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Korean Indie Playlist: Hollywood is Control

July 28, 2013


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Koyote “Hollywood”

I’m not really sure how I feel about this video. I like the song and find it fun and enjoyable. The video, though, is so…bizarre, but not in a delighting bizarre. It attempts to be silly, but seems like people that are really forcing themselves to be silly, rather than something that’s genuinely people being silly. Do you know what I mean? It feels a bit like they were told their role for the video, and they were like “aww really?! Ok, fine. I’ll do it” and just try to get the job done. Though I do appreciate ridiculousness in videos, something about this video’s a bit disheartening, for some reason. I’ll just listen to the song on my own and disco around the house :D

HarryBigButton “Control”

Ah yes, Harry Big Button. I think of you whenever I hear someone complain about Korea not having any rock music and I send them right on over. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this band live yet, but our friend Ryan saw them and said they totally rocked. GET IT!? THEY ROCKED!! It’s a rock group and they–nevermind. Now this is their newest single off their soon to be new album, but I almost picked a different song by them which has a very special video. I didn’t choose that video because first, I wanted to support their newest single, and second, that special video made me bawl my eyes out. I don’t know why, but it was just really moving and I’ll have to introduce it to you all when I get my feels in check. Fun fact, did you know Simon can’t watch the music video for “Ageless Beauty” by the Stars without crying? He doesn’t understand why, but something about it makes him cry. Well this video did it for me. IDON’TWANNTALKABOUTITBAWWWLLL!

Gaeko “Rhythm is Life”

Ok, so I already mentioned in the video how cool this song and video are, and I hope you agree. However, I’m more interested, at the moment in talking about community here on the site. We’ve put in all of our R&D towards the KpopCharts and now the Store, and the next thing we want to work on is making a better community platform for you Nasties here. The Epik Nasties constantly remind us of this. Check out the Epik High “Up” thread if you can, though you probably can’t, because there are something like 9000 comments on that thread and our commenting system can’t handle numbers that big. So Epik Nasties go from thread to thread and take it over until it explodes, like a big loving Nasty Virus.

Point is, we need something else here at EYK so people can communicate with each other better. Forums? We’ve been thinking about forums, but they seem so risky. Do people still use forums? Hold on: let me put in a quick poll to see if you do:

[gravityform id=”15″ name=”Thoughts on EYK Forums?” ajax=”true”]

My problem with forums is that most of them become angry shitholes. At least, most of the ones that I know and have seen, especially when Kpop is involved. So I’m trying to think of if there’s another option instead. If you’ve got any input, we’d love to hear it. Just know that we do see how much you communicate with each other, and we’d love to give you a better experience here that doesn’t hinder that :D



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Korean Indie Playlist


Korean Indie Playlist: Hollywood is Control


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  1. Well, I thought this week would be bust for me to be honest. I don’t really like Koyote. I know they’re (if I’m thinking about the right one) a group from the 90’s, that happened to survive besides Shinhwa, and technically 1TYM. I don’t really like Korean rock. I’ve liked a few artists here and there, but nothing like my love for J-Pop. Then, you brought in the hip-hop, and I’m like, “Aw, YEAH, Zion T!” I loved it! I was bobbing my head and everything! Love it!

    7 years ago
  2. supreme team broke up??!!!?? when how why whereee? :O

    7 years ago
  3. Since the number of comments can be so high and complex, really what you have already is a pseudo forum. The only difference will be that it will be slightly more organised if you have a designated forum.

    7 years ago
  4. i think that people like Gaeko are geniuses!try to remember every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!

    7 years ago
  5. I personally like the idea of a forum because I do tend to get lost and not be able to follow a conversation going on on my own comments. Maybe I just have trouble figuring this out but I usually have to scroll all the way back down to where I was to see the reply.

    A forum would just organize the discussions people have online here.

    I loved the forum community I belonged to when Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles were still ongoing in releasing chapters. I was able to encounter many wonderful people and I was very sad when that forum began to die out when the series finished.

    I belong to a forum now that helps to organize a minecraft server and while there are some trolls on there they are fairly easy to maintain and it helps manage the players both in the game and outside of it. There have been incidents where a player has gotten out of hand on the forum and we’ve had to ban the player from using the forum itself. These cases have been few and far between and many players collaborate ideas to make playing the server more fun with contests with each other and such.

    (edit – added) I also follow a forum about microstock photography/illustration now. It is filled with people mostly older than myself and they do have a tendency to be a hot headed bunch of people but it is also a place where one can find a lot of advice and information. There they have been known to be quite vicious towards each other but photography is a medium where professional egos can get in the way of conversation at hand. Also since the market for microstock seems to be on a downward trend their conversations tend to pick up that downward kind of mood.

    I suppose what I am trying to say is it really depends on the contributing members to set the tone for a forum and how management reacts and handles conversations that really matter. It seems to be a lot of work. (end- edit)

    Granted there will be people who don’t understand forum etiquette since they have never been in one or are just ignorant of them. You will need to have quite a few moderators to keep discussions under some kind of control. I do hear k-pop fans get a bit crazy. I would love an area to talk about all things Korea and not just k-pop.

    (Just think of all the fan-art people would be able to share with you in one organized area too! )

    Chatboxes are an interesting option. I don’t normally participate in them unless it is part of a game itself because it is difficult to track the number of conversations at once and it is easy to miss out on information. Also there tend to be a number of trolls and pervs which unless there is a moderator online at the time get pretty well.. nasty. On the other hand it would also be a neat thing to chat with fellow EYK Nasties in real time.

    Whatever you decide to do I am happy you are thinking about us and how we interact with each other! <3


    Super awesome Indie picks this week. I even liked Gaeko and I'm not the hugest fan of rap ever. =D

    7 years ago
    • I did not know you could use the Disqus site to track things. In fact I didn’t realize it was a website I assumed it was just a universal blog commenter profile thing. So thanks for that. =D

      A forum would not eliminate scrolling entirely but it would cut it down if you were one of the older comments and didn’t know about the disqus site =P

      The forums I’ve used keep track of the threads I’ve posted in and has symbols in front of the title to let you know if there are new posts. Also if someone were to direct reply it would send you a message.

      I suppose now the only upside to a forum would be the fans becoming able to make new topics and an easy place for other fans to find them.

      7 years ago
  6. Personally, I like forums, but business-wise, it’s a job and half with limited revenue potential.

    7 years ago
  7. Oooh Hollywood is so, well, random! I like it (like it, like it…)!

    7 years ago
  8. I used to do the forum thing back when I was a tween, but haven’t been one to frequent forums in like… a decade. The truth is, forums DO always become really crazy, with lots of trolls. No amount of moderation in the world can kill forum trolls. Especially once people start discussing Kpop. If you think there’s backlash whenever Simon and Martina critique popular groups’ music videos on YouTube, imagine how absurd it will get if you throw an EYK forum into the mix. YouTube trolls will become Forum trolls, and the inherently smaller community on the forum will become overwhelmed. I think, unfortunately, a forum would give trolls a bigger platform, and the Nasties would get a bit drowned. I don’t think I can condone creating something that will, inevitably (thanks internet!), bring out the worst in people.

    I think the blog has a really great community core. And yes, posting is kind of limited to whatever is in the blog post, but I still think it’s great. All of the people who come to the blog — instead of just watching videos on YouTube — care enough to share their thoughts and opinions, and are usually, admirably, respectful about it. Forums are a whole different beast.
    I know a lot of people are like, “Yeah! Forum! We can better address FAQs and stuff!” My response to that is “No one read the FAQ on this website before… Thus the TL;DR segment was born.” I just don’t think that people who actually ask FAQs will be any more inclined to look the information up on a forum than they would be to look it up on this blog, so it’s kind of a moot point.
    That being said, I’d love to see some kind of greater community on this forum. I think it would be awesome to let people share where they’re from and things like that. It would be a great tool to connect Nasties all around the world. Being able to sign in on EYK and make an EYK profile with EYK relevant info would be sweet. Then you guys would also be able to search for Nasties in different parts of the world and better engage with your fanbase when you travel. Just some really vague ideas there with no real concrete plan… Sorry about that.
    But whatever you decide, I will dive in head first and keep supporting the EYK universe… Even if that means registering in a forum, haha!

    7 years ago
  9. I LOVE just Love HarryBigButton! — I just thought of requesting them for the next Korean Indie Playlist… Control is perfect for going to University early in the morning!

    7 years ago
  10. Has someone also heard the cover of Gaeko’s ‘Life is rhythm’ by Zico, Crush & Ugly Duck? The rapping is of course different (would kind of suck if it wasn’t) but the chorus isn’t. The chorus is sung by Crush and I actually like their version better although I’m also a big fan of Gaeko. :)

    If someone wants to hear it here’s the mv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppB0lnfg8P0

    7 years ago
  11. Ooh! IRC, (is it still IRC?), what a good idea. Gives the heavy users a place to chat without clogging the threads. However, sometimes, it gets totally taken over by elitist regulars who make it unwelcome for newbies. Chat rooms also don’t have to be sooooooo moderated or at least not so live. People generally understand that what’s said there is no reflection on the site.

    7 years ago
  12. If a forum just doesn’t play out, how about a chat box?

    7 years ago
  13. Oh I agree with you. I was very satisfied when they talked about VIXX’s Hyde in the Updates even though they didn’t get a KMM.

    Also, most of the time when new MVs come out that I am only half interested in watching I am like, “Ehh, I’ll just wait until it’s in the Kpop Chart Updates and watch it in PLAYLIST MOOOODE!”

    Plus, how are the fans going to see the lovely fan art wall anymore? :(

    7 years ago
    • They still use the fan art wall for the Indie Playlists and I’m sure they will still use it for other things.

      7 years ago
  14. I liked “Hollywood” and the video was a quirky but awkward explosion of 70s and 80s fashion and dance but definitely the song is way better on it’s own to dance to, the video is just distracting. Dancing! I liked “Control” but I don’t listen to much rock any more, it does not suit my current purposes. I kind of liked “Rhythm is Life” but I would have to listen to it again since I was so distracted in trying to catch a glimpse of faces of the artists in the video. I like hip hop but this is maybe a little too hard core for dancing?

    I noticed the tatoos right away – so awesome!. Also, my young son was overjoyed that Simon was wearing the same spikey wristbands that he just got on Friday (makes him feel so cool!). Obviously this was filmed after the livechat but was it before or after the WANK/FAPFAP? When did you find time?

    As for the forums……..it’s a hard choice. You need moderators and quite a few of them, on call/read all the time to keep them even close to under control. If you don’t have forums, what alternatives are there? The problem is that there is too much to discuss on this site and nowhere to do it. The topics are so limited and so few compared to the demand. The only thing I can think of is having “live” discussions maybe once a day. You pick a topic, and limit the number of participants (or break it up into “rooms”) and it goes for about an hour. I’ve seen this done on etsy (for sellers) and it can work well while still limiting the amount of work for mods but given the number of Nasties it might easily get monopolized or turn into like the twitter stream during Simon and Martina livechats – i.e. almost unreadable due to spam. But……if it were me, I would pick this method as the least amount of work/oversight. Forums can be huge and still work but the mods have to be ever-present. I would have totally picked traditional forums about 2 months ago, but since then I’ve seen a large increase in trolls and extreme rude and Un-Nasty-like-behaviour (and banninating since a lot of these posters seem to have brand new accounts for each post) on the blog threads and more topics only invites more of this sometimes. Perhaps if you go the traditional route of forums you could let the mods initiate the topics (and not let members make new ones) when they see discussions brewing (or have a button to vote on whether to start a new thread at a comment) so that there is more room for discussion than just in each video thread – keep a separate sub-thread area for these spinoff? It would be a nice half-step to get your feet wet too and see how it goes. Makes it less of a free-for-all on topics and keeps a bit of harsh on the trolls.

    7 years ago
  15. I’m kinda torn on the forums idea…I think it would be nice for people to have a place to communicate their other interests but it would be a shame if it turned into another place for haters to ruin everyone’s and your (S&M) fun. I’m wondering if there was a weekly guided discussion (no videos necessary), where you suggest a topic such as “K Drama Tropes,” “Favorite Korean Fusion Recipe,” or “How do artists in Korea walk the line between Indie and Kpop?”….and let it go from there similar to how the video comments section are. This will make it easier for MODS to moderate since forums can be so expansive, and it will invite other discussions outside of Kpop.

    Otherwise, this one is toughy…I’m not sure what a good alternative to forums would be, and there is many positive aspects to a forum. We Nasties appreciate already how much work you have put into this site, I really couldn’t ask for more.

    7 years ago
    • I have no idea how forums work, they just seem so large that it is impossible to scan every thread, and the Nasty Mods do impressively manage all the comment threads as you said…so I guess my assertion it would be to difficult to manage was quite silly.

      Now thinking more on it, TLDR’s already invites a guided discussion, so perhaps this wasn’t relevant idea either….(digs toes in sand)….maybe this inspired a better idea from someone else…hopefully….

      Whatever S&M decide I’m sure will be great and as always, I look forward to continuing evolution of EYK….

      7 years ago
  16. Oh… guise… uhm… could you become CEO’s and foster new or/and unapreciated K-artists talents? like “Block B”… or… “VV:D” or… I don’t know… my heart breaks seeing their talent wander… I’m sorry … I’m asking too much ;_;

    7 years ago
  17. I think I would really like an EYK Forum as long as it had enough dedicated Moderators. It could be cool having conversations with other Nasties and introducing each other to more music, K-dramas and stuff. All of us pretty much have similar likes so it would be easier to talk to new people here rather than on Facebook or Tumblr.

    7 years ago
  18. I don’t know if this would work, but on the other kpop/kculture place I hang out, omonatheydidn’t, there is a weekly post just for people to chat with each other in the comments or post a lot of pictures of their favorite groups? Of course, I don’t know if disqus can handle that level of commenting…

    7 years ago
  19. Nice tatoos :D

    7 years ago
  20. I know… but Simon and Martina always care about our interests and I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to talk about new k-pop songs… they said they have a lot of ideas and they did say they’re changing things a bit. Let’s patiently wait for now. :)

    7 years ago
  21. Hey guise! :)

    “The video, though, is so…bizarre, but not in a delighting bizarre. It attempts to be silly, but seems like people that are really forcing themselves to be silly, rather than something that’s genuinely people being silly. Do you know what I mean?” – Yes. Not everybody is born with it. I hate it when some people try to be cool and look ridiculous when they can be themselves and be even cooler.

    First song… wasn’t that impressed by it… I guess I’m kind of picky when it comes to music.

    Second – HarryBigButton “Control” – the instruments blend amazingly well together…just that the lyrics – . -‘ …let’s say the person who wrote them could’ve done a better job ^^’ I put A LOT on emphasis on the lyrics. The lyrics is what gives the song a certain place in my heart…

    “Fun fact, did you know Simon can’t watch the music video for “Ageless Beauty” by the Stars without crying? He doesn’t understand why, but something about it makes him cry.” – this song just became special :> *puts to favorites*

    Gaeko “Rhythm is Life” – before I heard it… I actually heard a remix cover of it… don’t know if you guise heard it but after I heard the remix … I just couldn’t like this* one… check out the remix cover here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppB0lnfg8P0

    “Point is, we need something else here at EYK so people can communicate with each other better. Forums? We’ve been thinking about forums, but they seem so risky. Do people still use forums? Hold on: let me put in a quick poll to see if you do:”

    Speaking of forums in general on mangafox there’s a forum (I guess it’s a forum) for each manga …. but for different ideas… like someone starts an idea(for a certain manga) and the others disscuss further on that thread if they like the subject/point of view… I’m sorry if I sound like a noob. I have no idea what forums should be like apart from those on mangafox ^^’ … in any case… it would nice to have such disscussion idea threads… it’s more organised… but here (on the EYK website) I don’t think it would be possible to hold anything … as it is the website lags a lot and if the website would be a bit more “crowded” …. won’t it shut itself down.? …

    I feel like twitter has a lot more “privacy” not anyone can see what you’re commenting… and you can feel a lot safer about what you say…

    …but I agree with you guise… things could get ugly… 힘!!


    7 years ago
  22. My favorite part of the charts update was when you called out groups that would probably never come close to the top 3, but are interesting, like Crayon Pop, and GLAM and Wonder Boyz.

    (Also, this is an off-topic technicality, but KOYOTE is an idol group, albeit not from one of the big 3 labels, one of the oldest surviving co-ed groups since they debuted in 1998, and they won the Artist of the Year Daesang in 2005. I’m glad to see them here, though, because this song cracks me up.)

    7 years ago
  23. I’ve been a member of a Tolkien forum for 12 years (holy crap, I’m old) and I’ve seen very few problems in that time (then again, we also have a specific debate forum, and a core group of trouble-causing posters was banned a number of years back in the only major drama I’ve ever seen on the board). I still go to it multiple times a week, and have made some great friends there. So, I’m all for forums, but like other posters have said, you’ll want to have clearly-defined rules and a team of competent, no-nonsense moderators to keep people in check.

    Meanwhile, I loved “Hollywood”, although I didn’t get to watch the awkward video because I was writing here about forums.

    7 years ago
  24. If you do choose to have a forum here are some rules that would be good to have:
    1. Disagreeing is fine as long as it is done in a respectful manner.
    2. You are not allowed to personally insult anyone- EYK crew, MODS, Kpop Idols, people on the forum or any other random person
    3. This is not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy. Therefore when in doubt the MODS have the right to ban you. >> I know some people may not agree with this one but once people understand that they’re opinions aren’t as important as keeping a peaceful and friendly atmosphere on the site they’ll understand.

    7 years ago
    • I think so too. And as some people have already mentioned the forum can also be used to find answers to questions that have already been asked. The site already attracts trolls. So if it will attract more trolls is really the question.

      7 years ago
  25. I really like forums (when it doesn’t go out of control), though i think you should like make it so that you have a bunch of rules, and a bunch of awesome admins or something like that, that make sure the rules are followed, and you have to be a member or like, logged in to write in the forum, and if you don’t follow rules you’ll be banned from writing in the forum… ^^; we’d it like that in a small forum at a game I was a part of… don’t know how it’ll work with a lot of people… might be a bit difficult…… ^^;;;

    7 years ago
    • I was thinking along those lines too. If you can’t post unless you’re logged in it’ll deter a lot of comments from those “un-named/guest” people who just want to stir up trouble. If you have to be signed in, then you can be blocked if need be.

      7 years ago
  26. I have successfully run several forums on various subjects over the last maybe 10 years. Yes, people can become angry shit-holes but it is pretty rare. When it does happen, if you have clearly stated, scaling, no nonsense punishments it can be handled quickly and pretty easily. I do have to say that I think for the most part people here wouldn’t tolerate that mess to begin with. As far as communities go, we seem to be one with the <3 . If you had set-up, bookmarked threads for each fandom to gush, fangirl, squee and all other required things it would for the most part keep haters out of other threads.

    7 years ago