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Korean Indie Playlist: Hollywood is Control

July 28, 2013


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Koyote “Hollywood”

I’m not really sure how I feel about this video. I like the song and find it fun and enjoyable. The video, though, is so…bizarre, but not in a delighting bizarre. It attempts to be silly, but seems like people that are really forcing themselves to be silly, rather than something that’s genuinely people being silly. Do you know what I mean? It feels a bit like they were told their role for the video, and they were like “aww really?! Ok, fine. I’ll do it” and just try to get the job done. Though I do appreciate ridiculousness in videos, something about this video’s a bit disheartening, for some reason. I’ll just listen to the song on my own and disco around the house :D

HarryBigButton “Control”

Ah yes, Harry Big Button. I think of you whenever I hear someone complain about Korea not having any rock music and I send them right on over. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this band live yet, but our friend Ryan saw them and said they totally rocked. GET IT!? THEY ROCKED!! It’s a rock group and they–nevermind. Now this is their newest single off their soon to be new album, but I almost picked a different song by them which has a very special video. I didn’t choose that video because first, I wanted to support their newest single, and second, that special video made me bawl my eyes out. I don’t know why, but it was just really moving and I’ll have to introduce it to you all when I get my feels in check. Fun fact, did you know Simon can’t watch the music video for “Ageless Beauty” by the Stars without crying? He doesn’t understand why, but something about it makes him cry. Well this video did it for me. IDON’TWANNTALKABOUTITBAWWWLLL!

Gaeko “Rhythm is Life”

Ok, so I already mentioned in the video how cool this song and video are, and I hope you agree. However, I’m more interested, at the moment in talking about community here on the site. We’ve put in all of our R&D towards the KpopCharts and now the Store, and the next thing we want to work on is making a better community platform for you Nasties here. The Epik Nasties constantly remind us of this. Check out the Epik High “Up” thread if you can, though you probably can’t, because there are something like 9000 comments on that thread and our commenting system can’t handle numbers that big. So Epik Nasties go from thread to thread and take it over until it explodes, like a big loving Nasty Virus.

Point is, we need something else here at EYK so people can communicate with each other better. Forums? We’ve been thinking about forums, but they seem so risky. Do people still use forums? Hold on: let me put in a quick poll to see if you do:

My problem with forums is that most of them become angry shitholes. At least, most of the ones that I know and have seen, especially when Kpop is involved. So I’m trying to think of if there’s another option instead. If you’ve got any input, we’d love to hear it. Just know that we do see how much you communicate with each other, and we’d love to give you a better experience here that doesn’t hinder that :D



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