Cheese “Mango”


Ok, so this is the coolest video of the year. Hands down. This is made for YouTube. This is gold! Cheese is a new group, supposedly. They’re under the music label Real Collabo, and consist of producers MOODI and CLOUD(구름이), vocalist 달총이 and rapper ASU (야수). Woohoo! You see that! We got actual info in these blog posts now, rather than just our ramblings. We usually just blather on, but we’d like to be able to provide some useful info from time to time. More useful info: you want to buy their album: I know! It sounds like it’ll be great! It’t not out yet, though. It’ll be released early May, supposedly. Anyhow, I hope they keep on making songs and videos like this, because I can see us becoming best friends with them as a result.

Rock’N’Roll Radio “Shut Up And Dance”


Supposedly, according to Ryan – who you might see in the comment section here from time to time, as well as in our videos – he told us that you indeed can see this band at many indie clubs around Hongdae. We’ve never actually seen them live ourselves. Bad luck, maybe? Or it could be just because we don’t go out as much as Ryan. There was a silent disco yesterday, and we missed it because of date night. If we weren’t married we’d have gone! Ah! Anyhow, Ryan’s providing us with more info about these bands, so big thanks to Ryan for the help. Supposedly this band was picked through a contest to join the Ssamzie Music Festival in 2012, which…we also didn’t go to. DAMMIT WE WERE PROBABLY ON ANOTHER DATE NIGHT! Date night’s my excuse for everything from now on

Oriental Lucy “Did You Come?”


Ryan tried finding info about this band, but it wasn’t easy. It looks like they’ve disbanded, maybe? They have a CD that they released in 2008, but since then, it doesn’t seem like there’s that much. Too bad, because – though we did have a chuckle at the name of the song, which is only sexual in English terms – we actually liked this song. We like haunting music, not just upbeat fun stuff. Tim Hecker we play the hell out of, and I’m sure some people are gonna be like “who’s Tim Hecker” and then look it up and be like “man, S&M, you listen to some weird isn man. Weird isn.” Oriental Lucy isn’t on that same level of weird isn, but it’s got the potential to go that route, if they still make music, that is.

  1. Esther the requester is one of my friends friend! she went to primary school with me haha! :D Straaaaange…

  2. …absolutely no idea what “Did you come?” is supposed to mean. Anyway, Cheeze’s video was epic! Cats! Lasers! More cats! Pixels! Whooo!

  3. Way to represent your fellow San Francisco Nasties with your awesomeness…woot woot!!! Love the hat changes too boot!!

  4. OMG…CHEEZE MV was AH-MAZING!!! I also dug the smooth feel of the song as well….I think a not so subliminal message was embedded in that video because now I want to play some Little Big Planet or create a level in Little Big Planet with giant cats…does little big planet even have giant cats as an option in build phase…oh it would be glorious.

  5. Hey aren’t you those legendary cosplayers from KCON? :D

  6. that Cheeze video is just awesomeness!!!!!
    having cat overlords doesn’t seem THAT bad….it looks like they just like to laze around for most their time!!
    hehe i spot the same vinyl toy Taemin had in the ‘Hello’ mv which you guys called an alien before…i think!!

  7. But Cheeze’s album is out, I bought it from iTunes… Brilliant album btw, and I agree, the MV is pure gold!

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