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Korean Indie Playlist: Art for Babay

June 10, 2013


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Miximum – “Away for a Moment”

So, here’s something cool about this week’s Indie Playlist: these are mostly Soo Zee’s recommendations. She gave us a bunch of song recommendations, and they’re pretty awesome. We didn’t really know Soo Zee’s taste in Korean music. We’ve got fairly similar tastes when it comes to Western music, and we usually play stuff that we’re all equally interested in while we’re at the studio, but for Korean Indie stuff, we weren’t sure if she knew her stuff…but this is great! Miximum’s song is awesome stuff! The video’s pretty much just shot out of the window of a subway for the most part, and then mirrored on itself, so it’s not much to talk about, but the song is significantly cooler. It’s very much Hongdae nightlife music: just about all of the major clubs in the area blare this kind of music most of the time. It might not be your thing, but it’s fun to dance to, at least!

E.E. Total Art – “Curiosity Kills”

Hoooooly smokes. There’s so much we want to say, and yet so much we don’t want to say at the same time. We listened to this song and thought it was hilariously fun. It’s not a masterpiece. It’s just, like, druggy 80s electro dance. This is the kind of music you listen to while wearing pastel colored headbands. You should probably have a mullet as well. Horn rimmed glasses. How about an old t-shirt with Patrick Ewing’s face on it? And you should dance to this while nodding your head violently and kicking your knees up to your chest. I hope I’m not sounding as if it’s bad music. It’s ultra fun, and I know that if we heard it at a bar while slightly drunk it would be incredibly fun.

And then we saw these guys in an interview. Holy artwank cracksmacks! These guys, umm, well…they make fun music, but they make me uncomfortable, not on a moral or ethical level, but on an artsy level. Do you know what I mean? Listening to the interview was, like, listening to those guys in art-school who talked about art as freedom from communism, or something like that, where menstrual blood would be used for paintings as a message towards women’s lib. Is there a term for art-wank like that? Art-wank is the term I know. I’m sure there’s a more formal one.

Point being: Curiosity Kills is a fun song, but get any deeper into it and you might get the hibbly jibblies like we did…

Zion T “Babay”\

Ok, not really indie, but not really pop, either, so we’re not sure where to put this. We wouldn’t talk about it for a KpopCharts Update, really, so this seems like it’s the best bet, even though it’s got hundreds of thousands of views. I think this is the first time we talked about Zion T before, no? Anyhow, we haven’t really heard much R&B-ish music in Korea before. Kpop sometimes has R&B aspects to it, but more, like, big vocal R&B, with long belted notes (I’m thinking of EXO’s “What is Love,” for example”), but more of a funky, Jamiroquai-esque vibe in R&B isn’t really something we hear often. It’s great in this song, though, and we’re totally digging it. We’re definitely going to check out more Zion T. in the future. Thanks Ryan for coming to our studio and hijacking the request for this week…

Side note: is this filmed in the same studio as Bilasa’s “What’s Happening?”



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