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Korean Indie Playlist: Cynic Fade Wherever

June 2, 2013


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Philtre and Younha “Fade”

Holy emo video, batman. I wonder if Korea has emo culture the way the West has emo culture. You know what I mean. It’s one of those things you just know when you see. Kinda like how you see a hipster and you’re like “ugghh…hipsters,” the same way you can see something emo and be like “damn that’s so emo.” Bleeding roses, closeups of tears falling down, hugging a faceless body that then dissolves into a heap of clothes. EMOLICIOUS.

The song’s still cool, though! A bit overly ballad at some points, but I really dig the music behind it all. We’re always into atmospheric music, stuff that doesn’t have to be played in the foreground, and this suits our tastes quite nicely. We’ve seen people voting for it on the KpopCharts as well, which is pretty cool, too, so I’m assuming other people are liking it as well. Thoughts?

Yi Sung Yol “Cynic”

I was really impressed by the song, because I didn’t know what to expect from it, so I did a bit of research on him afterwards, and found out that he’s been around for quite a while now, since, I think, 1994, as a duo, but more recently has started doing solo work. I’m not totally clear on the information, since it’s not easy to get in English, but the more I listen to his music, the more he strikes me as similar to the artists I mentioned in this video, in that “I’m a quirky yet dark and broody rock genius” kinda thing. Are there any peppy rock geniuses? I imagine everyone who’s a rock legend is, like, dark and broody.

Mirror Boy “Wherever”

Now this is a song we can get behind! Super fun dance anthem. Yes, it’s a bit of an odd video, since it’s a guy walking around with a mirror ball on his head, but dance music artists have made us used to that by now, no? And, though the video’s a bit low budget, it’s still cool! I like seeing airports, for some reason. I get a great feeling whenever I go to one. Yes, flying hurts us both and we leave a plane crippled from sitting for too long, but that’s besides the point. It’s just the idea of “I’m going somewhere different. Cool!” So, I liked this video. I also liked “The Terminal,” and I also liked “Up in the Air.” Ok. I just realized how deep my airport bias goes. So long as it’s not Toronto’s airport. Whoa…that’s not a nice looking airport at all…



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