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Korean Indie Playlist: Young Black BJ

November 18, 2013


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*Disclaimer* Every Indie Playlist we make we take one word from the song or artist to try to come up with a title for the playlist. This…was the unfortunate combination that we came up with this week.

Glen Check “Young Generation”

We’re finally back with a Korean indie update! Truthfully, the Korean indie world has been pretty quite what with most of the big bands currently in album writing mode. So we were pretty excited to see the comeback of Glen Check! We’ve seen them live and they were just as good, if not better, live. They sound a lot fuller live and it’s great to seem them rock out on stage. It’s even funnier to see the girls in the front room being drenched in sweat like all the rest of us trying to desperately powder their faces. SERIOUSLY! SO FUNNY!!! They were trying to BB cream and powder their faces in an ocean of moshing sweaty people before Glen Check took the stage. Anyhoo back to Glen Check’s newest single. This song feels like a return to 80s-90s music and doesn’t have that same full rock band meets electro feel that we’re used to from Glen Check, but we still totally love it. If you haven’t already, they have a snippet of their next single available on their youtube page and THAT song has the Glen Check feeling I’m used to, including a return of the lead singer. So what do you think? Love this new song, hate it, stuck in the middle?

Rphabet Feat. San E “Black Suit”

Next up is Alpabet feat San E. So a lot of you might be wondering who this Aphabet is, and why they don’t appear in the video. Okay, so San E is the rapper in the video, but Alphabet is actually a producer who – from what we’ve been told – made the Infinite “Destiny” song as well. That song was awesome and this song…almost awesome. I love the beat of the song, without a doubt, but the rapping is a bit…not great for me. Martina totally digs it, but it sounds a bit cheesy for me. I’m happier when he stops rapping and lets the beat go on. Is that too harsh? I’m sorry. He’s got a whole angry battle-rapper vibe to him and I’m more interested in charisma than anger.

On the other hand, this is an example of a super awesome MV. They could have had girl wearing skimpy clothing twearking against an expensive car for the chorus, but instead they mixed a minimalistic black and white background with awesome animated sketches add in post production. The post production is what really made this video cool. It reminds me a bit of Jay Park’s video where he wears a skull mask, though. Anyone else think so?


Remember a while ago when we did our indie review of Venus Kim’s “Exercise”? That was a really fun low budget song and video. The video was charming, bizarre and silly, and the song was so much better as a result. Here’s another example of something similar. The song’s cool, but watching the video makes me like the song more. And it’s ruined our vocabulary the way “Wow Fantastic Baby” has. Now we can’t say “UHUH” without singing the chorus to this song. You’ll like it. You should like it, at least. It’s fun and right up our alley. Let us know what you think!



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