Philtre and Younha “Fade”


Holy emo video, batman. I wonder if Korea has emo culture the way the West has emo culture. You know what I mean. It’s one of those things you just know when you see. Kinda like how you see a hipster and you’re like “ugghh…hipsters,” the same way you can see something emo and be like “damn that’s so emo.” Bleeding roses, closeups of tears falling down, hugging a faceless body that then dissolves into a heap of clothes. EMOLICIOUS.

The song’s still cool, though! A bit overly ballad at some points, but I really dig the music behind it all. We’re always into atmospheric music, stuff that doesn’t have to be played in the foreground, and this suits our tastes quite nicely. We’ve seen people voting for it on the KpopCharts as well, which is pretty cool, too, so I’m assuming other people are liking it as well. Thoughts?

Yi Sung Yol “Cynic”


I was really impressed by the song, because I didn’t know what to expect from it, so I did a bit of research on him afterwards, and found out that he’s been around for quite a while now, since, I think, 1994, as a duo, but more recently has started doing solo work. I’m not totally clear on the information, since it’s not easy to get in English, but the more I listen to his music, the more he strikes me as similar to the artists I mentioned in this video, in that “I’m a quirky yet dark and broody rock genius” kinda thing. Are there any peppy rock geniuses? I imagine everyone who’s a rock legend is, like, dark and broody.

Mirror Boy “Wherever”


Now this is a song we can get behind! Super fun dance anthem. Yes, it’s a bit of an odd video, since it’s a guy walking around with a mirror ball on his head, but dance music artists have made us used to that by now, no? And, though the video’s a bit low budget, it’s still cool! I like seeing airports, for some reason. I get a great feeling whenever I go to one. Yes, flying hurts us both and we leave a plane crippled from sitting for too long, but that’s besides the point. It’s just the idea of “I’m going somewhere different. Cool!” So, I liked this video. I also liked “The Terminal,” and I also liked “Up in the Air.” Ok. I just realized how deep my airport bias goes. So long as it’s not Toronto’s airport. Whoa…that’s not a nice looking airport at all…

  1. Wow, just hit me. Fade has a really tragic spy movie intro feel to it.

  2. i love the Philtre song. It sounds so haunting. *adjusts her emo clothing* can’t help it, it just calls to me. Had to put it in my favorites category. ^_^

  3. I love Yi Sung Yol I’m very happy he was one of the featured ones in this list! Discovered him because he sang in Love & Hate with Clazzi.

    This is one of my favorite songs from him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2oVgjat8g0&list=PLCB820CEE0C8268AC&index=9

  4. Loved the indie songs today. Actually watched Fade earlier. Definitely emo but enjoyed it. Cynic made me feel like I was out in the middle of Utah in the deserted hills with sagebrush and the wind howling and swirling around me.

    Utah nasties forever (eternally – ha!). So all us Utah nasties need to meet together for a kpop fan / EYK/ kdrama fan potluck meet in the park. – Francis, babinlisa and Utah nasties- seriously. Would love to sit and chat about all things Korean, kpop – EYK (I’ll bring the Kimchi – ha!)

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edht__Zv24U
    i dont wanna make a youtube account for k crunch requests… ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  6. “Fade” reminds me a little of the song they used for the God of War: Ascension trailer. Though music track to that was a little more upbeat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9v9UoTc2Ug

  7. If Mirror Boy learns how to side-chain and master, he’d have a bangin’ hit.

  8. I was going to watch Philtre’s music video yesterday, but I was like, “nah, i’ll check it out later” and never did. REGRET! I regret not watching it sooner. I like the emo-artsy-fartsiness of the video.

    OMG! YOU REVIEWED YI SUNG YOL! Did you listen to his newest album? I know you said you checked out some other work, but his song “Satin Camel” is amazing! And Ryan really took the words out of my mouth, with the Arabic/Egyptian feel to it.
    I’m not really into intrumentals, but i like his mustache!

  9. man, its not fun to listen to cynic with headphones, alone in the dark at midnight. the creepy wind sound is seriously freaking me out

  10. Younha is awesome so any song that features her is good in my books.
    Oh and I loved loved loved the second song “Cynic”. I love David Bowie and U2- so this song will alway remind me of a Bowie/U2 fusion thanks to Martina. Who by the way should make some music together! You’re right, the guy does sound a bit like Bono- but his voice also reminds me a bit of Sting.

  11. Two things I saw the stash on the mirror ball helmet and could only think Brohoho! good song though, and second thing that angle of the lake !m guessing you were in the Ogden area right great view. I’ve got a similar view of Utah lake. Utah nasties forever!

  12. :’)
    Naaaaawwwww…….ak, thank you :D

    Lol I didn’t expect them to choose it on their own, because it’s a ballad from a hip hop channel, but hey, good bros think alike ;D

  13. I wasn’t really in a ballad mood today, but I did like the Philtre track. I couldn’t agree with you more about the Mirror Boy MV…I admittedly skipped forward through some of the MV because it got boooooring. It did sound much better without watching the MV, but I guess it just wasn’t that memorable of a song for me.

    And holy love to Yi Sung Yol…this song makes me want to pack a ’77 Grand Marquis with exotic foods and wine and drive along a dusty desert road at night. The next track on my playlist after this one would be “the high road” by the Broken Bells. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWBG1j_flrg

    As always, Ryan, your posts are great. Happy hunting.

  14. Heh, my son pointed out to me that if you need to sing along with “Mirror Boy”, just can just say “Moustache, moustache, I love my moustachety moustache” over and over- it works! LOL!

  15. My six-year-old son who loves bunnies thanks you a million times for this =:3

  16. Hey UK people! Yi Sung Yol and Jang Kiha & the faces have a concert in London on June 20th!

  17. I really love that Mirror Boy track, but it bugs me a little. Perhaps that sound is unusual in Korea, are artists like Porter Robinson, Madeon and Krewella hot shit over there? It seems to lift quite heavily from their styles, which I guess is okay if they aren’t particularly well known in Korea.
    Listen to Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy, Porter Robinson – Language and Madeon – Icarus if you’ve not heard them, you’ll see what I mean.

    Still a really good track though!

    • As someone who has both Porter Robinson and Madeon on their ipod I can see why I like this song. At the same time the song bugs me for the same reason those artists do. I can only listen to it when I reeeeeally feel like that kind of music and for not a long period of time. As for this TYPE of music being in Korea, it is quite unusual but I have been noticing it popping up more and more, but as for those artists I havent heard them being played here yet (but I’m just one man)

  18. Thank you for featuring Philtre and Younha :)

  19. Did I hear Candy Crush?O_O As in Candy Crush Saga?:D WOW that game is going to take over the world…. Even PSY was playing CCS in Gentleman….
    And of course that’s what I am obsessed with whenever there are any exams that I need to study for…. Now I am stuck in level 365…:D

  20. This made me think of a recent tweet by Roy Choi (this is the 3rd time I’ve tried to post this! Fingers crossed!)

  21. This made me think of a recent tweet from Roy Choi:

  22. Labyrinth reference! I love that movie! This playlist is awesome! :D

  23. Ok so that last request, Francis was it??? FRANCIS YOU ARE SO DAMN ADORABLEE AGGH now I’ve totally forgotten the rest of the playlist and just wanna fly to utah and give you a hug xD

    MOustache!!! Japan!!! I’ve already been listening to the other two videos on repeat all week.

    GAh cute Francis is cute!! Marry me :D

  24. I’ve recently fallen in love with Philtre and Younha’s Fade (thanks to Fuuko’s awesome stop motion request xD). Beautiful song!

    Yi Sung Yol’s Cynic REALLY reminds me of a song by an Australian band that my parents love listening too! but I never payed enough attention to who they were or what the song is called. OTL

    Can I have a mirror ball helmet/hat with a mustache?! That thing is cool! :3

  25. So I’ve checked out the other request first, and it’s AWESOME.

    • Yeah, I was just about to post this!!! In fact, all of the Roll Spike stuff was awesome. If you check out their video for “Second” it shows you how they do the effects – so simple, yet so cool!

  26. Yayyyyy Philtre!!!
    And that hypnotic dude!!
    Haven’t seen the walking mirror ball but he looks cool too!!

    I just realised I really like Emo music. My favourite bands are Linkin Park and Epik High, I have Black hair. … yah.

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