Hey guise! Sorry for the short blog post for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist. It’s almost time for us to go to bed and we still haven’t finished packing. Yikes! We spent a lot of time today getting Spudgy and Meemers ready for our trip to Singapore. Well, they’re not coming along. We had to bring them to people’s places. They’ve got babysitters while we’re gone.

Anyhow, I’m gonna go back to trying to find my glasses, which I might have lost last night after having drank too much. Thanks Antoine de Caunes! Otherwise, here are the videos for this week’s Playlist!

PosT PANiC “Outer Space”


Jang Kiha and the Faces “That Sucks”


Seo Taiji “Bermuda”


  1. WOW that Post Panic song is amazing! It has so many of the elements I really enjoy in music. Discovering awesome bands like this is why I love your indie segments so much! Thanks EYK and Ryan!

  2. I hated the enting so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  3. The Post Panic MV def needs a warning… haha. was not prepared for so many flashes and lights.

    And the Jang Kiha and the Faces MV… horrible decision to watch at 1:30am… and then the last second… I almost cried..

  4. great selection of songs! I had a mini fangirl attack when you mentioned Billy Corgan…he was my first rock star crush and I still love SP to this day! Loved the MV for Seo Taiji, too. Hope you two are having fun in Singapore!

    • Oh and LOL at the springy synth thing! It reminded me of those terrible playgrounds that had ducks, trucks, and airplanes that you just sat on and they were on these HUGE springs, so your clothes and skin got all caught in them and you just spent the whole time trying to figure out if you were having fun or not. Most of the time, NOT.

  5. ahhhhhhhhh thou shalt not waste delicious food! My heart is crushed.

  6. That’s great to see PosT PANiC!
    They deserve to be known… And they need you! hahaha
    They’re on the RED BULL Live On The Road competition : http://www.redbullliveontheroad.kr/band/postpanic
    So please, vote for them if you have time ;)
    Thanks again!!

  7. Outer space is definitely addictive techno alt rock goodness. Thanks for sharing, you’ve created a new fan on Post Panic! :)

  8. MV ‘that sucks’ is pure torture. I’ve been saying that I’m craving Korean food and yet look what that lady did >:(

  9. I watched the entire mv for That Sucks just to watch the food porn. LOL what a waste at the end. XD
    Anyways, great playlist, as always :D I’m loving the rock theme.

  10. That biatch, how could she just waste food like that. That girl needs to experience hunger once in awhile I see. *RAWR* Lol anyway, just had to get that out of my system..and I’m really hungry.

  11. Actually Post Panic really reminds me of the old bad “Does that Offend you Yeah?”

    You should check them out. But they’re brittish, not korean :p

  12. Have you used that Post Panic song in one of your videos before? I feel like I have heard it somewhere.

    …im really hungry >_>

  14. Jang Kiha and the Faces “That Sucks” MV made me SOOOOOOO hungry! I was salivating all the way through the video and at the end my jaw just dropped! WTF LADY!

  15. Ow THAT was a frustrating ending!

    Did someone took vids of you guise drinking with Antoine de Caunes? That must have been priceless!

    Oh, and can you guise freeze the KPop Charts while you’re away? It would avoid the mess you trips usually cause that way ^^

  16. who and thanks for this awesome music. I totally love seo taiji´s ultramania (I knew him before). It reminds me of KoRn *-*
    Ahh and have a lot of fun in Singapore!

  17. Thanks for the great music! There is this cool site called Noisetrade, where there is a bunch of free music and if you really like the artist you could tip them. It would be awesome if these great indie bands could put their music up there. Maybe you guys could check it out and spread the word.

  18. omg so hungry now. I’d love for my husband to cook like that for me. His idea of making something special is putting 2 different packets of ramen in the same pot.

  19. the first and last songs i thought about requesting them myself, but i was like, “phhht. These songs are so awesome, they have probably already been requested.” -_- see? awesomeness. the second one however, i did NOT know about, and it was bagpipingly amazing! cooking never looked so awesome! look at those food porn shots. Fantastic (baby)! Anyhoo, have fun in Singapore!

  20. To answer Simon’s questions: Pipers (not bagpipesmen) can and do wail away at the pipes. As evidence, I point to Tartanic. They rock out with their Scot out. Check their website ( http://www.tartanic.net/ ) or search for them on YouTube to see them in their natural environment… ren fairs.

  21. I love the first song! Thanks Simon & Martina & Ryan~~~~

  22. Man the second Martina said “click here for playlist mode” the little youtube pop-up ad came up. Well played youtube, well played.

    Some good rocking songs this week! Me likey! The synth/keyboard on springs reminds me of, I wanna say Rammstein. Guess it allows them to rock out as well haha.

  23. Jang Kiha and the Faces’s MV made me hungry. Oh lord….and the ending certainly fits the title. “That sucks.”

  24. god that really does suck… maybe he should get another girlfriend… I volunteer myself! I would never waste food like that! i’d love a guy who does all that for me, and never let him go… ever. seriously. I love to cook so it’s not because I don’t want to cook, but to know that someone is able and willing to do so too is seriously the best thing ever.

  25. Omg. Best. Morning. EVAR!!!!

  26. Oh, you were right. The end of ‘ that sucks’ lives up to it’s title. I was so upset. An awesome video though.

    Hah I love that Seotaiji is on the indie list. I actually don’t think that many young Kpop fans may have listened to much of his discography. He really is quite experimental and has tried so many different genres.

  27. I hate rushing = . =

    Awesome K-indie playlist! :)

    Great job!! :D

    Good night!!! :-****


    P.S: isn’t your anniversary on the 19th :-? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St496InW1T4

    • Because it’s not k-pop (thanks to him, k-pop exists and and so, but it’s not the k-pop “everybody” knows). I didn’t get to know his music till yesterday because, even though he’s famous in Korea, people like me who haven’t been listening to k-pop for a long time, can’t find his name easily.

      Everything you find is SNSD, Super Junior, Shinee, Big Bang, 2NE1, 2PM… but is not so easy to get to know Seo Taiji’s music. I’ve read a lot of comments @ youtube of people making the same question as you, this can be an answer.

      Maybe he’s not an Indie artist but his music worth listen to. I’m really glad and thankful that they put this video on their “Indie playlist” so I could find this amazing artist.

  28. The white rice has some serious food porn going on.

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