This Yukari song totally blew my mind. I think it can be a nice wake-up song on a sunday morning, when you feel like being lazy and taking your time! (Granted it might not be as efficient if you’re on a rush or need to be operative quickly).
    I also loved the second song, it was different but very cool as well^^

  14. Yep, the signing off video is not embedded. Had to go and find it on youtube.

    I actually really liked the achime song ( and the request video – Hi Clinton!)

    The seoul city song I can definitely see as a driving song. I needs some iTunes links people! Makes me sad.

  15. LOL was that a Desire-Under your spell reference? Great Indie segment! Loved all these songs!

  16. I think something went wrong with the video embedding. It won’t let us watch it on here. D:

  17. The video for Seoul City is beautiful, but it makes me carsick.

  18. I’m 100% sure I’ve heard Soul City somewhere before. It’s this feeling you get when the song comes on the radio and you know it from a movie, but for the love of everything can’t remember the title and it slowly drives you into crazyness.

  19. “And, since we’re clearly exceptionally biased this link,”….
    Was that supposed to be “this week”? (listening to aggressive background music can probably do that to you) ^^

  20. Yukari writing on “LE CAHIER” ^^
    Seriously, non-French speaking people, why do you pu “le” everywhere?

    • It’s actually a kind of “rule” for French teachers (as a foreign language, s’entend!): when teaching new vocabulary, always add the article. It helps for remembering the gender of the word, as well as for a bunch of other things like pronunciation (liaison/élision, ect) and the use of the partitive.
      I guess the flipside to that technique is the students can’t seem to know how to use a word WITHOUT an article… But it always makes for a good laugh!

  21. loving the Love X Stereo ^_^

  22. Woo! Finally I knew a song before it was on Indie Playlist :D I’ve had Seoul City on my chillaxin playlist for awhile now! I feel so accomplished :’)

  23. Why can’t I watch it? I have to watch it on youtube! Why can’t I watch here??

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