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Korean Indie Playlist: 2 City Man

March 10, 2013


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Yukari “Marginal Man”

Holy flipping boats! We freaking love Yukari! This music is sooooOOOOOoooo SSOOOOO our kind of thing. It’s not music we’d listen to everyday, or at all times of the day (not really good morning music, in my opinion) but when you’re in the mood for a background vibe, this is definitely it. It’s almost aggressively background music. I don’t know what that means, but I just came up with it now. I’m trying to describe the feeling I get when I set up music to play in the background while I do stuff, and then I do the stuff, but once in a while I’ll hear the music and be like “UHHH THIS SOOO GOOOOOD” and then focus on that instead of what I’m supposed to do. It’s bad at doing its job of being background music. So…yep. That’s what I meant to say. I’m sure you have had similar experiences too, right?

Love X Stereo “Seoul City”

One thing we didn’t mention in our video for Love X Stereo: we actually know the girl. For those of you Nasties who have been around with us for a very long time, well, a VERRRY long time ago we were on the cover of Seoul Magazine. It was our first magazine cover. It was the first time we were featured in a magazine altogether. It wasn’t necessarily an article on us, the way the Groove Magazine article featured us in depth; it was just us on the cover as models, so to speak. Anyhow, the whole point of this is that the photoshoot was arranged by Annie, who is a member of Love X Stereo. We ran into her a short while ago in the Hongdae Club Strip after one of her shows. So…this is her band! We like featuring people we know.

Achime “02시무지개”

And, since we’re clearly exceptionally biased this link, we’re partial to Klinton’s request because we know him as well. How freaky was it that we ran into him in Korea AND Japan at the same time? That’s nuts man. Just nuts.

But we won’t talk about Klinton as much as we’ll talk about the song. I think I might have seemed unfair when talking about the song. I made it seem as if the song was just mediocre, and the computer sounds are what redeemed it, but that’s totally not true. The song’s great all around, but I’m just tooootally into 8bit stuff. Take it away from this song, though, and it’d still be great. It sounds similar to Spoon, if you’re fans of Spoon, and we are fans. So…yeah! We’d love to hear more stuff from Achime, and hope it sounds like this – with or without 8bit – though we’d prefer if 8bit was in there :D

Also, congrats to the winners of the MFBTY Signed CDs! You can see if you won in the last video on our playlist, which I’ll embed here to make it easier for you to check out. Huzzah!



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