Miximum – “Away for a Moment”


So, here’s something cool about this week’s Indie Playlist: these are mostly Soo Zee’s recommendations. She gave us a bunch of song recommendations, and they’re pretty awesome. We didn’t really know Soo Zee’s taste in Korean music. We’ve got fairly similar tastes when it comes to Western music, and we usually play stuff that we’re all equally interested in while we’re at the studio, but for Korean Indie stuff, we weren’t sure if she knew her stuff…but this is great! Miximum’s song is awesome stuff! The video’s pretty much just shot out of the window of a subway for the most part, and then mirrored on itself, so it’s not much to talk about, but the song is significantly cooler. It’s very much Hongdae nightlife music: just about all of the major clubs in the area blare this kind of music most of the time. It might not be your thing, but it’s fun to dance to, at least!

E.E. Total Art – “Curiosity Kills”


Hoooooly smokes. There’s so much we want to say, and yet so much we don’t want to say at the same time. We listened to this song and thought it was hilariously fun. It’s not a masterpiece. It’s just, like, druggy 80s electro dance. This is the kind of music you listen to while wearing pastel colored headbands. You should probably have a mullet as well. Horn rimmed glasses. How about an old t-shirt with Patrick Ewing’s face on it? And you should dance to this while nodding your head violently and kicking your knees up to your chest. I hope I’m not sounding as if it’s bad music. It’s ultra fun, and I know that if we heard it at a bar while slightly drunk it would be incredibly fun.

And then we saw these guys in an interview. Holy artwank cracksmacks! These guys, umm, well…they make fun music, but they make me uncomfortable, not on a moral or ethical level, but on an artsy level. Do you know what I mean? Listening to the interview was, like, listening to those guys in art-school who talked about art as freedom from communism, or something like that, where menstrual blood would be used for paintings as a message towards women’s lib. Is there a term for art-wank like that? Art-wank is the term I know. I’m sure there’s a more formal one.

Point being: Curiosity Kills is a fun song, but get any deeper into it and you might get the hibbly jibblies like we did…

Zion T “Babay”\


Ok, not really indie, but not really pop, either, so we’re not sure where to put this. We wouldn’t talk about it for a KpopCharts Update, really, so this seems like it’s the best bet, even though it’s got hundreds of thousands of views. I think this is the first time we talked about Zion T before, no? Anyhow, we haven’t really heard much R&B-ish music in Korea before. Kpop sometimes has R&B aspects to it, but more, like, big vocal R&B, with long belted notes (I’m thinking of EXO’s “What is Love,” for example”), but more of a funky, Jamiroquai-esque vibe in R&B isn’t really something we hear often. It’s great in this song, though, and we’re totally digging it. We’re definitely going to check out more Zion T. in the future. Thanks Ryan for coming to our studio and hijacking the request for this week…

Side note: is this filmed in the same studio as Bilasa’s “What’s Happening?”

  1. OMG you guys JUST heard about him!? i started listening to him like 3 yrs ago and i still love his music^_^ i hope more ppl listen to his music and he gets more popular than before:)
    zion T FIGHTING!

  2. I don’t think this is the first time ZionT’s been mentioned on this site. Remember Primary’s Question Mark? It was featuring ZionT (and Choiza who is awesome and gosh I can’t believe Soozee saw them like woah gosh I’m rambling), that MV and its part in one of your k-indie playlists (which I cannot find) was my introduction to ZionT (so I should thank you guys), even though he hadn’t released his own album at the time he was featured in a lot of awesome songs so I was wondering why you guys didn’t think of checking him out before.

    Anyway, thanks for making korean indie playlists <3

  3. I love Zion T.!!! “Babay” was already released a long time ago BUT I still listen to it! I just love singing along with it. Also, I can hear Zion T.’s style in MBLAQ’s “Smok(e)y Girl” HAHAHA!!

  4. I’m happy that you reviewed my favorite artist ZION.T ;_;! I can’t film videos to request things for the Indie playlist but I really hope you would check out SWINGS I really like his collabs .. His latest song is so artsy and groovy for me I love it

    스윙스(Swings) – 줄래(Would You?) feat.서인국(Seo In Guk)


  5. Super fun playlist! I liked the Miximum track and absolutely LOVED the Zion T MV.

    The EE MV was great but I wasn’t really a fan of the song. I only got through the MV cuz I was bewitched by that guy’s long, shiny hair. I kinda wanted to touch it…is that weird?

    Oh and Martina, your 3 second long Justin Timberlake impression was gold. PURE GOLD and spot on.

  6. I Love EE Art! I guess you already heard EE Arts song High Coller? It´s also super-awesome, I always listen to this song when I want something fun an up-beat, like when I´m doing the dishes or work out at the gym. I´m glad you reviewed this one guys, and thank you for all your hard work and your awesome videos!

  7. I was actually surprised you guys hadn’t heard of MYK. He was the rapper on a bunch of Clazzi’s songs on Infant and I think he was on a couple of the songs for Clazziquai’s new album too.

  8. I was totally going to request Zion T.’s Babay!!! No joke!!! This is awesome!!! :D
    I love Zion T he has the most mesmerizing voice.

  9. I’m sure a bunch of people have already said this, but Zion T. is one of the writers for MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl.

  10. I’ve always thought “indie” was a reference to how the production/distribution/promotion is funded (being the opposite to “commercial”), and is not a reference to the style of the final product. You can have indie-pop music IMHO.

  11. Love your indie playlists. It reminds me how deep I got into the music scene in Korea from going to crazy fan girl for TVXQ and BoA to someone who can’t get enough of artists like Nell, Standing Egg, Clazzaqui, Urban Zakapa, No Reply, 10cm etc. Your playlist just makes me love this area of music in S. Korea ~^^~

    By the way —– > can you play Nell’s Ocean of Light in your indie playlist? ? ? They’ve gotten a bit cheerful with their music lately and I’m liking it. Check their Escaping Gravity album it makes me want to jump into the ocean or go biking near beautiful scenery or relax with some kittiez and puppiez. I don’t know I’m really loving it.

  12. Totally loving the Miximum song! I am sooo adding that to my music playlist for this week. It had me dancing right from the start. I also loved the mirrored video effects, especially when it made the heart shaped roller coaster. Really liked the other two as well. Great picks for this week!

  13. Yay you review Zion.T! I looove his music esp with primary and omf gaeko is also so brillliant. This song is basically all types of awesome :D

  14. Ha ha! that EE song was fun the video wasn’t that weird, I saw their interview too and believe me they are pretty tame for performance artists! I had a chuckle at the covered dudes reminded me of that episode of Community when they had the ultra PC “human” as the college mascot haha! It was also channelling zoolander and the Mogatu campaign. If you think that’s weird check out Matthew Barnery your minds will explode….Yoko Ono is also up there fo sho. All manner of art can be a wankfest even fashion, it can be really cool too even if it’s a wank!

    All in all I give this playlist a 4 out of 5! Good toons with some good videos.

  15. So I’ve been planning on checking this Babay out for last few days but Smoky Girl totally stole my attention and I kind of forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me because this song is so cool!

    First two songs are not my cup of tea, but I do like MYK’s vocals. As you said, there isn’t much of info about him on the web, but here’s what I found:
    Michael Y. Kim, aka MYK, is a multi-faceted artist and MC currently based in Seoul, Korea.

    Hailing from the Bay Area, MYK started in music at a youngster as the lead vocalist and MC for Weekend Sesh, a local band that specialized in hybrid hip hop. After the band parted ways, MYK moved to Seoul, Korea, where he was signed to the label Map the Soul by Tablo of Epik High. Now an independent artist, MYK is actively composing, producing and performing new material in various genres.
    I’ve only known him from Epik High songs but as I checked, he currently goes by the name SALTNPAPER and here’s his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWCNac–9fM

  16. Martina is right, I listened to Zion twice and I’m going for the third, and the fourth, and the fifth…

    Brilliant song.

    gonna check their other songs out *_*

  18. Not only did you bring the heat with this week’s K-Pop Chart Update, but you totally brought the fire with the Indie Playlist too!! This makes Joshie very happy :3

    *ahem* That Miximum song is all kinds of awesome. Like seriously, that’s something I’d play on a daily basis around my house. Yeah, I’m just that awesome XD I like the buildup from the intro and the way that MYK (who I assume does the vocal work) goes from the semi-rough rap vocals on the verses to the soft and RnBish singing on the chorus. It’s really :3 And I’d like to point that Miximum do a great job of mixing (get it :D) and producing the beat. It’s really awesome, and dat breakdown… AIJDSFOLKASDFJLKSADJFLKASJDFL;ASLDKJFASDDATBREAKDOWNFJDKLA;SD;FKLJASD;LFKJAL;SDFJ;LASKDFJ :3

    The E.E. Total Art song is also amazing. It’s so ’80s cheesy that I can’t help but love it (fun fact – I love ’80s style synthpop :3). Dat video, though… It’s all kinds of weird XD I don’t do drugs, and it’s videos like those that I’m happy I don’t. If they weird me weird while sober, what’ll they do me when I’m drunk.

    EDIT – Is it just me or did the lead singer of the E. E. Total Art song sound like Yoari to anyone? For anyone who doesn’t know who she is, click here -> http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/10436687.html

    I have to say that the best song on this week’s playlist is Zion.T’s song, though. And yes, I am very biased; I was raised on RnB, Hip Hop, and Soul music. I know my tastes have since deviated from much of that (my soul now lives for all kinds of pop and rock music), but I know a good RnB song when I hear it. And this is it. The beat is so carefree and lax, the vocals are sweet and could hypnotize anybody, and dat rap sequence… Yeah, you idol rappers need to take notes :3 Jk, I don’t see most of you as legit rappers (sorry :D), so I don’t really care how badly you sound XD

    One last thing; feel better Simon!!!

  19. YAY!!! WOOHOO!!! ZION.T!!!!!!!!!!!
    love his stuff sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
    and all the stuff he’s featured in!!!

  20. I have been away from K-Indie playlists far too long due to studying…but the itch got too strong and finally taking a break from my locked dungeon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miximum…”currently dance bopping alone in my room.” Totally been craving to hear some new house/electronica music. Shame its virtually unfindable for downloading.

    Zion T is Ah-mazing Babay…I fell in love when I checked the newest MV’s on the Kpop charts and glad to see it got featured on Indie Playlist since it will never see the light of day on KMM….thank you Ryan for hijaking…we get Gaeko and Zion T, its kinda like a compromise for a request, get two awesome artists for the price of one…right?

  21. Surprised me to hear you guys didn’t know much of Zion T. He wrote Infinite H’s “Without You” and even featured in the song and mv. Just recently he also participated in MBLAQ’s album “Sexy Beat”. Kind of wish you guys would pay a little more attention to that kind of stuff. Zion T.also has done a lot of work with Primary.

  22. Just going to say that Zion.T is not indie…in Korea, he is mainstream and I only know one Korean who actually listens to idol songs (k-pop).

  23. Yep, that’s how I know MYK, through Epik High. He released an album recently, saltnpaper. It has a song on it featuring Tablo ‘ lovestrong’.

  24. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you talked about Zion.T!!! I’m such a HUGE fan of his stuff so I really appreciate that you guys introduced him to some new listeners. :)

  25. damn you! Damn you for making me love Zion T. Now I have to go find out more about him and check if he’s on iTunes (grumbles) but seriously, I love the song!

    The first song really wasn’t for me, and the second song….it scared me. SUMBODY HOLD MEH! *shivers. That was weird :P

  26. Wow thanks you guys! I didn’t knew Zion T and now that I have I’m in love! Great music.
    Thank you again and get well soon Simon!



    Miximum – “Away for a Moment”
    Whoooaaaa! this was suuuch a fun song! Not only that but the video was absolutely mesmerizing! Really cool to see Korean artists making this kind of music. This is EXACTLY the kind of music i love to listen to while cleaning or working out (haha working out… come on Ryan). I want moar.. MOOOOAR!!!!

    E.E. Total Art – “Curiosity Kills”
    ok I’m glad I got the warning before watching this video because I’m not too huge a fan of bands or music videos that try to be super artsy-fartsy. That said, it wasnt as artsy as I thought it would be and I like the lo-fi look and feel of it, and there were some great instrumental parts throughout that used great synths. But the singing…. it just annoyed the hell out of me. At first she sounded like Cyndi Lauper who im not a fan of (unless im watching The Goonies) and then later it sounded like B52s… who I just really cant stand. Of course this is just my personal opinion and if you dont agree YOU CANT BE MY FRIEND!!! (unless you give me a sandwich.. I like sandwiches)

    Zion T – “Babay”
    Well what can I say… I feel kind of bad now that I hyjacked someone elses request. I just saw Martina was looking at a Ghecko song and I was like “OH HEY CHECK THIS ONE OUT!” not even knowing the reprocutions of my actions. That said, I think this is a great and funtastic song to groove too, as I am a huge Jamiroquai fan like Martina (and Soozee)…. *cough* not so much Simon though “BOOOO!” oh MAN I really want to have his collection of suits and glasses. daaaaang son, you be stylin’ FRESH!

    ok… gotta run and fiiiind moooore iiiiindie *runs away laughing like a crazy person*


  29. Okay I thought of something. Zion.T is the shit.
    Whats the live scene like in Seoul? Do these guys you show us play frequently? I liked Yukari’s facebook page after you had one of her tracks on a playlist and she pops up every so often with shows but that’s all I see.

  30. Yessss for Zion T. And yessss again. Actually, Zion T can have all of my yesssses for now. But I’ll need them later for Gaeko.
    Away for a Moment gets a big “NICE”.
    MYK released an album some time ago. It’s called SALT’N PAPER: http://www.youtube.com/saltnpaperofficial
    And he’s quite active on twitter. In English. https://twitter.com/onemyk

  31. Every week I have something to say and comment on these videos. This week I got nothing.
    But I don’t want to break the pattern so I’m doing it anyway.

  32. Alright, I had to pause the Zion-T song and comment because just in the first 5 seconds it sounds very Jamiroquai-ish. I’ve also usually heard this sound as being described as a variation on Jazz. Acid Jazz or Neo Jazz or something like that.

  33. LOVED Zion.T…it’s going to be in my head all day!….searching for more songs right now!

  34. http://mykmade.com/about-myk/

    y’all might know this, but i love his music, and his voice to death. and he wished me a happy birthday on twitter this year. so MYK is made of WIN.

  35. here’s some info about MYK, hoped it helped :) and yes, i did search it up in google…

  36. Definitely has to be the same set – but which one was filmed first? I think I need to check out more Zion T now… Thanks!

  37. MYK comes up a lot when I type in Epik High on YouTube

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