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Korean Indie Playlist: Circus Love Film

June 24, 2013


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Postino “I Love It”

Whoa this is a pretty mixed bag today at the Korean Indie Playlist corner. Is it a corner or is it more like a gathering? I can picture all of us gathering at a coffee shop introducing different bands we like via a projector system while dipping biscotti and sipping lattes. Ah yeah. So first up is a guy named Postino, as least I assume it is just a guy and not a band since all the descriptions of him are in singular format. So Postino makes very jazzy dance music, the kind of thing that would be perfect for listening to at an upbeat pottery painting studio or yes, a trendy coffee shop. It has a very happy feel to it. Even thought the song is good, the video is really the winner. It is so freaking awesome. I’m assuming it’s filmed in England since that’s where Postino supposedly lives now, because it’s 100% NOT filmed in Korea. But forget the filming, the acting in this video is fantastic. And there definitely could have been a point where this video might have gotten repetitive and boring but they changed it up so nicely with the addition of the junk food grabbing scene and then new stuff after that as well. I don’t want to spoil the video for you, so I’ll stop. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Somdef “Circus”

So Simon was pretty shocked by the next track, which is called “Circus” by a rapper named Somdef. When I first played it he immediately perked up and said, “Whoa, this sounds like D’Angelo.” That got his attention right away. I know Simon struggles with listening to Korean hip hop because he’s invested in lyrics when he listens to rap as well as the beat, but this is a song he was able to enjoy based on just the nostalgic factor. The video though..is something special. It’s like something that was made by a graphic art student who is learning how to do graphic effects and has gone crazy with power and just put everything together. That or someone who is on drugs. It’s pointing more towards drugs the more I watch the video.

Hologram Film “Red Rum”

Last up is a viewer request for the rock band Hologram Film with their song “Red Rum”. Look at that! A DJ, hip hop, and rock music all in one playlist! We went crazy this week! So when I watched the video for this song I felt like I was transported back into my days as and English teacher. This video is so heavy with symbols that you just want to show it to your grade 10 class and have them analyze it! It’s like those short stories I had to read in English class in University that seemed like a normal story but turns out had a million well thought out things placed in it that you’re supposed to read into. Like, “the flowers represent her sadness as a woman, and the colour red is similar to both love as well as death at the same time.” That being said, this video didn’t move me or anything, it was just obviously made by someone who wanted to tell a cryptic story…about love, loss, and possible murder! Check it out and let me know what it was about. Also I expect a five page report on my desk by Tuesday, written in Times New Roman, font 12, double spaced, and don’t try any fancy margin adjusting or 2.3 line spacing because I’ll know!



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