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Korean Indie Playlist Time!

April 13, 2014


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It’s a Martina and Leigh indie plaaaaaylist!!! IN PLAYLIST MODEEEEE!!!! This playlist is a bizarre combo of Acoustic Folk Rock music meets Hip Hop meets….um…Rap-Dance? That’s totally a genre right…guise? *crickets*

First up is Joon 안승준 with “My Last Song” which I really didn’t think I’d like when I first started listening to it but I ended up really digging it. I can’t explain what I feel from this song except that it has a very epic feel to it. Not epic in the terms of loud instruments building up to a huge crashing crescendo or anything, but that it has a kind of story unravelling feel to it. I get the same kindof feeling from Wilco or Neutral Milk Hotel. It feels like this song transmits a feeling to you. I get a similar feeling when I listen to the song “Ocean Travel” from the Coffee Prince Soundtrack. It’s originally sung by the band Tearliner but the Choi Han Sung version makes me feel all weird and butterfly like. That’s what this song does too.

Onto Leigh’s pick of the day, Swings “Victorious 2 Feat. Gray”. I gotta talk about the music video for this one. As people who eat, breathe, and make videos every single day, I REALLY REALLY appreciate the effort put into this video. I believe it is a one shot take video but because of the editing, there could have been a few sections that gave them the chance to pause shooting and start again. Such as the pans between the rooms that created the single frames of all black. It very well could have just been the ISO unable to adjust to the dark wall in time and this really could have been a one shot video, but frankly it doesn’t really matter if they paused a couple times because this video is still amazing. The timing of holding up a cell phone of you rapping, dropping posters with your name on it in time with the lyrics, the domino books, and the cameos being really well timed make this A+ video in my books. I’m really curious about the making of this video and

Wow this was a wow video request from Alejandra (hope I spelt your name right). She requested Secret Agent Sound 비밀요원 “Like It” but I seriously recommend you watch their other video for “Sexy Casanova” as well. As I mentioned in the video, I really couldn’t tell if they were trying really hard to be serious but kind of failing at it or if they were joking because it was really convincing. Even the back up dancers were embarrassingly cliche to watch since they didn’t really do anything at all. Not even new dance moves, just the same butt wiggles over and over again so I was really hoping this was kind of mocking the normal rap video. After watching Sexy Casanova I realized that they must be joking. Or at least I hope they know they were unconvincing and I didn’t just insult their attempt to be serious to their faces…oh gawddd… RUN AWAY!! Well either way, the song is actually pretty catchy. Let me know what you think, are they a group with a sense of humour or was this video supposed to be dead serious??

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Korean Indie Playlist