This week’s Korean Indie Playlist has been kidnapped by me, Intern Leigh, and I insist on injecting more hip hop into Eat Your Kimchi, because have you heard Korean hip hop? It’s pretty awesome.

Swings “Would You? (f. Seo In Guk)”

First up is a Korean rapper who I have the major music hearts for: Swings. This is his new single and its so very alluring, isn’t it? I’ve been listening to it on repeat aaaaaaall week and the more I listen, the more I seem to love it. The video matches the song nicely, right down to the way Seo In Guk looks like a vintage playboy while Swings resembles a mafioso. It’s full of mojo. I mean, I’m pretty sure Seo In Guk actually writhes off the couch like a tiger at one point. Soo Zee, my partner in Korean hip hop addiction, thinks it sounds like Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” but with less falsetto. The video has some similarities too, with the classic wardrobe and simple colour scheme. And then there’s that girl. Ugh. I don’t really understand why they’re fighting over a girl who is obviously a Meany McMeanyton. Is she just playing with them because she’s bored while she’s waiting for her broken leg to heal? Is she actually a vindicitve Korean foot model haunted by a runway tumble? Or are Swings and Seo In Guk just delivery boys for the flowers and shoes she ordered online? Either way, forget her and come fight over me, boys. Unlike that broken foot modeling online shopping addict lady, I won’t feed your pet goldfish to Meemers.

House Rulez “Whale Hunting”

It was tempting (oh so tempting!) to make every song this week a hip hop track, but there’s just too much good Korean indie music out there to stick to one genre. So I picked out a house track. House Rulez is an older group, but this is the most recent of their songs I could find. “Whale Hunting” reeks of bubblegum dance music, but just when your teeth are about to hurt from all the upbeat-ed-ness, the song ends. I have few qualms with the song itself, but the dancing in the video makes me feel…uncomfortable. It’s not that big bald dude can’t dance, it’s just that his dancing is kind of out there. I was prepared to prattle on about how House Rulez should probably hire a less awkward choreographer when Soo Zee burst my bubble by explaining who he is. Apparently, the main dancer in this video specialises in avante guarde movement. He also interpretive dances on-stage at all of House Rulez’s live events. I’m not really sure what to call his particular brand of dancing. Ecclectic? Modernist? Marionettish? Somebody let me know so I can stop accidentally insulting it.

Roll Sp!ke “White Rabbit”

We’ve gotten quite a few requests for Roll Sp!ke here at the studio. I see why; Roll Sp!ke puts out some pretty mesmerising stuff, both online and in meatspace (i.e., not the internetz) via installations in galleries and museums around Seoul. In fact, in some of their other videos, you can see patrons walking around in the background, foreground, and every which way. As a result, I’m not sure whether to call “White Rabbit” a music video or an art piece. I dig it, though. There’s something hypnotising about lightshows and lasers. Did anyone else used to watch their iTunes or WinAmp visualiser? I used to put on a chill album and just watch my computer light up my bedroom. “White Rabbit” recreates the exact same feeling for me. If you’re partial to that sort of thing, it can be easy to get absorbed in the music. They just had an installation at the Daelim Art Museum for the One Day Artists festival, and they list exhibitions and news on their website if you’re a local Nasty interested in experiencing one of Roll Sp!ke’s shows or installations.

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