Yi Sung Yol “Cynic”


The first time I heard this song I was like “yeah man, this is so good!” and now, I’m still looking at it and thinking that it’s a good song, but something about the video made me feel uncomfortable. The song’s really haunting, and the video is taking that to an almost cheesy level? It’s all artsy with a really poorly lit studio, closeups of people’s hands and faces, lots of shadows, all black and white, and – I don’t know – it just feels like it’s trying to be a bit too artsy. I find that it might be a bit off-putting for some people. Being artsy is great and all, but this really feels like its taking itself a bit too seriously. No? I dunno. If that’s your thing, you’ll like the video. If not, the song’s still great on it’s own :D

Lim Kim “Goodbye 20″


There’s not a lot of Korean music that hits heavy rotation in our home. We’ll play a song or two of an artist we like, but rarely do we find albums that we play from start to finish, and loop it a few times. Beenzino, Zion T, WHOwho are all on that list, and now Lim Kim is on that list. This song’s great fun. “Rain” was lovely as well. The whole album isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s good music to play around the home when cooking dinner, I’d say. Though she does have a bit of a Taylor Swift vibe to her, not in her looks or the sound of her music…just…something. Some jujus she’s got going on…

Outsider “Bye U”


Ok, I’m a bit torn about Outsider. I think it’s cool that he can rap so quickly, but I’m not sure if I like it in music. I saw a video of a guy who can snap extremely quickly, and he can make songs out of snapping so well. Does that mean I’d want to hear that in a song? Not really. Rapping this fast is more intriguing than it is good music, IMO. DON’T KILL ME, EPIC NASTIES! I just prefer a more relaxed delivery. But the song’s still cool! Just not the best thing ever :D

More importantly, thanks for the request, for uploading it to YouTube and for linking to it in the comments. YouTube doesn’t allow video responses anymore, but this site still does! Let us know if you’ve got any requests. Side note: you can also check the KpopCharts by “Newest” added videos. There’s a lot of K-Indie on there. It doesn’t rank highly, but it’s there if you’re looking for it in and easy-to-scroll through layout :D

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  1. Well you hit the three for me :) Thanks guys. Watching some of the videos below, I was thinking you should gave a section to Mr. Gwon for the most sadly, truly, and deeply depressing songs… Or at least a section of the 80’sin Korea, which he knows very well. Hugs and nasty for you.

  2. That Lim Kim song is fantastic! I can’t stop listening to it. It works just as well to add an “s” – how ‘about your 20s, girl? Not only is it catchy, and her singing is fantastic, it really captures the sense of dissatisfaction of being in your twenties (which are your “golden years”, according to society) and your life being nothing like you expected it to be, which I would say covers most of us who graduated from college in the middle of the Great Recession.

  3. I feel like the only international Brown Eyed Soul fan…


  4. Please do this song for the next korean indie playlist!! this band is AMAZEBALLS!! (/ ‘ 0 ‘)/

  5. Hi Simon and Martina!!! Just found this great song I think you will LOVE XD it has the disco/electronic feels that we love so much! Hope you guys enjoy it and put it in the next Indie playlist <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9iQoke3Bpg

  6. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one! I am absolutely in love with Park Ji Yoon’s voice and the video editing.


  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg2khV5xbeU

    I’ve requested on the facebook page before, I know its a lot though, but just in case i’m re-posting here :3

    If you guys ever find time check some of these out >u<

  8. I love love LOVE it when you guys do the indie playlists. I know most of the trendy groups, so when I watch these it opens me up to a whole new world! *starts to sing* ahem… anyways, thank you guys so much for expanding my music library <3 <3 <3

  9. Please review Dickpunks’ songs pleaseeeeeee
    Dickpunks’ 안녕 여자친구



    회색(쇼리) – Keyboardist, Hyunwoo wrote this song of his cat – Shori


  10. do this review tooo!! Band 11:11 – Dream is really really really nice


  11. Love the indie list this week! I whale just put my indie recommendation right here, not so sure if this is indie but there is verbal jint ft 10cm with ” Good Morning” also D.ear sings “Time goes By” which really matches the wintery season that is beginning! Thanks for the videos!

  12. Simon and Martina! Please review this song! Or if not, at least check it out =D The song is haunting (to me) in an emotional way and I think Jaurim needs more recognition for their awesome music. I just recently found them out through this video and I’m totally hooked!

    Also, I can’t stop listening to Lim Kim’s new song! DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME xD (Got totally surprised at that part)

  13. I CAN SEE MY FANART ON THE WALL!!! THERE IT IS! Hanging proudly in the EYK Studio. Just thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Now that that’s out of the way, I almost fistpunched the air in celebration of the wonderfulness that is Cynic. I had it on repeat for a month and still love it. The entirety of it.
    Lim Kim!
    Perfect indie playlist.

  14. http://www.madeofchalk.com/poppourri-enjoy-it-while-it-lasts/

    “Goodbye 20″ is a fantastic song, and it’s kind of funny to see it here because I literally JUST wrote an article comparing Lim Kim and Taylor Swift two days ago! I’m glad I’m not the only person who sees the similarity to Taylor Swift, haha.

  15. hey! Nice playlist. I do really like all of them, but especially cynic. I like those drunk-night-songs :)
    But for your video itself, I think the lights are a little bit too brigt. Everything looks somehow pale. I think it looked better and “healthier” before. Especially in contrast with your red lipstick martina. just my opinion :)
    But still a very nice playlist!

  16. Nice play list. I was all excited that the first band played a theremin.

    The second song I started out all “poor you psshhht 20 I remember 20, Kinda” but she sold it.

    Speaking of age, not all of your viewers are within your target demographic. Stereotyping is stereotyping.

    I really liked the last song, what was the previous song of his you talked about? Was it a black and white rather stark video about a violent confrontation between two people that ends in suicide? Spoiler alert?

  17. I’d like to draw attention to this video. One of my favourite Korean acts, I think they deserve attention.

  18. I have completely Fallen in Love with Lim Kim’s Voice, I am so happy you did this song. I have been listening to this over and over for the past week. ^_^

  19. Yi Sung Yol’s “Cynic” doesn’t really fit my mood these days, but I totally get what you mean about “driving home ultra late at night music”. That’s pretty awesome, does that mean that you have a car all the time now? Super convenient for those late nights at the studio….or late night coffee/food runs, right? ;)

    I already saw Lim Kim’s “Goodbye 20″ video in the kpop charts last week and I really like it. It’s nice and upbeat, but you can see from the video that it’s trying to make a point. I would guess that “bubble days” is referring to happy-go-lucky times filled with out a lot of meaning, but I’d be happy if someone were to confirm or correct me on that just to be sure. I’m liking it a bit less after that Taylor Swift reference (Disney girls = brrrrrrrrrr!) but her stuff is nice enough that I will hopefully get over it. See? Don’t point stuff like that out!!!!!! :P heh.

    I’d never heard of Outsider before, “Bye U” is a pretty dancin’ tune. I like it.

    Thanks for the K-Indie playlist, I enjoyed it and thought it was very efficiently done (seemed to fly by) this week but the titles popped up ahead of the person/song change and it was a little confusing because I was so distracted by the mismatch that I paid more attention to the titles than the end of what either Simon or Martina was saying before each switchover.

    On a separate note: I do appreciate that some people are posting their own lists of songs in the comments because sometimes I find something interesting there but it does tend to clutter the comments a lot with all the large pictures when too many people do it, with too many videos each and it’s getting a little overwhelming. I am all for discussion but I feel like some people are trying to use this blog as a stepping stone to showcase their “better” choices to compete with the actual list selected by S&M. When you get an attitude about it, it’s a real turn off guise……

  20. I loved Lim Kim’s song and video but was I the only one surprised by the ‘Don’t f****** touch me’?

  21. My first thought when I saw today’s line-up was “I’m pretty sure they’ve talked about Cynic for an Indie Playlist before…”. I was right ;] You must really like it, huh?
    Lim Kim’s song and video are super fun, definitely my favorite song out of the 3.
    As for Outsider, I pretty much agree with the blog post. Speaking of which, was it the autocorrection that changed EPIK to EPIC? Funny how proper spelling of this word always seems wrong to me because of Epik High.

  22. The playlist this week was great!
    I really enjoyed the different genres. The haunting “Cynic” is something I would imagine listening to during the night. Lim Kim had always caught my attention with her songs but her videos so far well done. The greens and yellows added to the production value. I’m noticing a lot of switching between landscape shots and portrait shots in videos lately; it feels very indie. Outsider’s rap is fun listen to, I think he was one of the rappers in SNIPER SOUND “Not in Stock”? However, I usually make a playlist that has a variety of different tempos and styles. That way, I can enjoy each song on its own without it being watered down by other songs similar to them.
    If you like “relaxed delivery”, San E’s “Break Up Dinner” (ft. Sanchez of PHANTOM) would be the one. Contrary to its name, the song is a strangely light-hearted listen and the instrumental could be a song on it’s own. Unlike “Black Suit”, “Rap Circus”, or “Big Boy” (to name a few) San E isn’t angry, he’s…reminiscent (from the tone of his voice).
    Other songs by him along the same “relaxed” vein are “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (ft. Verbal Jint & Swings) and “Story of Someone I Know”.
    By the way, they have story-lines to all of them. (one of the “pluses” of his videos)



  23. I went noraebang-ing with my friend and she can rap to Outsider’s songs perfectly so I’m guessing at least some Koreans can understand what he says. And yes, it’s cool that Outsider can rap fast but that’s not the only great thing about him. He has good lyrics, he raps about more than just love (bonus points here), and I find his music very melodic.

  24. If I remember right, you already did korean indie playlist about Cynic MV

  25. I don’t know where to send a k-indie request for a song and I can’t do a video about it! D: *sigh* If you guys see my comment, I recommend JoMungeun Band’s Blowing in the wind!!! It’s a really awesome song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AME04llDs2Y

  26. for the first song, there is a MV on youtube, so why didn’t you put it ? here it is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYiamq0sU6w

  27. I discovered Lim Kim’s “Goodbye 20″ just yesterday and I was super glad that it made to this week’s Indie Playlist!


    Dickpunks’ “안녕 여자친구”

  29. Yeay, I haven’t liked an indie playlist this much in a while! Lim Kim’s Goodbye 20 is my absolut favorite, although I already liked her before. I like Outsider’s Bye You a lot too, not as much as Crying Bird, but much more that all the hip hop you put lately on the indie playlists! I really like his rapping (maybe because I also speak too fast ^^), even though I also appreciate slower rapping. Did you listen to Crying Bird? It’s fast, but strangely chill and melancolic at the same time. Best hip hop of 2013 for me!

  30. OH yesh! I really love Lim Kim! She has this very smooth, relaxing vibe to her voice. I really like it. XD

    p/s: I made a video request a few months back…just wondering if you guise saw it…


  31. Yay, you’re picking requests again! I have to go now but I’ll definitely watch it later :D
    Edit: FIRST :D Bwahhaha, I feel so irrationally happy about it!

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