This week’s Korean Indie Playlist has been kidnapped by me, Intern Leigh, and I insist on injecting more hip hop into Eat Your Kimchi, because have you heard Korean hip hop? It’s pretty awesome.

Swings “Would You? (f. Seo In Guk)”

First up is a Korean rapper who I have the major music hearts for: Swings. This is his new single and its so very alluring, isn’t it? I’ve been listening to it on repeat aaaaaaall week and the more I listen, the more I seem to love it. The video matches the song nicely, right down to the way Seo In Guk looks like a vintage playboy while Swings resembles a mafioso. It’s full of mojo. I mean, I’m pretty sure Seo In Guk actually writhes off the couch like a tiger at one point. Soo Zee, my partner in Korean hip hop addiction, thinks it sounds like Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” but with less falsetto. The video has some similarities too, with the classic wardrobe and simple colour scheme. And then there’s that girl. Ugh. I don’t really understand why they’re fighting over a girl who is obviously a Meany McMeanyton. Is she just playing with them because she’s bored while she’s waiting for her broken leg to heal? Is she actually a vindicitve Korean foot model haunted by a runway tumble? Or are Swings and Seo In Guk just delivery boys for the flowers and shoes she ordered online? Either way, forget her and come fight over me, boys. Unlike that broken foot modeling online shopping addict lady, I won’t feed your pet goldfish to Meemers.

House Rulez “Whale Hunting”

It was tempting (oh so tempting!) to make every song this week a hip hop track, but there’s just too much good Korean indie music out there to stick to one genre. So I picked out a house track. House Rulez is an older group, but this is the most recent of their songs I could find. “Whale Hunting” reeks of bubblegum dance music, but just when your teeth are about to hurt from all the upbeat-ed-ness, the song ends. I have few qualms with the song itself, but the dancing in the video makes me feel…uncomfortable. It’s not that big bald dude can’t dance, it’s just that his dancing is kind of out there. I was prepared to prattle on about how House Rulez should probably hire a less awkward choreographer when Soo Zee burst my bubble by explaining who he is. Apparently, the main dancer in this video specialises in avante guarde movement. He also interpretive dances on-stage at all of House Rulez’s live events. I’m not really sure what to call his particular brand of dancing. Ecclectic? Modernist? Marionettish? Somebody let me know so I can stop accidentally insulting it.

Roll Sp!ke “White Rabbit”

We’ve gotten quite a few requests for Roll Sp!ke here at the studio. I see why; Roll Sp!ke puts out some pretty mesmerising stuff, both online and in meatspace (i.e., not the internetz) via installations in galleries and museums around Seoul. In fact, in some of their other videos, you can see patrons walking around in the background, foreground, and every which way. As a result, I’m not sure whether to call “White Rabbit” a music video or an art piece. I dig it, though. There’s something hypnotising about lightshows and lasers. Did anyone else used to watch their iTunes or WinAmp visualiser? I used to put on a chill album and just watch my computer light up my bedroom. “White Rabbit” recreates the exact same feeling for me. If you’re partial to that sort of thing, it can be easy to get absorbed in the music. They just had an installation at the Daelim Art Museum for the One Day Artists festival, and they list exhibitions and news on their website www.rollspike.com if you’re a local Nasty interested in experiencing one of Roll Sp!ke’s shows or installations.

  1. I already like “White Rabbit” it’s soo cute & happy. The words are true as well, when thinking about how the adults of the past are not liking the changes that have occurred throughout their years. Some of us now tend to feel as they do, from time to time, when it comes to certain topics. “Whale Hunting” was way cool! The video was really fun & the music was really matching. It felt like freedom. The “Would You?” song was funny & cute, but eh. I’m not in the mood for seeing guys fight over the gal when it’s as usual the same section of the world as they are. Sorry to sound like that, but at least I understand that it’s the same when in the USA with the Spanish, English & whatnot languages MV’s. It would be, I guess, more interesting to put up an actress from a different country that’s not the same or similar skin tone as the guys. Sorry again to say it that way. It’s just what I’ve been exposed to since I was little. Hope you all could forgive me for saying it so bluntly. Overall, all MV’s were cool in their own respect, but I had more fun with the “Whale Hunting” & was feeling happy with the lights in “White Rabbit.”

  2. just watched this (wow was i late viewing it right?) I’m so glad i didn’t miss it. Great songs :D and Leigh you did a great job! ^_^

  3. Sassy Leigh is the best! I would love it if Intern Leigh and Soo Zee were in more videos :D Especially if they gave their opinions on things in TL;DR’s or KMM’s!!

  4. “Limbs disconnected from your brain-hole” lmfao That was genius!

  5. Yay Korean house. Must find more House Rulez.

  6. I was actually wondering what kind of music Leigh and Soo Zee listen to. Now I know :)


    P.S: I think if you could name a specific dance for house… “House Rulez” dance would be it XD I don’t know it just seems so perfect!

    P.S.s: slow down :))

  7. Yaaaay, this is way more like my type of K-music! Would You? have this really swag sound and I love House Rulez. I’ve only seen one of House Rulez video music videos so it’s nice to see more of them. Never heard of Roll Sp!ke, so thanks for introducing me to them^^

  8. Leigh, you did really well! I would love to see more videos from you in the future. You are an awesome fit for the EYK crew.

  9. Excellent music choices! And funny too, gosh. I’ll second a couple other people here in saying that you were going a little bit fast for me. I’m a native English speaker, too, but I think I must watch too many movies with subtitles, or something – halfway through the first video I started looking for the subs so I wouldn’t miss any jokes. ^^ Apart from that, awesome job. An Intern Leigh permanent weekly segment is something I’d totally be behind!

  10. Absolutely looovee this playlist!! even more Intern Leigh talking….yep a very good laugh guaranted!

    Waiting for more eykcrew vids

  11. Hahaha. “I thought what we had was real. I thought it was special.” Go Leigh!


    first thing is first… Leigh, you rock. let hang out more m’kay?? will not take NO for an answer! *Leigh quickly blocks Ryan’s number and laughs evily into her phone as she raises her other hand into the the air and causes lightning to occur*

    ok awesomesauce playlist this week. I shall begin with….

    really diggin the track beat and rapping but to be honest I wasnt too big on on the ballad side of it. Also I totally agree that the video really matched the song. What did they film it in… X-Pro? haha (oh Instagram, you spoil me). before I read the blog post I totally was thinking “Suit & Tie” as well… great minds think a like I suppose… really super awesome great minds… humble minds.

    ummm…. YES! I was asked if I knew of House Rules earlier this week by Leigh last week and I was like “hmm, Im pretty sure Ive heard of them”… I was wrong, dead wrong, but I really wish I had because this is so freaking awesome! right off the top I was drawn in by by the “LETS GO GOGOGO….” and bingity blam beats come it like sweet ear candy. it was a fun ride the whole ride through and as soon as the song was finished I played it again and added it to my indie playlist favorites. This video was super awesome to me too cause it reminded me totally of highschool. In my grade 12 Law class every time my teacher would leave the class for even 30 seconds my buddy would turn on the sterio to a radio station and I would dance my face off and make everyone laugh until the teacher came back. It was a great memory and thanks to you, it was triggered again and I am super happy right now. Thanks Leigh for introducing me to a great new group!!

    Oh Roll Sp!ke… how I love thee and also hate how no matter how hard I look I cant seem to find a live installation of yours. I will do it… MARK MY WORDS!!! All of their songs to me are so catchy and addictive and adding the art instals on top of it gives me multiple braingasms (for example the intro to HIGHER). Also, I dont know what your talking about USED TO watch iTunes visualisers… I still do. DONT JUDGE ME!!! *Ryan holds his arms out to be hugged and accepted by fellow Nasties*

    Im so happy right now….

    EYK 4 LIFE YO!

  13. First of all, go Leigh! You make an excellent presenter for these types of segments. I love your energy and your animatedness (is that a word?).
    As for the music, they were all good choices. I really loved the Whale Hunting video. I love seeing people just have fun regardless of what the people around them think. Then he sort of tag teams in the next guy and he is letting loose as well. I would have called it a good video right there, but then the girl with the hidden earphones reveals them at the end. Totally awesome! Great Pick! :)

  14. People with lazy eye, unite!

    OR MAYBE… Leigh is actually Mad-Eye Moody. o_O

  15. i think she did well too. i was thinking that since simon and martina have been busy with filming so many videos within a week, why not hand over some to leigh or soo zee as well? like for example, leigh could permanently be hosting KIP, soo zee could permanently be hosting TLDR. and switch it up according to their schedules or something like that.

  16. Omg Leigh you are too funny and dare I say it you
    might give Simon and Martina a run for their money. I
    hope to see you in more videos!! ^3^

  17. Telling people they should have cosmetic surgery for your own benefit is rude and condescending. It’s irrelevant whether everyone is thinking it or not.

  18. Girl, you are tons of fun to watch! I love your quirky personality and you just absolutely shine (i always loved your impromptu pop ups in the live chats etc.). The only thing is, and a couple people said this already, you might want to slow down a bit, there are a lot of Nasties from all over the world and not everybody’s native tongue is English here (in my case) and we don’t want to miss anything u say =)

  19. I don’t think she was copying them. I think it’s just her natural personality and probably why she and the rest of EYK crew get along so well (because she’s pretty awesome). Plus when you hang around people you like for a long time, you naturally just begin to unconsciously take on some of their mannerisms.

  20. Intern Leigh, I would really like to be your friend. okay? uhm thanks. bye…

  21. Can Leigh do more in the future. More of Soo Zee would be awesome as well. I love S&M, but I think a rotating schedule would be really cool. Just for the playlists? Is that at all feasible?
    Great job on the playlist, Leigh!

  22. “Leigh List Mooooode!”….i like the ring to this as well as the alliteration…two words starting with the same leter can be called alliteration, it doesn’t have to be 3…right? It’s funny you mentioned Gilmore Girls for Swings because I was thinking your segments reminded me of the witty fast banter of that show which I loved loved loved. Great playlist by the ways…I love K-indie hip hop and wish it got more attention. Hope to see you in more up coming segments as well as Soo Zee and Ryan!!! EYK Crew rules!….which now makes me think you guys should run around like the O’Doyle family in Waterboy and yell “EYK Crew Rules”…minus the whole driving of the cliff thing.

  23. Leigh did a really good job!!!

  24. oh em gee, intern leigh. OEMGEE. SRSLY. GURL. U AWSUM. ME WUBS YU. SRSLY.

  25. OOOoo! The House Rulez song is a re-mix version of the classic Korean song 고래사냥 (Whale Hunt) that practically every Korean knows. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOH9Vz8eNXA My husband played a hardcore version of the song for a concert, and eeeeeveryone was singing along—so fun!

  26. Check out Outsider, he’s Korea’s fastest rapper. Just came back last week after three years.
    Alone/Loner is my favorite song of his though.

  27. “Where your limbs are all disconnected from your brainhole.”

    Love you Leigh! <3

  28. omg u guys should do more khiphop! i swear my itunes is half kpop and half khiphop haha there are some really good khiphop artists and it would be great if u could introduce other nasties to them!

  29. SooZee and Leigh should take over a FapFap :P omg that would be epic.

    But man Leigh you are amazing very smooth it seems like you did all this in one take it’s amazing how good you are in front of the camara. :)

  30. Good job Leigh! And thanks for introducing me to Swings, Seo In Gook, and House Rulez! I loved both songs. Not much of a fan of house music, but Whale Hunting is too upbeat to resist. KMM and Kpop Indie need more Korean hip hop, so thanks a bunch for picking “Would You”.

  31. Seeing as I just got yelled at for never having heard of Swings, I need to yell at YOU LEIGH for never having heard of Seo In Guk. Seriously???? Your homework this week is to go; 1) watch K.Will’s Please Don’t MV, and then; 2) go watch Answer Me 1997.
    Do it. It will make you so happy. So so so happy.

  32. For some reason I was hoping for Leigh to judo-chop Simon and Martina to take over but maybe I am just too violent? A-ha, finally! A takeover! Mwahahahahaha! Good going Leigh! It was also super awesome that I actually already knew all these songs! Great choices! w00t?! Am I finding more good musics on my own?

    It was a little rough at the beginning, I found the first segment kind of long but you were doing much better by the last segment. You’ve hit your groove now. I think that somewhere between the second and last segment would be a good length of time, and you were much funnier once you loosened up a bit but man, don’t wear the SWEATer…..er……you know what I mean?;) I think it would also be easier/work more smoothly if you had a companion to mix it up with you, even if someone off camera interacted a bit (who is filming? Ryan?).

    As for your eyes (my Mom has the same thing) but when you’re the only thing to focus on in the shot, people want to look into your eyes (unless they are looking at your bewbs), there are ways to make it less distracting. For example, wearing glasses (even fake glasses) with dark frames, it gives people something to focus on….or colourful eye-makeup, or a headband with ears, or talk to a stuffed animal (or a real animal? or a real person?) so that your own eyes have something more concrete to look at than the nebulous “camera area”, it also makes you blink more, which tends to align the pupils more. If you’re trying to focus on two things relatively close to each other (the prompter and the lens?) then your lazy eye will tend to be more lazy and not move as much as it should. Well, you’re a film editor, I am sure that you know lots of tricks yourself, don’t be too nervous to use them. Keep up the good work.

  33. Great job Leigh! Loved your dress too! Where did you get it?

  34. Seo In Guk is so awesome! I did not know he could sing this well~ His voice in Reply 1997 totally threw me off

  35. Oh my goodness! Leigh is hilarious! She seriously needs to be on camera more often!

  36. Would you be weird-ed out if I told you I can make one eye lazy on purpose? Also my uncle has a “lazy eye” though technically it’s not lazy but made of glass.

  37. YAY, loving seeing Leigh take over and her tastes in K-Indie and such! Soo Zee, are you next? Simon and Martina sure do take care of their interns (: Kudos, Leigh!

  38. First off: Intern Leigh did an awesome job! My only suggestion is to slow down a bit when you’re talking, but otherwise your jokes were spot on and you worked the camera perfectly :D
    Secondly: I am in love with White Rabbit. Excuse me while I immerse myself in everything Roll Spike :D

  39. I actually LOVED that guy’s dancing, Leigh!!!!
    And I’m really happy you included that song- woot woot new song for the summer!!! It’s an awesome song, and I found the whole video fabulous and hilarious, I enjoyed it a lot!

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