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Glen Check – Leather



Man, what a FLIPPING fantastic chorus! And I don’t want to say “flipping.” I want to say a bad F word in that place (re: farting), because the song is just so awesome. Seriously guise. I haven’t heard it for the past few days, but I just hummed the chorus in my head and I got the feeling in my belly to go nuts dancing everywhere. Fortunately, we’re writing this blog post on Friday night, in our studio, right beside the Hongdae club district. Hell. Why am I even still writing this? TIME TO DANCE NAOOOO!!!

From the Airport – Colors


Ok, so, we know very little about this band. I think they just came out, but – right after this song came out – we got a bunch of requests for it. New bands usually don’t have that good a marketing push, I don’t think. So maybe they’ve been around before, or maybe there’s a good hype machine behind them? I don’t know. Either way, if they’re new or if they’re old, they’re cool, and we like this song. We’re fans of distortion in music. Not sure why. I like it when music sounds dirty. Clean vocals don’t really do it for us that much. So…yeah!

MC Sniper – I Can Do It


I just realized that we only talked about the symbolism in the video very briefly. Now, symbolism is something that can be interpreted in many different ways. For us, we saw the turtle as symbolic of sheltering yourself, turtling in, so to speak. If there’s an outside threat, hide in your shell. But this video is about taking a risk and getting out of your shell (in this case, off of your turtle). And the main character took the risk, even though his previous experience was very painful. Keep taking risks, keep being hungry. And, if everything works out, I think the final point of the video is that you can get your very own flying dog. Yep.

1) Take risk
2) Get flying dog
3) ???
4) Profit.

Side note: I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, and this song sounds perfect for a Final Fantasy cut scene. Probably best for Final Fantasy X, to be honest. Not sure why so many people don’t like that one. It’s my second favourite Final Fantasy next to VII. But, I digress.

Let us know what you think of the songs. Oh, AND IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! WOOHOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Sorry. That was shameless. Actually, I’m not sorry. I got the birthday happies. YAY!

  1. Does anyone else think of “Weird Al” Yankovic when watching the GlenCheck video? Just sayin….

  2. From the Airport = amazing :D Instant itunes purchase

  3. I personally thought Leather didn’t make me dance as much as 84 or French Virgin Party or even Racket….but I still liked the song ^^
    And holy crap I absolutely love Colours! It’s sooo ahmazing :D
    The last song was so touching and inspirational ;__;

  4. Happy Birthday Simon!!

    Also, where can we request indie songs? Can you do a korean indie playlist on rocket diary. They have one new mv Yahwa, but they old cd district 13 is awesome too.

  5. Simon Happy Birthday!

    I’m not surprised you like Glen Check. From what I remember you’re partial to any song with awesome cowbell rhythms right?

  6. First of all, happy birthday Simon!!! Second of all, Martina did you want me to cry?! I miss Avatar so much! Third of all, the MC Sniper song and video were amazing :)

  7. Glen Check is my fav! I remember when you guys put up French Virgin Party and after that every single song, I just got more amazed and amazed. Leather is my personal favorite! :))

  8. One of the best Indie playlists!! Thank you S&M for these wonderful songs!!

  9. I really love the MC Sniper song and video. Both are beautiful. But the kid in the video is wearing a TURTLENECK!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Simon!!!!
    I’m loving MC sniper’s song. :)

  11. Happy birthday!
    (p.s. Final Fantasy X is the best Final Fantasy)

  12. where’s my comment??
    anyway, Glen Checkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

  13. Glen Checkkkkkkkkkkk!! daebak!!
    Happy bday Simon!!

    ok I’ll check the other songs =)

  14. Perfect playlist!

    Again Happy Birthday Simon! :) (though it’s past midnight by now)

    hope you liked my “Song for you” dedication!

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  15. :'<
    I love FFVII too. *High Five!*
    FFX was good too. :3
    Anyway, Happy Birfday Simon! (^_^)/

  16. Is it weird I got a little choked-up when Martina was talking about Avatar?

  17. Happy birthday Simon ^^

  18. I listened to the Airport song without watching the video. Rest assured Simon it is indeed a good travel song.

  19. Happy Birthday, Simon! Hope you guys have a great day today:)
    Final Fantasy X, by the way, is amazing, except for that stupid chocobo challenge – I nearly broke my controller! Still, it’s my favourite after 9.

  20. I love all three songs! So different yet equally awesome. <3
    Seriously, the amount of great songs I've heard thanks to these playlists is astounding. Thank you so much~

  21. Glen Check only made me bob my head. Does that count?

    I absolutely loved th MC Sniper song. The instrumentals were really pretty and the animation gorgeous. I did start to get a bit melancholy watching it though, because of Martina and her mentioning Avatar and Appa. Why you do this to me Martina? ;_;

    Can you find MC Sniper’s stuff on iTunes? I know he has his own label now, Sniper Sounds cause he just debuted a rap duo on it. Must go find out more about him.

    edit: oh and Happy Birthday Simon. Another year you get older. * sigh* live it up!

  22. The two first songs are AWESOME!

  23. Happy birthday, Simon! If I was in Korea I’d say let’s do a “one shot”! Bottoms up!

  24. Happy Birthday Simon. ^^
    Glen Check sounded…. very interesting. o.o I liked how it panned through all those posters/pictures and they moved and stuff. ^^

    *O* I really like From the Airport’s Colors. It sounds so cool and distortedly awesome. I dunno how to explain it.

    And nuuuuu why you gotta bring Appa up Martina? ; 3; Next time you guys should dye Spudgy with airbender arrows, I swear. o 3o Man I miss the old gang in Avatar..

    Anyways…. I really liked the animations for MC Sniper’s video. It did seem very dreamlike. I like the turtle xD and the flying dog with the sniper rifle. xD

  25. Happy Birthday~!
    I really liked the last song ^_^

  26. Happy Birthday Simon! You should live happily and healthily with Martina until 120! <3

  27. Happy birthday Simon! 19th Jan’s my bday as well, guess that’s when all the cool people decided to pop out from their respective mothers!

  28. Happy Birthday Simon~ Love the line up of songs today, especially MC Sniper’s one~ :D

  29. My butt didn’t move during the “Leather” song. :/ But, I did like the last video! I actually watched it, which I don’t do that often with videos. I just listen. The video was so interesting, though, that I couldn’t help watch it!

  30. OH MY GOD! VII AND X ARE YOUR FAVS!?! MINE TOO! Especially X, the voice acting in that one really lended to the story line or multiple story lines I love the plot, and subplot, it was SO amazing! X is BY FAR my favorite, my second video game that i finished completely. First was X-2, but i couldn’t find the first one when i first bought it. and 9 and 12. i don’t know why a lot of people don’t like 12, but i think its great. Any who not much of a fan of the first two songs. No Martina, i did not get up and dance to the chorus. the second one sounded nice, but wasn’t really my taste.

    I think I’ve said before how much i love MC Sniper. But just in case, I’ll say it again, I LOVE MC SNIPER AND SNIPER SOUND! I bought this song last year, a little after i figured out he had a new album out. I LOVED it immediately. I love how he raps so smoothly and calmly, yet the song makes me want to run away…and play Final Fantasy. One of my favorite rappers, I really recommend you listen to more of his stuff.

    Oh, and request girl, I really love your Kiki’s Delivery Service T-Shirt! I love Hayao Miyazaki too XD

    • I actually really liked the gameplay of FFXII. It was fantastic. The ability to attack enemies, go away, come back and attack them again: it was so cool! And I loved the side missions. I thought the narrative was a bit convoluted and I didn’t care much for the story, but I really liked the flexibility in the gameplay. XIII, though, SUCKED SO BAD! Like, THE WORST FF ever. I’m so disappointed. I have XIII-2, but I’m too scared to play it because I don’t want it to suck as bad.

      • I too loved XII enough to play it 3 times through. Grinding was wonderfully easy, because you could damage enemies and not all encounters were random. I had mixed feelings about the whole programming your allies thing. But the mechanic kept the flow of battle moving fast enough for it to never get truly boring and satisfied my strategy gaming habits. It was also in wonderfully open-world. Almost sandbox style.

        XIII’s graphics were really pretty and Lightning was cool, but XIII was very,very, linear in comparison to XII. the fact that much of the plot had to be read wasn’t cool either. The battle mechanics didn’t do it for me. I dunno if you played it in English, but Vanille’s voice was beyond cringeworthy. I wanted to scrub my brain out. Some character types and voices do not translate well from Japanese.

        TL;DR: XIII was so bad, I was scared away from XIII-2.

    • Haha thanks for noticing and complimenting my shirt! :D Definitely a big Miyazaki fan. :)

  31. Holy crap I love the From the Airport song. It’s funky awesome.
    See, this is why I watch the K-Indie playlist. I may not like some of the songs, but you guise post pure gems that I would have never found on my own :D The indie scene is so intimidating to me…

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