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Korean Indie Playlist: Candy Chook Star

July 11, 2013


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Icon “Rockstar”

So, we found this video on our own just looking through our Korean Music Video lists, and totally dug it. Then we started getting messages from people telling us about the singer, that he’s an actor in some show, and that this is supposedly very different than the roles he usually plays. Is that right? Anyone in the know please feel free to elaborate. You know how bad we are with the personal lives of artists. We’re more interested in the music rather than the artist, and what he or she does outside of the music doesn’t matter if the music’s good. Point being: we don’t know much about this guy, but this song is super fun. The video’s super fun. We’re not sure how big it is here in Korea. I haven’t heard it anywhere in public, but we’re in Hongdae on the weekends and hope to hear it soon. YEAH!

Chook Chook Band: 교태소녀

Ok, so some of you are gonna be freaked out by this song and video, and some of you might swear off our indie playlists as a result. DON’T DO IT! We don’t always talk about music like this. Yes, it’s very different, and for some people it’s bizarre, but we like to share Korean music outside of the scope of Kpop, you know? And this song is…interesting. It’s quirky. The video’s weird, and reeks of ultra artsiness, but we’re still happy to see people doing different things. I can’t say this is my favourite song to have come out recently, but I still had a smile on my face watching it. Hopefully you feel the same.

Candystripe “Jjak Sarang”

It’s a rock band with funky undertones! With funk how can you go wrong? The lead singer has a surprisingly high voice, and not in a girly way, just in a unexpected way. Now this is a live set, but I do want to complain that the synths, which I didn’t even know where in the song. They were totally too quite, and I know that’s just a sound recording issue, but still you know how synth bias we are, plus in an all boy band, or should I say, all man band, there is one lady present and I can’t even hear her! SAD! Anyhoo, interesting detail about the word “짝사랑” it actually means “unrequited love” but it can also mean “secret love” as in, you don’t tell the person you like them, BUT it can also mean ” having a crush” on someone. What a loaded word! It’s like, I 짝사랑 this person. So do they know? No. Do they know? Yes, but they don’t like me. Do they know? No way, I don’t have the courage. Sorry, for the grammar lesson I just got excited. *fixes the nerd glasses*



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