Verbal Jint “Walking in the Rain”


It’s Verbal Jint featering Bumkey with their song “Walking In the Rain” which I feel should be called, “Dancing in the Rain” or “Fondling People in the Rain” or “Driving in the Rain”. A song with the word walking in it sure had a strong lack of walking. Maybe “staring in the rain while I watch other people breakdance like pros” would work. Or perhaps, “standing under an umbrella looking semi-emo while you walk away in inappropriate rain shoe gear while I kick an innocent pop can that didn’t deserve to be kicked”. I think those are all excellent song title names. Anyhoo, it’s funny this video should come out because I was just telling Simon I really want to do a W.A.N.K or F.A.P.F.A.P during monsoon season where we just blatantly ignore the fact that it’s pouring rain and we just do normal stuff without an umbrella. I never should have talked about that idea out loud because it’s clear to me that the video producer of this video stole it. Obviously. Oh right, there was a song with this video! I actually liked this song! I don’t like it as much as I like Zion T and I think I know why. My friend Whitney heard it playing and said, “oh that’s got a kind of R.Kelly or 112 feel to it” and I’m not really into R. Kelly while I am into D’Aneglo. So I think I figured out what kind of of R&B I like, and it’s in the separation between R&Bish ballad songs and R&Bish jazzy hip hop. I defintiely like jazzy hip hop a lot more than just ballads. So that, for example, is why I love B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop” which feels more jazzy to me while I didn’t like “Rain Sound” which felt more ballad-like to me. Oh and this is Martina speaking if you couldn’t tell by now. Hi! Martina here. *does a dance*

Dynamic Duo “Baaam”


Next up is Dynamic Duo featuring Muzie with their song “BAAAM”. Now this song has the kind of jazzy feel to it that I was talking about, but still not jazzy enough for me. Zion T what have you done to me!!?? But nonetheless, still a great song. If I had one complaint it would be that they didn’t use that awesome little riff by Muzie enough in the song. I would have liked to hear it as a part of the chorus rather than just a breakdown near the end. It really had a Daft Punk feel to it and I like when hip hop songs surprise me with additionally out of the hip hop box sounds. Also, Leigh and SooZee are big hip hop fans and they both like Dynamic Duo a lot. In fact, I feel like next week we need to push SooZee into making a k-indie update with her Korean hip hop choices. Put pressure on Soozee guise! Tweet harass her. Haha, just don’t let her know I sent you. ^^

Copy Machine “Rodeo”


Last up is a request for SKA! SKA! SKAA!! It’s Copy Machine with their song “Rodeo”. Wow I haven’t listened to ska in a looonnnng time but man, did I miss it when I heard this. Ska is always a very chipper upbeat kind of thing to listen, you never leave it feeling sad. I fondly remember blasting Goldfinger in my car while driving down the street in high school after a really great day. It’s hard to feel depressed when listening to ska music, and here we have yet another chipper song. As I mentioned in this video, I’m not sure if this band is still together since I haven’t heard of them before and this video is from 2010, so if any of you know about them, I’d love to hear it. I tried a quick google but both their name and title of song are so popular I couldn’t find anything on them as a band. If they are still together, they’d probable be a super fun band to see in person. We had the chance to see the super fun punkish/skaish SuperKidd live (who we reviewed with their “Feel Good” song for our first Indie playlist EVAR) and they were super fun as well, and I kind of feel like these guise are up the same alleyway.

  1. “Zion T what have you done to me!!?? ”
    /sigh, I know that feeling

  2. I have to really thank Simon & Martina for making this segment because it’s introduced me to a lot more indie bands :3

    I’m really loving Walking in the Rain and the feel of the song <3


  4. How’s Dynamic Duo indie, though? I’m confused…
    And I don’t understand why hip-hop and R&B based songs are not K-pop. They are still Korean musicians and the songs are in Korean language. If K-pop means bunch of young boys and girls dressed in crazy outfits and being cute in dance music, isn’t that just dance music in Korean?
    Am I being totally silly for something nobody care? lol

    Anyway, I love DADU (Dynamic Duo). They never disappoint me.

  5. Martina your hair looks so awesome! Could you tell me where did you get it done? ^^ I’m thinking about dying my hair and getting a haircut but I don’t know where in Seoul they would know how to handle caucasian hair.

    • I’ve been going to Hair and Joy which is a less than 5 minute walk away from Hongdae Station exit 8. Leave exit 8, turn right on the very first street, and hang a left on the next first street (it is a split street, but you’re sticking to the left) and it’s on the 3rd floor (above a coffee shop). I recommend Johnny, who is the owner, I like him the best. :D

      • Oooh I’ve heard good things about Johnny at H&J! Any idea how their prices compare to Lucy Hair in Hongdae? I was going broke getting my highlights touched up there…

        • I heard about Lucy Hair too, but I heard you have to go to the main stylist/owener b/c the other ppl are crap regarding bleaching/highlighting. Is that true? At H&J for me to get partial highlight (so underneath my hair, but just half of it) and my little bang area it cost W70,000. Is that better?

        • I’ve only been to Lucy so I can’t speak for the rest of the staff, but I think I’ll give H&J a try soon. Lucy charges waaaaay more that just for partials! Geez, they’ve really got the market for blondes cornered in Korea!

  6. woohoo! Simon (kinda) answered my TLDR question about how often do you see celebs! Soozee so lucky! She got to see Dynamic Duo?! cool cool! Did anyone thought they sang “bad girls gone better”? then.. i saw “BADDER”… sigh…

  7. Copy machine looks like such a fun band. They kinda dress and look like one of the bands you would see performing at some restaurant or Central Market’s patio.

  8. I liked the other songs as well but BAAAM has been stuck in my head this week and I was just about to post another comment in the Kpop charts update, telling people “GO CHECK THIS ONE OUT” but I didn’t have to because you talked about it YAY!!! This song is so cool, I’ve been randomly singing parts of the chorus for last few days and yes, I’m bobbing my head like Simon did when I’m listening to it.
    Now onto harassing SooZee on Twitter.

  9. HEY SIMON, SIMON! I got the reference :D

  10. Guise, I really like your selection of videos, and I understand you can’t talk about everything, but I can’t find a better place to express my luuuv for Outsider’s latest awesome release!


  11. The theme for Kpop thus year and maybe even Indie is “Bad Girls”…and Dynamic Duo continued this theme with “Baam.” I’m all for bad girls being celebrated but what about the good girl? I feel ‘good girls’ are being neglected like ‘nice guys’ usually are……I would love to see a rap called “Good Girl…” I wonder what it would feature?

  12. HAHAHA! Martina I totally know what you mean by skanking to ska. Use to skank every Friday night when I was younger (whoa, that does sound wrong). It wasn’t till much later that I realized that skanking is basically the running man backwards. Man I’d probably hurt myself if I tried it now.

  13. This is such a cool video and is that Poppin Hyunjoon at 1:38 he is an amazing dancer  in Verbal Jint mv

  14. Great choices today. ^^

  15. Simon and Martina, I was at a jazz festival this past friday (so good) and a band there were playing the music that plays when you wank. At least the bassline was the same.

    What song is it?! I always thought it was just an original track.

  16. Whoooooo, ska! “Rodeo” was really catchy, and she was absolutely right about the number of syllables in “everybody.”

    I don’t know what skanking is, either, but I also can’t remember the last time I went to a club. (Hint: never. :P)

  17. Soozee saw Dynamic Duo??? COOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love Baaam!!! awesome song!!!

    ahahaha i had no idea Infinite were in the video until i saw people post comments on it!!
    when i first saw them i just thought ‘why is there a bunch of out-of-place dudes here?’ and then i saw the comments and though ‘oooohhh….’ awkward!

  18. Simon and Meemers were dancing to Walking in the Rain in the Vine video you posted right?
    I love how relaxed Meemers looked, I wish our cat was like that.

    Love this week’s playlist. I’m with Leigh and SooZee with loving more of the Hiphop stuff. SooZee should definitely make a playlist one week! Ryan should also finish his playlist after he stole the Gaeko request and the numerous requests he’s made! xD
    I love Verbal Jint’s Walking in the Rain, I’ve been playing it all week, along Dynamic Duo’s new album Luckynumbers! Did you notice the cameo by Infinite in BAAAM? The awkward club scene?

    wait so I’ve listened to Ska before and didn’t know it was Ska? :O Cool I like that song, and Noonapan’s request was really cute. Not sure why you would think she’s a bear 0.o but alright. I loved the pictures she used, they made me laugh while watching it. Especially the ‘real big fish’, ‘the mighty mighty bosstones’, ‘witches’ and ‘SHINee’! hahaha so good!

  19. I really feel like listening to No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom now. That was one of my favourite albums in my early teens…

  20. wait, there are people in this world who don’t know what Skanking is??? Oh goodness, that was a staple dance move when I was in high school. am I old? no no no… I cannot be old yet. /cries

  21. A great list, will have me dancing into my day…..even though it’s rainy here in Ontario too……….

  22. Simon and Martina, I bet you didn’t see the Infinite cameos in Dynamic Duo’s mv. You didn’t did ya? You should go back and watch it together to see who spots them first. Secondly, Simon, you like Zion T so much and I know we only ever got Martina’s opinion of the song, but please tell me you didn’t think “Without You”, which Zion T wrote for Infinite H and even featured in was too ballad-y. It’s not jazzy, but it’s not a ballad either. It was one of the more unappreciated songs of the year, even if it does have widespread acclaim from even non-Infinite fans. I guess this was more for the hip hop enthusiasts.

    Lastly, that Verbal Jint song is great. Have had that along with Dynamic Duo’s new album on repeat.

  23. I love ska!!!! I still listen to it!

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